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Thu 11th August, 2011

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Scary_Old_Lady commented on Eiji Aonuma and Hideki Konno Wander Into The S...:

@RainbowGazelle As predicted, the more someone uses a software, the more likely they will recieve SpotPass™ for it. So that unfortunately means that if you check your StreetPass™ often (Get more StreetPasses™.) you are more likely to get them. A bit unfair, but I got them all with my 300 Plaza Population.



Scary_Old_Lady commented on Europe Receives Fire Emblem: Awakening Puzzle ...:

I think they should make a massive puzzle panel, with no pink pieces, and the picture could be 3DS, with no pink pieces, it would give a chance for the people who don't have them to get them. (I'm very suprised when people say they don't have many StreetPasses I have almost 300 people and 1500 hits (None from Mario Kart) and I only live in a minor city of England. Disapointing guys! (JK)