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Nekketsu3D commented on Rare Donkey Kong Delights to Grace the Wii U a...:

This is stupid, having a huge powerful machine as demonstrated by the Nintendo 3DS to move 3D arcade and Megadrive Classics (After Burner, Outrun, Galaxy Force II, etc) they not take advantage to launch games Donkey Kong Country Snes with 3D layers . Nintendo really does not really care the fans...



Nekketsu3D commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

Can anyone imagine the incredible dramatically Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2? or Contra III The Aliens War or Super Castlevania IV? would be lovely to finally Nintendo will use what Sega could only work from the abandoned Nes 3D Classics. :/



Nekketsu3D commented on Nintendo Download: 28th November (North America):

Okunari Yosuke said if all 8 games Sega Genesis 3D Classics is a success in the West, the project will continue, we support the cause please enjoy a Golden Axe, a Outrun, Gunstar Heroes and many more SEGA on 3DS!!



Nekketsu3D commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 3DS:

I say: I'm impressed of their unconditional support, his great contribution to restore classic portable consoles and now 16-bit impressed with 3D, thanks for all SEGA ... thanks to you, I bought a Japanese 3DS to enjoy what NOA market wasted.



Nekketsu3D commented on Capcom Bringing More SNES Goodness To The Wii ...:

@Melkaticox I think it's a terrible strategy to sell snes games on WiiU, emulators do not deliver anything new to the game, 0% optimization is a perfectly native emulation prefer playing on a super nintendo in my home. however on a portable as the nintendo 3ds, seems much more justifiable enjoy these titles. I wonder what will nintendo head?



Nekketsu3D commented on New River City Ransom Sequel Confirmed:

I'm amused by Riki Densetsu, that game that apparently are not interested in bringing nintendo usa ... in waiting and agony, I chose to buy a Japanese 3DS ... to enjoy these action titles besides 3DS Space Harrier and Super Hang On, I wish I could work more on the saga of Kunio-kun and Double Dragon.



Nekketsu3D commented on Nintendo: 3DS eShop And App Store Comparison I...:

eshop vs app store?... leaving out physical games and digital distribution, the eshop has a long way yet ... starting with a few games that really take advantage of its power 3D, the other fact is that we continue with little work on the virtual console emulation. (nes, gameboy in black and white, when it should be on pallets or more working as a super gameboy). is something to see it well done this Gamegear emulator and contrasts too much with others.



Nekketsu3D commented on Hardware Classics: NEC PC Engine:

I don't terminate mention the amount of games that have this incredible console n ot only CD, the version of HuCard surprising even to this day, a magic that I wonder why no rescues nintendo Nintendo 3DS virtual console. Bonks, Adventure Island, Jackie Chan, Hana Taka Daka, Ninja Ryukenden, Daisenpuu, Street Fighter 2, Raiden, Hellfire S, Spriggan, Strider, R-type, Download and huge and many more.



Nekketsu3D commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden (3DS eShop / NES):

This is a game in letters, perfect music, difficulty, excellent control, enemies, story ... Ninja Gaiden Nes is far from perfect in low memory and Nintendo USA, to vary sleeping in game releases as good as this.



Nekketsu3D commented on Review: Pokédex 3D Pro (3DS eShop):

and these are the things that kill the eshop, when we could have NES games 3DS Classics, more virtual consoles of Gamegear, Turbografx, more DSiwares ... release these products left over in the eshop... sigh...



Nekketsu3D commented on Feature: The Making Of The PC Engine:

I wonder what do you expect Nintendo to bring this jewel console in Nintendo 3ds Eshop USA ¬¬...
I own one and it certainly has an incredible amount of great games that dream would enjoy in a handheld



Nekketsu3D commented on Nintendo Download Sales Increase With 3DS:

Not surprisingly, the Eshop is far more attractive in a laptop than a home console that is about to be discontinued as the Wii. I hope that will finally make nintendo release more 3D Classics games and Virtual Console for U.S. Eshop ¬ ¬ (Kunio-Kun/Double Dragon included!)