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Wed 9th January, 2013

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Noboty commented on Nintendo Still Working On Bringing Game Boy Ad...:

"Nintendo does not put recent console games on the 3DS eShop, and sadly that means we cannot either. The same goes with GBA"

This says to me that they DON'T plan on adding GBA games to the 3DS eshop (still).



Noboty commented on Yasumi Matsuno On Board For "Unsung Story" Kic...:

I'm not playing their game. If they are going to demand $3mil just for a 3DS port, then I'll just skip it. It seems they're just trying to cash in on the Mighty No. 9's success by including a well-known (to people that are not me) developer in their project.



Noboty commented on Latest Iwata Asks Highlights Protracted, On-Of...:

"the much-praised 60 frames-per-second performance — even with full 3D enabled — was always a goal once production on the game was finalised and put into action. It was that initial decision that helped the team overcome performance challenges."

If only Gamefreak had this goal in mind when they were making Pokemon X/Y...



Noboty commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening and ZombiU Developers O...:

Fire Emblem : A did permanent death right by making it OPTIONAL. I don't like mermanent death as a feature. I don't like seeing all my progress go down the drain after a single mistake with no chance to recover it all, the main reason I avoid the "rogue-like" games. At least in Fire Emblem, I have the option to avoid it all, only using it when I feel that I am ready for it.



Noboty commented on Mighty No. 9 Sets an Ambitious 3DS Stretch Goal:

I want it for my 3DS first and foremost. I will not put any money towards it unless it is guaranteed that it will come to the 3DS. Until then, I am not pledging anything. If that means that it never comes to the 3DS, then so be it.



Noboty commented on Intelligent Systems Isn't Done With Advance Wa...:

What's the hold up? If they can make new FE game, they should be able to make a new AW game. I've been waiting for several years now. Hopefully, they'll retain the gameplay aspects of the Days of Ruin instead of the unbalanced ones of yore.