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24, Brazil

Thu 21st February, 2013

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FernandoMachado commented on Interview: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's De...:

The game is short and sweet but if you're the time trail type you can redo it all for extra replayability. Yes, about the backpack thing I was really shocked to defeat a goomba using the spin while I went back to clown around in the first levels!



FernandoMachado commented on Exclusive: Masahiro Sakurai on Planned Acciden...:

People are nasty about Dark Pit, Lucina and Dr. Mario... but they are NOT occupying no one else's place. If they weren't in the game, they wouldn't be in the game. It's not like Ridley, Birdo and King K Rool would appear there in their places. End of story.



FernandoMachado commented on You Won't Need To Track Too Much Treasure To B...:

I'm sure this one was cheaper to develop compared to 3DWorld as they had the engine and most of the assets already done. It just came down to adding a new mechanic here and there and creating the levels. The price feels right and I'm grabbing it on day 1.