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Fri 27th April, 2012

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ReaperX30 commented on Video: Feast Your Eyes On Etrian Odyssey Untol...:

@Gorlokk The trailer was showing the characters from story mode so yes there'll be a story mode. You still can play it in Classic mode like Untold 1. I was really turned off at first to have fixed characters for an Etrian game but after spending some time playing they kinda grew on me so I'm actually looking forward to see how characters will be in Untold 2.



ReaperX30 commented on Video: Feast Your Eyes On Etrian Odyssey Untol...:

A US/EU release is a no-brainer since the other games did good if I'm not mistaken (not sure about EU though). I think we should see it in April or May. So I'll have that and Majora's Mask to look forward to and maybe a New 3DS.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (North America):

I wish they'd release the GBA and DS Castlevania games on 3DS also. I have PoR and OoE but I'd buy the other DS game and to be able to play the GBA ones would be cool since the screen of my Micro is... well...micro.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

Not my cup of tea but I'm glad it's getting good reviews for the people who wants the game. The Wii U needs every strong title it can get. Now if they would only stop being stupid and localize the new Fatal Frame I'd be happy.



ReaperX30 commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

This is the game my 3DS was waiting for. Can't wait to pick it up. Now I'm sure they'll do since the others did well but if they'd confirm Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 for the US/EU I'd be a happy gamer. It's not by the same devs but still we need every 3DS games we can get.



ReaperX30 commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

@ben- @BrownGamer4 First of all Bayonetta is just a clone of Devil May Cry that I didn't really get into. Secondly of course it's mostly shooter nowadays but the online on the other console is just better. Destiny is something I really enjoy and there's Forza 5 and now Forza Horizon 2 that's got no competition in the racing genre. Plenty of sports games in you're into that and there's some RPG coming soon like Dragon Age Inquisition and the Witcher 3 that looks like major games to me. I just wrote my opinion, if it gets to you that much maybe you are a fanboy. Me I go where the games are and sadly they're not on the Wii U. I bought the thing for my wife so she'd play her Mario Kart which is fun but nothing spectacular.
My 3DS though is king in the handheld department so Nintendo got me there. I just wish it would get more Japanese games like the Vita is getting.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 11th September (North America):

Well I just got The Keep and I have to admit that I'm really surprised. It takes a little time to get into the controls: you move with the joystick and strafe with the "L" button. Everything else you use the stylus for. Once you're on the map mode you can activate buttons on the walls or pick up stuff by using the touchscreen making an icon appear on the upper screen and moving it. Dragging stuff to your inventory or quickslots. Attack are done the same way. This doesn't look like a game you'll rush through but instead have to take time to check your surroundings and plan your moves. Pretty much all the text has voice-over and the music and ambience noise are really fitting. The graphics are nice. Nothing shattering but pretty. There's a tutorial but you still have to figure some stuff on your own. So far I'm really liking it and the permadeath option could add a lot of replay value. I went that way cause I like a challenge and there's even 3 difficulty stings and you can make 3 profiles if more than one person is playing on the same 3DS so that's convenient. I'd recommend the game to anyone who like dungeon crawlers and likes to take it slow. I hope it'll get a good review but even if it doesn't I don't regret getting it.



ReaperX30 commented on Preview: Fantasy Life is Waiting to Become Par...:

I didn't think I was into that type of game but after all the time I've put in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, this one is on my most wanted list. I can't wait to try the different jobs and all the things you can do. I'm just sad that we get it in October here cause I would've asked my wife to get it for my Birthday on September 30th. Oh well it'll be a late birthday gift from myself then.



ReaperX30 commented on The Japanese New 3DS Packaging Is Both Cute An...:

I have the original Ice blue 3DS. I wanted to upgrade for the XL one but after seeing the New 3DS I think I'll just get the regular one. I'm a sucker for customization and the cover plates are looking pretty cool. Plus the colored buttons are calling me. I like the packaging but I don't know why they think adults would want a boring package. I'm 37 and I like colors so why would I want a boring package.



ReaperX30 commented on Developer Hints At How Minecraft Could Shape U...:

I got it for my MacBook Pro and on my 360. I could get it for Xbox One but I don't know. I'd like to get a portable version but if the 3DS is a downgraded port I'll pass and get it on the Vita. Maybe the Wii U version would have something cool with the tablet screen but I'm not sold on that.



ReaperX30 commented on E3 2014: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Announ...:

Of all the games I've seen at E3 there's 2 that got my attention: The first one is Bloodborne since I'm a big Souls fan and the second is this one. I like the visuals and the isometric style. Looking at the trailer during the E3 show intrigued me and put a smile on my face. Can't wait to try it.



ReaperX30 commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

This is pointless. Seriously.....what's next, they're going to complain cause there's no transvestite character. Funny thing is I wouldn't be surprised to learn the person who wrote about the lack of characters of color is white. I'm white by the way, not that it makes any difference, but I've known people from many different ethnicities and never heard any of them complain about this fact.



ReaperX30 commented on Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo Promotion Offers a ...:

Well I bought the Wii U to my wife for Mario Kart 8 which is pre-ordered and payed for so this is good news. Don't know which one to get between Pikmin 3 and The Wind Waker HD. I finished Wind Waker on Gamecube when I had it so while I liked it I think I should go with Pikmin 3. Mmmm what to choose.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Sky Kid (3DS eShop / NES):

Man I played that game so much on the NES. I rented it every now and then and enjoyed it like it was the first time. Playing this n the go will be cool so I'm definitely getting this.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th January (North America):

Just got Unepic and it looks pretty sweet but if I try to play it on my TV, I'm missing the bottom of the screen. This only happens in this game so I know it's not my TV and there's no option to resize the picture. Maybe in a future update.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium ...:

I wasn't sure at first of the story mode but after trying the demo my mind was changed. The characters have all so much charm and add a lot to the game....and a Canadian inspired Raquna....Awesome! That's pretty funny, a Japanese game with a character inspired by my country is just plain cool. Can't wait to get my copy next week.



ReaperX30 commented on 3D Streets Of Rage Will Come With One Hit Deat...:

I never had a Genesis but I rented one a couple of times and my favorite games were Altered Beast, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe 2 and of course Space Harrier. I hope they release all of them everywhere (Europe, US and Canada and anywhere else) so we can all get this gaming goodness. Man just thinking of playing those again is getting me all nostalgic.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Nintendo 64):

I had so much fun with this game. Finished it so many times too. The second one was pretty cool two except for the slowdowns. The games after that were bad but the first two were great. The controls have evolve so much since those games that playing them today would be a pain. Anyway so many games and so little time.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 1st August (Europe):

I hope I'm not the only one but I've been waiting for a nice poker game on the 3DS with online play of course. You'd think the big names in poker would've come up with one already but no.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 25th July (North America):

I wish they'd release SNES games on the 3DS Eshop already. I mean it's not like the system can't handle those games. They would make a lot of money and we would have cool games so it would be a win-win. I'll keep an eye out for the Chain blaster review for now.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Spelunker (3DS eShop / NES):

I also liked the game back on NES and was glad to see it in the Eshop. I'll get it eventually cause now money evades me. I do wish they would bring the similar title Spelunky that came out for the 360 and coming to Vita. It would be a perfect fit for the 3DS.