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Sun 17th Mar 2013

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Bigmac1910 commented on Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, Th...:


I don't understand your first sentence at all, but being creative is difficult for a myriad of reasons, so you need that quantity just so that you know that a certain percentage of that will be good and great. Also today, you have the growing indie scene on both tablets and consoles and they seem to do really well, so I don't think this is like the 80s, but some business models will have to evolve in the near future.



Bigmac1910 commented on Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, Th...:

Only a Nintendo fan-boy would agree with this article. Seriously now, less choice is better? LOL.

What people seem to miss, is that most people would like to buy only one console (including me), and be able to play most games that is offered, just like the SNES days. Nintendo would destroy the competition cause of their unique franchises.

Most people that are arguing the 3rd party doesn't matter are dishonest from my perspective, cause they usually have at least another console or PC that they can get 3rd party games on.

Right Damien? With Demon Souls/Dark Souls as your favorite franchise. If you are going to write an article about how 3rd party doesn't matter to Nintendo, then ONLY own a Nintendo console and nothing else, cause as it right now you are just a hypocrite.



Bigmac1910 commented on Your View: The Issues of Collecting and Owning...:

"The games on iOS are also not nearly as good as on the 3DS. Just saying."

That is mostly correct, but for my daughter who also loves Peppa Pig apart from Mario etc. an iOS device will do just fine, and this is what Nintendo has to fight against.



Bigmac1910 commented on Your View: The Issues of Collecting and Owning...:

This is one of the reason smartphones and tablets are winning. In iTunes you can backup your purchases and then share that library with up to 10 devices (iOS) if i remember correctly. So it's very family friendly, on top of that they are not nearly as expensive as 3DS games. Until Console manufacturers will do something similar with digital media, they will start to lose a bit this next generation I think, especially if the gamepads will take off when introduced in iOS 7.



Bigmac1910 commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:


I'm not sure if your answer has too much to do with region locking, but I live in the UK, and Apples service has been excellent both in the Apple store and online. They replaced my old iPhone 3g right away in store when the software seemed to act up, even though I couldn't prove it at that time. Even gotten refund for online digital purchase when I felt the info wasn't clear enough. But yeah, I don't think region locking and customer service has anything to do with one and other.



Bigmac1910 commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

It's really weird that the author says it's a non issue, especially when NIntendo is the absolute worst at releasing in all territories at the same time compared to Sony and MS. Nintendo Europe keep on apologizing for delayed games constantly, like Fire Emblem etc. Also, not all games are imported from Japan as other people have pointed out. Region locking in a global economy is just plain stupid, ditto for several accounts for each region. Apple only has one account, and it's worldwide.



Bigmac1910 commented on Poll: How Important is Dual / Second Screen Ga...:

It's official, Nintendo fans love the second screen . Personally I haven't seen much more use for it than an inventory screen, easier menus and some drawing. I don't really believe in the smartphone/tablet integration either.



Bigmac1910 commented on Talking Point: It's Time for Nintendo to Drop ...:

When a company start to go downhill, they want to control their revenue stream even more, like the lets play videos, which they seem to have backed down from.

Somehow these companies seem to forget that most average consumers have at least one hardcore gamer around them that they can ask for advice, and if the hardcore gamer says it's not worth it at the moment, they'll follow that.

So by pleasing the hardcore they would get more customers. and region unlocking would go a long way. Although I would love to have an account system that is not tied to the hardware so I can finally buy more games digitally.



Bigmac1910 commented on Miyamoto Unsure Nintendo Can Make Another "Gre...:

@Captain_Balko Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, even the best people have to listen to feedback after awhile cause without it they become narrow minded. Just like he thought one analog stick was enough for the 3DS, and then they brought out that awful addon. All I am saying is that while he still is a legendary designer, he seem to be more and more disconnected to the real world. To be fair that could just be a NIntendo thing.

EDIT: My bad about Pikmin, I thought Pikmin 2 was on Wii.



Bigmac1910 commented on Iwata: Nintendo Searching For A "Different Exp...:

Will people stop pinning their hopes on the stupid gamepad for selling consoles, do you play gamepads or games? Like my 3DS, the 3D is always on, but if the game isn't compelling/sucks, it doesn't matter if it is in 3D or not.



Bigmac1910 commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

Unfortunately they might be right, not going to happen of course. In the end it's only about the games and 3rd party support, which it has almost none of (unless you love ALL the Nintendo franchises). After this E3 I think they are dead anyway. People are bringing up how the 3DS recovered, but it only had the Vita as a competitor, not the PS4 and Xbone.



Bigmac1910 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Make EA Co-oper...:

The faster EA disappears from the face of the earth the better for us gamers. No more buying out good companies just to ruin them and shut them down. No more exclusive deal with Porsche, fifa etc. so I had more choice of games from other companies. No more F2P play only on mobiles etc.The list is almost endless why they are not needed.

The last game I bought from them was ME3 haven't bought one since then, and probably won't for a very long time. Unless the new CEO will make some drastic changes they are not needed anymore, not only on Wii U, but on ANY console*.

*EDIT: Meant to say any platform instead of console.



Bigmac1910 commented on GameStop: Wii U Marketing Strategy Has "Not Br...:

Maybe that tablet controller is just not as innovative/good as some people think. I personally don't see the point of it other than the convenience of changing gear, look at a map etc. just like my 3DS. So far when I tried the Wii U like Rayman Legends, it was really jarring to look at a nice big screen and all of a sudden continue the game play on the small screen. Or lifting up the controller to scan your surroundings in Lego City I don't need the exercise when I'm trying to relax with a game.

I also laughed at Polygons first impression of the Wii U, where the guy stated that when he played Nintendo Land he didn't even need to look at the big screen, and called it very innovative lol. There is absolutely nothing innovative about it, the DS/3DS already has a second screen, and to base a whole systems selling point on the controllers screen is just misguided.



Bigmac1910 commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

I traded my Vita for a 3DS XL a month ago and absolutely love it. I can with confidence say that I've played more hours on the 3DS during this month than the last 8 months on my Vita. Oh well, it's up to him if he wants to support Nintendo or not.

PS. 3D is awesome, not a gimmick at all, as long as its done well it really ads to the immersion. DS,



Bigmac1910 commented on Nintendo UK Promises to Meet Retailers, Share ...:

I think the only thing that will help is huge price drop, just like the 3ds got, then people started to buy the hardware. I personally don't think the Wii U premium is worth more than £199 including a game. It's last generations tech, which I still have to hook up an external hdd too be able to download full size games too, quite ridiculous tbh.

EDIT: I also think that a lot of people are waiting for the PS4 and NextBox price reveal, and will make a decision based upon that.