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Really would like the release of the Great Ace Attorney in the West!

Mon 22nd Apr 2013

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ollietaro commented on Dementium Remastered Launches on the North Ame...:

Definitely want this as I've been on a survival horror kick as of recently. I would like Dementium II as well. I want Resident Evil Remake from Capcom, too, on the 3DS or New 3DS. Spirit Camera sequel sounds nice, too.



ollietaro commented on Yo-Kai Watch Will Be The Next Pokémon, Claims...:

I played the demo and while the presentation was fantastic (it's Level-5, duh) I thought the mini-game gimmick in battles could get old fast. Having to play the same mini-games hundreds of times? C'mon now. I'm really curious as to how the rest of the overworld looks.



ollietaro commented on Review: Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (DS):

I completed this game in 2015! So glad I did. I had to ease myself into it at first by playing it for 5 minutes and then pausing b/c I was getting too scared but eventually I got used to it and played it for longer sessions b/c I just got absorbed into the whole experience. When I finished it I was sad b/c I realized I was enjoying it so much and wasn't trying to rush through it or anything.



ollietaro commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Passes Four Million ...:

There aren't any subspecies announced for MH:X so my guess is there will likely be a G version. I take it people enjoy MH4U when they play it in groups. I made it all the way to G2 solo. I get the hint that the developer tampered with monster behaviour in 4U a bit more than in 3U. I can't complain but it was not fun farming frenzied G-rank Garugas. I completed the G-rank Gunner armor set and I am satisfied with it. Gunning allowed me to stay well away from G-rank Gravios' endless fire farts.



ollietaro commented on Dementium Remastered Pricing Confirmed as Rene...:

A thousand times yes to this! I'm so excited for this game. I'm really enjoying my $8 eshop digital copy of Resident Evil Revelations and I can't wait for Dementium Remastered. I've just recently discovered the Survival Horror genre of games and now I can't get enough of getting scared the crap out of. I've literally shouted in fear while playing Revelations when an Ooze grabbed Jill from behind. The original Resident Evil on DS is a fantastic game, as well.



ollietaro commented on Renegade Kid Wants to Release Physical Version...:

I'm sad to hear my fellow gamers in Europe don't get access to Renegade Kid's games. I can see a Moon Chronicles/Dementium Remastered dual collection for retail. Having the sprite-based games with the 3D shooters wouldn't fit. I want Dementium Remastered when it comes out in the eshop. Would rather have news regarding that title.



ollietaro commented on Renegade Kid Twice Pitched Silent Hill DS Proj...:

@Prof_Clayton You're definitely right. It's just bad business to blame the consumer. Regarding Silent Hill, I think Renegade Kid was not out of line by suggesting they take the helm of a Silent Hill DS project since they went ahead to produce a Survival Horror DS game anyways. It shows they are dedicated and that they try. You have to commend the ambition it takes to want to produce an FPS on the DS. I think a 3DS remaster of Dementium will show how far they've come, if they have, and hopefully it will deliver. I get annoyed with pompous blowhards, too, but it also seems Konami does not make great decisions regarding portable Silent Hill games as evidenced by Silent Hill: Book Of Memories (even though WayForward is an excellent developer).



ollietaro commented on Gallery: Phoenix Wright is Looking Sharp in Th...:

The announcement for localization (sorry, Westernization LOL) of Ace Attorney 6 came quite swiftly after the announcement of the Japanese version and since the same can't be said for the Great Ace Attorney, it makes me a little sad. Even if a fan translation came out, I would have to buy a Japanese 3DS to play it, wouldn't I?



ollietaro commented on Ace Attorney 6 Confirmed to be Headed to 3DS:

I just finished the incredibly long fifth and final Turnabout Trial in the first Ace Attorney which brings my total of completed Ace Attorney games to three, the others being Justice For All (Psyche Locks rule!) and Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright (which I would love to see a sequel to, it's such a phenomenal game). If Capcom not localizing the too-Japanese DLC for Dual Destinies is any indication, it proves doubtful for The Great Ace Attorney's localization even though it's one of the only series that is a Day One buy for me.



ollietaro commented on Video: The Monster Hunter Training Academy Emp...:

I didn't know Professor Layton was moonlighting as a Monster Hunter storyteller! I don't know why I still wait for an opening to sharpen/take a Mega Potion in the same area as G-rank Yian Garuga. That thing will chase you until you DIE.



ollietaro commented on Video: There's Almost Too Much Disney In This ...:

Playing the first game was better than my experience at the Disney store. The first game was one of those unlikely surprises where it may look like a kid's game on the surface, but its appeal lies in a solid all-around game. Obsessive collecting of materials? Check. Legitimately challenging action/adventure? Check? Crafting of creative & colourful foods, costumes, and furniture? Triple-check. Did I mention you can dress your Mii up in Disney costumes plus many more creative ensembles than just your standard Streetpass plaza outfits/hats?



ollietaro commented on Review: Mercenaries Saga 2: Order Of The Silve...:

@Kaze_Memaryu I loathed FF Tactics DS. I was playing it for a while until I realized, hey this is tedious! So I played something else and would forever tread cautiously near anything that mentioned FF Tactics. Maybe Mercenaries Saga won't be as tedious. I don't understand why these isometric tactics games can't just turn around 45 degrees and be straight up and down like Fire Emblem. You never know which way the cursor will move!



ollietaro commented on Nintendo Download: 6th August (North America):

I finished Golden Sun: The Lost Age GBA years ago. It was a big, fun adventure with giant puzzle labyrinths and exciting rpg battles, not to mention some of the finest graphics on GBA. It was one of the very few RPGs I completed and I got the player's guide for it at the time and had a blast. From the makers of Mario Tennis!



ollietaro commented on Video: Catch Up With Extensive Monster Hunter ...:

A cool new hunting style would make for faster travel underwater and maybe equipping the hunter with jets on their leg armor to add speedier travel. I hope Capcom doesn't ignore underwater battles in future. I was imagining they'd do air battles next time. Underwater creatures are cool. And I can't wait to see Forest & Hills in 3D. I would love to see the Swamp and Jungle as well.



ollietaro commented on Nintendo Of Europe Launching Tomodachi Life Fr...:

I would love this to happen in Canada, as well. Didn't the UK do something similar for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as well? Over here, it came out to practically silence... Anyways, I didn't buy Tomodachi Life the first time it went on sale (it was either 32.99 or 27.99) but I'm definitely onboard for a second sale.



ollietaro commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyes on More Screens for M...:

@Acarie Keep going, don't get discouraged! There is a massively rewarding experience ahead of you. And don't worry when you get killed by a monster the first time. I've gotten killed over 200 times and I completed the game SOLO. It took me two years but I would still play MH3U if I wasn't playing 4U right now. These are not the sort of experiences that can be rushed.



ollietaro commented on Fire Emblem Fates Third Path And New HOME Them...:

Funny how there are two versions and yet Best Buy has a pre-order for only one and it's priced $49.99 CAD. I won't be happy if both versions cost $49.99 each. If they do, I'll only be getting Conquest, thanks. Having too much choice is a curse, anyways, not a virtue.



ollietaro commented on Video: Disney Magical World 2 Looks as Charmin...:

I'm excited for this because the first game set a high precedent for the series so I have faith that the developer will stick to the formula. It seems like they kept a lot of the elements of the first game (Daisy's Shop, Chip 'n Dale's factory, 100-Acre Wood, and the café) and gave those a fresh coat of paint while adding new content. My only question is, how many of the costumes will be recycled for this sequel?



ollietaro commented on Feature: A Tale of Adventure and Totemic Chaos...:

As a solo player, 3 Links sound better than 4 b/c there are less characters to manage than Four Swords and it probably reduces slowdown. Also, I'm to understand Link isn't in this game? The three brothers' concept and names are cute. I reconsidered my rejection of this game when I happened upon this article. The more you know... Plus who can resist cosplaying?



ollietaro commented on Disney Magical World 2 Is Happening, Folks:

I only bought it for one reason: An excuse to wear the Disney Princess costumes. I created a female character just for that. I stayed, however, for the enjoyable Quest-Rewards/Materials-Costumes/Armor/Weapons gameplay. This is Monster Hunter injected with a large dose of Disney heroine, folks. It's not Animal Crossing: Disney World in the slightest. There's no relaxing involved. You're constantly running and travelling across worlds, gathering materials, cooking fantastical-looking foods, and slaying ghosts and boss ghosts to complete quests.



ollietaro commented on Disney Magical World 2 Is Happening, Folks:

This needed to happen. There's so much to draw upon. The first game had areas based on Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Aladdin. There are so many possibilities of other Disney films that could be featured in this game! An underwater Little Mermaid area, perhaps? This game is the bomb. So many items to collect and costumes and furniture to fashion. It also features a legitly challenging action-rpg element. For those who couldn't make it to Disneyland and find a trip to the Disney store unsatisfying as I did, this game is the best Disney experience without requiring you to pay too much. A really fun game with beautiful graphics. I hope they fix the slowdown in the overworld with this one as just b/c it's a kids game doesn't mean us grown-up kids don't appreciate a smoother frame rate. I did, however, appreciate that the action challenges were noticeably smoother.