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Thu 7th Mar 2013

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Gnoll commented on Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Coming To Wii ...:

I just jumped into Skylanders thanks to a wonderfully discounted Wii Swap Force Dark Edition, and I'm finding it very funny (I love couch co-op games)... and now THIS!!! I'm seriously considering to pre-order a game for the very first time in my life...



Gnoll commented on Indie Title Bizerta: Silent Evil is Stalking i...:

The best horror game I played is Silent Hill:Shattered Memories, where you are armed just with a flashlight and a smartphone!!! Even other good horror games, like Amnesia: Dark Descent leave you unarmed and defenceless. After all, if you can blast them to oblivion, you won't fear them so much.



Gnoll commented on Nintendo 64x64: Sin & Punishment:

The Classic Controller was terrible for this game, wish it had the WiiU VC customization options... The game, however, was simply fantastic and my second favorite game on Wii (the first being its sequel! 😎)!!! GET BONUS!



Gnoll commented on EA Explains Why Its Abandoning Dedicated Handh...:

The problem with EA and SEGA entering the mobile/tablet space is that they think they can reap everything using the same model as the console market, i.e. big budgets and big IP. But those things impress mainly us "gamers", which would buy those same games on a console paying ten times their price, while the mass market is mainly concerned with the last trendy social game and couldn't care less for the next iteration of Dead Space or Crazy Taxi.



Gnoll commented on Nintendo Brand Manager Hopes Mario Kart 8 Will...:

Another Code was a graphic adventure/visual novel hybrid, which had an episode on DS and one on Wii, it was about an half-Japanese girl whose father dabbled in memory-altering trinkets. However the developer, Cing, closed a couple years ago so there will hardly be other episodes.



Gnoll commented on Italian Developer Mixed Bag Teasing a Wii U Re...:

OK, three, two, one, let's go!!!
("Brothers of Italy, Italy has arisen, she donned Scipio's helmet"... This is the Italian National Anthem )



Gnoll commented on Sonic Boom:

Or maybe they lost faith in Japanese fans: looks like most of their money comes from Europe and the US these days



Gnoll commented on Review: 3D Ecco The Dolphin (3DS eShop):

It's not SO easy, even in Super Dolphin mode: you've still got to figure the puzzles and find your way with absolutely no clues, and you can be crushed by ice blocks in the Hard Water level. On the other hand, I often thought that with finite air and health the game would be borderline impossible... When you have a game that the Japanese feel the need to dumb down for their country, you know you have a problem!



Gnoll commented on Review: 3D Space Harrier (3DS eShop):

@unrandomsam It sounds good. There's a sound test option and you should be able to choose the music to play with, but I haven't tested it yet. Of course in such a game you usualy go SHOOTSHOOTDODGEhey, nice musicDODGESHOOTDODGE



Gnoll commented on Review: 3D Space Harrier (3DS eShop):

I bought this yesterday and it rocks!!!! Or maybe it's just nostalgia of the arcades of my youth...
@Windy Yeah, Outrun would be great in 3D!!! I miss it so much I would buy even just the Game Gear version!!!



Gnoll commented on Review: Wii Fit U (Wii U):

I almost peed myself in excitment when I saw that the boat in the scuba minigame was the Gabbiano from Endless Ocean. Gee, I loved that game and its sequel. =D



Gnoll commented on FIFA 14 on 3DS is Officially Just a Kit and Ro...:

I actually think they're telling it clear so we "informed" gamers stop buying it and then whining for a full year, leaving it for the kids it's actually meant for, who actually don't expect nothing but a kit change...