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Wed 12th Jun 2013

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PattonFiend commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Will ...:

Since the writer of the article doesn't care about facts, I guess I will point out that the gamepad exclusive features you are talking about are also on vita and smartglass...
This means that they are charging $20 extra dollars for no other reason besides plain greed and to make sure that they do not have to produce any more titles for any of Nintendo's home consoles.



PattonFiend commented on Splinter Cell Blacklist Homeland DLC Available...:

Funny, all of my Gamestop Pre-Order exclusives are on that list...

Guess I will never be pre-ordering a game ever again... Especially from Gamestop OR Ubisoft...

Only thing on that list that we did not get EXCLUSIVELY through Gamestop was the Billionaire yacht, every single other thing on that list came as pre-order incentives... What a joke...



PattonFiend commented on EA: We're Not Writing Off Wii U:

More f'ng garbage. Why even post these straight up lies!

If it is one thing IGN, WiiUDaily and NintendoLife have in common, it is their love, praise and utmost respsect for EA and Patcher...

How about you stick to IMPORTANT NEWS from now on, not blatant lies like everything else that comes out of EA's mouth.



PattonFiend commented on EA: We're Not Writing Off Wii U:

Shut up, Pod. Funny how EA has no problem developing for two platforms that do not even exist to the public and has no install base whatsoever...

Funny how that works, huh?



PattonFiend commented on Reggie: Nintendo Aiming To Increase Wii U Thir...:

What is funny about all of this is that the PS4 and XB1 have ZERO install base, yet they have a million+ games in development. The Wii U has an install base of roughly 4 million people yet has almost ZERO games in development...