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Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know So Far

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The nitty-gritty around Nintendo's new hardware

Unless you spent the latter part of the week completely isolated from the world, you'll be aware that Nintendo unveiled new 3DS hardware, which will be rather simply called the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS LL, the latter of which is the XL in the West. We've endeavoured to provide plenty of coverage and editorial context, but Nintendo's issued plenty of details and specifications that may have been missed or overlooked; this guide aims to resolve that.

Below are the key facts around these new models, covering small and major changes they have over the current range of 3DS systems, and the minor differences they also have from each other. We're not listing details and apps that are identical between the New and original models.

Launch Details

Release Date — 11th October (Japan), 2015 (North America and Europe / PAL regions)

Price — Japanese launch prices are as follows:

New Nintendo 3DS — 16,000 Yen pre-tax (approx $153 / €117 / £92.60)
New Nintendo 3DS LL (XL) — 18,800 Yen pre-tax (approx $180.60 / €137.50 / £108.80)

New Nintendo 3DS standard models — White and Black

New Nintendo 3DS LL standard models — Metallic Blue and Metallic Black

Monster Hunter 4 G Limited Edition LL model — 25,600 Yen pre-tax (approx $246 / €187.20 / £148)

Super Smash Bros. Limited Edition LL model — no pricing available at time of writing, November release

All models come with a 4GB micro-SDHC card.

New Hardware Features (Both models)

C-Stick — The C-Stick is a second analogue controller that serves (in practice) as an additional Circle Pad. Confirmed titles used to highlight the C-Stick are Monster Hunter 4 G (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate), Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy Explorers and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

ZL and ZR Buttons — Additional shoulder buttons are located alongside the existing L and R buttons, bringing the input options into line with those offered by the Circle Pad Pro.

NFC — An NFC reader has been placed underneath the bottom (touch) screen, which will be used for recognising amiibo figures.

Super-Stable 3D — This will use the internal camera to track movement in order to maintain the glasses-free 3D sweet spot even as the system's top screen angle changes, providing a wider viewing angle and more stable image. This stabilising effect will be disabled in relatively rare cases of the inner camera being active and in-use in a game or app.

Faster CPU — The CPU has been enhanced for this new model (we're aware of the speculation regarding the scale of the improvement, but that's merely rumour). It will speed up the overall operating system including eShop downloads, Miiverse browsing etc.

Improved Web Browser — Linked to that improved CPU, the browser will now also be quicker and support HTML5 video. The browser will also, by default, have a filter to block mature content — there'll be a one-off fee of 30 Yen (less than 30 cents) to disable this filter. That payment must be made with a credit card, so though the price is tiny it naturally requires an adult with a credit card to remove the setting.

Wireless connection with PC — Confirmed to work with Windows 8.1 and 7, it'll be possible to wirelessly move media files from the New 3DS models to a PC and vice-versa.

Micro-SD storage — Unlike the SD card support in current models, the New systems will use a Micro-SD card for storage, and it'll be located in the same area as the battery.

System transfers from old to new models will be possible, using either a wireless connection or copying all data from the old system onto a computer and then onto the new hardware. The recommended method will be to utilise Wi-Fi, and we suspect an app will be part of the process. Importantly, data cannot be transferred from a New 3DS to an older model.

Design Changes

The New models have the cartridge slot and stylus in the bottom of the system, while Start and Select are now underneath the ABXY face buttons. There is no Wireless wi-fi switch (that setting is now in the Home menu), and the volume slider is on the left side of the top screen.

Improved Camera Lighting

Though the resolution of the camera remains the same, they'll provide improved images in poor lighting.

New Charging Dock

The New systems use the same AC adapter as their predecessors, but new changing docks will also be released, priced at 1200 Yen for the LL / XL and 1000 Yen for the smaller model, excluding tax.

Exclusive Game

A port of Wii title Xenoblade Chronicles will be released on the New Nintendo 3DS models, and will only work on these systems due to their increased CPU power. It is the only New-exclusive game announced so far.

New Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Feature

The New Nintendo 3DS will have interchangeable "Kisekae" faceplates that are placed on both the top and bottom of the system — the LL / XL will not support these. Nintendo has revealed 38 varieties so far, ranging from 1000 Yen to 3000 Yen in price, which is around $9.60 / £5.80 to $28.80 / £17.40.

New Nintendo 3DS Specifications

Height — 80.6mm — original model is 74mm
Width — 142mm — original model is 134mm
Depth — 21.6mm (when closed) — original model is 21mm
Weight — Approximately 253 grams with Battery Pak, stylus and Micro SD Memory Card (equivalent was 235 grams in original model)

Upper screen size — 3.88 inches (diagonal) — compared to 3.5 inches in the original model
Lower screen size — 3.33 inches (diagonal) — compared to 3 inches in the original model

Battery Life — Approximately 3.5 to 6 hours when using Nintendo 3DS software (original range is 3-5 hours)
Approximately 6.5 to 10.5 hours when using Nintendo DS software

New Nintendo 3DS LL Specifications

Height — 93.5mm — original model is 93mm
Width — 160mm — original model is 156mm
Depth — 21.5mm (when closed) — original model is 22mm
Weight — Approximately 329 grams with Battery Pak, stylus and Micro SD Memory Card (equivalent was 336 grams in original model)

Upper screen size — 4.88 inches (diagonal)
Lower screen size — 4.18 inches (diagonal)

Battery Life — Approximately 3.5 to 7 hours when using Nintendo 3DS software (original range is 3.5 to 6.5)
Approximately 7 to 12 hours when using Nintendo DS software

It's worth noting that screen resolution remains the same as in existing models

Video Presentations

Short demo

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube

Nintendo Direct Presentation — segment begins at 14:20 minutes

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube

So there you have it. If there are any areas that we've missed give us a heads up in the comments and we'll update the article. What do you think of the New Nintendo 3DS systems?

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IxC said:

How can they possibly expect us to wait until 2015?!

It had better be the 1st of January 2015!

I don't expect the 3D to work anywhere close to the range of movement shown in the video. But if it eliminates the current 0 degree angle of movement to fall out of the "sweet stop" that'd be great. If it just accounts for the general small amount of movement thats unavoidable when playing portables, that'd be perfect.



KodyDawg said:

I'll probably go for the regular, since it's cheaper and the XL doesn't support the epic cases.



Megapokepaul said:

Gonna save for it after christmas cause i need To buy all of the amiibo figures at christmas that will cost 30$ where i live and the new 3ds XL will be 340$ so i better begin saving up from now preferably XD . I live in lebanon if anyone is wondering.



Jazzer94 said:

Wondering what the UK price will be, maybe £130-140 for New 3DS and £160-170 for New 3DS XL if we are lucky.



IxC said:

The specifications for the screen size for old 3DS XL are wrong. They have the dimensions for the small 3DS. (3.5 inches rather than 4.88)



SethNintendo said:

It doesn't bother me too much but they couldn't put at least 4 megapixel cameras instead of the .3 megapixel? .3 is pretty dang pathetic. My old digital camera that was given to me about 10 years ago is 4 megapixel...

I have taken a few decent photos (one of a giant spider and another of a bat) with my 3DS but some pics come out pretty bad. At least they solved the low light issue which was pretty bad.



Fauxhebro said:

Its going to suck if the super smash bros themed one is going to come out after the game does.



Shambo said:

Oh, so the Smash Bros model will be the New version? Or will it arrive in both versions? If both, I'll cancel my pre-order for the "Old" model.



jahasnell said:

I just hope that the US gets that beautiful white one this time around. We haven't been getting white handhelds lately because Nintendo claims no one likes them. I never bought a 2DS because I was waiting for the white/red version released elsewhere, and I really don't want to have to settle for another boring black or blue 3DS this time around. Those classic (albeit European and Japanese) SNES abxy buttons are beautiful. I also hope they don't give us a white one with purple buttons to pay homage to the NA SNES. Basically... I want what is pictured here.



Jazzer94 said:

@Shambo Japan seems to be getting the New 3DS XL with Smash design but EU and US (maybe) are getting the Smash design on the current 3DS XL.



kereke12 said:

Good on Nintendo Life for making this, I will make sure to give out this link to the people who don't know about this or is just confused about it. — As for me I will buy it, to be on the safe-side.



mystman12 said:

I love the music used in those videos! We need a Mario game with music like that.



FubumblR said:

Typo under the Charging Dock section...says 'changing dock.'

The new models look fantastic! Guess it's finally time to upgrade from my launch aqua blue 3DS!

Stoked for this release; it can't come quickly enough!



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Hmm... smash or monster hunter... I'm getting smash in my region, so it would be an extra game for no reason...sigh, what to do...



daveh30 said:

One mistake... in the N3DS XL comparison to the 3DS XL, the screen sizes listed for 3DS XL are those of the original 3DS... I was quite shocked for a second to see that the N3DS was gonna have bigger screens than the current 3DS XL! lol



XyVoX said:

Well thats not to helpful as the 3DS-XL screen sizes are all wrong so i cant even trust the newer models figure which is the one Spec i wanted to know.



outburst said:

I came here to see the difference between the screen size of the new 3DS and the old XL. I am disappointed. You got the old XL sizes wrong.



ValiantPixel said:

I can't decide whether to get the New 3DS or New 3DS XL, someone please help sway my decision! I have the Pikachu Edition 3DS XL right now, and I want to keep it. For that reason I want the small New 3DS, but I want to experience Smash Bros. and Xenoblade and Pokemon on a large screen! Ugh.



LasermasterA said:

I just got a Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL last year but that Monster Hunter 4 3DS XL..... I need it!



ogo79 said:

so the only difference in these is the measurements and weight?
confusing little stuff here...



DreamyViridi said:

I've had my 3DS since launch and it's showing its age a bit. If the New 3DS were to cost that much when it gets here, I'll probably upgrade so long I can keep all of my data through transfers.
2015 though....



daveh30 said:

lol... in a comparison of size and weight, what else would you expect to be different besides, you know, the size and weight?



outburst said:

I'm planning on getting a LE XL now and go for the New 3DS regular size later. But if I could wait and not buy now, I'll get both new versions later for me and my kid.



ThomasBW84 said:

I deleted the naughty 3DS 'original' measurements in the LL section. I was a naughty boy copying and pasting my formatting. Please understand.



epicdude12302 said:

I'm so torn between the XL and the regular! While the XL will have huge screens, the regular will have interchangable faceplates! Also, the buttons on the regular look awesome!



HappyHappyist said:

pretty stupid that you need to pay to turn off a filter. why can't it just be an option in the parental controls? I know it's less than 30 cents, but it still bugs me.



GN004Nadleeh said:

those extra buttons make more games playable and also the possibility of more wii ports and n64 games is exciting



Wouwter said:

New Nintendo 3DS — 16,000 Yen pre-tax (approx $153 / €117 / £92.60)
New Nintendo 3DS LL (XL) — 18,800 Yen pre-tax (approx $180.60 / €137.50 / £108.80)

It's nice that you converted those prices, but we all know it's going to cost $160/€160 and $188/€188.



k8sMum said:


Mainly because kids are smart. My 8 yr old grandson figured out how to do the parental controls on his 3ds in minutes. This way (hopefully) only a parent with a credit card can remove the safety features from the browser.



xerneas said:

I reallyreally want the XL but I bought the original 3ds back in the days for like 250... and just.. I really don't want to know that I cashed out 500 in total just for a 3DS. D: Maybe I'll get an used one someday...



unrandomsam said:

@Frapp Interesting question. It was stated via Papal infallibility Muhammed was a heathen by a previous Pope. (The whole principle is that in that case God protected him from even the possibility of being wrong). The latest one seems to be more accepting. (Seems to be against what Catholicism teaches about that). There again according to the prophecy of the popes he is supposed to be the final one and destroy the whole thing.



DarkLink95 said:

This is the first time I realized they moved the cartridge slot to the bottom, man that is going to take some getting used to.



eaglebob345 said:

I can stop using my limited edition XL and just get a new one, instead of getting another XL. Too ba it isn't coming for us until 2015. I hope it comes in time for MH4U so we can get a bundle. Also, does anyone know if this model enables CPP features in older games?



sleepinglion said:

I love the new changes but as some point this just gets ridiculous. I bought the initial 3DS then traded it in towards the purchase of an XL. Now there's another model coming with more buttons that certain games will require. Nintendo really should offer some upscale incentive program where you send them your current unit, they transfer the data to a new model and sell it to you at a very reasonable price. And what of the new 2DS? Will it be getting an update as well to confound average consumers even further? "No, Mom, I didn't want the 2DS. I wanted the 2DS LL."



fortuneandlame said:

Disappointed it still has a volume slider. The wireless switch moved to the operating system, why couldn't the volume? I hope audio sound improved. Speakers on Nintendo handhelds and even through headphones always seem soft. Outer parts on the hardware like that are unnecessary in today's tech world.



AlphaAlex said:

Huh, but my real question is how well the c-stick will work. I've been thinking about buying an SD card and a Circle Pad Pro so that I could buy and play Metal gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater, so I'm glad this was announced before I made my purchases. I'm aware that that you'll be able to move the c-stick in all directions with ease, but how easy will it be to push it a short distance (so that you move the camera a little slower, for example)? That thing just looks a little too small for that. And also, how easy will it be to reach for those ZL and ZR buttons without accidentally pushing the L and and R buttons by mistake? Maybe I'm just worrying too much, the people who worked on this new model probably knew what they were doing. It's just like the 2DS, it ended up being more comfortable than some people thought.



Cooligan said:

I don't want a new 3DS, but if I need the new system to use Amiibo I'm enraged. I just want to use my old dandy Nintendo 3DS XL.



E_Blackadder said:

I love these new systems. I've been itching to ditch the 2DS for a few months, but waiting until 2015 will be hard. Makes me wonder how ongoing 3DS/2DS sales will be in NA & EU until these come out.



Siskan said:

I will buy the new model in December when I go to Japan.
So I have a question about the mature content. Does this include game software as well? I doubt a non-Japanese credit card would work in this case.

Also if mature content does apply to game ratings, I also wonder which ones. I have only owned one 18+ rated game in my entire life (despite the fact I'm 22), as I simply don't enjoy ridiculously violent games, nor do I play erotic ones. But I'm wondering if 16+ (or whatever CERO rating is the closest) is considered mature as well, since I play plenty of those.



TomJ said:

I'm going to have to put money aside for this bad boy! Considering getting the XL model. Despite what haters may think, this opens many doors for many improved game ideas for Nintendo. Just Imagine, a new Golden Sun, Zelda, Metroid, you name it!



jjmesa16 said:

I have to say I love the new 3DSs but the timing sucks. My 3DS XL broke 2 days ago and I want to get a new one but I want to wait until these come out, which could be in Q2 of next year in the states. This is awesome and horrible at the same time.

Edit: I am a bit disappointed that the screen resolution isn't higher. That's one thing I wish Nintendo would have improved in their next iteration of the 3DS. Also why is the Monster Hunter 4 edition almost $70 more than the regular version?



bizcuthammer said:

Only thing I'm upset about is I just bought a new 16GB SD card that won't be usable on the New system, and the New systems continue Nintendo's trend of offering dismal amounts of storage on the onboard memory card. So I'll have to buy another 16GB MicroSD card when these come out JUST to be able to do the system transfer, as I have well over 6-7GB of stuff on my current card.



Inkling said:

Getting the small New 3DS, epic covers to change! I have a feeling it'll come out January - February 2015 though



Sakura said:

I'd like one in white, but the new XL one not the new original one. Also, I like the idea of switchable faceplates. XL or original? What to do, what to do? Will have to wait and see what's actually confirmed for release in the different regions. Wouldn't it be good if these were region free? As it's not been announced I doubt it, but we could dream.



Justaguest said:

nooo i always wanted to try xenoblade. i am not buying the third 3ds. that would be 5th ds in total. no thank you.



dok5555555 said:

It's kind of weird that the Xl is the one with the glossy finish and the small one isn't since the original 3ds was glossy and the original xl wasn't. Maybe it has something to do with the interchangable faceplates on the smaller one. And why would Super Smash Bros. need a second analog stick?



ArcanineArco said:

I really LOVE how the new 3DS looks with the button colours and the customisable face plates!!.. but the XL does not looks as nice... but I want the XL because of the bigger screens... ahhhhhhh



ianmage1 said:

From 20:55 to 21:24 of the Direct video, it looks as if the new Nintendo 3DS can adjust its screen brightness according to the lighting of the environment you're playing it in. Maybe this should be mentioned in the article, as minor as it is?



ecco6t9 said:

I hope we get the black XL at launch, or maybe Nintendo of America can demand a limited edition SNES or Game Boy editions?



Barbiegurl777 said:

So the NFC is just a reader for amiibo (trinket/gimmick toy)... I do like the cover changing on the 3DS but not enough to go spend $140 or what ever on another 3ds... unless the ''new'' (amiibo) 3ds games only work on the ''New'' (amiibo) 3DS. Then I'll have no choice but to upgrade... if the new 3ds games that are coming out can work on both 3ds's that'll be fine with me.

Don't really want to upgrade unless actually worth it...

Until I know the full potential of the ''amiibo'' then I know one way or the other...

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Interneto said:

I'm still not sure if I want a white "New 3DS" OR a non-black "New 3DS XL", though... I'm so used to my XL that I fear I won't get used to New 3DS's screen size.



rjejr said:

Quite the conundrum. Buy the old model for Christmad w/ SSB or wait for the new model? Its going to be hard to wait - I want to play w/ my kids - but its hard to buy an outdated model ss well.

NL wrote a long article yesterday about new hardware reviving 3DS sales, which it arguably will, but the post didnt really cover lost sales for this holiday from people like me who want a 3DS for SSB but dont want to buy an outdated model. Had this been announced yesterdsy for a worldwide wide Nov release then yeah, this holidsy might be booming for 3DS, but 2015 doesnt help gift sales this holiday.

Maybe this is all Nintendos plan to get people to buy a Wii U this Christmas while potential 3DS buyers wait for next years model



orangetack said:

New 3DS...? I definitely can't get one. I really hope the next handheld mario/zelda isn't a new 3ds exclusive.



ChuJelly said:

I'm really confused by about 20:55 in the direct and nobody seems to talk about it. Is it showing off lighting options, or does the screen get darker automatically in certain situations, or what? I'm confused what they're showing the new 3DS can do there.



ianmage1 said:

@ChuJelly I noticed that too. I think the screen does darken automatically when in a dark environment; when the background of the demo video darkens, the "old" 3DS screen remains bright, while the "new" 3DS screen automatically adjusts to the darkness.
It wasn't mentioned in the article, but I told Thomas to include it in an update.



mullen said:

@ChuJelly You're right, that the new adaptive brightness feature, the screen will get darker in dark environment. Actually I noticed this feature several times, but each time I tried to summarize all the features of new 3ds, I always forgot it -_-. So I can understand why nobody talk about it (no, I can't).



MC808 said:

Love the candy buttons. Please let the NA versions have them....please.....oh and pretty please give NA a white model....please.
That new controller addition reminds me of that little red input device that seemed to exclusive to IBM laptops or now Lenovo...the "trackpoint" or something like that.
Anyways, it all looks promising to me. Every new feature seems like a genuine improvement...from what I see.



Iggly said:

@eaglebob345 Considering the fact that it works with MH4U should mean that it will work with old 3DS games that have Circle Pad support since MH4U is a 3DS game and not a N3DS game.



Xaessya said:

If they want to move this systems then they should get rid of that region lock.



BassLostie said:

I want Xenoblade Chronicles!! ..... but..... really!?!?? An exclusive version only for the New3DS? WHY NINTENDO! WHYYY!!!



Sir_JBizzle said:

Kind of sucks that we gotta wait until 2015 for the new 3DS but I understand the logic, as they want to sell Wii U's in their larger markets this holiday.

I'll probably get the XL flavor, but I wish they had the removable face plates as well, though I'm sure there will be some cool aftermarket ones avaliable after launch.

I like the switch to Micro SD, but I wonder if the new 3DS will read exFAT? Not that I'll have a TON of digital games to fill a 128GB micro SD, but I'd love the option to put one in without resulting to tomfoolery.

Excuse my ignorance in this topic as I've only had one XL, but with WiFi transfer, does this mean I will be able to transfer all my NNID info to the PC from my old one so I can sell it and get the new one and transfer it to that? I've heard people having headaches about that, as you needed your new and old 3DS's at the same time to do a system transfer. Or did those headaches just predate the introduction of the NNID?



tux_peng said:

My 3DSXL is in great shape + I don't think the new LL would fit in my DSi XL case (only 4mmm wider, but I don't have 4mm to spare)



miiandmario said:

Ugh i just bought a 3ds XL...... I hope nintendo isnt done with the regular 3ds already and hopefully 1st party games will still come to the original 3ds



sinalefa said:

I have two 3DS, a normal and an XL, so unless they show a super beautiful limited edition or there is a must buy game that uses the new system's features I don't think I will buy one. Yet those PC transfers and new sweet spot sound really awesome, I admit.



Rezalack said:

I'll probably be getting this day of release... there has to be a good trade plan though.



fishman100 said:

Not sure how I feel about the new models. I like the aesthetics of the new 3DS, including the iPhone-esque white band on the 2 outer cameras, but the 2nd circle pad looks awkward to use.

Also, I'm kinda sad they now have regular Start/Select buttons; I liked the (somewhat odd) rectangular buttons on the bottom screen's border



NintyMan said:

I'm most likely getting the New 3DS XL. I've had the original 3DS since launch and have been wanting bigger screens for a while, but the opportunity just didn't work out. Next year could be the year, and I'm hoping they release in the west before April 2015, my birth month. If we don't get the Smash Bros. design, then I would probably get the Metallic Blue.



cheapogamer4life said:

I'll probably get the smaller New 3ds as I'm tired of having to Street pass in cargo shorts/pants with my XL. Miss you skinny jeans .



iphys said:

Did they really improve the camera lighting, or is the article mistaking the brightness adjustment feature that uses the camera to adjust the screen brightness for an improvement in the ability of the camera to take pictures in low lighting? I don't understand Japanese, but I sure didn't see any indication in the video that they've made any improvements to the cameras, so I expect the pictures to still be as terrible as ever.

Also, it looks like they've moved the camera indicator light from the outside of the system to the inside: did they say why? I thought it was supposed to show when the camera was active so people would know if you were trying to take pictures of them that you shouldn't be, but then the system also makes that camera click sound anyway. Are we supposed to be worried that nefarious people will hack our 3DS systems and gain control of the inner camera to take blurry pictures of us gaming, lol, and the light will warn us of that great danger?



sinsalaca said:

One question that I have (and may have been addressed elsewhere), but what happens to all the games that I already purchased on the eshop. Will I lose them if I switch o the new 3DS or will I be able to retrieve them? Would like to possibly be able to trade my old 3DS in towards the purchase of the new one, but not if I am going to lose games.



123akis said:

Thanks for the round up! But what worries me is that if I get the new 3ds, and transfer all my data, in the unlikely event.... what if I don't like it!!? Then I'll be stuck with the new 3ds! And anyway even if I most likely do like it then I still think that's really a stupid idea of not being able to transfer to a 3ds, 2ds or 3ds XL!



iphys said:

@sinsalaca When you do the system transfer your purchased games will transfer over, although the system transfer is slightly more difficult now that you can't take your SD card out of your 3DS and stick it in the microSD slot on the New 3DS.



J-Manix98 said:

I have a question to all you European 3DS LL owners: What does LL stand for? XL means "Extra Large", what does LL mean?



FJOJR said:

I don't get why they did not even attempt to make it thinner than the original 3DS. It's actually thicker. Here's to waiting out for the New Nintendo 3DS Lite.



Ren said:

I was excited at first mention but now that I see the specs it looks pretty ridiculous. for one thing... oct 2015? is that supposed to mean oct in Japan or oct 2015 everywhere? if it's Oct 2015 it better cook me a meal and project holograms on the floor to warn me of imperial takeovers.
So they've gone as far as to actually improve the CPU but it's still got the same S**T .3 mp camera and the same S**T amplifier/soundchip? Really?
I appreciate the improvements I guess (viewing angle is nicer?) but I have never once thought to myself "gosh, I sure wish it had more buttons and could recognize all the crappy marketing toys nintendo will be selling". Never once. There are 4 mp cameras in french fries these days, would that have been so hard?



Windy said:

I'm going large with XL unit! I will miss out on faceplates but I love that bigger screen to much.



invictus4000 said:

Alright alright! I'll board the frikin hype train! My initial shock and feelings of betrayal from Nintendo are waning and I'm pretty excited now. Ready for a day one purchase, to sell my beloved XL, and move on.



plunkettmonster said:

Wow...Nintendo has brought my dreams about a better 3DS to life! I can not wait for this to come out, I hope it's prior to MH4U and a MH4U is made available in the West!!!!!!!!!!



AshFoxX said:

I'm glad they moved the volume slider to the top screen, I was getting sick of losing audio in Mario Kart 7 due to the system sliding around in my palms. I might just have to add another 3DS XL to my red DSLite, red 3DS XL, and if I can get it back from my ex, my red original 3DS.

In case you haven't figured it out, I will probably only bite if they release a red or red/black XL system or a limited edition that I must have.

Then again I might spring for the regular size N3DS if they have star fox inspired faceplates, even if I have to sacrifice my large hands cramping... I dunno.



randomlypikachu said:

@Ren i think your misreading?
11th October (Japan), 2015 (North America and Europe / PAL regions)

that little coma there seperating the japan release (which is october of this year) from the year 2015 (the year for our releases which i imagine is gona be much earlier than october)



Sforzando said:

Fun fact:
These come pre-installed with Flipnote Studio 3D... Which is still not out outside of Japan. Stop rubbing salt in our wounds!



Randomname19 said:

It's less expensive than a 2DS?I was thinking of getting a 2DS for Smash bros but now I'm going to wait the New 3DS



iphys said:

@Artwark They can claim the system weighs 1.5 grams less, lol. My guess is they wanted to make it as small as possible and as hard as possible to access so kids would forget it exists and leave it alone, because they probably had too many kids pulling it out when it was trying to save and then whining to Nintendo about their games getting corrupted.



outburst said:

It's XL in Europe. Nintendo Life is just reporting it LL because the details came from the Japanese model and Japanese Nintendo Direct.



BarryDunne said:

I think people are forgetting that the New 3DS still has infrared which was used for the circle pad pro on the 3ds. It has a new position. Call me crazy but they most likely will release a new CPP for users who want it!



johnvboy said:

I don't have a 3DS at the moment but I have owned both the previous models,there was a trade off as even though I liked the XL's larger screen,the original models visuals always looked better.

This time round I will buy the standard new 3DS model as the slight increase in screen size,plus the slightly larer form will be perfect for me.



AlphaAlex said:

@Sir_JBizzle "I like the switch to Micro SD, but I wonder if the new 3DS will read exFAT? Not that I'll have a TON of digital games to fill a 128GB micro SD, but I'd love the option to put one in without resulting to tomfoolery."
I'm sort of a noob when it comes to this sort of stuff, but this article states that the New 3DS will only be compatible with 32GB SD cars maximum, if I understood correctly:
"As for the microSD compatibility, Nintendo says it has tested 16GB and 32GB cards from SanDisk, but that other brands may well work too; there won't be a requirement to use a special, Nintendo-branded card. However, microSDXC won't be supported."
People have however found how to use 64GB and 128GB SD cards on a regular 3DS, so I'm guessing the same will be possible for the New 3DS:



StarDust4Ever said:

There are some big questions that remain unanswered. Will the new 3DS retain backwards compatability with DS/DSi? If not, that's a deal breaker for me.

Nintendo nerfed GB support on the GBA Micro, GBA support was canned as of the release of DSi, and Game Cube compatability was removed from Model 2 Wiis.

Another question: if the 3DS 2 uses camera based eye-tracking tools to move the 3D "sweet spot" around, will this be of any use to me if I'm gaming in the dark? 3DS light sensitivity was even worse than the abysmal .3 mega-pixel resolution. IMO, it should support at minimum 1.3 Mp (1280x1024 or 1280x960) to remain relavent, even if the screens are still 240p.



darthllama said:

I'll wait for a special edition new XL to come along before I'll consider getting one. Until then my Zelda 3DS XL unit will keep me company



DarkNinja9 said:

they really need to come up with a better name for their products now a days wth... but eh i need to upgrade my 3ds but not sold on this like how everyone is ._.



AlphaAlex said:

@StarDust4Ever If you take a look at the article above, it mentions that the cameras will have improved lighting and it mentions how long the battery will approximately last when playing DS software. More on DS backwards compatibility:
Q: Can it play all Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games?
A: As far as Nintendo DS/DSi software goes, it won’t be able to play game cartridges that require a specific connection to the cartridge slots, such as the ones that required the GBA cartridge slot on the DS Lite and DS.



Ralek85 said:

The only thing that could really entice me to upgrade would be the improvement on the stereoscopic viewing-angles. I'll have to test that in person though ... Honestly besides that, I see little that merits an upgrade here. The DSi was rather pointless, and so seems this. I already played Xenoblade, and if push comes to shove, I'll just play it on the next proper portable. I really wish they would have done something about the screen itself, an OLED of similar quality to the Vita one, would have made this an instant buy, oh the colours and blacklevels =(



YoshiTails said:

Might get smash bros special edition if it ever hits europe.

Better battery life would have been nice but then again this sounds pretty souped up!

Also already own three 3DS consoles.... might sell fire emblem one.



YorkshireNed said:

What I would love would be for the system transfer to allow transfer between regions. I live in the UK but emmigrate to USA next year. If I could buy a New 3DS and transfer all my downloads over, that would be amazing. Otherwise I'll just have to keep my old original launch 3DS and run it till it dies. IF this was to be region-free, do you think I'd be able to do a EU to USA system transfer?



AyeHaley said:

"That payment must be made with a credit card, so though the price is tiny it naturally requires an adult with a credit card to remove the setting."

This has me worried...I don't have a credit card...Give us an option to disable it at the store we buy it from or a special card you can buy online.
Not that I use the 3D browser haha but if I want to, I want full access.



kyuubikid213 said:

I've seen quite a few people in these comments that think this new system is all about Amiibo or the extra buttons. Those are small compared to the CPU.

For original 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS owners, there will be an add-on that gives the system NFC functionality. This means you can still get the Amiibo figures. You just have to get the add-on.

For 3DS and 3DS XL owners, the extra buttons can be purchased by buying a Circle Pad Pro. It's about twenty U.S. Dollars and adds a right circle pad and ZL/ZR buttons to your system. It doesn't even require any crazy way to attach it to your system. You just push it in and you're good to go. You could, in theory, play New 3DS games that utilize the added controls. You just have to get the add-on.

The improved 3D effect, while cool, won't impact your experience too much since the 3D is optional anyway. The auto-brightness feature isn't a necessity for games either. PC connectivity and microSDs also can be done without.

The CPU is the issue. You can't buy an add-on to emulate that. Newer games could require the faster hardware. Older models would be obsolete. Some would say this isn't an issue, but with Xenoblade already confirmed to be New 3DS exclusive, what's to say there won't be more? The fact that out off all the games it could have been they chose Xenoblade is important. Xenoblade has a cult following. It's widely received as one of the best, if not the best, JRPGs of the 7th generation. If they wanted sales and maximum profits, they would have made a version for the original 3DS or at the very least, a spin-off. Nintendo might actually throw support toward these new models and leave the older models in the dust. Otherwise, why not have their mascot test the New 3DS waters? Sure, Xenoblade isn't as massive as Zelda, Metroid, or Mario, but it's still huge. And it's not a new title either.



Caryslan said:

I know I am in the minority, but I hate they are using the clamshell desgin for these. I love my 2DS, and I think it has a much better and more comfortable form factor then either one of the current 3DS models. It fits well in your hands, and the buttons are placed the best out of all the 3DS Models.

Something that bothers me is that everything looks cramped. Maybe if they were selling a version with the 2DS' form factor I would be a sold a little more.

But I hate that clamshell desgin. I love my 2DS, and I don't see myself going back to the clamshell desgin with the 3DS family. Maybe with the true Successor of the 3DS, but that's it.

To be honest, I wanted a new 2DS model with all the new features, but with the 3D cut out and with the awesome form factor of the 2DS.



erv said:

If they release the monster hunter bundle version here, I'll be buying it:)



Noboty said:

Downright terrible design. The the SNES button color scheme is a nice touch, but they need to give us an actual second analog stick. They should move the face buttons' locations down to be parallel with the D-pad, while putting another, FULL-SIZED anoalog stick where they once were to be parallel with the original analog stick. Where it is now looks to be so awkward.



AlphaAlex said:

@YoshiTails By "Better battery life would have been nice," you're talking about the New 3DS (XL), right? Because they do come with better battery life than their original models.
But now that I think about it, wouldn't Xenoblade Chronicles use up more battery seeing as it uses the extra CPU of the New 3DS?



Cyberbotv2 said:

I have not bought a DS system since the original, but I am tempted. I see some sort of Wii U connectivity being established here, and I will wait to hear that before anything.



AlphaAlex said:

@YorkshireNed "What I would love would be for the system transfer to allow transfer between regions. I live in the UK but emmigrate to USA next year. If I could buy a New 3DS and transfer all my downloads over, that would be amazing."
I had the same problem when I moved from the US to Europe. So because of region lock I decided to replace my American 3DS with an European 3DS XL. Seeing as I wasn't able to do a system transfer I decided to keep my 3DS (not like I can sell it anyways). While I do have to admit that being able to perform a system transfer between 2 3DSs* of different regions is cool, it would be a little problematic seeing as there are some games available on the American eShop but not on the European eShop and vice versa. Which means you could end up with games from Japan, America and Europe on one single 3DS which would destroy the purpose of region lock.
"IF this was to be region-free, do you think I'd be able to do a EU to USA system transfer?"
3DSs are region locked because of the software it runs on, not because of the hardware it has (as a hack that removed the region lock showed) which means that if Nintendo were to decide to remove the region lock it would probably be on all 3DS consoles (through an update) and not just the New ones. So I'm guessing that the answer to your question is yes, but I'm pretty sure Nintendo won't remove region lock anytime soon.
*Hey, does anyone here know how to write 3DS in plural form? Is it 3DS's?



19Robb92 said:

I hope we get a white or a cool themed N3DS XL when it releases over here. Definitely getting one.



Ambermoon said:

And still the same charger? So this means still no micro USB port to using standard USB chargers (e.g. your phone's) for loading? Hm...



YorkshireNed said:

@AlphaAlex thanks Alex. I will be buying one anyway but good to know what to expect. Still, if there was a time for them to change the region locking policy, this would be it



FabioSMASH said:

My only super-minor complaint is that I wish Nintendo would have increased the screen resolution.
Oh, and... why does Japan get this NEXT MONTH while the rest of the world has to wait (at least 3-months longer) in agony????



DiSTANToblivion said:

I'm still happy with my original launch 3DS. If Nintendo starts only making 'new 3DS' exclusive titles, ignoring the original 3DS then I'll be pretty annoyed. This is already confusing a lot of people that don't really follow gaming closely so I'm thinking this is going to be another PR nightmare. What's with Nintendo and their nonsensical naming of hardware? Geez...



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

interesting theres a MH4 model. Perhaps that'll launch with the New 3DS's outside of Japan so we get the limited edition too (The Smash one would also be nice, but since we're getting an Old XL of that, probably unlikely...)



Omarpixel9 said:

Planning on getting the regular 3DS since it's a white one (^~^), has interchangeable docks, and that screen size is the sweet spot for me! The original one was too small while the XL is too big.



Pod said:

Well. Now I'm happy I didn't cave in and get one yet.

Digging the choice of MicroSD and colored face buttons on the standard size units.

And a port of Xenoblade? These sly dogs know what they're doing.

Production. 3DS sells very well in Japan, and they want enough product ready at launch to keep the momentum up. Can't satisfy both markets at the same time.



Ambermoon said:

Another thing I may have missed.
Does the screen quality get an improvement so you can use the 3DS as a portable beneath the blue sky? Right now you cannot really use the 3DS for gaming outside because you can see almost nothing on it when it's light outside. Less screen reflection would help at least a bit on that.

And while I'm at it.
No improved battery life?
I really have mixed feelings about this device. I like the idea of an improved 3D experience and a stronger CPU but I'm not sure whether this will be enough to make me buy a new one. The interchangeable faceplates only for the normal sized New3DS for example is a real pity. And that other hardware parts that do not affect the games software (charger, screen quality, battery life) do not get an update is a pity, too.
On the other hand the stronger CPU and the added RAM will improve the game quality, especially if games are developed in a way to make real use of this more powerful hardware.

So I'll have to wait an see what the future brings, especially how software development for the current 3DS generation will be affected by this new situation. But the new versions show that Nintendo is actively evolving its handhelds - and that is a good thing.



Knuckles said:

I have a sort of off topic question that relates to upgrading systems.
Say I download SSB3D, and then buy a limited edition Smash Bros 3DS with Smash 3D preinstalled on it. What happens when two identical retail download games are on the same system?
I hope this makes sense to someone.



DrMonk said:

@Knuckles You'll lose the extra software (or it will remain on the original system), but you can transfer the save data across. You can't have two of the same software on the same 3DS... it will just say that software already exists on the target system in the transfer process and not move it across.



Moshugan said:

To be honest, every feature of the New models "should've" been in the 3DS originally. Especially the better 3D effect and the c-stick.
So this feels a bit like a too late update. But I understand if some features weren't technically possible or were too expensive at the time of 3DS's release.



Zup said:

I was on the edge with this one, but if Xenoblade is going to be exclusive to the new model then they just might have forced my hand. well played Nintendo, well played.



WindWakerLink said:

I can't justify buying this! No way man! It's basically a "3DSi"! This new 3DS is what the 3DS and 3DSXL should have been right now! It's like Nintendo heard the complaints of about the 3DS and said "Oops. Our bad. We made a mistake. Here is the definitive 3DS/3DS XL now. We'll take cash & credit."
No. No. no. no. no. no! Xenoblade is not enough for me to justify buying what essentially is a 3rd 3DS for me. Nope!
I might be the only feeling like that but I just can't justify getting least as of now. I'm just really annoyed by this....I'm MORE annoyed for the people that recently got a 3DS or 3DSXL & hear that a new version is coming out next year....-__-....



R-L-A-George said:

@GoombaJMR Amen, I've had mine since launch and it's playable. I just can't play game that require the circle pad. Or used the full functions in steel diver.



Hardline said:

is Super Smash Bros. Limited Edition LL model or
Monster Hunter 4 G Limited Edition LL model
The new XL/LL or the Old XL/LL ?



Sionyn said:

i hope they sort out the peeling paint issue that ruined my zelda 25 anniversary 3ds, i took extreamly good care of it only for the paint to bubble and fall off.



Shambo said:

@Jazzer94 @IxC Well, guess I'll wait for the new version then, hopefully we'll get it too, and if not, I hope it won't be to late to get one of those 'old' versions for my Smash collection.



InnerSpirit said:

Exclusive games. Bad call Nintendo. Way to treat your fans. Spend money on a new version or you can't play new games. At least all other remodels of other consoles have been a choice and never affected the games you can play.



TheRealThanos said:

@Ralek85 But it's so much more than the better viewing angles. Even if you don't like or need the extra buttons, the improved hardware (CPU/RAM) mean that existing games will more than likely also run smoother, and if you look at previous handhelds (or even at consoles in general) you could easily argue that this minor update was to be expected, just as much as the various DS models and for example the changes in the Xbox360/PS3 and even the Wii.
Larger changes and even bigger steps in better hardware/screens and so on will come when Nintendo will release the true successor of the 3DS, but that time isn't here yet.
@InnerSpirit That is not entirely true. Depending on you trading in or selling your old handheld but keeping all or some of your games, the "you can't play these games" thing started with the newer DS models dropping GBA support, so if you still had some of these games, you'd have nothing to play them on, UNLESS you kept your old GBA or had a GBA player connected to your GameCube. As for the NEW 3DS, if you trade in your current 3DS you can play ALL 3DS games, including the newer ones and the older ones will more than likely run smoother because of the better CPU and larger RAM, and all the other benefits (better viewing angle, better lighting, better camera, more buttons) seem more like an "everybody wins" situation to me than another reason to criticize Nintendo...



Geni said:

"Confirmed to work with Windows 8.1 and 7". What is this? 1997? Nintendo, the cool kids are not using Microsoft crap anymore! What's wrong with you...?



GhotiH said:

I would like bumped up camera resolutions, but otherwise, sounds like everything they could have improved on they did. Still a tad confused by the placement and size of the right circle pad, but whatever.



Ralek85 said:

Of course, it is more than just the viewing angels, but I think, and I don't think I'm going out on much of a limb here, that the rest just won't matter.
Also, it is rather uncommon to change the actual specs of a system in regards to performance levels and thus splitting the userbase. I can't remember the X360/Ps3/Wii doing that, or any homeconsole I can think off for that matter. I remember the N64 being "upgrade-able", but that was universal and is the best I can come up with off the top of my head.
On the other hand, I think you're NDS comparison rings true. This is basically another NDSi, a 3DSi if you will, and if that is anything to go by, the screen/ view-angle upgrade will be the most significant, and for most people, only meaningful merit of this device.
Few games will make use of the CCP features, and you can always get one of those for your "old" modell, even fewer will make use of the enhanced performance. Maybe if I were still looking to play Xenoblade, and couldn't do so using Dolphin for bling-bling, then it might make some sense, but as thing stand, this, and I'm sorry to say this, strikes me of nothing short of money grab.
There will be no meaningful support for the added features of this device, I'd love to be proven wrong, but I doubt it, I really do. Nintendo itself doesn't have the ressources to spare on something like this, and 3rd parties loath artificially limiting their revenue ... maybe we'll end up with a hand-full of games, but again, I doubt even that much. I mean just look at DSi retail games, there were close to none, not a single worth mentioning, the only addition, that made sense, were the downloadable games. For now, anything else seems like wishful thinking to me, time will tell though ... ! ^^



TheRealThanos said:

@Ralek85 Well, I think I will have to respectfully suggest that we may have to agree to disagree. First off, the screen is an important thing, but more than that it is the combination of all the incremental improvements that will make this a success, you'll see.
They have certainly made some mistakes with the Wii U, but as far as handhelds are concerned, Nintendo definitely knows what they're doing.

As for changes not having happened in consoles: PS3 slim, Xbox 360 slim, Wii model 2, Wii Mini. The Wii only took functionality away and changed almost nothing to the hardware, but the Xbox did have a modified motherboard, a better drive, a quieter fan and so on. Most people probably didn't bother looking into it any further since the new 360 was fully compatible with all games. Don't know about the PS3 slim since I never had one, but I can imagine it has undergone some optimization as well.

And DSi titles? Maybe not many but there were some interesting eShop titles that certainly rivaled commercial releases and there were titles that took advantage of the better hardware, they were the so called "DSi enhanced" titles. I don't know exactly how many of those there were, but some examples are Pokemon Black & White, De Blob 2 and I believe one of the later professor Layton titles was also enhanced when played in a DSi.

As for the CPP: not a fan. I have a 3DS XL which is big enough by itself, so adding to that is far from convenient. And I have the Monster Hunter Edition with the game included as download. I could well imagine it being a better experience on The New 3DS with the c-stick and extra shoulder buttons, as well as the slightly upgraded hardware. And having the controls integrated into the system IS a better option, ESPECIALLY if you don't need them all the time. Don't need them? Just don't use them, simple. No attaching/removing needed. And what if you're on holiday and forgot your CPP? Just to name but a few examples. And this way it will also fit into your pocket or carry case, just like a "normal" 3DS.

I would like to think that no sane person would say no to games running more smoothly, and there are indeed some games on 3DS that suffer some hiccups/slow down on the current 3DS. Maybe or even probably the frame rate will get a boost too, so its only positive in my opinion.

Sure, it sucks if you've just bought your 3DS(XL). Hell, I've just had mine for a little over 4,5 months but we have to remember that by the time this arrives on European and American shores, we'll be well into 2015 so there's some time to wait and some time to enjoy your current 3DS. I will get this either way and will not trade in or sell my current 3DS because I collect Nintendo handhelds, but people that do exchange there current one for the new one will have nothing to complain about and everything to be happy about since they will be able to play all their old games AND the new ones, with better viewing angles, better graphics (not certain yet, but probably otherwise they wouldn't be making all the fuss about Xenoblade), better frame rate and so on.

Only good times ahead, my friend. Only good times...



DoctorOverbuild said:

I'm getting the metallic blue 3ds xl for multiple reasons. One I don't want to be spending loads of money on the faceplates which I will if I get the smaller new 3ds. Second is of course the bigger screens especially for xenoblade chronicles which is another reason xenoblade chronicles amazing game. Third reason is the metallic blue my first ever ds was a metallic blue dsi and played it all the time a massive part of my childhood so I'm definitely getting that! So excited!



InnerSpirit said:

@TheRealThanos To have any trade in value, I'd need to trade in now but the N3DS isn't out for ages (actually has no UK release window) because N3DS games won't work on it. So who's going to buy a seconded hand 3ds or XL that will potentially no longer have any new releases ? Plus dropping GBA support from the DS is not the same as dropping future support from the original 3DS. The very least I expect when I buy a console (especially from Nintendo) is that whatever revision they do to the design, I will still be able to play all the consoles games without needing to buy again. Regardless of the improvements that have been made this is still a 3DS. If you want to upgrade fine, If you want to buy a N3DS as a new customer fine but the people who are happy with the version they have are being forced to upgrade to play new games which is the sort of things fans don't expect from Nintendo and I've been supporting them all my life.



InnerSpirit said:

@TheRealThanos To have any trade in value, I'd need to trade in now but the N3DS isn't out for ages (actually has no UK release window) because N3DS games won't work on it. So who's going to buy a seconded hand 3ds or XL that will potentially no longer have any new releases ? Plus dropping GBA support from the DS is not the same as dropping future support from the original 3DS. The very least I expect when I buy a console (especially from Nintendo) is that whatever revision they do to the design, I will still be able to play all the consoles games without needing to buy again. Regardless of the improvements that have been made this is still a 3DS. If you want to upgrade fine, If you want to buy a N3DS as a new customer fine but the people who are happy with the version they have are being forced to upgrade to play new games which is the sort of things fans don't expect from Nintendo and I've been supporting them all my life.



drewb0203 said:

"Unlike the SD card support in current models, the New systems will use a Micro-SD card for storage, and it'll be located in the same area as the battery.

System transfers from old to new models will be possible, using either a wireless connection or copying all data from the old system onto a computer and then onto the new hardware. The recommended method will be to utilise Wi-Fi, and we suspect an app will be part of the process. Importantly, data cannot be transferred from a New 3DS to an older model." Does this mean I WON'T have to restart all my games I downloaded on my old 3ds to my new one? Can someone please answer?



TheRealThanos said:

@InnerSpirit The being forced to upgrade is only of concern to those that want to play Xenoblade and/or whatever other game that is not able to run on the standard 3DS will come out. If those games are of no interest to you, then you have nothing to worry or be mad about.
As for the trade-in value: I am always very careful with my video game hardware, ESPECIALLY handhelds (never understood how the hell so many people manage to break/scratch theirs, even though they claim to be careful with them) so I would always be able to get a decent refund from any independent game shop. (in general around 50-60% of the original price) Seeing as quite a few of these shops still buy and sell original Game Boys and such, I would suspect that a 3DS won't be a problem because there are also more than enough second hand buyers that have no interest in these NEW 3DS games, so the standard model would be just fine for them.
Young children come to mind: I can't imagine many of them being interested in playing the likes of Xenoblade...



Nobodyz said:

Once they announce that the pen will be in the same location as the 3DS XL, I'll be getting a "NEW" Nintendo 3DS. The location of the original 3DS was horrible for using, the bottom seems even worse. The DS Lite had it right on the right side, they got it correct again on the 3DS XL. Now they want to try and fix something that's not broken, just to break it?



Ralek85 said:

Nothing wrong about having a disagreement

As for the homeconsoles, you are certainly right, that there have been optimizations with those over time, but for the overwhelming part, those have been concerend with cutting costs. There were minimal changes to the actual performance of the system, in regards to things like audiochips and harddrives for example. It is noteworthy though, that you could put any harddrive you wanted into a PS3 Slim, just as can with the PS4, so of course you could influence things like loading times more often than not. That notwithstanding, actual performance level stayed pretty much exactly the same.

We don't know the exact nature of the performance changes in the New 3DS, but the fact remains, it will be more powerful. I'm not opposed to that, and I'm certainly not opposed to the other hardware changes, all of those seem to be for the better, not two ways about it. I think you misunderstood my point here.
What bothers me about this, is that this is de facto a new handheld. Games designed around it's increased performance levels, won't be playable on the "old" 3DS. Nintendo admitted as much, and as always new games and exclusives are what drives sales for the new consoles, so anything else wouldn't make much sense. It is commendable that is backwards compatible, a feature Nintendo developed a good track-record on. Since their swtich to optical discs, this is even true for the homeconsoles.
That aside, people will be coming in expecting, that those new features, they purchased with their hard earned money, will be beneficial for their gaming experience.
I still contend that they won't for the most. The reason they re-designed the 3DS into a new handheld, is once again cost. It is much cheaper to make a handful changes to an existing system, than to create something from scratch. More importantly though, while some specs like clocks and ram, will have increased, it can effortlessly support "old" games, and developing for it, will be more or the less the same.
The fact stands, that Nintendo itself has not the ressources to support the 3DS, the New 3DS and the WiiU, all the while probably already working on successor to the WiiU and the New 3DS. I entertain serious doubts, that many developers and publishers won't see the New 3DS for what it really is, a stopgap measure until a completely new system is introduced.

There is no guarantee that New 3DS sales will make it a viable platform, that Nintendo will support it over an entire life-cycle (of course they won't, it's life is already at least half over, that's kinda part of the clue here), and that the successor will once again be backwards compatible, to get at least some longterm sales performance out of any new exclusive developments (not that publisher care all that much about that in the first place).
The New 3DS is meant to give the impression, that the 3DS has a longer life-cycle that it is actually going to have, it is also meant to encourage people to double dip.

I think what I'm actually saying is, that as long as people go in with open eyes, not expecting a bunch of great exclusive games, making use of the feature set they purchased, all is good! Just as you say, the increased specs, the better screen, and for some games the new control scheme, will be beneficial, or more to the point, would actually be already beneficial. People just need to keep in mind, that those will almost all be "compatible-with-old" 3DS games, and that the number of games making use of the CCP features, will still be severely limited, not to speak of those making use of the increased performace (the games have still to be running reasonably smoothly on the old hardware after all).
Simply put, for the life of me, I can't see who will be bringing any exclusives to that thing. That is why I argue, that for the overwhelming part, most anyone will be benefiting from, will be the screen (since that will hopefully make a difference for any 3D game, one plays), and maybe, as you suggested instances of smoother framerate for some games, where it might be noticeable. Keeping that in mind, the price of admission is high, and the way it is marketed ... we'll see, it still seems dubious and misleading to me, esp. considering not everyone makes these kinds of considerations. I mean how many person all that well versed in the topic? ^^



TheRealThanos said:

@Ralek85 Well, we both made some good points I think, and our opinions overlap for the most part. However, I just don't see the issue or rather refuse to MAKE it an issue. Most games will be compatible in my opinion because they will more than likely take into account the many users worldwide that will not upgrade and they would be REALLY ignorant if they alienate them by releasing titles exclusively for the New 3DS once this device is released over here, so for the most part it will be titles playable on ALL 3DS/2DS systems. This is also quite obvious because we know that quite a few titles are still coming or are still in development and are targeted at the regular 3DS. (unless they are all going to start adding features that only the New 3DS is capable of)

Also, I don't think it's a stop gap system, but rather a fully expected redesign since Nintendo always does this. Same as with Game Boy to Game Boy Pocket to Game Boy Color and DS Phat to DS Lite to DSi steps. If we go by that route, then some of those would also be stop gap systems, but they are not.

So, all that is needed from the customer, or SOME customers, is to consider what games they will want to play on it. If Xenoblade and other Wii conversions possibly to follow aren't their thing, then they can just keep their regular 3DS. I also saw quite a few people in the comments already saying that they need a replacement for various reasons, so they will for the most part be buying the new one and have all the benefits of backwards compatibility and the new features.

I do understand the people with an average every day salary that don't have the money to just keep on buying every new gaming device that is released and if you just spent 200 bucks or more on a new device, then you're probably not looking to replace that any time soon. I've been there myself and I still have to save money for all the extra things I want in life (gaming devices included), because we also have to pay the rent and what not, so I know and understand where some of the objections are coming from.

As for the cutting costs part in consoles:
Like I said in my previous comment I do not know that much about the PS3, but there DEFINITELY weren't any costs cut in the new Xbox 360. The improved dvd drive, better fan and motherboard alterations in combination with the redesign of the outer casing actually cost them. They did manage to sell quite a few of them, but still...


You bringing up the CPP hardly going to be used seems to imply that you think that I said otherwise, but I actually agree with you as you will be able to see in my previous comment. I just look at it from a positive angle: don't need it? Don't use it. Either way, it is good to have the extra controls included because not all of us bought (or want to buy) the original bulky CPP that you have to attach and remove every time. Think of the Wii U and all it's possible control schemes: they are also not in use all of the time. We either select one ourselves or a game only gives us certain options. Same could work for The New 3DS.



Ralek85 said:

I think you summarized it quite well for the most part, I just want to add two or three more points.
First off, to me the DSi was the very definition of a stop-gap hardware measure. It introduced DSi Ware, as a way to bridge the gap to it's successor the 3DS, which released almost precisely 2 years later, and it's e-shop platform. Aside from that I don't see any added value in the device, esp. considering the loss of the GBA port.
Your point about most games being playable on all 2/3DS-family (gosh^^) systems, is completely on point. It's just feel that there is an impression being created here, that the New 3DS will give you access to an additional library of games. I think that is misleading, and will not really materialized, besides literally a handful of games. Maybe more games will be made available than I expect, and maybe the marketing will focus on other aspects ... we'll see.
In regards to the 360 redesign, I wanted to add, that I'm not certain how the cost per unit changed overtime, but considering MS had to deal with a rather massive RRoD problem, and respective returns, I think it is fair to assume, that many of those changes were made to addres that issue, in turn keeping failure rate and returns low, and thereby also lowering overall costs.
The DVD drive though, is an interesting story, since basically any and all piracy on the 360 was, for the longest time, depended on the ability to hack the firmware of said DVD drive. Aside from natural fluctuations in suppliers, that probably played a major role in any changes made to that particular component.



TheRealThanos said:

@Ralek85 Maybe we should look at it more in ways of Nintendo trying things out, testing the waters with some changes before going all the way. If I'm not mistaken, the eShop introduced in the DSi was by and large looked at as a positive addition. Had it not, they probably wouldn't have used it in the 3DS.

My point is that of course, you can always look at things from a negative point of view, as so many seem to do, but I just see the additions as a plus, and like with the previous handhelds as far as I'm concerned, it was to be expected. In general, Nintendo is always busy with improving the overall experience of the customers' use of their hardware and in that respect this new 3DS may very well convince some new buyers that haven't previously bought a 3DS and will also interest a lot of current users.

I can understand the feeling you get, but I don't think that there are going to be that many special titles released. Like you already said: just a couple and all the other titles will simply benefit from the additions and better hardware.
A final point on the Xbox 360 redesign: you'll have to trust me on that. I used to work for HP and have witnessed several case redesigns for workstations and servers, and I just know that costs go into that design: the alteration of a motherboard to fit into that new casing and the rearranging of components and addition of improvements. Even if you subsequently make a profit off of it, that still does not mean you're cutting costs. And in this case, in relation to the whole fiasco of the RROD (had one myself) it is more a case of minimizing any further losses aka damage control.

The only way to cut costs is to use less components like in the redesigns of the Wii to the one without GameCube ports or the Wii Mini with even less features, that sort of leveled out the cost of the change in casing. (and also because similar components get cheaper as years go by)



TheRealThanos said:

@Kurtz Thanks! To me it's only natural to communicate like that with somebody that shows me the same courtesy. And @Ralek is quite a decent guy, so we can stay civil, even if we don't always agree. By the way: how come you've responded so late to this article? Are you behind on reading them or did you create your own backlog? No pun intended, I'm seriously curious.

You even got me curious about this David Icke fella, because I've never heard of him or the other guy you mentioned.
I can honestly tell you that after reading the first bit of text I came across, I was already done with it. I mean, seriously:
"British author exposes the reptilian bloodline that rules the world. Learn the truth about many people, including the British Royals"

But I do see what you did there...



Kurtz said:


yeah sorry, i'm totally behind. work and study its not a good mix for old people i'm operating on martian time keeping abreast of the latest trends in nutty as squirrel poop narratives. i'm glad you enjoyed the tip, there is a whole subterranean culture of these "truthers".
david ickes credibilty is ensured by his stint as a championship goal keeper!
p.s subterranean because bacteria does not enjoy the light.
my god this article is old haha. where have i been?



TheRealThanos said:

@Kurtz Old people? On this site they don't come much older than me (check the profile) but I can see how commenting or reading articles on a website take a backseat when you have your hands full like that. As for the truthers, I hope you understand that I only "enjoyed" it for comedic value and have no real interest in them.


Martian time does not account for the huge difference: it's actually only 39 minutes longer...



Kurtz said:


Aye but what happens in those 36 minutes?
Ok, your beating me by half a decade glorious member of the council of the ancients. And yes i've noted from your posts a level headedness, but it is fascinating isnt it? or just good for a laugh. You might have inspired me to flesh out my bio a little.

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