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Wed 3rd Apr 2013

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Timro commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

Geez...funny thing is I was watching a summary of E3 on IGN and the 4 guy panel said the only thing they used or played that was really next gen was the virtual reality helmet. They pretty much said that the PS4 and Xbox ONE felt like current gen with better graphics. Not that they are the authoritative opinions, but it really struck me. And here (in the article and some of the comments) the Wii U, trying to be different, gets criticized. Bottom line for me: the gamepad IS awesome, adds to the experience, and the Wii U graphics ARE AWESOME! Even compared to next gen games I have experienced. Have you played Batman Arkham CIty on the Wii U? The gamepad actually helps you feel like Batman! (Not only my opinion but also my teenage son's!)



Timro commented on Sniper Elite V2 on Wii U Lacks Online Co-Op an...:

Okay I know there is no online or dlc but isnt it good they still put the game out? I know we want to be treated equal but this does do some things the other versions don't. And if this does not sell I don't see Wii U getting the next version. Man, I am old and remember when getting a game was all about the game and not the extras. Now if this game sucks ij its own right then I think we have a right to complain. And if it sells, we would get the dlc and extras.