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Tue 11th Jun 2013

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OPLink commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:

I know it's about you, but still, how can delays increase your anticipation. I wouldn't want them to release it unfinished. I'd rather have them delays things too. But, Nintendo, Just don't make promises you can't keep. If it's going to take a year, then say so clearly and don't delay stuff.
With all the money they mad eon the Wii, you'd think they would buy extra resources for the HD-era. They really dropped the ball with their WiiU launch.



OPLink commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:

@MilesVor I was thinking the same thing. DKCTF being Retro's 2nd project is not a far stretch at all.
I think their strategy is lock down Some good games at E3 this year and in 2 or 3 month's we'll get another Nintendo direct, just like las year, where they reveal Retro's true project, and a WiiU price cut or some special bundle.



OPLink commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:

I understand why Nintendo is Releasing this game. DKCR was a succes so it's only smart to release the next entry of the franchise as soon as posbible. Because honestly, i think that after DKCTF people will have had enough of DK for a long while ( unless it'sa full 3d game).

I'm sure this game will appeal to allot of youngsters and sell systems , wich is a good thing. But as i look at this game now, it really doesn't look impressive at all visually. I think a 2d side scroller should look gorgeous. If i compare this to Rayman Legends, it really doesn't come close visually.

I hope this game sells allot of systems to boost the WiiU sales. But to me this game is just like how NSMBU is an updated version of NSMBWii. Its not a game u need to work on for 3 years. Yes, i know retro prob helped nintendo with other projects during that time. But C'mon Ninty, get some new staff and let Retro work on a New franchise. Ur not telling me you hired someone from Naughty dog and Vigil to work on this game.



OPLink commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

These days i tend not to defend Nintendo, because i am a bit dissapointed in them. I'm not dissapointed in the system, because i love the gamepad options and the graphics i've seen in some games ( pikmin, X, Mk 8 ) do "wow" me allot.
It's the way that Nintendo has represented the console since launch that is underwhelming. I should not have to wait this long for that one AAA game. For me that was Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends. I can't help but no be excited for those games anymore, because of all the delays. I will get them an love em, still the fact remains that i can't justify the early purchase.
As for the coming line-up: It looks great, and M3Dworld will sell the system. Same goes for DKCTF, WWHD. Great games and all, but i don't see myself rushing out the door to get them.
I really wanted a rich game with a good story this year. An adventure game of some sorts. Or even a hints that it's in development. Things allong the lines of Starfox, Zelda, Metroid. I love 2D mario's and DKC, but they lack captivating stories and cool cinematics/graphics that show what the Wii U is capable off. Pikmin is the only game that falls into that category, but as i said, my hype for it has died a bit.

I will say one thing, i'm extremely envious of people who will play Windwaker for the first time in HD. They will experience Zelda in HD before all the rest. Enjoy it.



OPLink commented on Feature: What We Expect From Nintendo's E3 Direct:

I firmly believe that this year we will only get Zelda HD remake and Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3 and Wonderfull 101. All games that we should have gotten already, and altho i am excited for the WIndwaker remake, it's still jsut a remake.

I love Ninteno, but being an early adopter hasn't payed off. Not a single game on the console that has gotten my attention. Still waiting on my promised launch window games!!