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Wed 22nd January, 2014

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MC808 commented on Review: Fullblox (3DS eShop):

@MetaSmasher Ok, if it isn't free-to-start, or even a demo, then what is it?
IMO it's as advertised. You're complaining about something that was free. I just can't understand that mentality.



MC808 commented on Review: G.G Series EXCITING RIVER (DSiWare):

@Windy Ever consider that those negative points in the conclusion are what kept it from getting a score higher than 8? :P

I'm not trying to give you a hard time but, what does Cube Creator have to do with this game, aside from being reviewed by the same person?

Games should be reviewed on their own merit, and I don't think a reviewer should factor in a score given to an unrelated game. I do recognize though that game reviews are both objective and subjective at the same time.
That's just my opinion, but I do also respect yours :D



MC808 commented on Review: G.G Series HERO PUZZLE (DSiWare):

On the whole, the G.G series of games is really great. They're not just great for the money, but great period. I've purchased 6 of them in the last half-hour, and am looking forward to trying them all tonight. :)



MC808 commented on Review: G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON (DSiWare):

@Kirk Yeah, I don't know why some of the G.G games have game play footage and others don't. I most likely won't purchase without some video, even if they're only $2. I'll just add them to my Wishlist and wait and see if a video is ever added.



MC808 commented on Review: EDGE (3DS eShop):

@abwx I could be wrong, but I don't think the improved CPU of the New 3DS will have any bearing on the performance, unless this game was coded to take advantage of it.
Maybe someone else with more knowledge could clear this up, as I'm curious myself. :-)



MC808 commented on Review: Fullblox (3DS eShop):

@rjejr IMO it's really not a demo in the traditional sense, unless you choose to not purchase any or all of the other parts, then it effectively becomes one. I'm not fond of the "Free-To-Start" term, but that seems to me like the most accurate description of what it really is, just like Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, which btw is a great game. :-P
@MetaSmasher Nothing here is being misrepresented. An insufficient amount of free content (in your mind), and you not finding it fun doesn't constitute false advertising.
@Stu13 You'd think the line "Wake up and smell the FREEDOM" would be a pretty good indicator of sarcasm. lol



MC808 commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@Miyamotoo Huh? We have enough SNES games? 3DS doesn't have ANY SNES games.
@sketchturner You might be content, but us 3DS users have no reason to be. :-(
I'd prefer to play SNES on my 3DS, but for now the only way I have to play SNES on a handheld is with emulators on my PSP and Vita.
@Einherjar I would like to point out that you regularly behave in the same manner you're ridiculing Yorumi for behaving.



MC808 commented on Review: Proun+ (3DS eShop):

I too will wait for a price drop, as well as a video clip of the gameplay.

Why in the world would they not have a video for this on the eshop......



MC808 commented on Nintendo of America Store Offering Refurbished...:

@mushroomer This isn't "excess inventory". These are consoles that, for whatever reason, were returned to retailers and then sent back to Nintendo. They then fix them, clean them, or whatever, and then sell as refurbished. It's not indicative of the system being a failure or Nintendo being desperate, as a couple people here seem to think.



MC808 commented on Accessory Review: Mugen Power's New Nintendo 3...:

@Gubbie Actually, I don't believe "that's what batteries do". The capacity to size to weight ratio is what it's about. For a given capacity, today's cells are smaller and lighter than yesterday's were.
Anyways, I think the bulk of this 3DS battery is due to the manufacturer using so many cells to achieve extended run time, and that's pretty much it.
With the rate of battery development being what it is, I don't think it will be too long before a battery with the capacity of this one will fit into the 3DS.
Having said all that, $90 is complete bulls**t.



MC808 commented on ​The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Downl...:

lol Who gives a crap if game X is bigger than game Y, or if version A was smaller than version B? We now know how big this is going to be, which is the entire point of the article.

@Dipper723 There's no speech in the game, so I assume you're talking about text?



MC808 commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

@koochiekoo Why would you be so incredibly sarcastic and rude because someone expressed their feelings about what they hope doesn't happen? Sheeesh, that's rediculous.
@Blue-Thunder Chill out, he's just saying what he hopes doesn't happen. Last time I looked there wasn't a rule about not expressing an opinion or feeling unless it was all rainbows and puppy dogs.
@Cosats Wow. I don't even know what to say to that one. (See response to Blue-Thunder)



MC808 commented on Actor Is Suing Nintendo After Suffering Heart ...:

@gurtifus You're seriously citing this as proof and basing the stereotyping of an entire country based upon it? I'm assuming you aren't American, in which case you really aren't qualified to make such blanket statements about a foreign country and it's citizens. At least not any statement(s) that should be mistaken for fact.



MC808 commented on Review: Rage Of The Gladiator (3DS eShop):

@Spoony_Tech On my 3DS the brightness goes up when plugged in. I have it on 5 and when plugged in it gets even brighter. Mine is an ambassador system. I always have the brightness cranked all the way up, and plugged in whenever possible.
Ahhh, I guess you were speaking about an XL. :)



MC808 commented on Review: Chat-A-Lot (3DS eShop):

"Six-year-olds whose parents who are aware of the eShop, and who have other six-year-old friends with 3DSes, who also bought the application..."

LOL Oh man, this thing is destined for an epic demise.



MC808 commented on Review: AiRace Xeno (3DS eShop):

@WYLD-WOO I really can't understand how you could call Wipeout 2048 slow, and saying it has clunky controls and nonexistent gameplay is also something I strongly disagree with.
Usually it's the people that just aren't good at playing Wipeot who say these things. :p I routinely pull off perfect laps at the highest speed class. I couldn't do that with clunky controls. It just talkes a while to come to grips with the Vita's analog sticks and the contol of the ships. It's not easy, that's for sure, but I'm a Wipeout junkie so I stuck with it.