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Mon 9th Jan 2012

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Randomname19 commented on Talking Point: Let's Dare to Believe that Soni...:

I want Sonic to stay on the Lost World route.I would really like a SLW2 where other characters are playable,each one with different abities(whitout the need to make a story that explains why the charatcters are in the game).The wisps need to go away,they're powers could become a character ability.For example Knuckles could drill like the yellow wisp and blaze could fly upward at high speed like the orange wisp.



Randomname19 commented on Nintendo Breaks Out the Bubbly Following More ...:

Nintendo products sales in Italy are going to decrease dramatically now.It already happened before with Sony.Italy hates spending money on things that aren't food,clothes,car-related or soccer-related,even if they can afford it without problems(my own parents don't approve that I buy legal movies and videogames with my pocket money).When I was a kid everybody owned a Playstation 1 or 2 because it was easy to buy cheap pirated games.Now that pirating is way harder,less people buy a PS3/4(and when they do buy it,the only games they purchase are Fifa,Assassin's Creed or GTA)



Randomname19 commented on Feature: How to Track Down Nintendo's Original...:

How long since it has been locked?Because I saw a video where it was open.The person recording went inside where he found a woman that showed him the hall but didn't let him go in the rest of the building.I bookmarked the video but it has been deleted from Youtube .



Randomname19 commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (Wii U):

"the dialogue is made up of audio clips ripped directly from the original films, and the poor quality of these clips and their contrast with the music and sound effects make them hugely jarring in certain games"
I don't know about the other ones but my country doesn't have this problem since they hired voice actors instead of re-using voice clips form the italian dub.