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Sat 15th Mar 2014

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Arngrim commented on Video: Nintendo Introduces the Battle Mechanic...:

Not sure ill grab this game, i haven't played more then an hour or two in Awakening. I just can't get into the pick a class gor your MC, and the pair up stuff. Feels like i just need to pair up all my units with eachother.. which do i pair up, and do i play bad if i don't? What class do i play? do i stick with, or do i change? Gah Awakening kinda ruined the series for me, i still love Path of Radiance and the games on GBA.



Arngrim commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

Should have just went and do Treasurenauts instead of re-relasing older games. People want Treasurenauts, no wonder they don't get the sales they need. I'm still waiting on any of the games to come out in Europe.. all we got so far is Xeodrifter.



Arngrim commented on Niantic Developers Elaborate More on the Desig...:

Beeing an avid ingress player, i have great hopes for this game, since it probably will play similiar. Don't worry guys, it will probably have some sort of radius for catching and battling, so you can still reach that one pokemon inside the garden of that private mansion, without even entering the place.



Arngrim commented on Nintendo's Smart Device Strategy Is About Gett...:

Not expecting much from the My Nintendo thing. Unless points are universal for things like discounts in the e-shop. Because let's face it, a "theme-park" sounds like it would be limited to one or two places in all of Europe if anything at all. Maybe an euro off a happy meal in any Mcdonalds, but thats not really what i want out of My Nintendo. Already sad all these years i've missed out on years of points due to the shut down of club nintendo(in my country) years ago.



Arngrim commented on Video: Check Out Ganondorf's Terrifying Triden...:

This is the one weapon i was missing in the game. Ganondorf is my main character, and while the two swords are awesome, i always miss the trident. Great to see them add this! I cna only hope that all the stuff they add to the 3DS game, also gets added to the WiiU version, but thats wishing for to much i guess.



Arngrim commented on Rumour: A Class in Bravely Second is Supposedl...:

It's bad, people get offended by stuff for other groups is taking it to far. In this case though i don't mind the change as im a sucker for the old west and love me some hats.

[sub]Watch your mouth ~Santa [/url]



Arngrim commented on Nintendo Download: 10th September (Europe):

So much at once! Got Mario Maker on pre-order, grabbing The Swindle and Etrian Dungeon aswell. About time we got good releases for once. Haven't bought anything worthwhile in a long time.



Arngrim commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (Europe):

Damn, going from nothing for weeks, to two games at once? Damn. And that sale on Concempt again, i might have to buy it this time. Now the question if i should buy Devil's Third digitally or physical.



Arngrim commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

Getting this mainly for its online features, so im still getting this. Didnt look to bad in the video to be honest. Still looks like a Wii game but ah well. And the tank shooting at the chairs and nothing happening just made me cringe abit.



Arngrim commented on Devil's Third Will Be Released In North Americ...:

@MikeW This! Why is the quality somehow higher for NA than for EUJP? Why are EUJP expected to buy a low quality game, but NA needs a higher standard? Im getting this game, no doubt about it, even though i always questioned the graphics of the game, making it look like a late wii title. But this is kinda just a slap in the face from Nintendo now.



Arngrim commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:

@sillygostly Totally agree, nothing worse then people uncovering and showing of games that could have been. So many of these cancelled games always seem better then the crap most devs chooses to release instead. It's sad really. Wish devs had more balls with new stuff then playing it safe with same old poopypoop year after year.