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Mon 22nd April, 2013

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ollietaro commented on ​Style Savvy Sequel Lets You Accessorize Wit...:

@pariah164 I'm with you. I'm not for cash grabs like amiibo especially since games started going for 44.99$ where I am. Not cool but I also don't think they're necessary to the experience, right? It's only a competitive move to compete with Skylanders and I don't do Skylanders anyway.



ollietaro commented on ​Style Savvy Sequel Lets You Accessorize Wit...:

This needs to happen!! Localise it!! This game series is, by far, the most legit fashion gaming experience around. The Imagine Fashion series is getting better but it still doesn't compare to Style Savvy. No game features such stylish clothes. I have both the DS and 3DS iterations and this one will be the best yet. They just have to release it here!!! Oh yeah, and b/c every guy who plays Style Savvy reveals their gender for some reason, I'm a guy who plays Style Savvy!! Don't be afraid...succumb to your feminine side. Muhuhahahha!!! LOL



ollietaro commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Monster H...:

I agree there's a ridiculous quality to it and I love playing deadly buckaroo!! LOL Mounting is weird but strangely feels right and so much fun. I sunk over 1000 hours into MH3U. That game captivated me like a true love and I completed all of the quests solo, including the G-rank double-monster arena quests. I still had trouble with Gypceros and Yian Kut-Ku in low rank which means there's always progress to be made. This is no casual experience. I read guides, I research; this is not the sort of game I would take lightly and it's more fun and purposeful because of it.



ollietaro commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Continues to Dominat...:

@Blast RPGs only make a big difference to Japanese gamers, I think we can agree. The Nintendo DS had a lot of RPGs but I think a lot of them were one-offs, save for Etrian Odyssey which made the jump to 3DS. For some reason, RPGs number only a few for 3DS. I think that, for some reason, it was a lot easier for companies to release games for Nintendo DS, but it became a flood of games and since it was so heavily pirated, they strayed away from Nintendo systems because they are easier to hack than Sony's.



ollietaro commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

All you commenters are making it hard for me to resist paying $50 for this game. You couldn't just talk trash about it so I wouldn't get so hyped for it and be able to wait for it to go on sale for 29.99 LOL! This is such a charming looking/sounding game! Also, the alchemist part is basically a simplified version of the Atelier series, am I right?!!



ollietaro commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy States a ...:

Am I the only one who sees no difference between the versions in the photos? I see the text is in a different font and I imagine the image will be in 3D but nothing is redrawn which is a letdown. Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright has such high production values that this trilogy will pale in comparison.



ollietaro commented on Capcom Shows Off Comparison Screens For Phoeni...:

As I have access to the DS versions already and played thru Justice For All and 4/5 of the first one, I'd like to know how much new content, if any, is in this re-release. I dunno how it'll be playing thru the same cases twice. I played them exactly a year ago so I guess I'll wait until I forget what happens LOL



ollietaro commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

I just wonder if this will affect Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Multiplayer Online Quests. If it becomes an issue, I can and will solo the game as I have done with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I will solo all the quests first before I do them online with others. Playing online also lowers the difficulty by nature since you have 3 people helping you.

Why would people want to buy Japanese games if they can't read 'em? What games are EU-exclusive? I find plenty enough to play that's available, thank-you.



ollietaro commented on Capcom Outlines Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Shar...:

@galachef55 Thanks! I procrastinated hunting Dire Miralis for the 5 Gushing Magma needed for the Ishtar for so long but it actually became easier than I thought. It took a long time, but wasn't too tough. My most successful Dire Miralis run is about 40 mins. with the Stygian Superbia dual blades. Now, Alatreon remains my biggest challenge...