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Rief commented on NINJHAX Exploit Is All About Nintendo 3DS Home...:

@PlywoodStick As a registered Indie for the WiiU myself, i can assure you it IS not that hard.
The only thing is that you have to pay for things like the DevKit and age ratings.
BUT you get that money back really fast, so yeah.

Still, even if it would be hard, there is no excuse to homebrew, None of the big three wants unlicensed Stuff on their devices, and if the reason is that they don't make mney out of that stuff, whats wrong with that?
It IS a company, and those run on money like a human runs on blood.



Rief commented on NINJHAX Exploit Is All About Nintendo 3DS Home...:

And who exactly says that homebrew is okay?
If you want to make homebrew Games, make them for PC, no problem with that.
But it's not only about piracy, Nintendo, as well as Sony and Microsoft, don't want homebrew on their Systems.
If they would, they would give out the tools for you to do that.
Seriously, if you want to make a game for a System then become an Indie, it isn't THAT hard.



Rief commented on Senran Kagura Burst Pre-Order Bonuses Announce...:

I hope we in Germany can get it from Amazon or Gamestop, i ordered twice from GAME, and not only it took months for my orders, but they were both damaged and incomplete, and the support has never answered.
Luckily i paid with oaypal, so i've got my money back.



Rief commented on Oceanhorn for iOS Seems to be 'Heavily Inspire...:

There is inspiration, which is a good thing, and there are Rip-Offs, which are a bad thing.
THIS is surely not the former one.
Seriously, it looks like a bad chinese copy of Wind Waker.
And Action Adventures without physical buttons? Please, bad joke.



Rief commented on EA: Being Voted The Worst Company In America W...:

Basically they said it's not their fault being the worst company, but ours, since we "misinterpret" them.
What a poopoodoodiecacapoop attitude.
They are, in my eyes, the enemies of us gamers, and normally if i don't like a company, i just ignore it, since rivalry is good for us.
But in their case, i wish they would shut down, the hard way, and that is they need to do it because no one buys their games.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Rief commented on Namco Bandai Appears Impressed By Demand For D...:

I would SO buy it!

But please, Pokemon rival?
They are not only different in gameplay, both franchises are enourmously different, the only thing in common they have is that there are humans which train Monsters.
You get this way more often than Pokemon, look at Monster Farm/Monster Rancher, Jade Cocoon etc.



Rief commented on EA's Financial Figures Reveal Dismal Wii U Sof...:

EA is the anti-christ for Gamers, seriously.

They need to be where the Gamers are?
Well, i am one, and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one that owns a Wii U.
Although i wouldn't buy any Game from them, not because there is no EA Game that interests me, but my reason being that EA are a fiend to all Gamers. Even if they would bring out a decent Game, i would never buy it.
Just look at some of their commercials.
We Gamers have to fight for our Games in a way, parents thinking "Games are bad!" aren't gone yet, and what do they do?
They advertise with that exact thing "You're mother sure would hate it!".
That's the way, tell our parents that games are bad, make it hard for us, or at least minors (i'm 25 and well, i don't ask my mother for a new game anymore XD), to get Videogames!



Rief commented on Rayman Legends Lands With A Thud At Japanese R...:

Well, i only played the demo, and because of it, i didn't buy the game. It was plainly boring. And the characters are just not as memorable as all the Nintendo ones. And most of them are rather ugly.
The Game tries to be so unique, that it totally looks like it tries to be.
All my own opinion, of course, but i can see why it sells so badly.



Rief commented on Kapow! Wii U And Wii Versions Of Young Justice...:

Their excuses are really dumb.
It is actually pretty easy to develope for the Wii U, ans show me one Retailers that doesn't sell Games like this.
Also, the Quality?
If the PS3 and 360 are enough, so are the Wii and the U, the Wii might be weaker than PS3 and 360, but not to such an extend that a Game looking like this isn't possible to achieve.



Rief commented on Wii U Isn't Getting Need For Speed: Rivals Tha...:

So, you don't get the new Game because you didn't buy the old one which you probably already had on another System, because it came out way before the U one?

Seriously, what are they expecting?
If it is a Remake of an old game okay, then the sales count, but if it is the same game you can buy for another console months before you even know the U gets a Version, what are you expecting?
E.g.: I have Ico for the PS3. If they would released it on the U now and don't change ANYTHING, why should i buy it for the U?
On the other hand, if they would release it on U and PS3 simultanously (or at least you know there will be a Version for the U), i would buy it for the U.



Rief commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:

Well, if it was Microsoft i could imagine it to be true, but Sony?
I don't really think they do that.

But if this is actually true, Sony will get a hard time, because Nintendo will not sit there and do nothing about it.
It sure would get very interesting if this was actually true.



Rief commented on Just Dance 2014 UK Commercial Lands Ubisoft An...:

WTH is that thing that sings there?
I would have no problem with misheard lyrics, but i can't even tell if that is a man or a woman, or even a human Oo
Also, strange name, i doubt anyone knows him/her XD
So, who cares about such a noname?