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Czech Republic

Tue 12th October, 2010

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Justaguest commented on StreetPass Games Producers Tell Origins of Mii...:

Not buying anything until I finish puzzle quest. That is pretty much impossible thou. for some weird reason I always end up getting same piece I already have even though there is 80% of me getting a new one. I dont get it ...



Justaguest commented on Talking Point: Moving To Smartphones Is Not Th...:

sorry to be digressing again but why cant we get more 3dsXLs like that in the photo. 3dsXL has to be the worst designed handheld ever. Its not clean/smooth/simple yet effective/apple like at all. Its just plain boring brick



Justaguest commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (3DS):

oh my.. guess Ill be on side with people who actually liked this game after all. I just tried the demo version and I liked it. While I almost gave up on this game seeing the first cutscene in such atrocious quality I gotta say I had a lot of fun. I love speed and this game doesnt waste any time and thats what I like. While it is one of the slower sonic games it is fast enough for me. All 3ds games seem so slow I need something like this right now to spice up my gaming experience with 3ds:p



Justaguest commented on Pokémon Art Director Would Like to Simplify t...:

noooo noo noo. thats such a bad idea. so is this franchise becoming rock paper scissors kinda thing? Thats boring! I love the diversity when it comes to pokémon. If you want to appeal to everyone leave everything in. I am not going to play an easy game like pokémon X again. By the way has anyone played through the game without EXP share? I need to know if it makes it a lot harder