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Fri 27th April, 2012

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ReaperX30 commented on Review: Sky Kid (3DS eShop / NES):

Man I played that game so much on the NES. I rented it every now and then and enjoyed it like it was the first time. Playing this n the go will be cool so I'm definitely getting this.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th January (North America):

Just got Unepic and it looks pretty sweet but if I try to play it on my TV, I'm missing the bottom of the screen. This only happens in this game so I know it's not my TV and there's no option to resize the picture. Maybe in a future update.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium ...:

I wasn't sure at first of the story mode but after trying the demo my mind was changed. The characters have all so much charm and add a lot to the game....and a Canadian inspired Raquna....Awesome! That's pretty funny, a Japanese game with a character inspired by my country is just plain cool. Can't wait to get my copy next week.



ReaperX30 commented on 3D Streets Of Rage Will Come With One Hit Deat...:

I never had a Genesis but I rented one a couple of times and my favorite games were Altered Beast, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe 2 and of course Space Harrier. I hope they release all of them everywhere (Europe, US and Canada and anywhere else) so we can all get this gaming goodness. Man just thinking of playing those again is getting me all nostalgic.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Nintendo 64):

I had so much fun with this game. Finished it so many times too. The second one was pretty cool two except for the slowdowns. The games after that were bad but the first two were great. The controls have evolve so much since those games that playing them today would be a pain. Anyway so many games and so little time.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 1st August (Europe):

I hope I'm not the only one but I've been waiting for a nice poker game on the 3DS with online play of course. You'd think the big names in poker would've come up with one already but no.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 25th July (North America):

I wish they'd release SNES games on the 3DS Eshop already. I mean it's not like the system can't handle those games. They would make a lot of money and we would have cool games so it would be a win-win. I'll keep an eye out for the Chain blaster review for now.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Spelunker (3DS eShop / NES):

I also liked the game back on NES and was glad to see it in the Eshop. I'll get it eventually cause now money evades me. I do wish they would bring the similar title Spelunky that came out for the 360 and coming to Vita. It would be a perfect fit for the 3DS.



ReaperX30 commented on 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Drive Strong...:

It's not surprising that Animal Crossing is doing well. You could buy only this game and you'd be good for the year and maybe more. There's so much stuff you can do and it's so addictive. Apart from playing Black Ops 2 with my inlaws on Xbox live Friday and Saturday nights every other games have been left behind. Gotta get back to Monster Hunter and Etrian Odyssey IV though.....eventually.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: Kokuga (3DS eShop):

@undead_terror Another Canadian waiting for the game. I had Ikaruga back when it came out and to get an experience like it on the 3DS is just awesome. I'll get it as soon as it's out.....well if my wallet allows me.



ReaperX30 commented on Thinking Of Buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf? ...:

@datamonkey Castlevania is cool but if you want something that will last you longer I'd go with Animal Crossing assuming you played a previous game in the series. You have a choice between an action platformer of about 15-20 hours or a relaxing and peaceful title that can last you years.



ReaperX30 commented on Thinking Of Buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf? ...:

I though about getting it digital but I don't have enough blocks free on my 3DS and this must take a lot. Did two Gamestop today who were all out and found a copy, the last one, at a wallmart but what would've been a 45 minutes walking trip (return included) ended being a 3 hours bus trip. I always prefer having a physical copy but if I had the space I'd probably go digital. Less trouble and you can get it at midnight usually.



ReaperX30 commented on Silicon Studio Near "Maximum Performance" With...:

@MadAdam81 Okay...eeeee.....I'm really not a fan of Sony but even if what we saw during the PS4 reveal was really not the most impressive thiing, it's still beyond what the Wii U can do. Don't forget that the Wii U is comparable to the PS3 and 360 in power and not much more. Also Sony revealed pretty much nothing about the games so E3 will be where you might see what exclusive they have.

The Wii outsold the PS3 and 360 because of the innovation of the controller but even then if you check hardcore gamers that have all three console and ask them the one they use most I'm pretty sure the Wii falls in last because of it's lack of good games. Mine has been gathering dust for quite a while. My PS3 I use mostly for Blu-rays and I play games on my 360.

The Wii U came too late, it's not selling well cause at this point gamers are waiting for the next generations of consoles or because again of the lack of games. It could turn around like it did for the 3DS and I'd be happy to see it cause I always liked Nintendo and I really like my 3DS but I seriously doubt it. I hope they prove me otherwise but for now I think Nintendo is going the same way Sega went.



ReaperX30 commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Developer Hopes The ...:

Got this on the 360 and it's the best play experience I had in the last years. The game oozes atmosphere and the music is beautiful. It's a world that sucks you in and you don't want to leave. Played this gem from beginning to end without playing anything else which considering I've got more games than time is quite an acomplishment. I don't have a Wii U but I'm glad that the owners will get to enjoy this gem. I sincerely hope it does well.



ReaperX30 commented on Nintendo Download: 21st February 2013 (North A...:

@DrSlump You have to understand it's only a demo. There's a tutorial in the full game. I played all the games on PSP and of course if your looking for a story you will be dissapointed as there not much of a story in those games. If you like crafting, looting and grinding though you're in for a nice treat.



ReaperX30 commented on Picdun 2: Witch’s Curse Heading For Europe:

Apart from the cleavage part which really doesn't bother me at all (sorry I'm a man and I love boobs), the levels and gameplay looks better than the first one. The Anime look is way better than the futuristic tron-like graphics of the first game. Hope it makes it in NA.



ReaperX30 commented on Mario Golf: World Tour Tees Off On 3DS This Su...:

Getting Etrian Odyssey IV, Monster Hunter, Castlevania, Animal Crossing and then this.....Man this is an awesome year for the 3DS. I've been waiting for a Mario Golf game since the system launched so this is really great news for me.



ReaperX30 commented on New Competition To Celebrate Etrian Odyssey IV...:

I own all three games on the DS. I still haven't finished any of them but these are awesome games. Got this one pre-ordered on with all the goodies. I think I'll buy a nice bottle of wine to celebrate when I get the game. My 3DS was born for this game...ok maybe not but I was hoping for this since I bought it.



ReaperX30 commented on Level 5: Fantasy Life Will Become A Series:

Seriously hope it makes it here. If it gets to the US we usually get it in Canada so let's hope it does. The game looks really cool. Japan got really great games. I'd love to go there someday and more to actually learn japanese language like I learned english....eee yeah I'm french you see so ee yeah.



ReaperX30 commented on Review: La-Mulana (WiiWare):

Got it yesterday as soon as I woke up but haven't had the chance to play yet. Can't wait to play it this weekend. Great review......I nearly called in sick at work...nearly......but no I need the money :P