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Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Classics?

Posted by Darren Calvert

Release these games, the 3DS prints money

The 3DS is a wonderful handheld console and over its short lifespan we've seen 3D remasters of the excellent Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64. The eShop library has delivered the goods with 3D Classics releases of NES games Excitebike, Kirby's Adventure, Kid Icarus, TwinBee, Urban Champion and Xevious, all expertly remastered by Japanese developer Arika.

It doesn't end there, of course. Sega — in conjunction with developer M2 — has done an excellent job in remastering the likes of 3D Sonic The Hedgehog, 3D Streets of Rage and 3D Shinobi III to name but three amazing games, and more are on the way.

All of this got us thinking. Why aren't there any Super Nintendo 3D Classics yet? There is an ever-growing library of NES games on the 3DS Virtual Console (not to mention the 10 Game Boy Advance games given away in the Ambassador promotion), but to date SNES games have not been forthcoming — most likely for technical emulation reasons on the hardware. While emulating SNES games may not be within the capabilities of the 3DS, it is surely more than capable of hosting remasters developed from the ground up for the system.

Without further ado we have hand-picked five Super Nintendo games which we think would get this new series of 3D Classics off to a flying start, and we've crossed our fingers, toes and any other available limb in the hope that one day, this will actually happen.

Following on from the success of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, what better time to honour the classic original from 1992? Sure, it's already on the Wii U eShop's Virtual Console, but let's be honest the split screen format isn't ideal. Let's take care of that with a remastering. In this 3D Classics version you can enjoy the main gameplay on the top screen and the map or rear view mirror can be placed on the touchscreen. In 2 player mode you could enjoy a bit of privacy. Also imagine how good the Mode 7 effects in this game would look in 3D!

The Wii Virtual Console plays host to the excellent Star Fox 64 and we have the excellent remaster of the same game already on 3DS. Still, it's a crying shame that 1993 Super Nintendo Classic Star Fox / Starwing has not yet made it to the Virtual Console due to the difficulties of emulating that wonderful but complex Super FX chip. With the power of a remaster all those technical difficulties would be magically swept aside, allowing nostalgic gamers to relive Fox McCloud's original outing. As Star Fox 64 benefited so much from stereoscopic 3D effects, we'd imagine this would look great, too.

It would be criminal for Super Mario World to not be in our top 5, wouldn't it? Yes, this has seen Virtual Console releases on the Wii and Wii U, but nothing would beat playing it on the go. Emulating the Game Boy Advance version would be fine and dandy, but imagine how good this would look with 3D effects. Also, the second screen could neatly display the map at all times, constantly reminding you of your progress through that massive game world.

We've been banging on about wanting a new F-Zero game at Nintendo Life for years now, so much so that we're starting to give up all hope. So let's at least have a 3D remaster of the 1990 SNES launch title and Mode 7 bonanza which was F-Zero. This is a game which would look truly wonderful in 3D, and there's scope to improve things; the map overlay on the original has always been a bit weedy, so let's pull that off and place on the bottom screen of the 3DS.

Another no-brainer. If we can't have Metroid Dread, then let's have 3D Classics Super Metroid instead. Who could possibly resist this? The 3D effect alone would justify the effort of rebuilding the game from the ground up, and the map and weapon inventory could be neatly tucked away on the second screen. Lovely!

Third Parties

While the 5 games above would be safe bets if Nintendo ever decided to throw wads of cash at either M2 or Akira to make all our dreams come true, we can always allow our minds to wonder what more could be achieved with classic remasters of third party titles. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Axelay — Konami's Axelay would be on the top of our list to get a 3D Classics makeover. This was one of the few shmups on the Super Nintendo and it certainly impressed at the time with levels switching between a vertical and horizontal viewpoint, not to mention the gorgeous Mode 7 effects and huge end of level bosses. The only downside was that the game pushed the Super Nintendo to its very limits and there is some severe flickering and slowdown at certain parts of the game. The 3D Classics remaster would take care of that, we wager. Interestingly this game was released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2007 in North America, but never in Europe.

Doom — This one is far-fetched but we can dream! With id Software beavering away on Doom 4 at the moment, what better time to re-release the original glorious 3D? The Super Nintendo version of this old school FPS was published by Williams Entertainment, developed by Sculptured Software and released in 1995. It was a technical achievement to get this game running on the SNES at the time, only made possible with the Reality engine and Super FX 2 chip.

Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting — Capcom has never been shy of making a quick buck from its old IP, so this would be a strong possibility. Granted, we already have Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition on the 3DS, but the 16-bit version of the original would surely satisfy the whims of the retro gaming connoisseur.

ActRaiser — Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Enix's action platformer-meets-God-sim on the 3DS? If only so we could hear Yuzo Koshiro's legendary soundtrack again. The Populous-style town-building segments could be given a 3D makeover, too.

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts — Sir Arthur might blush at the thought of us seeing him in his underpants in 3D, but this would be a strong contender for a classics remaster we feel. Imagine how great this would look with the mists on the stage 2 ghost ship at the foreground of your vision; we're practically salivating at the mere thought of it.

So there you have it, our top 5 selections for Super Nintendo 3D Classics and some wildcards from third parties. Do you think these would be a big success if Nintendo chose to tackle remastering these 16-bit classics? What would some of your choices be? Post a comment and let us know!

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sevex said:

Super Metroid would look fantastic in stereoscopic 3D. This is a good idea.



AG2014 said:

No thanks. Leave snes and gba to the wii u. The 3ds already has enough home consoles on the VC.



Yosher said:

I never knew how badly I wanted Super Mario Kart in 3D until I saw this article. That would be so freaking sweet.



iphys said:

I don't think they'll happen since they never even bothered making the NES 3D Classics that would have made sense like Punch-Out!! and Rad Racer. They did junk games like Urban Champion instead and then gave up when they didn't sell, surprise, surprise.



AdmiralThrawn said:

We haven't even had N64 games on the Wii U VC at this point. Heck, we don't even have some of those games listed above on the VC yet. NOA is slacking on the Virtual Console and I doubt we will see SNES games on the 3DS Virtual Console. In the end, the Eshop and the Virtual Console are garbage.



ricklongo said:

The Donkey Kong Country series. It needs to happen. (Of course, it won't, for obvious reasons. Sigh.)



shane1228 said:

I would hope at this point no one is holding their breath for SNES games on the 3DS. Nintendo is super stingy with the virtual console and they are probably saving them for their next handheld system. I would be cashing in on the retro and platform trend right now if I was Nintendo, you never know how long before interest starts to diminish with these older games.



Mus1cLov3r said:

I want the 3D Super Mario Kart, the 3D Super Mario World, and the 3D Street Fighter II. Get on it, Nintendo!



Knux said:

Never going to happen. Nintendo will wait until next-gen for SNES games to be on a portable because 3D Classics takes up too much time for Nintendo (or they are lazy).



NintyMan said:

I wouldn't get my hopes up for SNES VC for 3DS, unfortunately. In my dream world I can imagine 3D Donkey Kong Country, 3D Yoshi's Island (imagine the final boss in 3D) along with several of the games mentioned here. But we don't even have N64 games on Wii U VC yet.



Tops said:

"There is an ever-growing library of NES and Game Boy Advance games on the 3DS Virtual Console"

@Dazza Where? The only ones I have are the Ambassador Games. Fact check please.

Plus, we don't even have regular SNES games on the 3DS VC, why would they bother with a 3D classics line of them?



TheAdrock said:

Yup. Nintendo has a literal money-printing-machine sitting idle with all their classic content. There is absolutely NO reason that N doesn't have an entire building of programmers bringing the classics up-to-date on the new systems (3DS and U). Srsly, just do it.



Mrclaycoat said:

They stopped the NES 3D classics after just a few and the virutal console on the 3DS is just sad. To quote Field of Dreams " if you program them, you will make tons of money" but sadly the Kevin Costner of Nintendo decided not to build a baseball diamond, instead he just kept growing corn.



AdmiralThrawn said:

@Tops Because NintendoLife is just writing this article for click bait. I mean, let's be real with ourselves here, the Virtual Console is just plain garbage and the Eshop is full of shovel ware. We will never see 3D SNES games on the 3DS VC.



AyeHaley said:

Oh man dont even start! I would go broke if they did like Super Metroid in 3D...Goemon..Kirby Super Star...a gazillion other games I love...



mystman12 said:

Um, what about Donkey Kong Country? How could you leave out DKC?!?! That game would look great in 3D, especially if Nintendo got access to the original models used for the game, so they could render 3D sprites. Too bad Rare probably owns those original models...



Yoshi said:

@AdmiralThrawn You must have a really loose definition of click-bait. The article title clearly tells you what the article is about and the body of the article stays true to the title. That's not click-bait!



PatHawks said:

A 3D Classic release of Doom would be interesting. It would be better/easier if they just rebuilt classic Doom from the ground up for the 3DS, rather than trying to port the (garbage) SNES port.
Including the Doom 64 exclusive levels would make this a no brainer for even casual FPS fans.



Charganium said:

Actually, the DS had homebrew SNES emulators, complete with save states, so 3DS could do it no problem.



Dazza said:

@Tops You make a good point about GBA games on the 3DS, that's been phrased better now.

We suspect the reason that SNES games aren't on the 3DS yet is due to the difficulty of emulating them which we hint on in this article. A remaster might be the only realistic option if Nintendo ever wanted to release SNES games on the 3DS, especially ones which use the Super FX chip.



Darknyht said:

The biggest issue with the Virtual Console both on the Wii U and 3DS seems to be Nintendo's own internal quality controls and their apparently desire to build up demand between good releases in the hopes that the frustration will result in sales on weaker titles. How else will Urban Champion sell, if not for desperation for anything new to play?

In all seriousness, Nintendo wants to make money like any good corporation but is limited in manpower. I am sure someone ran a cost analysis or two and if it was profitable, they would be doing it.



Emblem said:

The VC is a lot less profitable then some people like to make out, hence the lack of serious investment. after its initial start up boom on Wii. A quick look at Nintendo's digital sales since the VC was introduced will give a rough profit ball park, of course only Nintendo know how much profit each VC game makes but i'm willing to bet its no where as high as people think it is.



Yosher said:

@mystman12 The reason that they probably left out DKC probably IS because of this whole Rare ordeal. The DKC games were even pulled off the Wii VC service, so yeah.



XCWarrior said:

This can never happen, and there is 1 big reason why -

The Super FX chip.

The Super FX chip was the greatest piece of technology ever created. We gamers today complain about things needing to be 60 FPS. But the Super FX Chip could run things at over 9000 FPS. This is why some kids got seizures. So of course the federal government stepped in, and said never again can technology as great as the Super FX chip be made.

So that's why there aren't a ton of Wii SNES VC games, and even less on the WiiU and 3DS. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Your minds = blown.



alwaysasn said:

You could emulate SNES on Original DS hardware. Economics is the only (seeming) reason that Ninty isn't putting out these games.



karlitaqt said:

Super Mario Kart is not available in the mexican eShop... I have been complaining about this forever! heartbreaking



bofis said:

So many times yes, especially for Mario Kart using both screens finally!



Krambo42 said:

Forget SNES 3D Classics...just get more SNES games on the Wii U's VC already. And if there are issues (licensing issues, programming issues, ANY kind of issues) with the DKC games, Star Fox or Yoshi's Island, figure them out. These are classic Nintendo games and their fans want them.



ZenTurtle said:

What? The NES? We've played those so many times they're frankly stale. Gba should never have been on wii u, without at least being on an actual handheld console first.



DiscoGentleman said:

I would buy all of those games for $30 each. Nintendo needs to pay attention to the SNES more. It is my favorite system.



MaineMaineJr said:

The remake/remaster I've really been waiting for is sonic 3d blast.
I know I know its not a snes game but it highly deserves a remake and it was a game ahead of its time. I think we all know how great it would look in 3d.



bezerker99 said:

To heck with 3D, just having ANY Super Nintendo game on the 3DS eShop would be welcome at this point.................



Spoony_Tech said:

The real question is why did they stop period. We could have so many more NES games as well but I'll also take all those SNES games too minus the first Kart unless it's analog control cus it's bad.



dumedum said:

Unfortunately, I think now that they have the stupid 2DS, marketing 3D games becomes more problematic.



AG2014 said:

@ZenTurtle Well, the snes has a higher resolution than the 3ds. It would be harder to put them on the 3ds. Also, there are genesis games on the 3ds vc. The 3ds has two home consoles on the vc (nes and genesis) and the wii u has 2 handheld consoles on the vc (gba and soon ds). It's a fair trade off if you ask me.



Ralizah said:

It makes too much sense for them to ever do this, but I would eat these up if they were ever released. Even for games I already own, such as Super Mario World.



sinalefa said:

I thought it was known by now that these 3D Classics took them a lot of effort. Iwata Asks revealed that long ago.

I would rather have the second batch of the M2 games released stateside. The games are already made and none of them are text heavy.



Naoiko said:

Ah such a wonderful dream. Who knows, maybe they will jump on the band wagon and make these. Or at least put them out normally on the eshop.



Barbiegurl777 said:

These are the SNES I want to see come to the 3DS Virtual Console:

Super Mario World
Super Mario All Stars
Toy Story
Disney's Lion King
Disney's Aladdin
Crash Dummies
The Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock
Inspector Gadget
The Mask
Rocky Rodent

The above SNES games are ones I use to have when i still had my SNES game system.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



BestBuck15 said:

The SNES truly had some of the greatest games and time has proven that. Leave them as they are.



BarryDunne said:

Give me Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, Addams Family and pretty much every SNES game on the 3DS and Wii U dammit!! lol



AlexSora89 said:

I hope you're kidding. I'd have been happier with NES staying on the WiiU and GBA being available for the 3DS instead.



retro_player_22 said:

Releasing SNES games as 3D port for 3DS would be awesome but I doubt Nintendo will ever do that and I hope they don't do that. All I want is for all the SNES games I downloaded on Wii & Wii U VC to also be playable on my 3DS via cross play. I don't want to pay again for digital games I already got.



FabioSMASH said:

Axelay and Actraiser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Allow me to add: DKC1 and Earthworm Jim, as well)



AlexSora89 said:

As for the main question, yeah, I've been wondering that ever since the first 3D Classics came out. But, you know, Nintendo would want to release more NES games first... and at their rate, such a range of 3D remakes would be more likely on the next handheld. Seriously, the NES 3D Classics line has kind of come to a screeching halt. Get Arika on board once again!



Nekketsu3D said:

Can anyone imagine the incredible dramatically Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2? or Contra III The Aliens War or Super Castlevania IV? would be lovely to finally Nintendo will use what Sega could only work from the abandoned Nes 3D Classics. :/



Dogpigfish said:

This discussion comes up every year. Why isn't Nintendo increasing the hype of a release with virtual console games? Donkey Kong Country should have came out a couple weeks before the latest game. Original mario kart would have been a blast if it came out a few weeks before 8.



gatorboi352 said:

"Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Classics?"

It's called: Turns out no one actually gives a s**t about 3D so we're going to largely move on from that whole "3D Classics" line of games.



kingston589 said:

I dont know where people keep getting the idea that rare owns dkc? Also yoshis island could be possible if they used the gba port. Anyways, here are some of mine:
Mega man x
Mega man x
And mega man x. That is all



TruenoGT said:

Crap, I'd buy every one of these. The quick death of NES 3D Classics was hugely disappointing, but supposedly they were a lot harder to create than they expected...



Sforzando said:

I'm probably sounding like a broken record but...
shouldn't Nintendo release Flipnote Studio 3D first??



Shiryu said:

This is a real neat idea and I can definitely see my money shifting hands. Nintendo, are you listening?



TanookiToad64 said:

Not gonna lie, with the two screens and the good button layout of the 3DS, it sounds like a pretty awesome idea. Just Super Mario Kart having the map on the bottom and with 3D that's pretty amazing. Imagine when they did the close up on a character before they shot their signature item at you. I think that would look pretty sweet in stereoscopic 3D.



Gridatttack said:

@AG2014 Thats not true. The SNES outputs a resolution of 256x224 It just get stretched by your Display device.
While the 3DS is 800(Upper screen)/320(Lower screen) x 240



sleepinglion said:

Sadly, Nintendo has made it quite clear that they do not give a flying goomba about the Virtual Console's potential.



FJOJR said:

3D Donkey Kong Country with the sprite models upscaled to really give depth to the characters beyond the pop up book effect that other 3D remasters do.



mjc0961 said:

Probably because Nintendo realized the 3D fad is over and nobody is interested in 3D content anymore, and thus it's not worth their time and money to make new versions with 3D when they can just throw them on the Wii U eShop and be done with it.

I mean, they released the 2DS, which is a 3DS without the 3D. That's really all you need to know to realize even Nintendo admits 3D isn't the future like they thought it was.



HyperSonicEXE said:

In straight emulation, the 3DS' hardware can't do it.
But of course a 3D Classics or some other type of remake that accesses the entire set of processors would work the elements just fine.



Fandabidozi said:

I would buy all of these! The Super Star Wars series would be awesome.
Still considering buying a SNES just to play Star Fox.



Einherjar said:

The SNES and the GBA for that matter are my most favourite gaming systems ever.
I would love to see these titles also hit the 3DS, but what i like even more is perfect emulation, and i fear, that the 3DS might not be capable of that (yet).
As for the 3D Classics, those are made more or less from scratch, using the original games assets. They would work perfectly.
And im sure, with some of these titles, the 3DS would print even more money than it already does.



ecco6t9 said:

Why they haven't done 3D remasters of GBA or DS games on the eShop is a mystery, They could be the 3DS equivalent of HD Classics.



ZenTurtle said:

Excuse me? There is no problem regarding the emulation. Nintendo's code-monkeys already wrote a working emulator for the wii, so there should be no problem emulating on any of their systems. If anything, it is easier for Nintendo to write an emulator because they know the most about their own processor specifications. Emulation is simply interpreting machine instructions, and is not as difficult as you imply.



AugustusOxy said:

I love the negative attitude people have about the way nintendo releases things.

I'm more mad at them for never giving us flipnote 3D, but I understand why they wouldn't JUMP on 3D Snes classics just yet. Why do that when you can milk the NES classics to death?



Samwise7 said:

Am I being stupid, but how come the 3DS isn't capable of emulating the SNES? I thought it would have been way more powerful, the graphics are so much better.



ZenTurtle said:

Of course it is... It's down to programming skill, not hardware. That's just Nintendo's poor, feeble and inexplicable excuse for not releasing these games.



Caryslan said:

@dumedum Aww, why hate on the 2DS? It's a good little budget console that is helping sell even more consoles in the 3DS family.

Plus, there are people who can't see the 3D effect on the 3DS, so having a model like the 2DS helps save money and removes a pointless feature that might never be used.

Plus, I think the 2DS has the best form factor of all the 3DS consoles. The L & R buttons are much larger on that model, and it fits better in the hand, kinda like the first model GBA, the PSP, or the Vita does.



Caryslan said:

Why do we need another 3D classics line? Just put the SNES titles out on the 3DS family Virtual Console, and call it a day. For me, I would love having Super Mario World, Earthbound, the DKC trilogy, Super Castlevania IV, A Link to the Past, and the countless other classics from the SNES on my 2DS where I can take them anywhere I go.

Having NES games on the 2DS is cool enough, but Nintendo needs to bring the SNES games to the 3DS family. Having the best games from the best Nintendo home console at my fingertips where ever I go?

Why can't Nintendo see the potential profit from this?



technotreegrass said:

Didn't M2 say that sales figures on the Sega 3D Classics weren't that great and they aren't sure if they'll give us the other 3D Classics that Japan has? (I WANT Outrun 3D with a passion.)



JaxonH said:

3DS can barely handle GBA, so I doubt we're EVER going to see a SNES game on the VC. Maybe, if we're lucky, they'll get GBA sorted and can start releasing those. But even that I wouldn't hold my breath for.



Kirk said:

Some great choices there but there's sooo many great SNES games that would just rock as part of a 3D classics range.



Geonjaha said:

At this point, I think we'd be happy with anything substantial from Nintendo's Virtual Console service.

  • A guaranteed 1 game a week per console at least.
  • Faster porting to Wii U of existing Wii VC games.
  • More GB/GBC games, not just more obscure NES ones (3DS).
  • Custom GB game palettes.
  • GBA games on the 3DS.
  • Any more 3D Classics (Seriously - anything that isn't from Sega).

Nintendo needs people who know what they're doing to take charge of the Virtual Console. If it makes them money, then put the effort in. If it doesn't make them a lot of money, why stagger the releases so horribly? We in Europe are still waiting for those six Mega Man games for the 3DS.

@JaxonH - Barely handles GBA? I enjoyed playing the 10 GBA Ambassador games, and they ran well enough for me to want to buy more.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

The Eshop is only good for Retail, Indy games (or whatever you like to call it) and a few SNES games. There's much more great content they could put out on systems such as N64 or GameCube.



Caryslan said:

@JaxonH The 3DS is as powerful as a Wii, it can handle a SNES game with no problem. The reason why the GBA VC games lacked features and may not have been really good, was because Nintendo rushed GBA games onto the system to make up for dropping the 3DS' price.

There is no reason why the 3DS can't handle SNES or GBA games. The 3DS is around the Wii's level in terms of power and ability.



JaxonH said:


I'm going by what Nintendo has stated, what 3rd party developers have stated, and the fact that, well, there's no GBA games for sale on the VC yet even though we're going on 4 years now.



JaxonH said:


It runs GBA, barely, and the games it runs aren't VC quality. The framerates aren't locked on those Ambassador games. Nintendo made a statement about them having trouble getting GBA games to run properly on 3DS with VC quality, but that they're "working on it".

So, unless Nintendo and 3rd parties were lying about it (and I see no reason they would lie- Nintendo may be a for-profit company but they are a reasonably honest company all things considered)

And, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'm fairly certain SNES games were superior to GBA. Which is why games like DKC trilogy look and sound better on the SNES. So even if GBA games could easily run, that in no way equates to SNES being able to do the same.



ZenTurtle said:

That's ludicrous. Modern computers have something called anti-aliasing. To show how simple it is, i will post some pseudo code for it:

Define function PlotAntiAliasedPoint ( number x , number y )
For roundedx = floor ( x ) to ceil ( x ) do
For roundedy = floor ( y ) to ceil ( y ) do
percent_x = abs ( x - roundedx )
percent_y = abs ( y - roundedy )
percent = percent_x * percent_y
DrawPixel ( coordinates roundedx, roundedy , color percent (range 0-1) )

Resolution is not a problem. Nintendo's decisions are.



Freeon-Leon said:

@karlitaqt I haven't checked it since I kinda suck at SMK but that's a shame, I can't see why they did it. I recently tried to buy Ittle Dew and it's the same story

More on topic, I always thought ALBW started as a 3D version of ALttP. I remember there were rumors about a remake some years ago, then out of nowhere ALBW came out. I know they've told us how it all begun but I still think they had this ALttP world all made up and they just put the ALBW ideas in it.



ollietaro said:

@Charganium SNES emulation on DS actually wasn't so successful save for maybe a couple of games. I tried to emulate the Super Famicom Fire Emblem games, but no dice. Some games that were built bigger could not be handled by the DS.



ollietaro said:

@JaxonH I still look for used GBA games at game stores to play on my DS so I don't even care that GBA games do not come out on 3DS VC. It's too soon, in my opinion.



JaxonH said:

@ollietaro The only reason I want GBA games on 3DS is because I want DKC trilogy on VC. I don't have a DS, but that's actually a good idea. May have to grab a DSi and the DKC trilogy...



JaxonH said:


Eh, I look at DKC trilogy on GBA and it looks way worse than on SNES. I look at Yoshi's Island and it looks worse than on SNES. Pretty much every game looks better on SNES. So yeah, Idk what else to say, unless my eyes are deceiving me. I know it's 32-bit and all but I think the fact it was a handheld really limited a lot of the capabilities.



Einherjar said:

@ZenTurtle Uhm, sorry, but no. Emulation is far more complex than many people make it out to be.
First, most emulation is entirely CPU / RAM based and very few emulators have access to GPUs and such (mostly the plugin based ones use GPUs)
And even then, raw processing power is worth nothing if your hardware cant play along.
Especially Nintendo system often use very unique hardware structures that are specially catered towards the main usage of the system, and i highly doubt that VC games are the main focus here.
Second, although many many people wont believe it, emulating a game is far more effort than it looks like. You cant just slam a Rom file on your system, use a general purpose emulator and ask money for it.
VC games are often emulated nearly 100% accurate. Even PAL games were rendered in their original speed, something modern PC emulators correct by themselfes. What might sound like a terrible idea is a very important point for enthusaists. Dont get me wrong, i prefer that Nintendo provides every region with the NTSC version of these games now, but technically speaking, its nearly a carbon copy emulation.
And doing that takes time and effort. No one would (and should) pay money for half asses emulation jobs, and thats what nintendo tries to avoid here.

If you still think its lazy, try to get Yoshis Island, a SNES title to run flawlessly on anything but a PC. You will have a rather rough time with it.



Jazzer94 said:

@JaxonH If we are purely talking about graphical capabilities this blows away anything on Snes.
Asterix & Obelix XXL
Other great looking games that I feel surpass Snes equvilents
GBA specs
CPU:16.8 MHz 32-bit ARM7TDMI with embedded memory. 8 or 4 MHz 8-bit Z80 coprocessor for Game Boy emulation.

Memory:32 kilobyte + 96 kilobyte VRAM (internal to the CPU), 256 kilobyte DRAM (outside the CPU).

Resolution:240 × 160 pixels (3:2 aspect ratio).

Color support:15-bit BGR (16-bit color space using 5 bits depth per channel), capable of displaying 512 simultaneous colors in "character mode" and 32,768 (215) simultaneous colors in "bitmap mode".

Sound:Dual 8-bit DAC for stereo sound (called Direct Sound), plus all legacy channels from Game Boy. The new DACs can be used to play back streams of wave data, or can be used to output multiple wave samples processed/mixed in software by the CPU.

Snes specs
Processor: Ricoh 5A22, based on a 16-bit 65c816 core

Resolutions: Progressive: 256 × 224, 512 × 224, 256 × 239, 512 × 239
Interlaced: 512 × 448, 512 × 478

Audio Processors: Sony SPC700, Sony DSP

Main RAM: 128 kB
Video RAM: 64 kB main RAM
512 + 32 bytes sprite RAM
256 × 15 bits palette RAM
Audio RAM: 64 kB

tl:dr GBA is the more powerful system.



Einherjar said:

@JaxonH I dont know about Yoshis Island, except for the screen resolution, it looked like a really great port to me. DK looked worse since everything had to be compressed quite heavily. And even still, the trilogy looks fine for what it is and all three play like a charme.
But @Jazzer94 is right on this one. Technically, the GBA blew the SNES right out of the water.
Just look at Camelots games like Golden Sun or even Mario Golf, the Castlevania trilogy, Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission, Treasure games like Advance Guardian Heroes or Gunstar Future Heroes or even Sword of Mana. The right GBA games were leagues above the SNES in a pure, technical sense.



JaxonH said:


I saw the length of your post and the extent to which you went to prove me wrong, and I just don't have it in me to argue over something so trivial today. It's splitting hairs anyways. Even if it is more powerful, that doesn't necessarily mean the SNES can run on 3DS more easily. And that's all I was getting at. Nintendo said they were having trouble getting GBA to run properly, so I would assume, SNES being in that same ballpark, that they'd have trouble with that too.

Nothing I want to debate and defend, just my personal observation.



Whopper744 said:

Um yes. This would be great. I don't understand why Nintendo doesn't do more with their VC services. They have the best games of history to work with.



Mommar said:

I've always wanted just regular SNES games on the 3DS, however after playing some of the NES 3D remakes I don't understand why they don't re-release the entire NES/SNES back catalog in 3D. It makes things feel so fresh again.



TheAdrock said:

@Darknyht Perhaps, but likely not. N marches to their own drummer and I doubt that cost analysis reports factor into their decisions much. Also they have reportedly $1B in cash reserves, so they have the resources if they wanted to.



ZenTurtle said:

Don't talk condescendingly. We're all friends here...
You know, I do in fact agree with you. However, you're missing my point. The 3DS can emulate SNES games. It's all down to skill. Granted, emulation can get rather tricky, frustratingly so, (which I found out when I attempted to emulate a 1970s desktop calculator in C#). However, it can be done. Nintendo should be bringing these games to systems, and would reap the benefits in the form of nostalgia-fuelled buying frenzies. Anyway, it could easily be tackled by a team of just a few programmers (they employ many hundreds) or they could cheaply outsource it. And it would teach them a thing or two about listening to customers.



GamerZack87 said:

3D Classics versions of Super Mario Kart, Starwing (Star Fox) and F-Zero would be awesome in every definition of the word. I would also consider Super Metroid as a possibility. The tricky part would be deciding which of my consoles gets which games.



ReaperX30 said:

Forget the 3D remakes, just put SNES games on the Eshop. I'd love to be able to play Equinox, Wyzardry V, Eye of the Beholder or plenty more titles.
I can't believe they haven't put some effort there.



Einherjar said:

@ZenTurtle From what we know so far, the 3DS cant emulate SNES games for the simple reason that no game has been released so far.
SNES emulation is infact even more complicated than GBA emulation because of its architecture. For instance, many important hardware components were directly build into the game cartridge instead of the system itself (like the SuperFX Chip). And since Nintendo does not use an all purpose emulator thats build into the OS like, say, the PSP did with PS1 games, each SNES game, especially the ones with special hardware, would need their own emulator component catered to this one game alone, which is quite the effort.
And thats exactly the key point here: Effort.
Sure, a dedicated team of programmers could fill the VC library quite easily, but who would pay them ? See, many people argue about this all the time, but the price tags on VC games are actually quite cheap for what they offer. With this price tag, it simply wouldnt be beneficial to make a dedicated team to just concentrate on VC titles. To draw personal from the main team would mean less manpower on new games, hireing more people would be too costly. Thats why the VC never really kicked of properly like fans wanted it to do.
Outsourcing it to a 3rd party developer would mean even more rights management, and you see what happened to a lot of Wii VC titles because of that. Doing everything on your own means, that you are the only owner of both software and rights to it.
Just think a few steps ahead: They would need to pay royalties to this company should they ever use these games again on a future VC platform. Doing it themself would just mean that they can use these newly emulated games off the bat.
You just have to keep in mind: Emulation on a PC is mostly a legal grey area. Emulator developers dont have the preassure that their "products" need to be profitable and should games run wonky...well, than people have to deal with it.
If on the other hand youre a company and you have to keep youre workers fed, you think twice about wasting too much money on software with a low price tag AND about releasing wonky software for money.
Complaints about unreleased classics are easier to stomach than complaints about payed for software that doesnt run properly.

Long story short: Emulation =/= Emulation



Findonovan95 said:

I would give anything to see Donkey Kong 64 HD remake for Wii U. Or sequal, either one really. I'm honestly not expecting much from the vc as usual.



ZenTurtle said:

10/10 for your lovely essay. Stop defending Nintendo's restriction of supply. And your condescending tone is making me very sad



MAB said:

It's a bit too late in the 3DS life to bring SNES VC. It makes more business sense to put SNES on their next handheld to give it a unique selling point... Honestly, all the drip feeding over the years has put me off being excited for VC nowadays



Caryslan said:

To be honest though, I just wish we would get some of the Game Boy and NES games in the US that Japan and even Europe have had for months or in some cases, even years.

It took us over a year to get Super Mario Bros 3, and Nintendo even broke a promise to release it before 2013 ended. We still don't have Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong Land, Gargoyle's Quest II, Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong Land 2 and some other games over here yet.

As much as I would love to see SNES and GBA games added to the VC, I would love to see more attention given to the NES and Game Boy's Virtual Console.

I'm getting kinda tired of going each week hoping that they will finally put up Donkey Kong Land or Final Fantasy on the Virtual Console. Why we can go a week or sometimes weeks without a single VC game is beyond me.



retro_player_22 said:


Yeah but then we get stuff like this that still disappoint:


So I thought the GBA version of that suppose to look better and with better effects if graphics the only thing GBA does better, what happen to the more powerful system here? There are games that GBA does better and SNES does better, it depends on the hardware and the many technology that Nintendo put on the cart. You can find tons of GBA games that are better than SNES version and even some of the SNES games that are better than the GBA version. Still you are right, technically the GBA is the more advance system but the SNES is still capable of offering much more had the support for the system lasted longer.



larry_koopa said:

Every SNES classic that I want I already have downloaded on my Wii. Don't get me wrong I love this idea for people who aren't in my boat, but Nintendo loves to sell us the same game 10 times over, and I don't buy into that on principle.



retro_player_22 said:

@Diddy_kong Or they gave us those games because people kept asking for it. How many versions of Super Mario RPG did they give us? Well one for now. They gave us Majora's Mask twice and still people are demanding one for 3DS so it's not like Nintendo is giving us more, it's actually us asking for more of the same game every gen then blame Nintendo for it by re-releasing the same game we already have.



Iggly said:

Shouldn't this be considered a "Talking Point" and not a "Feature"? It's not like we're actually getting 3D Classics of SNES games even though there's a very slim possibility of it happening.



FabioSMASH said:

"Why aren't there any Super Nintendo 3D Classics yet?"...

Better question: Why aren't there any Super Nintendo games AT ALL yet?
(GBA ports don't count)



AG2014 said:

@ZenTurtle Instead of begging Nintendo for everything the wii u has, get one yourself. If the 3DS gets everything the wii u gets, the wii u will have no purpose. I bet when n64 games come to the wii u, you 3ds only users will beg for those too. It's incredibly annoying!



Dpullam said:

I'm really not that eager to try a 3D Classics range of Super Nintendo games since I really don't mind playing them in their current form. I guess it could be an interesting proposition though.



NickStrife23 said:

I really want Shin Megami Tensei 1, 2 and if (if they havent been said)
I havent played those ones yet bc I'm not the best with emulators



sleepinglion said:

Is anyone willing to admit we don't have SNES 3D Classics because Nintendo just doesn't care?
I love them, but look at their Virtual Console support in general. This is like hoping for a rock to be served with whipped cream and a cherry, it just isn't going to happen.



DefHalan said:

I wasn't a big fan of the NES 3D classics but anything Star Fox I will purchase day 1



Grumblevolcano said:

I'd rather have more N64 3D remakes (I'm looking at you Majora's Mask) and I'm fine with SNES and GBA being mostly exclusive to Wii U as it gives people more reason to get that console (unless you're in America of which NoA will constantly give you the best games from SNES and GBA several months later than the rest of the world).



Einherjar said:

@ZenTurtle If you think i sound condescendingt, well frankly, thats your problem, not mine.
Also, im not defending, im explaining. I could just say "stop demanding stuff you have no clue of"
And "restriction of supply" is just laughable. The 3DS is jam packed with quality software all across the board. And saying that a company is purposly holding back software that would make them quite the extra money just to tease their own paying audience is just ridiculous.

If they would focus on classics, people would whine that they want new software, if the system recieves a truckload of new games they are whining that the classics are missing.
We had these arguments time and time before. This attitude is seriously sickening me. Too much will not be enough.



Beau_Skunk said:

Those games would look awesome in 3D, especially the Mode-7 F-Zero, and SMK. Frankly, I'd be happy if they released SNES or GBA games on 3DS even without 3D visuals added honestly.
I love 8-bit games, but it's a shame the 3DS's Virtual Console only consists of 8-bit games.

I find it kinda hard to buy that the 3DS is incapable of emulating/recreating SNES games. (Super FX Chip tech aside. Seeing how they couldn't even do that on the Wii, or just didn't care to, in order to sell $8 games...)
Considering it's had GBA games for their "ambassedor" program, (which are more powerful then SNES ones, except in sound quality) recreated Sega Genesis games, (M2 said they created emulator software for their 3D Sega games, so it wouldn't be impossible to do the same for the SuperNES) and even a DreamCast game is on 3DS if you count "Rayman 3D."

So it doesn't make sense why SNES games "can't" be recreated/emulated on it... I honestly think the reason is either Nintendo doesn't want to go through the trouble to make the emulation software, (the fact, the fact they barely update the Virtual Console kinda shows it's not a "top-priority" for them) or they just want to keep SNES games on Wii/WiiU in order to give each system some exclusive games from the other. (I assume this is why GBA games were surprisingly brought to WiiU instead of predictably the 3DS.)



ZenTurtle said:

All I want is a few SNES games on 3ds. And a proportion of the wii vc games (if possible depending on copyright) on the wii u. I think you will agree with me on that point. It would be nice, but it won't happen. This argument is ridiculous anyway. We've said enough. I think you will agree. Please don't send me another block of text.



Einherjar said:

@ZenTurtle You did not "want" them, you demanded them by calling them lazy for not doing what you demand. And stop your blabbering about "it wont happen" Stop whining, wait and see



JaxonH said:

@Jazzer94 Sorry if I came off a little curt toward you yesterday. Blew a head gasket, $1500 to replace, wasn't in the best mood.

Maybe you're right. Maybe they can run easily, who knows. It would be nice to see it happen, but I'm not holding my breath



ZenTurtle said:

I'd rather argue no more. I betrayed my normally calm demeanor. I accept your points. I think this has got a little out of hand. Enough said?



8bitforever said:

VC on 3DS has turned into a joke. It started out well enough but quickly started to get worse. Nintendo has a chance to make lots of money and turn the 3DS into a treasure trove of VC goodness. However, they would rather give their failed WiiU all the SNES and GBA love. It isn't going to make that system sell and it is pointless. But those games on the 3DS! I would buy the crap out of those games but I refuse to support the WiiU. I think they missed a great opportunity and I doubt they will change their minds. Sony is just as bad though. Europe gets Crash Bandicoot for Vita but not the US! I still have my PSP but it would be nice. It just bothers me that so many wonderful games exist for the GBA and SNES and we won't ever get them on VC. This is why people use emulators Nintendo! I would gladly pay for the games but until then I will emulate and enjoy them elsewhere.



Krambo42 said:

@kobashi100 I don't want SNES games on the 3DS either. I like playing console games on consoles.

As far as GBA games, I could go either way. I suppose it makes sense/would be nice for them to be on the 3DS, but for me personally, all of my favorite GBA games are better to play on a console (Metroid Fusion, Minish Cap, the Castlevania games, etc.). They're basically SNES games. Given a choice between playing them on a TV or a handheld, I'll choose the TV every time.

I don't really like getting into "major" games on the 3DS (especially on the VC). I've been loving playing short and simple original Gameboy games like Tetris, Kirby's Adventure, Super Mario Land, etc. on the 3DS...but once you get into bigger, more complex games...yeah...give 'em to me on a console.



Einherjar said:

@8bitforever Congrats, people like you are the reason this industry is as rotten as it is All your opinion now needs are oozing black boils to complete the picture



Jazzer94 said:

@JaxonH It's fine I just didn't want you thinking are discussion was an argument or that I was getting mad or anything, I do agree that until it happens (or more so if it happens) we can only guess but I feel it can be done.



8bitforever said:

@Einherjar So I am not allowed to be disappointed? Oh, it was the mention of emulators that got your panties all twisted up. Facts are facts, if a game cannot be bought in today's market then it is open for emulation. I buy before I ever look to emulate anything, but in this case I don't have a choice because Nintendo won't release them except in the WiiU and I am not interested in paying $300 for that system which I have no interest in. Sorry this offends you but Nintendo could do it they just won't. If they ever did out them on the 3DS then I would be glad to buy them. I don't appreciate the way you described me either. I never attack anyone since they are entitled to their opinion. It is good to have discussion and debate but your comment was childish and stupid. I am not some teenager ranting online. I have played games for over 25 years and I have bought every game I have emulated. The problem is those games break over time and cannot easily be replaced. I owned 30 GBA games but they were lost during a move and my SNES games don't work like they used to. So make me out to be some hacker punk all you want cause it isn't the truth. I have supported Nintendo longer than some of you on here have been alive.



Einherjar said:

@8bitforever Uhm, no, it wasnt your emulation point that urked me, it was the overall tonality of not knowing what youre talking about and tooting in the same horn as many others, despite the WiiU now being way better suited than ever.
So yeah, if you felt "attacked" about your emulation comment...well, as long as the shoe fits i guess.
I wish people would just learn a thing or two about emulation before talking down an entire company for not flooding the marked with underpriced old games, just to get flak for not realeasing new ones again -.-

But you know what, im out of this comment section. All this nonsense just irritates me. So keep on whining and demanding and see if this changes something.



theawkwardstag said:

I have been saying this for months on twitter to anyone who would listen (ie no-one). Sometimes it's like Nintendo doesn't actually want our money



Krambo42 said:

@8bitforever I don't understand why you're so opposed to the Wii U if it has the games that you want. Isn't that what makes people want to buy systems?



8bitforever said:

@Krambo42 Well it has some games but just not enough for me to plunk down $300. I am not saying never though and I keep a keen eye on the VC and other releases. I do live MK8 though. If finances are right I might be swayed when the new Zelda comes out.



Sampras said:

I guess a lot of the mode7 effects would be cool in 3D. But without a doubt Star Fox would be a good fit!



AG2014 said:

@kobashi100 yes. Because I already have access to them on my Wii U. And plus, I don't beg for games/ vc consoles to come to the 3ds because the wii u needs some of it's own vc consoles and exclusives. If snes and gba games came to the 3ds VC, the 3ds vc will be vastly superior. It will have all the consoles the wii u has and more. That's not



MeloMan said:

I just need the GBA catalog (and not just a couple) on the 3DS, end of story, no excuses.



IceClimbers said:

@AG2014 I couldn't care about SNES games on the 3DS VC (though I wouldn't be opposed), but GBA games need to come to the 3DS VC. Saying they shouldn't because it hurts the Wii U is just more of this "Wii U master race" BS I've been seeing from Nintendo fans (such as Shokio) that hiss whenever something exclusively for 3DS comes out and say "it should be on Wii U, why aren't you focusing on Wii U Nintendo".

VC games don't help sell the Wii U, so there is no reason why they can't come to 3DS. Same goes for GB and GBC games on Wii U.



sleepinglion said:

Neat, more pointless bickering.
I'll say it again, because clearly I'm either typing to no one or it's just not getting through,
It is not a priority for them nor it is likely to be one in the future that even leads to some of the ideas you're all yelling at each other about.
Sometimes a week will come along where ANOTHER COMPANY seems to care about it, say Capcom, but Nintendo doesn't make the VC a priority. Where were the VC E3 reveals? Gosh, none were made, because Nintendo doesn't give a flaming fire flower about the Virtual Console.
Yes, it's nice to dream, but to expect or hope for any more than the usual slow trickle of classics and questionable choices defies reason.



silly said:

Axelay ran beautifully on the SNES, flickering and slowdowns can generally be attributed to shoddy/inaccurate emulation. Any flickering you see on actual hardware is an intentional effect.

Such a beautifully crafted game!

The SNES port of Doom was atrocious, however. Even the GBA version trumps it by FAR.



Windy said:

Nintendo hasn't done any 3d classics in years now. Sega has picked up the reigns and made some really great 3d classics. Where are you Nintendo? I don't think Nintendo intends to release anymore 3d Classics. They have so many that would be so cool. Personally I would like this more than Virtual Console releases.



8BitSamurai said:

Er, why would someone want the SNES version of Doom, with miserable graphics and horrible lag, to get a port to the 3DS?



Beau_Skunk said:

@Windy I find it odd to, considering the "3D Classics" line are among their best-selling Eshop titles. (Heck, Kirby's Adventure 3D is still in the top 10 best selling Eshop games according to the official site.) Don't know why Nintendo, or Akira haven't made more 3D Classics. Would be nice to see at least one 3D Classics game that isn't an NES, Sega, or arcade game.

@IceClimbers I agree, plus it just seems odd that GBAdvance games aren't on a portable system like they originally were. (Granted they could be played on a Tv via GBPlayer on GameCube, but still...) I'd rather play GBA games on a 3DS, especially sense I don't have a WiiU yet. (Or better yet, it'd be nice if they had a cross-platform deal between the WiiU & 3DS with the GBA games.)

@sleepinglion To be fair, they did kinda hype "EarthBound" at last year's E3, sense it was the most wanted/requested game to come to VC sense the VC service was introduced in 2006, according to most sources. (Including Nintendo Power magazine.)
I think it's more like "Nintendo of America" doesn't care about the VC service, as Japan & Europe have more VC games then Americans at this point. (Still, waiting for "Bubble Bobble" to come to 3DS, and such.)



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I don't see this happening, as cool as it would be. Nintendo dropped the 3D Classics line somewhat early, and SNES games are probably hard to emulate on 3DS. In addition to that, SNES game code is an infuriating nightmare for every developer who had to deal with it, so it would be seriously difficult to implement a working layer reading system to create the 3D effect in the first place.

If you look at it from a developers standpoint, it's pretty difficult to achieve a working SNES 3D Classic. Even with the 3DS being so much more powerful than a SNES, emulating would most likely take more resources than the 3DS can actually man up. But if you add 3D effects into that, it'S almost impossible to process. Sorry, but I can see why it's not happening, and I kinda doubt it will anytime soon - unless an ambitious team accept the challenge of facing SNES coding. shiver



gregrout said:

I really think this is a bad idea overall. I have very fond memories playing on my SNES, heck even my Colecovision. These remakes are "nice to have"s for the converted. I can state that Virtual Console was NEVER a consideration when I bought the 3DS/3DS XL/Wii/Wii-U. Once you start lining up developers and spending most your resources on emulators and remakes you're throwing in the towel. I'm not going to drop $399 on a PS4 with a Colecovision emulator. No one in there right mind is going to drop $349.99 on a Wii-U to play NES Remix. It's the new games, especially the exclusives that sell systems.



Chomposaur said:

If Nintendo don't have the brainpower to port GBA games what makes you think they can do SNES games?( According to Nintendo fanboys the 3DS is not powerful enough. Lol)



Solid_Stannis said:

Even though it technically doesn't apply to the 3DS, it's probably the same kind of thinking they have behind not releasing the obviously superior Advance versions of Super Mario 1-4.

"We already gave it to you."

SMB2 is unplayable without the Advance additions, man.



FilmerNgameR said:

If Nintendo cares for something like this then this would've happened like two years ago. There is no excuse to not make money.



binkster said:

What about NES 3d classics? kinda jk,
but, there has only been 1 group of what, 4 titles...?
As a project, I'd love to bring over some classics to the 3ds.



electrolite77 said:

What's the point in asking? We know by now that when it comes to the VC and fan service Nintendo can't be bothered.



Koopa_Bro said:

anyone think Nintendo should do something similar like the Ambassador promotion for snes/ nes or more gba games. This upcoming holiday season is really looking good for Nintendo sale wise. They could do a Sort of thank you for boosting sales or any other possible reason to do it.



Beau_Skunk said:

@Kaze_Memaryu I don't know, if nerd hackers can do things like put Derpy Hooves in Link's place in "A Link to the Past," and do many other things to SNES games, they might not be as hard to hack, alter, or recreate as you think. (Or at least, not "impossible.")

@gregrout As much as I like the new games, the "Virtual Console" was actually also a selling-point for the Wii, and 3DS for me personally, being a retro-gamer who shys away from illegal/unofficial emulators. Personally, I have more VC games then "new" games on both systems.

@Chomposaur I don't understand that assumption either that it's "impossible for the 3DS to run SNES games." SNES games aren't as much data as people think, (the biggest cartridges could only hold 32-megs of memory, and some game cartridges only used 4-megs) not to mention, people can get illegal/unofficial SNES emulators working easily on some pretty cheap computer hardware.
One guy on Youtube I saw even made a portable hand-held SNES system using parts from an SNES, and such.

@AK-1138 While I disagree that SMB2 was "unplayable" in 8-bit form, the first 3 GBA Super Mario Advance remakes, (as well as "Kirby Nightmare in DreamLand," and the "Metroid Zero Mission" remakes) are actually all out in Japan's 3DS Virtual Console now if you look at their official site. This actually marks the first time alternate versions/remakes to first-party games were brought to VC. (Hopefully, this means we'll get "Dr. Mario 64," as it's one of my favorite versions of Dr. Mario.)



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Beau_Skunk Replacing graphics in an SNES game is by far the easiest thing you can do. The game already knows how to handle the graphics, and it doesn't care if they change, as long as they are the same size. It also doesn't increase memory requirements in the slightest.



Paperluigi said:

Yoshis island gba ambassador version gets noticably blurry at times on the 3DSXL. Compared to playing Super Mario World on the WiiU gamepad its a big difference on the eye. Maybe thats one reason these games havent been ported to 3DS VC.



mowerdude said:

Better yet where are the Snes games on the Wii U for the US evertime Nintendo of America Releases a VC game it has just been and Nes game lately.



Caryslan said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Given the 3DS is comparable to the Wii in terms of hardware, I don't see how it would have any real trouble with SNES games if it was straight emulation. Now, maybe 3D classics might be a problem.

But emulation of the SNES should not be an issue for the 3DS. It's not a weak system, and if the Wii could handle SNES games with problem, then why would the 3DS have issues?



Noelemahc said:

@Einherjar The DS can emulate SNES games through a bunch of kitbashed emulators made back when coding for the DS was barely understood. None of them were ever optimized because some people held out hope for a properly working DSi mode for homebrew, and some people simply moved on to coding for the DSTWO (because it has a co-processor, it's the only way to emulate GBA games on the DS without significant problems).

Oh, right. The DS can also emulate the GBA as well, barring a few sound problems (mainly because the non-DSTWO emulator was never finished).

The only valid excuse we have had seen thus far was an unofficial one: the GBA ambassador games run in the same imitation-not-emulation mode as DS games, which means the 3DS-specific functions - HOME button, streetpassing, on-the-fly brightness control - are disabled when you're in-game. This means that Nintendo's code monkeys couldn't figure out how to fit everything in the 3DS's memory together without optimizing the code (like some of the DS-to-eShop re-releases were), but, as the aforementioned DS example shows, that's merely because they didn't try hard enough... and for Nintendo, not trying hard enough is usually a sign of lacking corporate interest.

TLDR: Nintendo has ulterior, not-tech-related, motives to not fund the development of this direction, and they covered their butts in regard to GBA VC, at least, by never actually promising to make the Ambassador games available for sale.



Ufaowl said:

I think it would be more cool if there were a possibility to crowdfund such things. To vote by dollar. We want - we pay.



drewb0203 said:

The only VC games on 3ds I want is SNES and GBA. I never played SMW. I REALLY wanna play Minish Cap also. and Super Mario Kart, and SuperStar Sage etc.



Beau_Skunk said:

@drewb0203 While I'd love to see GBA & SNES games to, you're selling the 3DS's VC library a bit short, as there are are NES, Gameboy, and GBColor games just as good as them.

Don't let the lack of color fool you, Mole Mania, Metroid 2, Donkey Kong '94, and Wario Land are some pretty deep Gameboy games.



Einherjar said:

@Noelemahc First: Im not going to repeat myself again and im only replying out of formality.

Second: Again, emulators =/= emulators. Dont compare monetized "per game emulation" to all purpose homebrew emulators. Homebrew coders are doing it for the fun and the challenge and arent "needed" for other, more important projects.

Third: Last reply on here. If you should still feel like whining, why not give nintendos customer support a shot and call them out on their lazy job directly. Tell them just how easy this actually is, and that they are a bunch of slackers for not doing it right now but spare me (and probably others) another rant.

@IrateGamer My point exactly. "Doable" =/= Worthwhile and lucrative



Windy said:

I wonder if Nintendo even reads threads like this to maybe get an idea that 3d classics are games that would make them money. I don't know it seems people are interested.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Caryslan First off, the Wii emulation framework was rather barebones. It had some really nasty holes, and didn't emulate properly at times.
Secondly, the Wii still had more RAM than the 3DS (128MB vs 64MB).
The whole problem is that Nintendo hasn't really shown any interest in porting SNES games to 3DS, and I think it's because the effort wouldn't pay off.



Noelemahc said:

@Einherjar Yay for numbered lists!
Please note my TLDR is the same as the response you gave IrateGamer: Nintendo aren't doing this not because they're lazy or unskilled, but because they aren't seeing profit in this.
I responded to your post specifically because you went into a long-winded argument that depended heavily on the idea that they will be writing a fits-any-game emulator, which they won't be (why emulate chips only CAPCOM games had, if CAPCOM may not be willing to have their SNES games on the 3DS?).

My point was, the reason isn't in the 3DS's "weakness", but Nintendo's unwillingness to invest time and man-hours into something that may not meet their brutal quality standards and/or recoup the development costs.



reali-tglitch said:

I have been wanting Doom 1, 2, and 64 on one 3DS cart (with expansions available possibly for free, or as $1.99 DLC each, or something). Include online multiplayer, and that will be guaranteed to sell at LEAST 300k copies, but more than likely would sell a larger number.

Please, id. That would be the greatest gift.



Einherjar said:

@Noelemahc Sorry for loosing my cool back there. Im just so darn sick of this topic. See, all these people can do is demand. "they are lazy and incompetent for not doing such an easy job". Then, when VC games arrive "These are old games, much to expansive, wont buy"
Thats like daring you buddy to eat a roach for 20 bucks and telling him afterwards that you dont have any money.

First the major outcry for massive WiiU support and now its wrong because its not the 3DS that gets attention. If you respond to stuff like that, youre responding in circles and to be honest, it gets me madder than it should be.
I often bluster into it way more than i should...

Like i said, i never ruled these games out due to the 3DSs weakness. The system is far away from its full potential and regularly suprises in terms of what its actually capable of. But that doesnt mean that emulation on it is a cakewalk either. The ambassador games are implemented rather wonky, even the Miiverse integration wasnt as smooth as it could have been.
Maybe the 3DS OS doesnt take these addiotions very lightly and would need a major overhaul. Who knows. For the moment, all we know is, that its not possible because it didnt happen already.

As a positive outlook: Look at how long it took to link up the NNID to achive a shared ballance between systems. Rumor has it, that they are working on a shared VC behind the curtain. Maybe thats why it takes so long, maybe they are putting these games out on the WiiU first to support it and make them available on the 3DS once the share function is implemented.
Maybe that is the reason for all these stability updates lately, maybe they did more than it was advertised. Again, who knows. Whatever it is, we have no insight into it.



dronesplitter said:

@sevex You'll have to forgive how rough this is, but here's a mockup of Super Metroid but with 3D for the layers. You'll have to do the cross eye method to see it, though it's easy to make a MPO file of this to view on your 3DS system. The glass should pop out some and the foreground is distinct from the background, but it's not a very good mockup as I've never made a 3D image until trying to make this one, heheh.

EDIT: Actually, this is best looked at with the parallel 3D viewing method, not cross-eye. My mistake.



sevex said:

@dronesplitter Pretty cool, but sadly I've never been able to manage the crossed-eyes 3D method. I can see it for an instant and then my eyes just go back to normal.



dronesplitter said:

Ah, I understand. Try pushing away from your monitor. The more you do that, the less you have to cross your eyes to get the two images to converge into the 3D one.

I'd really love for M2 to handle all of the SNES 3D Classics if they ever happen, but it just doesn't seem likely at this point. The Sega ones like Shinobi III 3D are so cool. I always ask for them in my Club Nintendo surveys: "Please give us Super Metroid 3D or EarthBound for 3DS VC, Nintendo!"



emeyece said:

Seriously, I would buy the first five games from top of this article. But I would be excited the most for Starfox/Starwing...!




I like your list but you are forgetting some games that would be perfect in 3D. Wolfenstein 3D, Super Castlevania IV, Vortex, Gradius III, Contra III, Kirby's Dream Course, and Suzuka 8 Hours.



KoopaStarRoad said:

@ricklongo Well, there is Donkey Kong Land on the (Japanese) VC. Possibilities... And Microsoft didn't made any Handhelds, so this is why Diddy Kong Racing DS released.
Also, first post/reply!



The_Ninja said:

@Caryslan Powerful as a Wii? Nope. 3DS has more RAM and a slightly better GPU, but Wii is better every other way. 3DS can still handle GBA and SNES though, it's just harder to implement on 3DS.



Arngrim said:

I had high hopes for the continuation of VC games for the Wii U, like Gamecube and N64 titles.. Nintendo is loosing out on big potential and sales here.. they should really get it up and running between their first party titles.



ashlyquin said:

" date SNES games have not been forthcoming — most likely for technical emulation reasons on the hardware. While emulating SNES games may not be within the capabilities of the 3DS...."

The 3DS isn't able to play SNES games due to "technical" reasons? So the SNES is superior to a 3DS? I don't get why this is....



Kyuss-MG said:

Wow Darren, I have seen other wish lists from N3DClassics, but you really, really know the ones that would be best for everyone (users and Nintendo). It is the first time in my life I register in VG pages to say anything (and I am 38), but you deserve it. You are really my Nintendo hero. Now you just have to convince Nintendo to release them, and I will truly call you Batman!

I really do not understand Nintendo, so many innovations, not to take full advantage of them (artistically and financially).

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