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Fri 6th Jun 2014

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HK-47 commented on Ubisoft Announcement Suggests More Child Of Li...:

More games using the UbiArt Framework can't be a bad thing. I'd prefer that they make something completely new, but I'm fine with something else in the Child of Light universe. But please stop trying to force everything in the dialogue to rhyme.



HK-47 commented on Japan Weekly: Famitsu Outlines More Details on...:

I haven't been really interested in Splatoon because multiplayer shooters just aren't my thing. But the single player mode is looking more and more like a great 3D platformer, and that's not good for my wallet.



HK-47 commented on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Finally Shakes ...:

Same here. With recent (and excellent) platformers Shovel Knight and Gunvolt both being priced at $15, I was expecting this game to have the same price. There's still a very good chance I'm getting this though, as long as the initial reviews are not disastrous.



HK-47 commented on Timespinner Looks Like an Awesome Pixel-Based ...:

With games that look like spiritual successors to Castlevania (Timespinner) and Mega Man Zero (Gunvolt) getting a lot of hype, you'd think that Capcom would realize that there's a demand for these types of games. But, oh well.



HK-47 commented on First Impressions: Breaking Out With Siesta Fi...:

Will there be a demo? I'm always hesitant about using touch controls, especially for fast-paced games. But I have to say this looks very interesting, and it might be the type of game that can win people over with a demo, with maybe 3 or so levels.