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Sun 21st February, 2010

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ogo79 commented on First 4 Figures Unveils Running Mega Man Colle...:

i was about to order 451 of these just to piss everyone off but since theres only 450 available ive decided to back off, if i cant have 451 of them im not interested. its all or nothing round here.



ogo79 commented on Review: Mega Man 7 (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

to everyone whos about to start complaining about the price (because its just natural to happen) let me say this yet again:
theres already a sale on mega man 7. on ebay it goes for 150$...nintenedo is offering it to you for a discount of 142$ what more can you really ask for?



ogo79 commented on Feature: We Put Bayonetta 2's Nintendo Outfits...:

so there turning this into a nintendo mascot game. lol. thats what yalls smash bros game is for. alas, heres my chance to make a ridiculous complaint just like everyone else...why cant i have a little samson costume? cookie from panic restaurant? what about a fred flintstone outfit? (but it has to be from flintstones 2 for nes) nwc gold athlete dress up? power blade 2 uniform?



ogo79 commented on Bayonetta 2 Casting Its Spell In Europe On Oct...:

look at it like this, whichever edition you get, the games inside will be the same.
dont go to work tomorrow and take it on someone and get fired over a game.
think of a happy place that makes you happy.



ogo79 commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

no, but believe me, i always try to put my self in a position of trying to see myself playing these new games, but they just dont look right to me. theres a lot of retro gamers that are like that. im one of them lol. there are a few im going to get or im considering.
1-insanitys blade
2-odallus and oniken (if they ever show up on wii u eshop)
4-code of princess
but there all retro inspired, go figure



ogo79 commented on Nintendo Confirms Two More Virtual Console Tit...:

hey capcom just forget it and dont put any more games on virtual console, looks like everyone is complaining. so in order to make them happy just change yer mind and dont release any more vc games so they stop complaining.



ogo79 commented on Weirdness: Earthbound Designer Shigesato Itoi ...:

"several users wished he would spend his time doing other things, such as 'making a new Earthbound game."
the problem with the majority of earthbound fans is they are too sensitive and selfish. they try to push this guy to live the life they want him to live. the earthbound fans even try to do it to people that are making fan games.
anything this guy does the fans are just like "oh thats great, wheres our new earthbound game?" if he never makes another mother game im fine with that, ive still got all 3 games on cart. itoi doesnt owe you people anything. earthbound fans are big dreamers.