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dronesplitter commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

Until these extra streetpass games are 99 cents each, I won't be getting any. The old ones should be heavily discounted by now but Nintendo doesn't do discounts usually so I'm sure I'll just never get to try them. Not complaining, just wish that Nintendo would understand that $1 from 1000 people sure beats $5 from 100.



dronesplitter commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (North America):

I would consider DK64 but I'm not a fan of the collectathon nature of it. If only they would put it at a cheaper price for the first day, just to persuade people on the fence to just impulsively buy VC games when they first come out, sort of like how they made the Wii classics only $10 at first.



dronesplitter commented on Review: Sonic Generations (3DS):

This game is worth picking up, don't write it off. If you can get it for about $15, you'll find the game is easily worth that for the generally fun levels and gameplay. The 3D is amazing looking and with practice you will thoroughly enjoy the modern Sonic gameplay (learn the fastest route, have fun perfecting it).

It's not the best Sonic game I've played and it's rather short, but it still gets the Sonic gameplay right as far as I'm concerned. The missions unlock extras but they are hard to unlock without play coins, which is the dumbest choice the devs made.



dronesplitter commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

I like that they are getting around loading issues with options like this but it's painfully obvious that Nintendo should have included a bigger internal drive. I love that it's easy to use an external drive but a 100gb internal could have made this easier on everyone, I think. I don't like the idea that I have to carry around this giant dongle attached to my console, I'd rather they find a way to include that on the inside (but I've heard Wii U has a fast disc read rate? at least there's that).



dronesplitter commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:

@SirQuincealot Yes, you surely don't have the time mechanic yet that has to do with seeing the future in battles. In general, you will find that battles get a lot more interesting once you're a bit further into the game. That said, though, I never finished this on Wii because I was getting bogged down with sidequests. My fault, though, and I'll eventually complete it on Wii U.



dronesplitter commented on Review: Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX (3DS eShop):

Got this for $5 and I'm enjoying it quite a bit! This is coming from someone that owns Kid Icarus Uprising and found that game to be okay but a little hard to control with stylus (but fun and also a shooter that uses the stylus setup like this).

Zombie Panic DX doesn't need you to rotate the camera or anything so it's a lot easier to play and the levels/enemies are what make this game a delight. It's just a very whimsical zombie game that lets you blow up a lot of stuff, no more and no less. For $5, I couldn't be happier with it. A 6/10 is not a fair score at all if you ask me. I would rate this about an 8/10 for overall fun and a good difficulty. There's nothing wrong with a game expecting you to replay some to get better and the arcade mode seems like a great way to practice those levels that kicked your butt in story mode. Also, you can pick up health and continues from destroying stuff, usually enemies that go by pretty quickly in the background.

I'm gonna go back to shooting zombie Santa and his elves now, see ya.



dronesplitter commented on Review: BOXBOY! (3DS eShop):

I keep thinking, after seeing a lot of positive comments everywhere, that this review was probably written while the reviewer was just in a bad mood.



dronesplitter commented on Review: BOXBOY! (3DS eShop):

I might get this. The price is good and if it has a lot of levels...the review being so harsh is off-putting enough that I'm going to research it some more.



dronesplitter commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

@Fandabidozi That's a little crazy to me, but that's how things are in the gaming world sometimes. Like, for me, I wouldn't have bought a Wii U without the promise of a new mainline Zelda game for it that's going to be open world. While there are some games for Wii U that others could call a must have, that's pretty much all I'm interested in along with DK Tropical Freeze. I'm sure someone would find that opinion on that system's library as weird as I find it weird to only get a 3DS for pokemon.



dronesplitter commented on Video: What If Super Metroid Was A 3D Classic?:

What's up with the spin jumping to attack Mother Brain? You have a diagonal aim, use that, lol.

The 3D in this was only minor, the real thing would be much nicer. I noticed there wasn't any depth to how the background layer looks when walking in Crateria (they would make that look pushed back if they ever do this). Also, something felt weird about the way the door was supposed to look when fighting Ridley, but I could have looked at it wrong since I was doing the eye method on my PC.



dronesplitter commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

This was an easy list for me: *

1. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
2. Mario Golf: World Tour
3. Mario Kart 7
4. Resident Evil Revelations
5. Shin Megami Tensei IV
6. Super Mario 3D Land
7. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
8. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
9. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
10. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call
*Order is only dictated by the order in the voting list, not ordered by quality



dronesplitter commented on Review: Gunman Clive 2 (3DS eShop):

I guess if there was one thing that disappointed me, it was that this game didn't try new stuff with Clive's gun. No new powerups? Heck, I barely felt that the gun powerups, with the same types as before, factored in to the gameplay as much as I remember it from the first game.



dronesplitter commented on Review: Xeodrifter (3DS eShop):

I bought this and completed it today. I had a lot of fun but boy was it shorter than I thought it would be. I was hoping for some kind of final planet to unlock to extend the game more (maybe make extreme use of your abilities in this world, like the ghost levels in Mutant Mudds) but it was over in less than three hours. It's a short but sweet experience and I'm glad I waited for the sale.



dronesplitter commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):

I'll only state that this new IP isn't the kind of game I play so that's why I probably won't be buying it. I reject the idea that no new IP will happen if people don't buy this, rather they might choose a different genre next time, which would be good if you're like me and do not typically enjoy turn-based strategy. This selling well will likely mean a sequel in the same genre so...



dronesplitter commented on Majora’s Mask 3D Patch Irons Out Honey & Dar...:

Even those games you mentioned don't technically force you, you just have to launch the game without the wifi switch on, I believe. I haven't updated SSB since after the first update since I was tired of my replays not being compatible. I sacrifice the online gameplay, of course.



dronesplitter commented on Renegade Kid Reveals a Snippet of Information ...:

As pointed out in the Nintendo Life review, Bomb Monkey really needs better high score tracking when you play it. It's not bad, though, and I bought it on sale quite some time back along with ATV and Mutant Mudds. I will probably buy Xeodrifter next.



dronesplitter commented on Rumour: A Planned 2.5D Metroid Title For 3DS G...:

Something is making me reject that it was because of Other M that this was cancelled, but probably more to do with what was presented just not looking promising. In any case, there's no way Nintendo will let much more time pass before we see another Metroid title announced.



dronesplitter commented on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Launches Exclusively O...:

To be fair, it always looks worse when you look at 3DS previews on PC. It will look a lot better on the system, but in the case of Xenoblade I think we all know the Wii version is what you should be playing if you want nice visuals and a big screen to really take in the open world this title has going for it.



dronesplitter commented on Review: ZombiU (Wii U):

I played this through for the first time. Liked it so much I immediately did another run to get the good ending. Really great game, I hope there's a sequel in the works!