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Thu 21st Feb 2013

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FernandoMachado commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bro...:

I'm a sucker for the 16-bit version of SMB3 cause of childhood memories so just booting this up brings a tear to my eye. I'm going through the e-reader levels now and they're so much fun!

I know it would be too hackish but they could have added amiibo support to this to replace the switches in the main game. Like... tap Mario and the Fireball/Coin switch , tap Luigi for Luigi physics switch, tap Bowser for the Hard mode switch, etc... It might have been a little difficult to explain how it's going to work to the general public so I understand why they haven't messed around with it.



FernandoMachado commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Bayonetta ...:

I started playing Bayo1 for the first time this month. What an amazing game. At first, I thought it was senseless button mashing but as the chapters went on the mechanics became natural! Finished the game on Normal, then went back and done all the possible achievements. Now I'm about to start it on hard!



FernandoMachado commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

I love DLC when it provides meaningful content like Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors and New Super Luigi U. Adding new fighters to Super Smash Bros. is complex as it requires full balancing with existing characters so I "agree" with the price and will buy them. Also, there's probably a much smaller team working on the game now. But those costumes are pointless and I agree with the above posters - vote with your cash and don't grab them!



FernandoMachado commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Sheds Light on His Developmen...:

Nintendo is a very wise company. Female Dogging out its IPs like Sega and Square Enix would earn Nintendo loads of money in a short time but they would lose value really quickly too.
No one understands what's going on with the Final Fantasy brand today and Sonic, well...



FernandoMachado commented on Interview: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's De...:

The game is short and sweet but if you're the time trail type you can redo it all for extra replayability. Yes, about the backpack thing I was really shocked to defeat a goomba using the spin while I went back to clown around in the first levels!



FernandoMachado commented on Exclusive: Masahiro Sakurai on Planned Acciden...:

People are nasty about Dark Pit, Lucina and Dr. Mario... but they are NOT occupying no one else's place. If they weren't in the game, they wouldn't be in the game. It's not like Ridley, Birdo and King K Rool would appear there in their places. End of story.