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Male, 40, United States

I am usually online during the day for my Pokémon X/Y Friend Safari friends. I am a NORMAL type with Aipom, Mincino, and Eevee My favorite 3ds games: Pokémon (any), Kid Icarus, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, Level 5 games, WWE All-Stars.

Thu 14th June, 2012

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ashlyquin commented on The Denpa Men Are Going Free-To-Play In Japan:

I bought the 1st one when it came out and LOVED it but never felt I was missing out by not getting #2 and #3.

I still play the game but am happy with the 1st one.

Then again, maybe the blame should be on the lack of ability to "resell" digital content.... idk, just a thought.



ashlyquin commented on Review: Shovel Knight (3DS eShop):

OK! I just bought the PC version of this......... FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Not sure how well this translates to the 3DS but the PC version is KILLA!



ashlyquin commented on ARC STYLE: Baseball 3D:

Well, I bought this game. I would have to say this is a REALLY good game. Its relatively easy to control, game play is solid, the 3d is EXCELLENT!

The 1 player tournament is pretty decent but the REAL value comes in when your playing against another person (in my case, my son). We played this for almost 3 hours straight. There is a 10 point mercy rule (which is great when I won 30-2 but the next game lost 28-1) It goes either way.

Controls are easy but you can't "speed" up the transitions from scene to scene by mashing a button.... cause your runner WILL run themselves into an out. Stealing bases is an available option as well.

You can create 2 custom teams in total (I'm still working on my 1st custom team. There are a lot of options for this.

Overall, as an avid baseball fan, THIS is the game to get for the 3DS.

I hope this helps someone out.

Running the bases is a lil tricky in that you can not press ANY buttons while the infield is being shown because pressing a button WILL make your player run off to the next base and get tagged out instantly.



ashlyquin commented on Preview: Mario Golf: World Tour:

Mario Golf 64 was and is a staple game for me.... Getting an updated MOBILE version is AMAZING!! For me....... 1st day buy (or find a place with e GREAT pre-order!)

Can't wait....



ashlyquin commented on Review: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (3DS eShop):

I bought the 1st add-on....... For $2, great buy. I like this. If I want more.... I can buy more....... If not...... I got a pretty decent baseball hitting game that can be expanded upon IF I chose (I do want to "catch" the ball so I'll probly get another add-on)..... WHY? for $2 its a good play....



ashlyquin commented on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball:

What would be GREAT is if Nintendo AND MLB work together somehow. 3DS Major League Baseball with ALL the teams .... such as .... New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays.... and so on...... Updated team rosters as trades, injuries, and suspensions happen....Ability to form a season with a "group of friends" and go through their season by competing against a combination of AI and each others teams ....... I'm sure this can be done the "right" way but is there enough of ACTUAL demand for this?

Anyways, I got the demo and bought the 1st game by haggling...... NOT BAD AT ALL!!!