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Wed 24th Apr 2013

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Ambermoon commented on Nintendo Download: 28th January (Europe):

Regarding "Sense by" look here:

Not for the first time available. It was taken down very soon after without any reason named. Do you have any more information on this?
Btw. this title exists on Google Play Store and Blackberry's Appworld without being available there for Germany. So I guess this Wii U version won't be available in Germany, either. Not that it matters as I'm not interested in this title itself. But to get to know the circumstances would be interesting.



Ambermoon commented on Slain! Wii U Release Date Has Been Delayed to ...:

I saw the trailer, I saw the player's character being killed quite some time.
But is it because the game is that hard? Or just because they assembled thr trailer in a way making the game look hard?
Did one of the developers themselves played their game and succeeded? Or did even the dev team struggle on the way to finish the game?
Questions over questions.



Ambermoon commented on Rumour: Online Survey Mentions NX's 4K Video S...:

"But to be honest, 900p sounds realistic. I mean, the Xbox One can hardly do over 900p. I think most games are still in the 720p-900p ballpark. I would even be fine with 720p, but of course 1080p would be awesome."

900p sounds realistic...
We are in 2016 with 1080p TV resolution since quite some years, CPU/GPU systems capable rendering games in 1080p60 and people think it is enough because the competitors XBox One and PS4 can't handle more often enough.
Game developers already moan because they have to scale back their games because the power those two consoles offer is not what was expected in the beginning.
And there are really people out there who think it is enough to not offer more than MS and Sony offer since two years?
The NX would be outdated right from the beginning, even if it could handle 4k video streaming. Nice for video enthusiasts, nothing of importance for gamers.



Ambermoon commented on Video: Five Things We Want From The Nintendo NX:

To those who want a system as powerful as the Xbox One or the PS 4:

Keep in mind that these systems are already more than two years on the market, that their specs are even older.
A system on par with the consoles would already be outdated right now, many mo tbs before its release. This would only create the same situation the Wii U suffers from: being too weak for actual projects and even more too weak for projects whose development has just started or is just announced to be started.
There has to be significiantly more power tied to the NX so that developers do not start working on NX software only to realise that the console is to weak even for todays standards.
The NX has to be more oriented in the direction of PCs that are suited for gaming on graphical high settings (which means at least 1080p60). So the GPU must be considerably stronger than those in the MS/Sony systems. CPU and (video) memory must match the needs to create immersive worlds that can be found in PC games without the necessity to cut back the games' features (not only regarding the visuals).
Look at the XBox One and the PS 4:
How many games/game engines have to be cut back to run smooth (at least most of the time) on those machines. This should not happen with the NX or else interested developers would leave ship once again, sooner than later.
There is no need for a third console that is just on par with their two years old co petition.
Btw, @Kirk
VR may be (the) a future for gaming but for now it's need of power resources that even a high end PC is runni g at its limits. No chance to see a really good VR system including the needed computing hardware for the same price as a console alone.



Ambermoon commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January (Europe):


Not all games for the GameCube make real use of the analogue input of the L/R triggers, they just see triggered or not. Besides there's the GC controller adapter, would be a reason to release a new batch of those and would make it more useful besides its use in SSB Wii U. It's predestined for such games, imo.

I think "a boring week" is relative. For those who already own NSMB on disc this game is not a reason to call this an exciting release week. And not all see GBA games released for the VC as a reason to cheer.

Do you know "Drill Dozer"? Is it worth a try?



Ambermoon commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January (Europe):

It's nice to see one or the other Wii title on the Wii U VC but as the Wii U is capable of running Wii titles from discs I'd rather prefer titles from the GameCube era released for the VC.
Imo, there are enough that would justify the effort.
Or some Dreamcast pearls (come on, SEGA).



Ambermoon commented on Nintendo Download: 29th October (Europe):

According to a Nintendo Newsletter I got last week, the Project Zero test version should have been out last week already. But, well, it wasn't.
At least, it comes out at the same time as the full version is released and not afterwards.

What about "The binding of Isaac"? Will this appear in the German eShop,too? IIRC, there were some USK problems regarding this game earlier on.

If they really should go the way of stronger hardware this time with the NX chances are that there won't be backwards compability just because of costs as reason. Afaik, Nintendo have implemented it as hardware on the Wii/Wii U, haven't they?



Ambermoon commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

If the NX will be indeed the next Nintendo home console (who knows) and they'll announce it at next year's E3 they really should build it on hardware that is
a) more accepted by third party developers and
b) that is much more powerful as the XBO and the PS4 are right now.

Especially the latter is of importance as the MS and the Sony consoles are already reaching their limits.
And Nintendo really cannot afford a third time to fall behind current console hardware with a then new home console. No matter how brilliant some of their software titles are.



Ambermoon commented on Star Fox Zero Started Life Way Back On The Ori...:

So, looking at the Bayonetta 2 game and its graphics and then at Star Fox Zero (only the short video, admittedly), I wonder in which way Platinum Games are involved in the development of Star Fox Zero...

And, if the game is mainly developed with dogfights in mind, then there should be online modes (coop, versus) included in it nowadays.

But we'll have to wait and see what the result will be at the end of this year, I suppose.



Ambermoon commented on Sonic Boom Gets a Whopping 1GB+ Update in Euro...:

Why should this be click bate? Just because I place my thoughts in the comments section?
There are some bad programming bugs, right. But right now I only know of one released game using the CryEngine on the Wii U, Sonic Boom. The CryEngine is known to need power to run as intended by Crytek. Without the possibility to compare this port of the CryEngine with another one I cannot judge if the technical problems of Sonic Boom do only exist because of a bad engine port.

And if I wonder why the game is in the condition it is (not talking about gameplay here) publicly here in the comments section, why not? This is what the comments section is for. Others publish their thoughts here in the comments, too. As you do, too. Regarding bugs, regarding gameplay. Or just write a negative comment because it is a Sonic game and they don't like Sonic. Do they click bate?



Ambermoon commented on Sonic Boom Gets a Whopping 1GB+ Update in Euro...:

But one thing I wonder:
Is this game desaster (according to what I read about the game's state) because of bad programming and a lack of time and testing?
Or does it show that the Wii U is not capable of delivering the power the CryEngine 3 needs to run properly on this console?



Ambermoon commented on 3DS Brawler One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X I...:

Can people get these dresses without having an Amiibo just by playing the game and (e.g.) fullfilling a special mission?
If not wouldn't this has to be called payed content (whether as DLC or content already contained in the game) as you could not unlock it otherwise without paying for an Amiibo (if only costumes)?



Ambermoon commented on Wii U System Update 5.2.0 Brings Folders, New ...:

Nice addition, these folders.

I have to admit that I thought Nintendo would have had introduced themes with this update like they'll do on the 3DS next month.
But well, maybe next time.

What I expected was that they would get rid off the Nintendo TVii icon for those who do not have access to Nintendo TVii. Right now it's only an annoying button with just one annoying function: telling that there is no Nintendo TVii available for me.
And that this icon bar would be customizable, let me move shortcuts for apps there I'd like to have quick access to.
And that the icons with notification functionality would get the look of the ones on the 3DS: with the ball which is much more asking for attention than these animated icons on the Wii U.
And that, after pressing the button to shut down the system, the Wii U would first look for updates for installed software and then shut down. Not shutting down into standby mode and make the USB HDD spin down, restarting into semi standby and making the USB HDD spin up, looking for updates, then shutting down again and make the USB HDD spin down again. It's just annoying.
Ah, and recognizing that a connected USB HDD that has fallen into sleep mode is not disconnected from the Wii U but just sleeping.



Ambermoon commented on This New Fatal Frame Trailer Highlights the Ga...:

Sounds like NoA is a really small company, then.
Don't you think there are more people over there at NoA to do localization stuff?
As most here I also hope that NoA/NoE (for us Europeans) do release it in North America/Europe and don't let it become another Nintendo exclusive not only to other consoles but to other Nintendo console owners outside of Japan, too.



Ambermoon commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

Another thing I may have missed.
Does the screen quality get an improvement so you can use the 3DS as a portable beneath the blue sky? Right now you cannot really use the 3DS for gaming outside because you can see almost nothing on it when it's light outside. Less screen reflection would help at least a bit on that.

And while I'm at it.
No improved battery life?
I really have mixed feelings about this device. I like the idea of an improved 3D experience and a stronger CPU but I'm not sure whether this will be enough to make me buy a new one. The interchangeable faceplates only for the normal sized New3DS for example is a real pity. And that other hardware parts that do not affect the games software (charger, screen quality, battery life) do not get an update is a pity, too.
On the other hand the stronger CPU and the added RAM will improve the game quality, especially if games are developed in a way to make real use of this more powerful hardware.

So I'll have to wait an see what the future brings, especially how software development for the current 3DS generation will be affected by this new situation. But the new versions show that Nintendo is actively evolving its handhelds - and that is a good thing.



Ambermoon commented on Review: Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS):

This is a game that deserves a counterpart on the Wii U just like they do it with SSBB. It would be great to play in the console, imho.
Why does Nintendo not take its own words serious and support the connectivity between 3DS and Wii U? Do they not belief in it themselves?



Ambermoon commented on Don't Expect To See A Mainline Pokémon Game O...:


Compatible save games, that way you could upload the save game of the 3DS version to the console and vice versa. So you can play while you're somewhere out there and you can continue playing, sitting comfortably on your couch, on the big screen. Or use the save game of the 3DS to train your Pokémon in a Pokémon Stadium like game - with online connectivity, of course. Or local multiplayer, one on the console, another one, or two, or three on a 3DS.
Nothing more than a dream?

P.S.: As I just read there's a game on the PS3/Vita which exactly offers this: compatible save games and - at least in the just patched Japanese version - with coop play on PS3 and Vita.



Ambermoon commented on Don't Expect To See A Mainline Pokémon Game O...:

"...If I had to guess, I say that they would do that if they had better cross-functionality,..."
But ins't Nintendo always telling about the great possibilities the connection of their portables and their home consoles would/could offer (GC-GBA, Wii-DS, Wii U-3DS)? And I don't remember having seen themselves making good and comprehensive use of this connectivity within their own games up to now. Have I missed something?
They should/could start with this right now and show how real connectivity between a portable and a home console works - before Sony does it with PS4 and PSV (though Sony already said this about PS3/PSV and did they show much? I don't remember).



Ambermoon commented on New Super Mario Bros. U Update Arriving with L...:


Would you expand the details in the game overviews with the size of downloadable games/content?
E.g. I wanted to buy the download version of "Need for Speed Most Wanted Wii U" (although knowing that the retail version is much cheaper, just wanted to try a gbig budget download game and its loading speed), but looking at the game details on your site I didn't find this information - as goes for other games,too - so I'm not sure whether the free space on my Wii U is enough.

Or did I just overlook this piece of information?



Ambermoon commented on Tribute Games Approved As Licensed Nintendo De...:

So much blood! Wonder whether this will come to Germany...
So many games that are announced to come to the Wii U nowadays have this retro 2D look. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing - neither on the visual side nor gameplay wise - I wonder why that is so.