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Rocky2418 commented on This Lovely Mario New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plate...:

I don't mind not being able to get this cover plate. It's not being able to get the smaller system itself that irritates me . . . Anyway, no worries, Nintendo Life. It's not your fault we don't have it here. No need to feel guilty about articles about cover plates and whatnot. I'm glad you to enjoy (most of) them. :-)



Rocky2418 commented on Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL Looks Set fo...:

@iphys @Jake_homs @StephenYap3
Ditto to all that. Hope it gets announced sometime in the next few months--especially the white one, as you said, Stephen.

Possible. However, two things to note: 1) The comment was part of a reply to an inquiry as to the standard New 3DS's North American fate. In addition, he prefaced the SKU line with the phrase, "Not going to make any promises but..." I would find that preliminary phrase kind of silly if he was merely talking about releasing new colors for the XL. As in, 'Not going to make any promises, but... maybe, just MAYBE, we'll do the thing that we always do with every handheld system that you're already expecting--release additional colors.' See what I mean? It would be kind of ridiculous to speak of such a prospect like it was some shocking, unexpected notion. But more importantly, 2) There was a second interview with Reggie from E3 that was published, and in it he stated:

"Our focus is over the current six- to nine-months. In our handheld space, we’ve just launched the new Nintendo 3DS XL. So from that standpoint, there is no new hardware coming over the next six- to nine-month period. There might be some new variants. The thing about the handheld space, consumers love new designs, new colors. And we’ll continue to offer those types of experiences."

(I inserted the bold.) Source:

So, speaking of the next 6 to 9 months, he said that while there of course won't be any all-new (next gen) handheld system, they will continue to offer new variants--new colors AND new designs. Nothing is ever official until announced, of course, and maybe it won't come. But after this interview and the other one, I've become much more optimistic regarding the standard's release here. Either way, we'll have to wait and see.

I'm happy for those who wanted the Metallic Blue XL. I actually think that one looks the nicest of the XL colors. I can only hope the standard size comes soon too.



Rocky2418 commented on Gallery: The Splatoon T-Shirt Market Has More ...:

Funny. When I saw the cover picture for this article, I said to myself, 'Hey, those look like the graphics from the Red Bubble site.' And sure enough they were. I actually bought four different Chrono Trigger themed shirts from their site about a year or two ago. They do great work!



Rocky2418 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

No problem. Yeah, I was surprised by the data myself, considering how frequently I'd heard people casually throw around the line, 'Well, XL sales just dwarf non-XL sales in North America.' Whereas in reality--while XL sales do outnumber non-XL ones everywhere, including NA--non-XL sales actually make up a higher percentage of overall sales here in NA than anywhere else. So, yeah, that's clearly not the reason why the base model wasn't released here. Rather, to this point, they decided only to cater to the over 50% group--maybe in an effort to be stingy and limit production costs, maybe store shelf space issues, or maybe trying to force more consumers into buying the XL before trying to get them to double dip and buy the base model too. I don't know. But just "the numbers"? No, that doesn't compute.



Rocky2418 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

Being a pessimist (and with good cause), I'd normally be inclined to agree with you. However, he was specifically speaking about/to people who wanted "the base model":

"We've certainly taken note of all of the readers and consumers that expressed desire for the base model. . . . I would suggest to your readers that they stay tuned and maybe some special SKUs might show up."

Merely releasing a new New XL (ugh, name) would be completely irrelevant to that statement, as people who wanted the base model still wouldn't want that.



Rocky2418 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

@RatKing64 "Sales data shows that North Americans generally prefer the bigger screen of the XL (by a wide margin)"

This always seems to come up at least once in one of these kinds of stories' comments sections, so I'll copy and paste the following again--to clear up this misconception:

In reality, it seems the reason NOA didn't release it is that they are more stingy than the other regions--they chose to only release the model preferred by the greater than 50% group, and not "waste" resources on the mere 33% of the rest of us. Too, just as likely, they wanted to stagger the releases so as to get people to buy the one they didn't really want as much, so they'd have to buy a second one in order to get what they wanted. But just the sales data? No, the numbers don't support that theory.

Yeah, I found that odd too. Kind of makes me think they're not going to release the white one I've been hoping for, but rather some "unique" color and--of course--black, because we clearly don't have enough of that color as it is. >_>

@Sakura "The special bundles we have for the standard model here usually include the game (digital) and a set of faceplates (often a free corresponding theme too). The actual consoles are just white or black."

I hope that's what happens here. As long as I can get the actual console in white, I'll be happy.



Rocky2418 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

Well, I know I've certainly longed for the standard size, white New 3DS since seeing it when it was first announced last year in Japan. I will pre-order / buy it instantly if/when it releases here. It's funny--I had the OG 3DS for a year and a half, then switched to the XL, just to give it a chance, and have now had it for two years. But I've been so ready to switch back to the smaller size for good. I waited till E3, heard nothing, and decided I'd just go try and find another OG 3DS online. I was planning on purchasing one later tonight, and then saw this article . . .

Now I feel like I should just wait a little while longer, but . . . I also know Reggie very well could be trolling us again, and--as some have suggested--might reveal a New 2DS or just some additional LE New XLs. Sigh . . . Sure wish he'd just tell us what we'll be getting, even if not when. As it is, I still don't know what to do.



Rocky2418 commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

"If I had one wish to be fulfilled, I would love to see Nintendo fans and consumers take more risks on eShop."

Yeah, and if I had one wish, I would love to see the standard New 3DS here in North America, as it is in every other region. But Nintendo clearly doesn't care about what the 33% who prefer that size want; hence, I couldn't care less what they want. And if I recall, Baker was the guy who "explained" the absence of said New 3DS by saying that it would be too confusing to NA consumers to have five different systems (3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS, and New 3DS XL). He said that this way, we'd have three options that each offered a unique experience--the 3DS (OG), 2DS, and New 3DS XL. Funny thing about that, though: the OG 3DS hasn't been an option for a long, long time. Which is why, when--following E3 and seeing that the standard New still wasn't released--I decided to finally switch back from my old XL to the OG (I have good reasons), that meant I had to get one off ebay, the only way to buy any 3DS system of that size for me.

Anyway, yeah, Damon Baker is one guy that I can't take seriously. Sorry.



Rocky2418 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Promises 3DS E3 Reveals While...:

Oh, how tired I grow of Reggie . . . If you noticed, in the article, the person actually asked him two questions regarding the standard New 3DS in NA:

"What drove the decision to only release one version of the New 3DS in the US, and is there a chance we'll ever get a regular one?"

And yet, while he "answered" (not really) the first question, he literally ignored the second altogether:

"We made the decision that we felt was best in keeping with the needs of our user base at the time."

I understand wanting to keep reveals secret, but he didn't even dignify the question of whether we'd ever get it with an answer--not even a deflecting one. Wow, I didn't realize I could lose more respect for him until reading that. Now I know better.



Rocky2418 commented on Europe, You're Getting Three More New 3DS Cove...:

@kamifox1 "Really though, the sense of entitlement in America these days never fails to astound me.. It's just a few pieces of plastic with pretty pictures on them, do you REALLY care that much?"

About the pieces of plastic? No, I don't. And actually, like myself, the majority of people who are upset about the matter care more about the size of the system itself than about the cover plates. Many of us prefer having a smaller, lighter system as their portable.

As for the entitlement: Is it really entitlement to expect to get the same options that literally every other region got? Besides, it's not just about being the "left out" region. Thanks to the internet, we all saw the New 3DS and XL months in advance when Japan announced it. So that was three months during which those of us that wanted the standard model were looking forward to it--something that had nothing to do with which regions got what, since that hadn't even happened yet.

Anyway, keep some perspective. It's not like we're starting mass riots in the streets. We're merely expressing our disappointment over not getting something after months of looking forward to it and rightfully expecting that it would come, based on past situations.



Rocky2418 commented on Video: Footage From Nintendo World Championshi...:

(In most nerdy voice): 2nd video - 'The next Fred Savage'? More like the next Luke Edwards, who was the one who played Jimmy Woods, the actual "wizard" of the movie. Heh, I hope someone got fired over that one. :-)

(Back to regular voice): Anyway, it's a shame that there were so few locations for these preliminaries. Living in upstate NY, it would've been about a 2 1/2 hour drive down to the city to try competing. Not bad, but even that long of a drive, then having to sit outside an NYC building in early morning hours . . . nah. Especially since I know I'd have no realistic shot of coming out on top. I know and am good at most of the old-school games in NES Remix, being 31, but I actually haven't play NES Remix itself. Besides, there's also the odds - 1 in who-knows-how-many-hundreds? Meh. I'll just enjoy watching the finals. Should be fun.



Rocky2418 commented on Pearl White Is The Latest New Nintendo 3DS XL ...:

@DreamOn "I can't believe in all the years we've seen 3DS models come and go on this continent this generation, we've not had a plain white 3DS. Dang you, Reggie. Dang you!"

I wholeheartedly agree. It's been quite disappointing to me. I'm quite sure we won't be getting this one either . . .

@SanderEvers "Looks nice.... But I'll stick to my regular size white new 3DS"

Ah, I envy you. That would be my first choice, hands down. But if this white XL at least somehow made it here, I'd consider getting it. Who am I kidding--I won't have to make that choice.



Rocky2418 commented on Nintendo is Discontinuing the Basic 8GB Wii U ...:

As a few others have commented, for me the 32GB to 8GB difference (which is actually more like 25 to 3, after the initial setup and whatnot) is actually pretty huge. I don't purchase any retail download games (won't make that switch until the account system is stronger, so that my games aren't linked only to the system itself; plus they're no cheaper, which makes no sense). So my used space would be spent on on VC, WiiWare, and DLC, which would take up very little--though 3GB would be pushing it. After all, the two MK8 DLC packs are over 2GB in themselves. So yeah, 32GB would be enough for me indefinitely, while 8GB wouldn't.

That said, from the start, I've wanted a white Wii U deluxe--that's the primary reason I still haven't bought one to this point--and just never really wanted to have to have an external device always sticking out of it, especially when I bring it elsewhere. (At the same time, I've been dealing with an unending left thumb soreness for over a year which was caused by persisting in some over-the-top bonus challenges in a few games, such as DKCR. Hence, avoiding getting a new system and playing a bunch of new games probably isn't the worst thing for me, in that respect.)

But if the white 32GB system ever does come here, I will buy/pre-order it instantly. Especially that one listed above--with no game, for $250. Then I could just pick and choose the games I'd really want. Sadly, I doubt that this announcement in Japan will have any bearing on the matter, though. And based on NOA's track record of the last few years, I certainly don't expect them to make any decision that would match up with something I want. (cough no white standard New 3DS cough)



Rocky2418 commented on Video: Let's Remind Ourselves How Totally Radi...:

That would be awesome! Born in '83, The Wizard was my favorite movie growing up--watched it tons of times, and still do every now and then. It would be really cool if the cast made an appearance (Christian Slater, Beau Bridges, etc.).

Yeah, the '90s will always be the decade I'm fondest of, for many reasons.



Rocky2418 commented on Nintendo "Currently Investigating" The Idea Of...:

@Funbunz "And that goes for games AND consoles. If the new 3ds was region free, I would have been able to import one of those white standard ones from Japan.
It's not too late Nintendo, you can still get my $200. Just allow me to purchase the one I want, the money is all yours."

Well said. I feel exactly the same way. If they would only give me the option of the white standard New 3DS, I'd dish out the $200 or whatever it costs right now. And that's why I hope they do away with region locking.



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: What We Expect from Nintendo Di...:

The only thing I care about seeing is a release of the regular New 3DS (particularly the white one) here in NA. However, I highly doubt it'll happen, so this Direct will probably have nothing I care about, unfortunately.



Rocky2418 commented on Standard-Sized New Nintendo 3DS Photos Emerge ...:

@Meaty-cheeky "Both of you guys brought up some great points, but the fact of the matter is that the 3DS XL model is the preferred model for the 3-D gaming experience from consumers here in North America."

Well, it's the preferred model everywhere - in that it is chosen by at least 51% of consumers everywhere. But actually - as I mentioned - North America actually had the lowest percentage of consumers who preferred the XL in the "old" 3DS generation (56%, as opposed to every other region, where that number was over 60%; and again, that's excluding all smaller 3DS sales from prior to the XL's release). Here's the more thorough breakdown, FWIW:



Rocky2418 commented on Standard-Sized New Nintendo 3DS Photos Emerge ...:

@Meaty-cheeky "I agree with Nintendo of America decisions on releasing only the New Nintendo 3DS XL, because of these two reasons. First reason is consumer confusion"

NOA retained the name "New 3DS XL" for their new 3DS XL - am I to seriously believe that they withheld a different size because they're concerned with customer confusion? Try searching for a "New 3DS XL" on Ebay, and see how unambiguous the results are.

"Americans already had a rough time rapping there head around the difference between Wii to Wii U, how will Nintendo explain the difference between unknowledgeable consumers about (3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, N3DS, N3DS XL)"

The 3DS hasn't been marketed or stocked in stores in a long time (hence why they sell for so much on places like Ebay) - it's not an option for consumers; the 3DS XL is clearly in the process of being replaced by the New XL - this is backed up by the fact that it's not shown on NOA's official 3DS website anymore. In fact, only two models are even advertised on that site now - the 2DS and the New 3DS XL. Hence, it wouldn't have been 5 choices if they'd released the standard size here - it would've been 3 (which has already been the case in the past, with the old 3DS, old XL, and 2DS). I think we could rap our heads around that, considering we have before.

"My second reason is when you compare the Nintendo 3DS the 3DS XL, the 3DS XL out sold the old smaller model by a large margin."

True. The smaller size is chosen by roughly one third of consumers. Yet every other region still felt that 33% was substantial enough to not ignore. And here in NA - with regard to the "old" systems - the smaller size actually was responsible for a higher percentage of total system sales than in any other region (and that's only including 3DS sales from after the XL's release, so that it's a fair comparison).

NOA can do whatever they want, of course - they're a business. But I just still don't grasp the logic behind this decision. That said, they don't particularly care if I do, so . . . oh well.



Rocky2418 commented on Standard-Sized New Nintendo 3DS Photos Emerge ...:

@StephenYap3 "It better come to the US. I could care less for the Skittles buttons, but what matters is me getting the white model since that's the one I wanted since the announcement."

Same here, 100%. I want it for the smaller size and white color.

"I have been your utmost supporter and fan since the beginning, but you disappointed me there."




Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a Nintendo Direct...:

@IceClimbers "Just don't complain when the new handheld comes soon afterward."

Fair enough. In truth, though, I personally have never been a habitual complainer over such things; this is pretty much my first time, in regards to a matter like this. This was a special case, for me - I saw the standard, white New 3DS when revealed for Japan back in October and knew that it was everything I wanted for my handheld system. I was extremely excited. Then the January Direct came, and I was severely disappointed - partly because every region but mine was getting it, but mostly just because I'd simply been looking forward to it with much anticipation for 3 months.

Anyway, point is, I've only complained about this current matter (respectfully, mind you) because it was actually quite important to me. If they were to finally release it, I would buy it on day one and be very happy; if they then released the next system - even a week later - I wouldn't care. I feel no need to have the newest thing. I only care about being able to get the thing I wanted in the first place.

If they never release it, I'll live. NOA can live without me, and I without them. Life goes on.



Rocky2418 commented on Chrono Trigger Turns 20, but is Ultimately Tim...:

@invictus4000 "I had to chuckle when you mentioned your tradition of naming Marle the name of your current crush. I did that too! (As I'm sure every 90's RPGer did.)"

True. Though I was likely more on the unusual side - I had a crush on just that one girl for 11 years (all of the '90s, plus a bit after that).

Your drawing is awesome, BTW. I don't have Colors 3D (is that game? or an app?), but I at least checked it out online.

Yeah, sorry, I haven't learned any new ones recently; either way, I generally gravitate more toward learning the pieces that I feel an emotional connection to - based on the music itself, but more so based on what it's linked to in the game, story-wise. Wind Scene is very nice (of course, there's few that are NOT nice in this game), but being basically just an overworld piece of music, I'd be less likely to put in the effort to learn it, unfortunately.



Rocky2418 commented on Chrono Trigger Turns 20, but is Ultimately Tim...:

Oh yeah, and I also learned to play some of my favorite pieces of music from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross (I purchased the official sheet music books years ago) over the last couple of years. (Though I'm far from enamored with Chrono Cross as a whole - due, partly, to the "fates" that it handed out to many of the characters I loved from Chrono Trigger - I do love its music.) Here's a link to 6 that I recorded and put up on YouTube last year, for any who might enjoy it:



Rocky2418 commented on Chrono Trigger Turns 20, but is Ultimately Tim...:

Nice picture, Peppy. :-) As you can see from mine, Chrono Trigger is unquestionably my favorite game of all time. It's funny - prior to playing it, I didn't care for RPGs at all. Mainly, I hated random battle encounters (which CT turned out not to feature). But when I saw this in a rental store back in early '96 (when I was 12), I picked it up, not even realizing that it was an RPG at first. (I thought it was more like Secret of Mana or Illusion of Gaia.) Well, I put it in my SNES, and . . . the rest is history. I went out a plunked down $70 for my own copy, and I still have it to this day - as well as on the Wii VC and the DS version. (I also have some figurines of all the playable characters, as well as a Marle keychain on, well, my keychain.)

What I love most about the game, what always stays close to my heart, is the characters. I love their personal stories, their personalities, their flaws; I love how they are, in a way, misfits - kind of alone - until they band together, from completely different worlds, and form a tight-knit camaraderie as they take down that which threatens their world.

Marle, my favorite character, is the perfect example of why I love these people. She is a deeply emotional person (which I can relate to), and undergoes a drastic transformation during the game, due to a traumatic event involving one of the main characters. Early in the game, she's a very bubbly, cheerful, maybe even careless, optimist. But after this heavy event, her emotional state turns very dark - first in a state of shock, then despondent, and finally fiercely determined to defy reality and undo what has happened, no matter what. And until this is done, she has a one-track mind - it's all she can think about. Her pain always felt so real to me. And that's the kind of thing I most cared about in this game - the emotional states of all the characters as they underwent their respective trials. I just liked who they were. Anyway, that's just me.

Oh, and (since the article encouraged us to share our favorite memories regarding the game) every time I played through this game growing up, I would always give Marle the name of the girl I had crush on for a long time.

I can't believe it was 19 years ago that this game first entered my life . . .



Rocky2418 commented on Nintendo Held Back Western Launch Of New 3DS D...:

@JaxonH "NoA already confirmed that, and explained why. Based on the North American market, the XL sales account for the vast majority of purchases"

Even more so is that the case in all the regions that did get the smaller New choice:

@Rob_mc_1 "It almost seems like the US got the XL and Europe got the regular size one as an easy way to divvy up the inventory."

While NA only got the XL, Europe actually got both options.



Rocky2418 commented on Nintendo Held Back Western Launch Of New 3DS D...:

Yeah, that's what I started excitedly thinking. Then, just as I was about to click on it, I realized it said "western release," which would include Europe as well. But yeah, would've been nice if he'd given any info on if/when the standard size would come here . . .

Ha, I love your picture! I'm a Zelda fan (which you likely know, assuming you're the same TourianTourist on GameFAQs), but also Lost is my all-time favorite show, so I got a kick out of the Dharma logo, heh.



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

@Platypus101 "What were the sales numbers once the XL was released versus the standard model? If the numbers were anything like they were for the new XL we could see why they may not have restocked standard models in particular regions..."

I posted a link to exactly those sales numbers back in comment #20. Feel free to look. In a nutshell, in NA, once the XL was released (so excluding all 3DS sales from prior to that), 14% of total sales came from the 2DS, 30% came from the 3DS, and 56% came from the 3DS XL. (BTW, that 56% for the old XL? Lower than in any other region. And yet we're the only region that was only given the New XL as a choice at launch...) Oh, and as a side note: In NA, during just the first first year of the old XL's availability - before the 2DS release, when the choices were just 3DS or 3DS XL - 2,130,000 standard 3DS systems were sold, and 2,140,000 XL systems were sold. That's 50.1% for the XL, and 49.9% for the standard - almost even, and about 5% higher for the standard here during that year than in any other region.

Yeah, we 'muricans clearly all want the big one...

@Shiner1776 "Every other part of life is filled with frustration, and Nintendo is supposed to be a sanctuary from those things- for a nominal price of course."

This. For me, so much this. Look, pretty much everyone here is well aware of the fact that these are just video games, and not something to completely devastate us. But in the "real" world - in areas that really matter - life for many or at least some of us can be very difficult, frustrating, and even depressing. Video games - or any hobby for that matter - can be a nice respite, a distraction, from those difficulties. So when frustration seeps over in these other parts of life - these distractions - it can feel exasperating.

I'm not trying to say, 'I'm frustrated, so give me what I want!' No. I'm saying let us simply feel the way we're feeling - even expressing our disappointment and frustration in video game news comments sections such as this (as long as we're respectful and not insulting anyone) - without feeling the need to jump down our throats or call us whiny crybabies, simply because we expressed our disappointment. Doing that is far more immature than someone who merely voices how they feel about something.



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

As someone who only wants the white standard model, I can certainly relate when it comes to wanting a particular color. And what's more: red is actually favorite color, generally speaking (though I prefer white for electronics); and yet even I liked the blue New XL color more than the "red" one (more like reddish burgundy). I loved the red on the original 3DS, and it was fine on the old XL, too. But I just don't care much for this red. If I had been planning on getting a New XL (which I'm not), I would've picked the blue one (if it were an option here, which it's not). I think that one looks the nicest.

So yeah, I offer my condolences - I know the feeling. (It's also how I felt about the white Wii U Deluxe never coming here.)



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

Yeah, it's funny - I went out to eat with my older brother about 5 hours ago, and we were talking about that first post of yours (we'd each read it separately, apparently). Regardless of the XL's approximately 2:1 dominance ratio, deciding not to release the smaller size at all really screws over younger kids - and this is a video game company. (I'm aware that it's not impossible for younger kids to hold and use an XL, but there's no question that it would be less comfortable than the standard for most of them.) So yeah, I can empathize with you; and it's just another reason why this decision was very perplexing.



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

@daveh30 "If you want my honest opinion, I'd bet money that the New 3ds releases"

No one would be happier than I if you end up being right. I sure hope you are. It's just, when it comes to the NOA that I've grown accustomed to over the last 5 years or so, them doing the opposite of what many would bet money on has become commonplace. Hopefully this isn't one of those times.

Of course, knowing my luck, you'll be completely right - they'll release that Xenoblade bundle (which would be the black system), and never sell the white system here, screwing me over yet again. (Don't worry, I know the color isn't an important matter, despite being important to me.)



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

"It's not about faceplates, it's about the size. I like the slender regular size better. I don't care for a larger screen. And while yes I could carry the XL in my pocket, it wouldn't be as comfortable."

That's exactly why I want the smaller model, too. No, it's not impossible to carry the XL in a pocket (especially in the winter, when I carry it in my coat). But it's definitely less comfortable for me - especially in the summer, when I'm always wearing shorts. When I take a walk, and earn "coins" on the system, the XL weighs down said shorts significantly more than the standard does; it just feels more awkward, I guess.



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

"We voted with our wallets when the XL soundly outsold the original."

The XL soundly outsold the original in all other regions, as well - to an even greater degree, in fact, according to the official sales data report, linked above. All other regions still released the New standard, so that alone can't be the reason for them excluding it here.

"They've been in cost cutting mode for a while now, and it's clearly a business decision."

If that's actually the reason, then fine, I would accept that. But then at least afford us the dignity of telling us that straight out. Instead they give the explanations cited in my last comment - each of which I explained the fallacy of. If they're hurting financially, and that's the reason for this, then just say so. But no, they wouldn't want to admit such a thing, so instead they'll say it's to spare us confusion - sparing us confusion in our trip to the store to buy a new 3DS. I mean, a new 3DS XL, not a 3DS. I mean, a new New 3DS XL, not a 3DS XL. >_<



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

"I don't see why anyone even bothered asking why it didn't come to the States when no one will likely like the answer"

That may be true of some, but not everyone; not me. If the answer (and therefore the reason) had been, 'We don't have enough produced, so we're waiting until we do to release it to such a large market,' it would be a straightforward answer, and I'd be content to wait. Now, if they didn't want to let on that they would be releasing it later, so as to maximize current sales for the XL, then maybe they could've said, 'After the struggles that the Wii U had in selling, we are trying to be more efficient and cautious in our releases, so we made the decision to only release one New model in our region.' I'd be disappointed, but at least I'd have an honest answer that made sense, so I'd accept it and move on.

Instead, Damon Baker explained that, basically, they didn't want to make too many choices available so as to limit confusion and appeal to more of the general public. Why don't I believe that to be true, even for a second? They called their new 3DS the New 3DS. Consumer confusion is flat out not a key concern for them, if they were willing to do that. (They could've changed the name from New 3DS to Super 3DS, as they changed Famicom to Nintendo Entertainment System.)

Or the other, more nondescript reply: "We think New Nintendo 3DS XL makes the most sense for our market." As I've mentioned before, using a link posted earlier, the old XL was actually responsible for a lower percentage of overall old 3DS sales here in NA than in any other region. So if excluding the standard New 3DS "makes the most sense for our market," then it would make far more sense for all the other markets. But instead, those other markets did release the standard model. Maybe they felt it smarter to not upset one third of their fanbase (as the ratio is about 2:1, on average, everywhere) - a large chunk indeed.

In short: I would be more than happy to hear a valid, honest explanation. But the two that have been given thus far actually go against the sales data evidence or are contradictory with their actions. That's why it's so frustrating to me - they won't just come out with the real reason, whatever it is.



Rocky2418 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

"I do wonder about the regular 3DS though. . . . Is it as poorly stocked as people are saying?"

Go into any store's electronics section, and see if you can find one. They haven't stocked those in a long time. (Maybe you'll find one or two randomly at some store - but only if they've been sitting there for a year or two, and just never got sold.) How this Baker guy could say that the 3DS is one of 3 choices for NA consumers . . . Yeah, no - it's not a choice, and hasn't been for a long time. Even NOA's official website doesn't show it; it only shows the New XL and the 2DS. That's it.



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"Make a petition or something!"

We have. Here are two, one of which was actually mentioned in the article above, if you actually read it (search for "over 4000 names"):

"Have you SEEN the New XL vs New 3DS sales?! You're all talk, I'm sure the sales of the New 3DS would match those of other countries, if not be worse."

If your point is that the XL outsells the standard by a ratio of about 2:1, that's true of all regions; and yet all the other ones offer the choice of both, not wanting to piss off a third of their fans. If your point is that North America would have a worse sales ratio of standard to XL than the other regions, you're wrong - it's just the opposite, in fact, according to official sales data for old 3DS systems (OG sales prior to XL's release omitted, for that matter). NA chooses the XL a smaller percentage of the time than any other region. [See the link I posted in one of my earlier comments - comment #20.]