Today's announcement of New Nintendo 3DS models brought us plenty of interesting details, including the fact that the smaller model will have the unique feature of easy-to-use interchangeable faceplate covers — branded as "Kisekae Plates" in Japan — that slide across the top and bottom sections. As this smaller, less expensive model is likely to be targeting children, especially, this seems like a clever move to tap into that collectible urge while offering plenty of affordable options.

Nintendo Japan is showing off 38 different designs that will be available, with prices ranging from 1000 Yen — the majority are 1500 Yen — up to one option at 3000 Yen. That's a price range of around $9.60 / £5.80 to $28.80 / £17.40.

You can see all of the designs below, so let us know which are your favourites and whether these could tempt you into the smaller model when these arrive in the West — as is anticipated — in 2015.