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Male, 40, United States

I love music and I am ALWAYS looking for the next big thing but until I find it..... I have my lovely 3ds. October 31, 2011 is our anniversary date. My favorite 3ds games: Pokémon (any) Kid Icarus Super Mario 3d Land Level 5 games WWE All-Stars

Thu 14th June, 2012

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ashlyquin commented on Preview: Mario Golf: World Tour:

Mario Golf 64 was and is a staple game for me.... Getting an updated MOBILE version is AMAZING!! For me....... 1st day buy (or find a place with e GREAT pre-order!)

Can't wait....



ashlyquin commented on Review: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (3DS eShop):

I bought the 1st add-on....... For $2, great buy. I like this. If I want more.... I can buy more....... If not...... I got a pretty decent baseball hitting game that can be expanded upon IF I chose (I do want to "catch" the ball so I'll probly get another add-on)..... WHY? for $2 its a good play....



ashlyquin commented on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball:

What would be GREAT is if Nintendo AND MLB work together somehow. 3DS Major League Baseball with ALL the teams .... such as .... New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays.... and so on...... Updated team rosters as trades, injuries, and suspensions happen....Ability to form a season with a "group of friends" and go through their season by competing against a combination of AI and each others teams ....... I'm sure this can be done the "right" way but is there enough of ACTUAL demand for this?

Anyways, I got the demo and bought the 1st game by haggling...... NOT BAD AT ALL!!!



ashlyquin commented on The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Is Sprea...:

I've played the first one and loved it.... haven't exactly gone back to it but I did/do like it. Then again, I think Pokémon Black was eating my time up....

Never bothered with the 2nd one but MAYBE this new one: The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll will sway me. IDK.



ashlyquin commented on Soapbox: A Monster Hunter Obsession, and Why t...:

MH3U for the 3DS is my first exposure to the game. I downloaded the demo when it first came out in N.A. and HATED it...... played it once and never looked back.
Game-Stop had a copy for $10 one day about a month ago. I will generally try any game that is a 3DS game for $10, as I feel that is a GREAT price for a 3D game. I bought it because I knew it was popular game and figured I'de be able to resell it at a profit. I played and all of a sudden it "clicked". I have now been playing this game exclusively every day since.
The camera controls are a wonky but I've thought of it as part of the games own flavor (L or R should replace the d-pad for moving the camera while pressing L and R together should make you run and the d-pad should be an inventory thing but I'm not picky, just explaining MY preference)
BTW, the ONLY way to enjoy this game is in a dark room with ear buds because the sound switches sides as things move and NO ROOM LIGHT makes everything easier to see.
I would consider the next installment in 2015 b until then, I'll be busy with MH3U.

VERY happy I bought this!!