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Siskan commented on Ninterview: Retro Video Gaming's Heidi stopXwh...:

Well, among retro gamers there are a lot of Nintendo enthusiasts. So I agree with her there. In general though, there aren't a lot of fans dedicated to Wii U or 3DS and modern day Nintendo.

Though most people buying these consoles regardless of prior scepticism tend to love them. So I don't really think it comes down to taste. It's simply not cool to play Nintendo and people worry too much about their image. That's my theory at least.

Also because American culture dominates more than ever.



Siskan commented on Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow Are Coming To The ...:

The article states that the original games used IR to transfer Pokémon which is incorrect. The second generation games used IR for some other things, but like the first generation, a link cable was used to transfer Pokémon and multiplayer battles.



Siskan commented on ​Super Nintendo Classic Chrono Trigger Gets ...:

I'm not a fan of unofficial enhancements. Usually they are in fact not.

It would be interesting if Square Enix could find the lost content and release a new version themselves though. But that doesn't seem likely at all.



Siskan commented on Reminder: There's Only One More Week Left To V...:

I voted for Bomberman way back. It's the perfect fit in so many ways. Iconic design, precense on every single Nintendo console until Hudson Soft was aquired by Konami and a unique way of fighting with bombs. Throwing, kicking and placing them etc.



Siskan commented on New Nintendo Controller Patent Features Rotati...:

@Seacliff It could be any of those. This is just something to convey an image of a handheld or controller as the patented tech (the shoulder buttons) would appear on such a device. If you look at some older Nintendo patents, you will see that they have at times patented console accessories for already released consoles, yet drawn these consoles as plain bricks.

That being said, this could still be a hint for a basic concept for the controller/handeld they have in mind itself. Simplifying (less buttons etc. than the final product) makes sense. But drawing something else entirely makes less sense. So a screen is still likely, or has been considered at some point, I'd guess.



Siskan commented on Video: Watch Acclaimed Manga Artist Kozaki Yu...:

@ZurrrrBlattTron The early games had quite poor art (but okay character design), most likely due to the fact that Intelligent Systems only worked with hardware (development kits for Nintendo consoles) before and assisted Nintendo with some programming (Super Metroid for example). My guess is that they didn't hire an artist in the beginning, but let one of the current engineers or programmers with moderate skills do the job.

At some point Sachiko Wada joined and she was first tasked with making the in-game pixel portraits, but she was eventually responsible for character design (FE6-10). In my opinion her designs were far better for many reasons. Face features were a lot more varied, outfits and armors had a very nice balance between fun, colorful fantasy and viable realism while female characters were never turned into sex objects, which is sadly what most artists in the gaming industry do these days.

Kozaki Yusuke is incredibly talented, but his style is much more mainstream and fanservice oriented, which is a sad development for the series. Outfits are both his strength and weakness. For example, his interpretation of Anna is the one I like the best in the series, but then there are characters like Tharja and Nowi... And now a bunch of maids in Fire Emblem if.



Siskan commented on Dark Half Is A Twisted SNES JRPG From The Make...:

@Damo It's entirely possible to patch a real life cartridge, so it's not really an issue as long as you only link to the patch and not a game. Though technically, the text within is protected by copyright lawsnas well, translated or not.



Siskan commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

@Quorthon I think you're mistaken. Nintendo's core fans tend to buy other fun and interesting games as well.

There are a lot of people out there who think Nintendo should go third-party, just like you. Most of these are people who first and foremost prefer to play PlaySation, Xbox or PC, but enjoy Nintendo's games and would rather not buy a second (Nintendo) console. As that's not an option today, many of these people buy Wii U as their second console in order to play Nintendo's games. Otherwise they focus on their main platform, and when there is a multiplatform title, they buy it for their main platform. It's usually the better version, unless Wii U offers interesting controller options (which these people in particular tend to rate lower than graphical advantages).

These are the people with Nintendo consoles who don't buy third-party games for them. Nintendo's biggest fanbase is not very large today, so it may be true that third-party games don't sell a lot because of that, but most fans do buy third-party games. In a way, this is just another reason that proves you're right, than the one you presented.

Still, Nintendo can potentially build up a larger fanbase (the recent announcement abiut smartphone games comes to mind). And a large portion of the current fanbase (including me) believe that their games benefit from having a console which was made with these games in mind.

Lastly, if we move away from multiplatform games in the style of CoD and look at games which remind more about Nintendo's own experiences, we can find that they often sell better on Nintendo platforms. One example is Gunman Clive mentioned in this article. In a very short timeframe, it outsold the long since released Android and iOS versions combined. Despite having a far smaller userbase.



Siskan commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Fails to Chart in Week of...:

@XCWarrior That's actually not true. There have been Japanese TV ads for at least Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Girls Mode and New 3DS lately. When I was in Tokyo a few weeks ago, I noticed that there were ads for Xenoblade 3D and Something Mario-related on the monitors in the metro trains as well.



Siskan commented on Cyber Gadget's Retro Freak System Is Looking T...:

I'd buy this if they would release a CD add-on which at least lets you play PC Engine CD-games and SEGA CD.

Having Hu-card support only is rather useless as I'd have to have a PC-Engine in order to play the CD games anyway. Same with Sega.



Siskan commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

@Windy Oh yes. I'm more sad about the fact Konami bought Hudson Soft just to cancel their projects, not making use of their IP and now potentially taking these with them to their own grave.

I'd really like to see their IP in Nintendo's hands as well. But Nintendo has not shown much interest in such deals in the past I'm afraid.



Siskan commented on You Can Now Create Your Very Own Game & Watch ...:

What's with your disrespectful tone?
While what this person made is quite amazing technically, I have a sense of aesthetics which may more often be a curse than a benefit. Because of that, the the amount of deformation of the original G&W graphics make me unable to appreciate this anywhere near as much as the originals.

It doesn't hurt me one bit that he didn't make this for me and I knew that well enough already. If anything bothers me, it's what I already explained as well as the fact that someone got so upset because I stated my opinion. Take it easy.



Siskan commented on Nintendo Begins Takedown Proceedings on Super ...:

I don't think this is a pity at all. I get that people want free access to these kinds of things, but this does more harm than some of you may think.

And the creator won't really grow until he creates something of his own. In the long run this should be the best for him too. And as pointed out earlier, the assets were even ripped from other official games.



Siskan commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

Can't say I have any idea. But unlike a lot of people I'm happy that Nintendo is still trying to innovate. Because just like Iwata said, simply expanding upon existing hardware is rather dull.

If the phone business worked the same as the console business, we'd still only be able to use our mobile phones to make phone calls.
While I'm not asking for new non-game related functions for the NX, this still says a lot. Consoles have entirely different opportunities to add things which affect gaming itself. So that's the field where I want to see new functions.



Siskan commented on First Impressions: We're Really Feeling It Wit...:

I have to say these graphics aren't well suited for the 3DS. It suffers from the low resolution in a way that most games built for the 3DS from the beginning don't.

After yesterday's presentation I'm now kind of disappointed there will be a a 3DS version of this, as it makes it unlikely that we will see this title as one of the Wii downloads on Wii U. Considering how games with classic controller support can now be played with the GamePad buttons, this would have been a perfect fit.



Siskan commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

I will buy the new model in December when I go to Japan.
So I have a question about the mature content. Does this include game software as well? I doubt a non-Japanese credit card would work in this case.

Also if mature content does apply to game ratings, I also wonder which ones. I have only owned one 18+ rated game in my entire life (despite the fact I'm 22), as I simply don't enjoy ridiculously violent games, nor do I play erotic ones. But I'm wondering if 16+ (or whatever CERO rating is the closest) is considered mature as well, since I play plenty of those.



Siskan commented on Masahiro Sakurai Outlines the Challenges of De...:

I thought it was a rather good metaphor actually. And I fully agree.
If I may continue, just like that mustardless bite was ruined, the match where the bug occured would be as well. So even if a game or sandwhich can be fixed afterwards, one experience has already been ruined.
This may be even worse in an RPG etc. where you may lose hours of progress since your last save, or even make a whole save file useless.
I guess this is where you try to assemble a model kit, just to find out there were some defect parts and you need to start over with a replacement?

I know there have been such bugs in Nintendo games too, but they seem rare. If I remember correctly, Skyward Sword was one example? But it's surely a lot harder to blame them when they put this much work on trying to avoid these things. Though I suppose some people would see it differently and say there is no excuse after spending that much time on it. But you can't deny the fact they tried.