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dronesplitter commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

This was slipped-in in such a way I wouldn't have noticed or cared, but for people that like the meme at least they would see it and have something trigger in their brain to make them happy. I'm just gonna move along, nothing to see or care about here.



dronesplitter commented on Japan Is Getting Some Gorgeous New 3DS Hardwar...:

I feel they can port Mario Maker to 3DS, but surely they would have to limit how many enemies and objects you can place (I haven't really tested the limit yet on Wii U but based on what I've seen in 100-Mario challenge, I imagine it's a very large amount).



dronesplitter commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

Dang, 6/10...the demo had me really enjoying it, far more than expected. Seemed like at minimum a 7/10 (again, only speaking from my time with the demo). I see this is going to be one of those games where everyone gives it a second look and admits they were wrong to call it just "not bad" when it's actually very good, at least in time.



dronesplitter commented on Climate "Not Healthy" For Dedicated Handheld G...:

@Tiredman A large percentage of those added in to the mix, in my opinion, may not be reachable beyond casual style games. Nintendo can throw them a bone once in a while, if they want, but as a core gamer that wants far more involved gaming experiences I would hate to see that become the focus of Nintendo's gaming development. If that does happen, they will be embracing the fickle nature of casual gamers and throwing away the loyalty of hardcore fans. I hope they maintain a good balance but they seem a bit too tempted by the kind of numbers a popular casual game can bring in.

I won't care if they decide to have a finger in both pies (since my view is that there's really two pies to consider, core and casual) as long as one doesn't get all of the focus shifted exclusively over to it in the name of maximizing profits. After all, with more profit to realize there's no reason not to have both sides covered (that is until they feel one is dead to them completely, kind of like Sony is trying to say they see things now for dedicated handhelds - they're calling it dead when there's still demand for it).

Nintendo putting out their new mobile stuff, they better be careful. They may be luring people the other way, actually. Some may decide that whatever phone version of Zelda they get is enough for them and they don't need a more highly produced game like the old days. This would mean pushing people over from core to casual (which if that means more profit for Nintendo since the games are cheaper to make, this might actually take over their business model entirely). If that way of thinking really does catch on enough with all demographics of gamers, the type of mobile gaming I grew up with just won't appear profitable enough to invest in.

It's more than just the device you play on, though, it's the kind of games tops devs are working on that really dictates what we can play, and I'm not jumping on the casual train, ever.



dronesplitter commented on Climate "Not Healthy" For Dedicated Handheld G...:

There's more options in general for gaming now, so it's no surprise the pie is getting smaller for those that were used to having a large piece all to themselves. New contenders are taking part of that share but from a gamer's perspective, this is all actually pretty great in theory. Competition is healthy as long as people help inform each other not to buy the crappy microtransaction stuff and think they're getting something good because they haven't been exposed to the real stuff.

Right now, kids are getting a taste of gaming with tablets and iphones, but a lot of them don't know how much better gaming can be once they try what Nintendo or Sony could offer them. You have to continue to fight to get your product out there and not let the glut of low quality games on the market outshine everyone else. You also shouldn't take the attitude of "can't beat'em so join'em" when the battle isn't even over. Sony is throwing in the towel too darn soon, sadly.



dronesplitter commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

I mean...what a strange way to gain some clicks with this article. Wii U wasn't going to fly off shelves with Star Fox, I'm pretty sure. We're also just off the heels of Super Mario Maker coming out, it used to be that kids would find out about something awesome like that and add it to their Christmas list so their parents could get it, even months later. SMM is far more likely to make the Wii U sell than Star Fox Zero releasing on time, IMO. Nintendo would be much better off continuing to advertise Super Mario Maker for the next few months.

@Vash_Visionz, it seems you made my point pretty much and I totally agree, Star Fox isn't a system seller. SMM is, though, and Nintendo has that already out so they need to advertise it until everyone is desperately trying to get their kids to be quiet by buying it and a Wii U for Christmas for them.



dronesplitter commented on Review: escapeVektor (3DS eShop):

I just bought this and, although I'm enjoying it, it is a big disappointment that the leaderboards aren't working anymore. I know my connection is fine but it never successfully connects to the Nintendo Network, so I guess I won't be enjoying the part that "really shines" as the review points out.

Finishing chapter 1 means I'm finally at a point where the game can really challenge me, which is great because some of the early levels are way too noob friendly.



dronesplitter commented on Nintendo 2DS Drops To $99 In North America:

They recently sold refurbished 2DS systems for a lot cheaper than this even on the nintendo store site. 2DS is a very cheap system with a bad build as far as I'm concerned, so I'd pay like $50 at most for one in good shape but picking one up $99 retail is not bad, I guess.



dronesplitter commented on Review: Excave II : Wizard of the Underworld (...:

I waited for this to go on sale. It's on sale for $5 and I bought it, finally. So far, not bad. Based on the reviews, this version is much better than the original in terms of larger inventory, better dungeons, etc. Sure, it's a simple game but at a price that makes it akin to picking up a Nintendo made streetpass game, this gives you a pretty decent dungeon crawler at about the same quality and none of the annoyance of having to streetpass people to play. Had Nintendo made it, it would get more coverage and I'm sure you'd see a lot of praise for it proclaiming it a great value.

So far, I'm at the city section fighting rats and slugs. I have already found some cool weapon drops and exclusively playing the male warrior because I like his weapon types. The magic types in this game are well animated, not to mention the elemental system extends to your swords and bows, so you can hit weakness with or without focusing on magic if you would rather equip a shield.

I say give it a try. I'd love if it had a way to customize weapons; something like Dark Cloud 2's weapon customizing would be both familiar and addictive. Sadly, the blacksmith seems so far to only allow you to repair what you find in dungeons, not actually make a weapon to your liking.

EDIT: The Underworld Tower (unlocked upon completing the main game) really makes this game so much better. It ups the challenge considerably and forces you to rethink how you play the game even. You still do the basic mash A stuff but you have to switch weapons far more often to take advantage of elemental weaknesses, you have to manage your health with HP drain more, you have to shield effectively almost every step of the way, etc. It's a great mode if the main game seemed too simple in challenge. It also more than doubles the length of the game because you will progress pretty slowly through this extra mode (as you learn how to deal with the extra challenge). I just unlocked a sword called Earth Sword for getting 260 items in my Encyclopedia.



dronesplitter commented on Big Update For Cube Creator 3D Arrives This Week:

This sounds a lot better. To be honest, I wanted to buy this at the introductory price but I wasn't confident if the updates would really come. I'm starting to think I will be buying this at the higher price now, but that's fine. Being wrong here is a good thing.



dronesplitter commented on Review: IRONFALL Invasion (3DS eShop):

@MC808 That's bad? It's 30fps with 3D on, that's dang impressive, actually, and you just have to play for a bit and you'll be used to it. Yes, as soon as you enable it, you notice because you were just playing at a solid 60fps in 2D. Either way, it's a technical masterpiece that this runs at the rates it does.



dronesplitter commented on M2 Initially Felt Porting Streets Of Rage 2 To...:

I wanted this a week ago, I just can't stand the wait!!!!!
Also, give me Sonic 2 and Gunstar Heroes NOW

I'm buying stuff like Azada, that's how starved I am for eshop stuff. Doesn't help that Nintendo totally quit trying after 3D Urban Champion to scratch the 3D itch many gamers have.



dronesplitter commented on Review: Tappingo 2 (3DS eShop):

Bought the first one. It's not bad, definitely a way to relax and make a nice picture, but these are so easy to complete. Anyone that expects a challenge to their puzzle games, you should only look at this for the chill factor, I think.



dronesplitter commented on Weirdness: Revenge is a Dish Best Sold on eBay...:

I'm laughing my ass off because I actually see her point. He should value his own wife enough to not lose her and not, at least according to her, treasure his video game collection instead. Of course, he said, she said, and all that. Maybe he's not the bad guy at all but she sounds especially vindictive here for it to be unjustified. I'm pretty upset reading the hate expressed towards her in such an immature way by the commenters, though. Those are her games now...and besides, at least she isn't burning them, people.



dronesplitter commented on ​Early Adopters of Xeodrifter Actually May N...:

This is disappointing after the initial claim we would get a Wii copy for being early adopters...maybe just have Nintendo send out e-mails to those NNIDs with codes for the Wii U version? Honestly, despite any technical issue here, they could do that for sure. Even on miiverse it can auto detect which NNIDs actually bought the game vs. those that are just posting without having played it.

Is Jools deferring to someone else on this and just making a convenient excuse since he promised something they no longer feel he should deliver and it's their call? I hate to ask that at all but...any technical issue here sounds like a bad excuse when there are ways to do this.



dronesplitter commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

This kind of confirms that it's still not the Metroid we want. Still sounds like they are using Metroid mostly in name here; honestly, most of what he talks about could be done without borrowing the Metroid brand to give it some hype and immediate sales. Nintendo is for sure transforming their IPs but they are being transformed into more casual experiences, this is just hitting home more than usual.



dronesplitter commented on There Are Now Over 600 DSiWare Games And Apps:

The ones I enjoyed pretty well:

Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon
Zelda Four Swords (wish the single player mode could be better)
I'll even throw in Aura-Aura Climber even though I haven't touched it beyond maybe an hour of time put into it.



dronesplitter commented on Veterans Of 3DS Title Xeodrifter Will Get The ...:

I admit that peviously when it was 3DS only that $10 was asking a tad too much for it (I picked it up for 50% off as soon as I saw it have a sale). With cross buy, though, I think that's a really nice value. Had I seen the future, I would have been less concerned about the $10 price knowing that cross buy would come - maybe even some extra content added at some point?



dronesplitter commented on Nintendo Is "Exploring" The Idea Of Early Acce...:

I don't much see the point and I don't think it fits a big gaming company at all but hopefully they know how to implement in a good way and it amounts to nothing more than a little experiment. Also, what advantages would there even be to this? I don't think it would help Nintendo but we'll see.