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Guide: The Biggest Wii U and 3DS Retail Games Coming In 2014

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

With apologies to your wallet

We're rapidly approaching the second half of 2014, and before this year's E3 shenanigans Nintendo system owners would have been forgiven for some nerves about the volume of games on the way this year. The show did reveal a host of release dates and new titles, however, though keeping track of those coming in the near future and others actually pegged for 2015 is a challenge.

That's what this guide is for, we've picked out the biggest retail games on the way this year in one handy list, covering both Wii U and 3DS; it includes what we consider to be the stronger titles on the way to suit a variety of audiences. It's not a bad list, as it transpires, even if the Summer months are as quiet as usual; first-party big-hitters lead the way, though we've picked key third-party games for all tastes, too.

Let's get to it.

Wii U

Is this a 'major' release? Yes and no. We suspect devoted Wii U gamers will be in the latter camp, as they'll either not be overly fussed or have already picked up the download versions, yet this could catch the eye of those that fell in love with the Wii original. It's not like we're bursting at the seems with big retail games in the summer, in any case...

Tecmo Koei's crazy Dynasty Warriors / Zelda mashup is coming to the West a little sooner than we would have predicted before E3, bringing with it button mashing / enemy hacking action. This game does look like pure fan-service, with recognisable arenas and playable characters such as Impa and Zelda; who can say no to that?

First given a shock reveal way back in Fall 2012, this one is now almost ready to deliver its combo-button-mashing madness to Wii U. PlatinumGames is introducing some new ideas into this sequel, including some rad-looking mech armour and touch screen controls, while those that buy this will also receive an upgraded version of the original Bayonetta, which also has GamePad controls and some Nintendo-themed extras.

Due during the peak Holiday shopping season, this will have some amiibo toy support. This takes the puzzle level concept from Super Mario 3D World and goes much further with more detailed stages and various uses of the GamePad. Certainly one to watch, and we enjoyed the experience in our first impressions.

Confirmed for this year, this is the full retail package that was partially shown off in the inexpensive Wii U eShop download, Art Academy: SketchPad. It'll feature detailed lessons, once again, intuitive Miiverse sharing and 360-degree panoramic landscapes in the Free Paint mode, all using the GamePad touch screen.

This driving-sim from Slightly Mad Studios has been developed closely with its community, and could be seriously enticing for fans of the genre. Wii U support survived despite the Xbox 360 and PS3 being axed in favour of their successors, so here's hoping that this will live up to the hype.

This new release and range of toys will bring the Marvel Universe (and others) into Disney's series, as the company will aim to continue the success of the franchise début in 2013. Nintendo will hope that Wii U can be a major platform in its likely success.

Dancing may not be everyone's favourite gaming activity, but sales numbers make clear that for many this franchise is an annual must-have. The Wii version has traditionally been the best-selling version of this title, but Ubisoft is skipping Nintendo's last-gen system in favour of Wii U — alongside Sony and Microsoft platforms. Both companies will hope that the newer system will pick up the reins from its predecessor as it failed to do last year.

We've included this one as it's a thing that still exists, has been 'confirmed' for Fall and was even included as a pre-E3 trailer on Nintendo's official YouTube channel. It's sold well on every other platform since its late May release which will further dent any chance it has on Wii U, but there are still gamers waiting for the Nintendo system's version.

Wii U and 3DS

The first dual release in the history of the franchise, with the début portable entry arriving first on 3rd October in North America and Europe. Nintendo has reiterated a Holiday arrival for the Wii U title, and considering the fact a range of amiibo toys will be released with the game we reckon that window is as rock-solid as it's going to get. The hype for these games is now very real.

These are two separate projects, Rise of Lyric on Wii U and Shattered Crystal on 3DS, developed by Big Red Button and Sanzaru Games, respectively. These games are the final entries in a three-game Sonic deal between Sega and Nintendo, and will tie-in to a TV show and range of toys, with each entry promising entirely different gameplay experiences. The Wii U entry is an action adventure with local co-op, while the 3DS title is a more standard 2D Sonic platformer.

The LEGO series keeps on building, and with this title's predecessors firmly in the category of stronger releases in the franchise, there's much hope for this new entry. It looks rather wacky as it heads into outer space, while the 3DS entry will be a spin-off with its own approach and storyline, as was the case with LEGO Marvel, for example.

The latest entry in the hugely popular Activision franchise is coming to Wii U, Wii and 3DS in various forms, with the HD system likely to offer the most substantial experience. The gimmick this time is that you 'trap' villains and can then recruit them for your cause.


An announcement earlier this year of these remakes caused a great deal of excitement, with details since of Mega Evolutions, a three dimensional overworld and 3D battles all shown. This will be a major driver for 3DS sales in the Holiday season.

A continuation of the popular art series, this includes plenty of lessons and improved sharing options through Miiverse, while naturally being perfectly catered to Pokémon fans — we were fans in our Pokémon Art Academy review.

Already available in Europe, this stylish crossover blends the puzzle-solving storytelling of Level-5's franchises with the court room scenes of Capcom's equivalent. Full of charm and strong writing while providing a solid adventure, we gave this a recommendation in our Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review.

This is an expanded and improved version of the excellent 3DS title Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, which will make it the must-own version for those yet to dive in and still tempting to those that already have done so. Rhythm-game fans shouldn't miss this one.

The first Persona title to appear on Nintendo hardware, this will blend the series' RPG elements with aspects of Etrian Odyssey for what's promised to be a unique experience; NISA will publish it in Europe this year, too.

An all new entry in the popular franchise, this is a fully three-dimensional RPG in which you do a spot of farming, fishing and more while also trying to return the full four seasons to the world; it's not confirmed for Europe at the time of writing.

Released by Atlus as a retail game in North America, the company is breaking its own convention in bringing this one to Europe itself, albeit as a download-only title. It's a lengthy, exciting RPG that we loved in our Shin Megami Tensei IV review, so will likely be on plenty of European wishlists when it arrives.

This is a part-sim part-RPG from Level-5 that caught the eye when revealed by Level-5 in 2012. It's finally making its way to the West, with the prospect of serving up a lengthy campaign in addition to online play.

This is a peculiar tale, as this is a localisation of Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land courtesy of XSEED Games, and different from The Lost Valley as listed above; this is a more traditional entry in the franchise, with the new name adopted due to licensing issues. It is a Harvest Moon title, however, and could be a nice stocking filler; it's not confirmed for Europe at the time of writing.

So there you have it, quite a few enticing retail games on the way to Wii U and 3DS in 2014. Let us know which you're most excited about in the comments below.

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Mr_Pringles said:

I can't wait. Omega Ruby and Hyrule warriors are easily one of my most anticipated Nintendo games coming out. I didn't get the download version of the Wii Sports Club games, so I'll be getting the retail version too. Good time to be a Nintendo gamer, especially with so many great games to look forward to next year!



Tsurii said:

The game, I'm looking forward to most, has to be Hyrule Warriors. I love Zelda, I love the Warriors games. I couldn't ask for too much more

Bayonetta, Cap'n Toad and Art Academy are pretty high up, too



XCWarrior said:

Thank you for creating this list. Do you guys have a simplified release list on the website, even without the pictures so it's all like right in front of your face without scrolling?

Either way, glad some site finally did this.



Trikeboy said:

UK gets Hyrule Warriors early but gets Pokemon later than the US. That seems like a fair trade off.



gianlucazogno said:

So is Project CARS actually coming out in November for Wii U? Cause I've been waiting for ages, I really want to play a good racing sim



NintyMan said:

1. Wii Sports Club retail
2. Hyrule Warriors
3. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
4. Art Academy for Wii U
5. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
6. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
7. Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire
That's what my list of interested or definite buys are. And that doesn't even count the amiibo figures coming out later this year. My wallet must be crackling already.



Kirk said:

I see one genuine system seller coming to Wii U for the rest of 2014, Smash Bros, and possibly a few that mostly casuals might pick up a Wii U for.

There's a bunch of other solid titles that look like good fun but I don't see them really having much of an impact beyond the usual sales to mostly people who own a Wii U already.

So, some decent games there, many of them I'd certainly at least like to give a try personally (Art Academy for one), but it's not a lineup that's going to challenge the other two systems in terms of getting people that aren't currently interested in buying a Wii U to actually suddenly want to go out and get one.

Amiibo might be the most likely thing to move additional Wii U systems this year if Nintendo can turn it into something that all the kids out there see and just pester their parents relentlessly to buy a Wii U so they can have all those figures.



2Sang said:

Terrible summer, but the end of the year release schedule looks fantastic and will be a great time to get a wii u.



GraveLordXD said:

Hyrule warriors, bayonetta 2, smash brothers, persona q and shovel knight(Know its not retail but im very excited about it) are all day one purchases
Sonic boom and toad is a maybe
Some indies too I'm sure wish we had a list of that also



Paintfrog said:

I'll be picking up Super Smash Bros for 3DS, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Fantasy Life.



AdanVC said:

Daaamn! Now I'm actually pretty excited for Wii U. Lot's of excellent games coming from now until December. Getting all of them (and the 3DS games as well!) Pushmo for Wii U I believe is coming this week isn'it? Yay!



Gerbwmu said:

@Kirk - I think you are pretty accurate in your assessment. I'm hoping it's a case of MK8 with these games or Smash Bros with these games means Wii U becomes a must have. Every quality game helps sell a few more consoles and the lead up to holiday season is relatively strong.

I may have to get Hyrule Warriors. It looks like good fun. Project C.A.R.S. is on my to get list. I've never been a fan of fighting games so Smash doesn't do much for me personally but 2015 is gonna kill my wallet if X, Zelda, and SMTvFE come out.



sinalefa said:

On Wii U I plan to get Smash Bros, Captain Toad, Bayo 2, Hyrule Warriors, Project Cars, and maybe Sonic Boom and Wii Sports.

For 3DS only Smash and Theatrhythm. Maybe Persona Q



DarkCoolEdge said:

I don't know how I'll buy them all: Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Fantasy Life, Watch_Dogs and Shin Megami Tensei IV.



Tritonus said:

I really think the trailers they showed for Sonic Boom at E3 look really promising. Especially the fact that one will be 3D adventure, while the 3DS will be 2.5D platforming, and the games will feed into each other. I might just pick them both up, as I'm getting a 3DS for Smash.



WanderingPB said:

I still believe this dry spell after MK8 until Hyrule Warriors is not good but i dont mind waiting for quality games that wont need multiple patches. But yes my wallet is crying so many games to buy…i might just try to take sum time off from work to play them all



Shambo said:

I shouldn't have sold my first Wii U after getting the Zelda one... How I won't be able to play two games simultaneously, and my backlog will no doubt keep getting bigger...



siavm said:

I don't care about just dance but you got a lot wrong with that write up. It is coming to the wii and Ubisoft makes that games not activision.



XFsWorld said:

Will definitely get Hyrule Warriors, Watch Dogs, and Smash Bros 4. I need to see more on Bayonetta 2. And maybe Sonic Boom.

For 3DS I'll get Smash Bros 4. Thinking about getting Fantasy Life but I don't know yet.

I just really can't wait for 2015.



biglittlejake said:

Hopefully that will result in better sales for Nintendo. What interests me are: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U, and Hyrule Warriors.



Cyberbotv2 said:

Can you guys possibly do this with digital games? I have an insane backlog, and might just pick up Bayonetta the rest of the year in terms of retail.



Kirk said:

Interestingly, for me anyway, of all the games I've seen that are coming to Wii U in 2014 I think I'd most like to play/try Shovel Knight, Art Academy and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

I'd of course want to give Smash Bros a go but I've never been a big fan of the Smash Bros games in general, they just feel a bit too random and scrappy to me, but I'd just be curious to see how this one holds up seeing that it's basically the only genuinely big system selling game I think Nintendo has for the rest of 2014.



Peach64 said:

Not a whole ton there I'll be buying unfortunately. Bayonetta 2, and Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. Maybe Fantasy Life, but I didn't think it got great scores in Japan, so I'll wait for reviews. There would be Wright vs Layton but we already got it here in the UK. Hopefully we'll see Dragon Quest VII localised for the 3DS this year to help pad out the line-up.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta, Smash, and Persona Q (if that one releases this year in Europe) for me.
Going by this posts title, I'll assume a "Biggest WiiU and 3DS Download Games 2014" list.

But 2015 is an obvious case: SPLATOOOOOOOOOOON!!!



ultraraichu said:

Thanks for making the list. Made my game planning easier to set up so I'm financially ready, at least from the retail end.

To be honest, I am jelly with EU getting games weeks and months ahead of NA, especially with Pokemon Art Academy and Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. Patience is a virtue I guess so I'll play other games till then.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I hope Wii Sports Club is either €20 on its own or €50 bundled with a Wii remote plus.

Edit: have it on its own at £65 sterling. Ok are they crazy?



AJWolfTill said:

Is it worth adding Shin Megami Tensei 4 for Europe? I ask since Layton Vs Wright is up for America.
Not much in the 3ds pipeline that interests me. Still got to get Luigi's Mansion the two Wright games and a bunch of RPGs so I'm not worried.



Evenmoresteven said:

I think Captain Toad and Smash are the only things I'll be picking up, maybe Hyrule Warriors pending reviews. Captain Toad was super unexpected and I'm very excited. It looks like a total expansion of that great idea in SM3DW. There's also some really cool uses of the gamepad.



aaronsullivan said:

I'm almost sold on Hyrule Warriors. Bad reviews could ward me off.

I think we'll go for Wii Sports Club actually. I didn't like the prices so far so I didn't commit but the package deal seems nice.

Captain Toad, yes, please.

Art Academy, yup. My daughter will eat that up.

Hard not to be impressed by Bayonetta 2 with it's great game play and its relentless and completely-over-the-top nature but not my cup of tea content wise.

Sonic Boom will need some good reviews for me to pay attention. Kids DO like Sonic.

Disney Infinity is losing steam for us lately and I'm not sure 2.0 is going to be enough to revitalize. Maybe.

Watch Dogs was a great premise until the main character became so evil and twisted, basically. Not interested in that type of killing spree especially without the satire of GTA.

If there's a particular song or two Just Dance 2015 might get bought after big sales.

Lego Batman 3? Maybe. Needs good reviews. My kids like the LEGO games, but you just don't need that many of them in the Library. lol. Star Wars trilogy, Batman 2 demo on the PS3, and the fantastic Lego City have been plenty for now!

3DS XL is getting very little use from me and only in my fantasies do I have time enough to play a game like Fantasy Life, but I sure did like the look of it when watching the Treehouse video. I would enjoy that one.

I'm a little worried about Smash Bros. When my 5-year-old sees it being played he starts bouncing off the walls and jumping off the highest points of furniture.

With MK8 this is WAY MORE than enough to hold this family over to 2015, though!



0utburst said:

For sure:
Wii Sports download
Bayonetta retail if available on 2-disc else download
Captain Toad (tbd if retail/dl)
SSBfWU download

Hyrule Warriors
Sonic Boom
Project Cars



LavaTwilight said:

No poll? How bizarre...
I'm still yet to pick up the Wii Sports Club games but since I'd only be interested in the 3 that are already released, I'd probably just download those 3 and leave it there. With that exception I'm only interested in the following three games (in order of excitement):
1: Smash Bros
2: Watch Dogs
3: Art Academy
And I fear they may all be day 1 purchases. With that in mind, I may still get Toad's Treasure Tracker thing and I might get Hyrule Warriors, but that'd probably be when they're cheaper.



SavoirFaire said:

Wow hard to believe only 1 3ds game on the list I am interested in (persona) and only luke warm at that. Probably for the best, my backlog is embarrassingly large.



ThomasBW84 said:

@XCWarrior If you go to a section (Wii U, Wii U eShop, 3DS, 3DS eShop) and hover over games, you can see lists of games out now or coming soon. It should auto-detect your region, but that can be changed too.



ThomasBW84 said:

@AJWolfTill I'll add it in, I actually resisted because it's eShop only over here (I think, will check). As you say though, if NA only ones are in there it's only fair!



NintendoFan990 said:

What I'll be getting:
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2
Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker
Super Smash Bros. (both versions)
Pokemon Sapphire and OmegaRuby (don't know which one to get yet)
Sonic Boom (Wii U verison)



TwilightOniAngel said:

Where is devil's third i thought its coming out this year? And yes my wallet is going to cry money for many months. Especially with those amiibos figures coming out this year too.



TruenoGT said:

Bayonetta 2
Captain Toad
Wii U Art Academy
Project Cars (pending details)
Maybe SSB for 3DS and Hyrule Warriors
These padded with super backlog 9000 is looking pretty darn good for 2014.



Ryno said:

Only 2 more retail titles for me this year, Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta. That's fine though, I got quite the backlog.



unrandomsam said:

I will get the 3DS Sonic Boom. Maybe Captain Toad depending on its price. Smash Bros (One or both depending on the Figure Platform and how much I disagree with it). Probably Bayonetta 2.

The stuff I actually want is all 2015. Which is a lifetime away (When stuff gets delayed anyway usually).



gojiguy said:

Wow. That gap between now and Hyrule Warriors is HUGE.

I guess its gonna be a backlog summer...



Buduski said:

In order of excitment Smash bros, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Project Cars, Pokemon Omega Ruby. (Might get Captain Toad)



wayneyrob22 said:

got to say i`m looking forward to this cars project, not a lot of racers on wii u, what we got need for speed hectic smashing police pusuit racer, turn the contrast up in options to show it off a bit more, mario kart, short in single player infinate online, segas sonic mario kart klone not bad and lasts longer in single player a couple of others not worth mentioning in fact i got to go back to gamecube to play any decent racers (wii farri challenge (gets good if you practice)) other than that racers on nintendo`s home consoles are a joke.



Luna-Harmony said:

Bayonetta 2 ( I hope we get limited edition like japan in twin pack )
Captain Toad
Smash bros wii U & 3DS
Pokemon Omega
Hyrule Warriors
Persona Q
Layton vs Wright
Curtian Call.

Wii u sports club amazon want £64 for that game what a joke.



jrob23 said:

let's also remember that there are several Nintndo Directs and a couple expos around the world that games could be announced. I fully expect a remake of an older game whether it's Majora's Mask, Metroid. I seriously doubt that list will remain intact with no additions



The_Ninja said:

So nothing for my 3DS early/summer 2014.... but late 2014 is where it's at.
Smash Bros, Omega Ruby... yeeaa...
But for now I think I'll buy and play A Link Between Worlds until SSB43D, I'm kind of sad though that I heard that the game was only around 18-20 hours.... good thing there's a hero mode but IDK if that will save me until October.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Fantasy Life, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Project Cars (possibly), Alpha Sapphire, Smashbros Wii U, Smashbros 3DS, and whichever Harvest Moon game looks best.



SleepyCrossing said:

Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 1&2
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS (if I can't hold myself over)
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
(maybe) Project CARS

If I have the time and money I might pick up Persona Q, Harvest Moon: Lost Valley, and Shin Megami Tensei IV because I've yet to play it for some odd reason. There are tons of indies / e-shop titles coming too. Combined with that and my insane backlog, I'll be content until Hyrule Warriors.



GougeMan said:

Super Smash Bros. will be the game of the year in 2015. It will be THAT good. People will buy Wii U's at Christmas just to get that game.



Zach777 said:

Slightly surprised Nintendo is only publishing Pokemon and Smash this Autumn. Seems like the game production of the last two years has finally exhausted the programmers. Perhaps I'm wrong though?



gage_wolf said:

Not bad. My big complaint with the Wii U thus far has less to do with the amount of content available, and more to do with the gameplay. So far everything we've gotten from Nintendo has largely been very arcade-y. I want something I can dive into, take my time, and explore. Pikmin was a nice dose of that, but didn't really satisfy the itch. Seems like I'll have to wait for 2015.



JaxonH said:

Wii Sports Club
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 1 and 2
Watch Dogs
Sonic Boom
Project Cars
Captain Toad
Smash Bros
Amiibo figure set

Persona 4
Smash Bros 3D
Sonic Boom
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Omega Ruby



CliveWinston said:

i'll be getting nearly everything, other than just dance, infinity, skylanders, and art academy... spending too much on games, but i can't resist....



sketchturner said:

Now we need a list of upcoming WiiU eshop titles. There are so many good ones on the horizon I'm having trouble keeping track of them all.



sinalefa said:


Wouldn't it be easier for you to give us a list of the ones that you won't buy

And that list is only for Nintendo games!



fluggy said:

Nothing for me here .... Nothing!!!! Have a long wait for Wooly Yoshi and Zelda .



PlywoodStick said:

Fantasy Life is pretty much the only one I'll be getting for sure. That Layton/Phoenix crossover looks good though, and I'll keep an eye out for the Harvest Moon titles... Not interested in Pokemon until it's formula is fundamentally changed. (Which won't happen.)

As for Smash Bros... only if a friend gets it. Otherwise, nothing on the Wii U here for me. RPG's have been in perpetual drought on home consoles since 6th generation ended... They mostly migrated to portable consoles.

The NA only releases have been showcasing, once again, why region lock is a problem, not a solution.



Nintendzoey said:

What?! 2 of the 3 games that I want to play the most (Story of Seasons & The Lost Valley) are only coming to NA? That is unacceptable. We have already missed out on the other games I wanted desperately to play this year (Disney Magical World, Chibi-Robo & Rune Factory were all at the top of my list). Now we are missing out on these as well, so unfair.
Hopefully Fantasy Life gets released in AU / EU or I might have to consider getting my American friend to start sending me 3DS games (after I purchase an American 3DS).



Shiny_Sentret said:

What I'll get- SSB 3DS and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I want CTTT and HW, but I don't have a Wii U..................................yet.



Arcamenel said:

Super Smash Bros. 4
Fantasy Life
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2
The last two depend on if I get a Wii U when I get paid this week but most likely will.



Wonky_Kong said:

@Interneto. But Pokemon is a remake in the same engine as x/y with largely the same assets. UK gets the vest deal IMO.

EDIT: only just saw the NA exclusives, so yeah US wins



wayneyrob22 said:

@arkady77 it doesen`t look crap, it moves very fast and if you go to options and put camera on versatile it looks even better, clouds moving past the sun, i don`t think even forza does that! the handling takes some getting used to but once you get it, sweet as a nut!



Nintenjoe64 said:

Finally I have a release schedule that might actually fill all of my time. I'll be very happy if Nintendo actually fill it out with some better VC games!



Gabjazz said:

For me of course HYRULE WARRIORS and BAYONETTA 2!!!! I'm also getting project cars, captain toad and both smash bros.



Wonky_Kong said:

I will get bayo2, because bayo1 was brilliant. Smash bros is obviously on my list and ill top it off with HW (gotta love tge warriors series) and persona. I still need to catch up on my WiiU (W101 and SM3DW)



Hero-of-WiiU said:

My article suggestion comes true!

Hyrule Warriors, Baseball, and SSB 3ds are day ones for me.

Nothing for me on the 3ds beside SSB. But I'll put SSB for Wii U (with a couple of amiibo figures) Watch Dogs, Project Cars, and Captain Toad on my list.



Ash_Anne said:

The only thing I will be getting for my Wii U this fall is Smash Bros, but I will be buying a lot on my 3DS! You guys forgot the Phoenix Wright Trilogy on 3DS, it's coming on this year too.



Iggly said:

Did Nintendo stab my wallet? If so, that would explain the lack of money atm. :/



Link506 said:

The rest of the year is packed with games. My wallet is gonna take a beating.



HumaneBlaze said:

Oh god to many games....I definitely know for the wii u im getting Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Smash bros, Watch dogs and Disney infinity (only getting it just to play as spiderman) and for the 3ds im definitely getting both pokemon games, fantasy life , smash bros and persona....might also check out Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. I should definitely complete many games on my backlog before these games come out.



rjejr said:

Thanks for the lists.

And thanks for including Sports Club, which now that E3 is over maybe Nintendo will start to advertise and go fishing for any casuals who feel like upgrading to online play. I wish the game was named "Wii U Sports Online" rather than "Wii Sports Club" though - it doens't even have the U in the title. OK technically there is a "u" in the word Club but I don't see that helping any.

And I'ld like to see a $50 w/ Wiimote Plus option, $40 is ok I guess if consumers figure out it's free online and a Wii U game.

Hyrule Warriors due to couch co-op, Bayonneta 1 + 2 (played 1 but it was good enough that I'll replay it again in a skirt) and SSBU.

Is Nintendo really saying "Holiday 2014" instead of "Winter 2014" now for SSB? It's a start.

And I guess it's unlikely at this point, but Wii U should have an HD port every year for the holidays - Super Mario Sunshine would be nice Or Luigi's Mansion (maybe nerf the final boss). Might as well make use of the Gamecube port adapter. Or at least a VC Gamecube game.



thehoppypoppy said:

Is it just me, or does Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley look like HM had a baby with minecraft? Interesting artistic choice. I still don't know how I will choose between that and Story of Seasons...

I wasn't interested in Fantasy Life initially, but watching the extended coverage from the E3 videos might have changed my mind. I have a feeling that I will at least get it for my niece for Christmas.

Super excited about Pokemon Sapphire! Several of the Wii U games look promising, and I don't even have a wii u! I have a feeling we'll get one eventually though. My hubby loves most of the LEGO games, and he's been interested in the Avengers theme game (he would probably be interested in Batman 3 too). Of course I'm also interested in Smash Bros...looks so pretty on the wii u.



Mr_Mojo_Risin said:

I officially hate Nintendo for making me buy all this stuff for 3DS... it all looks SO GOOD... :x



sinalefa said:


"Is Nintendo really saying "Holiday 2014" instead of "Winter 2014" now for SSB? It's a start."

I guess I won that one But admittedly, I thought that it would be their only holiday game, and they announce Captain Toad. Still the biggest of the two.



bizcuthammer said:

Definitely gettin both Smash games and AlphaSapphire. Might get Hyrule Warriors and/or Captain Toad depending on wwhat the final product looks like.



bezerker99 said:

I want the Wii U games but the 3DS games I have no interest cuz they seem like the same old same games. Bring on MH4U in 2015!!!



iphys said:

I'm getting Captain Toad, Smash Bros 3DS, and Just Dance 2015 (for that Tetris music).



Hy8ogen said:

Good we have this gap for this summer. Time to clear out my massive back log.



MrGawain said:

Great Wii U line up. Hyrule, Bayonetta, Smash and Cpt Toad are definite for me, with maybe Batman 3, Sonic, and Wii U Sports once I ge a closer look.

The 3ds side is a bit lacking though, isn't it?



The_Ninja said:

@Hy8ogen Just when I was about to buy a couple games this summer there are none. I actually only have 3 games for 3DS.... only have one backlogged game, Layton Miracle Mask. I really need to get more games. I'm getting Between Worlds, Omega Ruby and of course Smash. I might get Tomodachi too, still thinking about it.



jariw said:

Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 were not games I was interested in initially, but the E3 Treehouse Live coverage convinced that these games seem like great fun.



bobbypaycheque said:

Honestly, I think that Captain Toad game could be ridiculously fun and I'm really looking forward to it. I mean, Toad has to find treasures so he has something to give Mario in the Toad houses scattered throughout the Mario Bros. games.



maceng said:

I still think that the Wii U list is a little bare on AAA titles. I really don't care much as I've a arm's length of still-to-play list of games for both platforms (I'm looking at you, W101 and WindWaker).

The 3DS has such a long library of games, that Nintendo could skip this year entirely and it won't be missed.

@bobbypaycheque: I agree wholeheartedly with you, my friend.



maceng said:

For me, Bayonetta 2 is high on my list, as well as Captain Toad (if it's priced according;y, like 25 bucks). Smash Bros in both platforms for my son, as well as Batman 3 on the Wii U (and maybe a double dip for the 3DS) and Marvel Infinite. Of course, both Pokemon are a given.



ScorpionMG said:

@ThomasBW84 i think you put activision instead of ubisoft in the just dance description, and if i'm right, i did see a trailer of just dance 2015 and in the end it showed the wii u and wii disc covers.



maceng said:

I have really high hopes for Watch Dogs. I wish that Ubisoft doesn't skim on the multiplayer and special content for the Gamepad. For example, I want the hacking of ATM and other stuff to be done like a mini-game on the Gamepad, a la Bioshock. Not all the hacking, because it can become tedious and disrupt the flow of the game (I haven't played yet).



maceng said:

Man, you really have to step up your 3DS library.
If you like puzzles, I think that games like Steamworld Dig and Pullblox (physics puzzle) can be enticing, or adventure games like Luigi's Dark Moon, which, by the way, has great multiplayer.
Other recommendations are Mario 3D Land (every 3DS game should have it, IMHO) and Revelations, if horror-based adventures are your stuff.



The_Ninja said:

@maceng I think Dark Moon and 3D land are fine and then I'll get an eshop only game like the ones you mentioned. I was thinking about 3D land because it looks real cool and Mario never dissapoints me. I've never played a mansion game but they seem fun and long. Thanks for the advice!



mullen said:

My list:
Wii Sports Club
Captain Toad (Maybe)
Super Smash Bros. (Maybe x2)
Pokemon x3
Professor Layton x Phoenix Wright

My biggest problem is whether I have enough time to play these.



Will-75 said:

I'm most impatient to play Hyrule Warrior and Bayonetta for Wii U for the 3DS It's Smash Bros. and Fantasy Life I am looking forward to Shovel Knight also . Captain Toad is another no brainer I liked the segments of it in Super Mario 3D World .



Ralek85 said:

Well Persona Q for me. Maybe Theatrhythm and Layton VS Phoenix down the line. WiiU wise I'd be only interested in Bayonetta 2, but I really didn't like the enemy aesthetics in the first one ... will get a WiiU for Splatoon (as long as the controls are tight and there is either voice chat or I can convince 3 buddies to also get a WiiU for it .. which leaves me two down so far^^). Nothing really must-have for me in 2014 from the looks of it. MK and SMB (not a big fan for 2D beat'em'ups even SMB) I got covered pretty good via 3DS, also I'm a bit tired of those once-every-generation racing/fighting genre games by Ninty I have to admit.



maceng said:

Take into consideration that Mario 3D land has 16 worlds, where the firts 8 are a cakewalk (almost) , and the second group are very hard (haven't finished them all, after 3 years). If you Streetpass with someone, you get special items from fellow gamers on challenges on the toad houses. You get a ton of content for your buck. The same can be said about Luigi's mansion.



cyrus_zuo said:

3DS is VERY short on First Party games this year...I don't know if I'll buy another retail game on the 3DS before Christmas! (that's a shock to me)
WiiU is getting a lot of focus .
Wii Sports Club Baseball was one of my two surprises at E3. I really wish they'd taken it further, but the gamepad controls of pitching and fielding were both a revelation! They work very well to provide some uniqueness to the game.



MajinSoul said:

I want a lot of them and I will get as many as I can granted studies and money don't fail me. So here it goes:

Hyrule Warrior, Devils Third (I thought it comes out this year), Bayonetta, Smash U, Toads Treasure Tracker, Pokemon Alpha Saphire, SMT 4 (no retail though), Theathrythm 2, The Pheonix Wright Trilogy, Persona Q ... the list goes on and on.

Project Cars looks promising, I will wait for reviews though. Watch Dogs is almost a no-go. ONLY and only if they heavily make use of the WiiU's features as in Miiverse, Gamepad, etc. and the game is perfectly optimized on WiiU will I consider buying it. I highly doubt that this will happen since they would have showcased those features on E3. They didn't though, so I won't buy it probably.



epicdude12302 said:

I just watched gameplay for Fantasy Life yesterday, and I have to admit, It looks a lot better than I thought it would! I want all of the Wii U ones except for Skylanders and Lego Batman!



arnoldlayne83 said:

at least 2 from bayonetta, project CARS, hyrule warriors and watch dogs... i think is important to support the few third parties which still release games for WiiU, showing to other producer that with this system is possible to get money.... Cpt toad could be interesting too for me...



arnoldlayne83 said:

@MajinSoul the hope is that we will get a watch dogs version which will be bug free and hopefully taylored to the gamepad (which seems perfect for this game)... ubisoft could be the Evil but is still the only big producer who brought us decent multi-platform...



JaxonH said:

@sinalefa @rjejr

Ya, combining all five systems is quite a few games lol. I keep a sheet of notebook paper with all the games I've pre ordered listed down two columns to keep track. Almost time to bust out a second sheet, no joke!

But what can I say, I feel like a kid in a candy store after every E3 (and I'm extremely OCD). But don't think it comes easy. I just got a better job as a CMM programmer so that, along with regular Saturday overtime, is how I fund "The List".



Marshi said:

Theres plenty there to keep folks going methinks. But there is a rather large gap between now and. And september. A perfect oportunity for something nintendo can gamecube vc? Come on nintendo make it happen!



eltomo said:

3 +1 games for Wii U, 0 for 3ds and 1 for ps3 this year, not bad, should keep me busy.

I'm happy



Grimlock_King said:

I will buy wii u sports for the first time only if all the games are included. Also buying bayonetta 2, theatre rhythm 2 and maybe the toad game.



Ralphi said:

I still don't have a Wii U, but I want one so badly now, especially for Hryule Warriors, Smash Bros., and Bayonetta. My 3DS is still going to take so much of my limited funds as it is- Persona, Fantasy Life, Pokemon, Smash Bros. .. maybe that Poke art academy game. Better start budgeting!



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "I keep a sheet of notebook paper"

I had a list on my PC back in late 2009 that had GoW3, Bayonetta, FF13 and "The Last Guardian". Now I'll get Bayonetta 2 and probably FF15 before TLG. GoW:A is long gone.

Congrats on the new job. I remember back in the late 90's, having a good job and sharing apt. rent w/ my finance. Stopping off at Gamestop almost every day after work looking for Dreamcast and PS/2 games. Then we bought a house. And had kids. And I quit my job. Now we rent games and I have no time to play them. Enjoy it while you can Though I suppose if you don't quit your job and buy a home where the real estate taxes are as much as your mortgage you'll be able to enjoy it a bit longer than I did



Jazzer94 said:

Hyrule Warriors comes out the day before my birthday I think I know what I want this year.



Dizzard said:

Let's see: Smash Bros, Pokemon ORAS, Fantasy Life, Shin Megami Tensei IV and then possibly Persona Q and Bayonetta 2.

There's quite a lot on the horizon I'm interested in. Poor poor wallet.....



norwichred said:

Can honestly, and sadly, say that there is not a single title there on either format that interests me more than happy with what I have to be going on with, toad I might pick up if the price and reviews are good, and hoping for a SNES remix to tide me over.



Gold said:

Watch_Dogs is confirmed for November release. Deja Vu much?
I will hopefully be getting:
Wii Sports Club
Hyrule Warriors
Both Smash Bros. 4 Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Fantasy Life

And as an added bonus for previous releases, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Yoshi's New Island.



Dpishere said:

After seeing the Treehouse gameplay footage of Hyrule Warriors I must say that I am looking forward to it quite a bit more than before. Looks to be complete fan service to Zelda fans like me!



HAL9000 said:

Summer - finish backlog of Wii U games

Home Wii U that I share with my wife
Hyrule Warriors (2 player coop)- Sept
Bayonetta 2 - Oct
Sonic Boom (2 player coop) - Nov
Captain Toad (OMG - thank you Nintendo!) - Dec
Smash Bros U - Xmas
Amiibo - Xmas

I will be picking up a second copy of Smash bros U for my afterschool Nintendo Wii U game club that I run for my 7th/8th graders.



Dezzy said:

Seems like nearly everything on the 3DS is cutesie cutesie japanesey games now. C'mon guys. Maybe something for adults?



GreatPlayer said:

There are already two Dynasty Warrior games on Wii U, and not sure if another one with the skin of Zelda is worthwhile. I will probably get Sonic Boom and Bayonetta 2.

I wish that Nintendo will develop new franchises rather than keep recycling characters and enemies from Mario games (Mario + Yoshi + Toad + MK + SB). Gamers in general (non-Nintendo fans) are seeing too much.



grumblegrumble said:

Art Academy: Wii U... all the way! Sketchpad is amazing! I'm guessing AA:WU will also include the ability to share your creations across the Wii U-Verse. That is half the value right there, imho



grumblegrumble said:

P.S. The 3DS.. I also own one, but all the games 'coming out' for it seem like the usual Japanese cutesy-kiddy-type games (including Pokemon, I know, the haters will hate me) but I just can't stand that stuff. Vintage arcade, Zelda, Mario and innovative apps is what I love



DBPirate said:

I just realized that Reggie said Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U will be the "first game" to use amiibo, implying that it will come out before Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (which is coming out this holiday). Of course, he could just mean that it was the first game DEVELOPED to use amiibo, but I hope not.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

I'll be using the summer to catch up on older 3ds games and a few wiiu games I have yet buy. I'm also working on rounding out my wii collection. However this year is going to be painful.

Hyrule Warriors
Wii Sports club
Captain Toad
Both smash games
Prof Layton vs AA
Harvest moon
Story of seasons

Then for my jpn 3ds I'm going to finally break and get DQ7 (tired of waiting) and both taiko games. I'm considering buying a jpn wiiu (again for taiko. I play taiko IRL so I'm sorta obsessed.) for christmas so this is going to be a Nintendo year for me. Going to have to put the other systems on the back burner until after Zelda comes out. Still need to pickup 200 bucks worth of eshop cards as well.

Amiibo is going to ruin me. I've already started putting money aside to get ready for the nightmare that will be my destroyed budget.



NibelsnarfNoob said:

I'm still hoping we will hear about Azure Striker Gunvolt soon. It has a Summer 2014 release and I hope there is an update on that soon.

Definitely getting Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1+2 ,Smash 4 and Alpha Sapphire. Sonic Boom (3DS) and Watch Dogs I'm gonna wait for reviews of from multiple sites before I consider buying them. Captain Toad is just a wait on price point (though I'm still gonna consider if it's $60 as long as the Reviews are good).



ICHIkatakuri said:

I wish there were more releases over the summer months for Wii U. Most of the games I am wanting are going to show in oct-dec and although there is a lot to look forward to I bet I will have to miss some out.



dumedum said:

@markybbop that's what everybody said about the last two cods yet they keep coming. I think there's little doubt here. Cod will continue to show up on Wii U for better or worse.



Dragoon04 said:

realistically my financial situation I would only be able to buy 2 or three more games this year. Can we have a moment of silence for me please. So here goes.

1) Hyrule warriors
2) Super Smash Bros
3) Watchdogs



TheWPCTraveler said:

I don't know. Theatrhythm is a must-buy for me (because it somehow landed on the 3DS within two weeks after my birthday.)

Otherwise, I'd go ahead and buy a Wii U to buy whatever's been released already.



Dragoon04 said:

What about Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark? Is that still coming to wiiu or does it not count as a big release?



Action51 said:

Looking forward to:

Project C.A.R.S.
Persona Q
Captain Toad

Lots of upcoming indies!
Pushmo World, Shovel Knight, etc...

Has the success of Animal Crossing and Pokemon turned the 3DS lineup into a really bland "lite" RPG and life sim dumping ground?



Emblem said:

@Dragoon04 In that case wait a month or two for Watchdogs, Ubisoft games value always drops steeply fast. It'll be 1/4 of the price by Xmas, I doubt the other two will have significant price drops for a while.



Vriess said:

Captain Toad - For sure!
Project CARS - Probably
Art Academy - If my daughter wants it.
Watch Dogs - Yes, but not for full retail price.
For the rest....meh....

Looking forward to more VC titles. Mainly NES, SNES and Mega Drive. Also want more indies.



AyeHaley said:

Cause of Amiibo I'm not sad so many games are coming in 2015...all those figurines will hurt my wallet so bad.
And who needs other games with Smash, Bayo, Hyrule Warriors and all those indie/eshop titles.



Findonovan95 said:

It worries me to see games with dates like for instance "Holiday 2014" because there's such a high chance of them being delayed. But man, this list is epic. I can't wait for hyrule warriors and pokemon. Captain Toad and Smash Bros as well. It's going to be a good year I think and it will continue next year as well.



Chubblings said:

@aaronsullivan For Hyrule Warriors, you may need to take reviews with a pinch of salt. Aside from Japanese reviews, the Warriors games have always gotten bad reviews in the West, even if the games are good. So if you have PS3/360, I suggest picking up Dynasty Warriors 8, and see what you think of it.



firebird3334 said:

Full version of art academy?!! I bought sketchpad waiting for it to release lessons but i have to buy another art academy for that?!?! Please release discount for those who already purchased it!!



aaronsullivan said:

@Chubblings After watching about an hour of game play on the Treehouse E3 live show I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I tend to read reviews carefully to see if the downsides the reviewer mentions matter to me and what they like lines up with my taste.

Basically, the 2-player 2-screen co-op is going to make it hard to pass up. That's just too fun to spread out in the battle field and meet back up even if it requires copious button mashing.



xerneas said:

Hyrule Warriors, Smash and Pokemon and maybe Bayonetta will find their way to my shelf. I'm just pretty pissed off so many games are coming late to Europe..



appel said:

I love my 3DS, but I think this future line-up for the 3DS is really weak. Time to get a Wii U...?



CaPPa said:

Definitely buying:
Wii Sports Club (Boxing and Baseball)
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 1 and 2
Captain Toad
Smash Bros

Maybe buying:
Watch Dogs
Sonic Boom
Project Cars



Diogozaca said:

Well I've seen a lot of people talking about what is coming for the WII U can't stand against what is comming to the other plataforms and, because of that, the WII U will not have the growth in sales that is expected. Well I see a lot of good games going on the others 2 new-gen consoles, but none of them, for more incredible that them can be, where to be a system seller, and here is why. Most of the games that are already released on XBO and PS4 were also released on the preview gen, and 80% of what is about to come will be released on the previous gen to. Knowing that the most part of people that acquires a PS4 and a XBO also have of their previous gen, it's a great spent of money for nothing that they couldn't already have. Still PS4 is the best selling console... I really wish to know why, because its not for the software that is coming out. Nintendo's WII U is the only console that is really full of exclusive contend and the better, great contend. The Hype of better quality hardware with better graphics games is selling the consoles. To me as a gamer, it's a shame. Nintendo really should learn to make more mature and with better visuals games- I mean reality visuals, because their games are stunning the way they are -, but in terms of concept, fun, and gameplay they are just the best. Sony and MS should learn with them about creativity and innovation. In my stance, I'm waiting for the games that are just for the ps4 come out, like DEEP DOWN, them I'll look into it, because here in Brasil, this console had released being about U$1700, and now I can buy it for U$600. So those consoles that don't have software are the ones to get a price cut in order to sell to me for just better graphics.



Cinaclov said:

@Trikeboy I wouldn't have said so. There's a whole competetive multiplayer scene that goes with Pokémon and Europe looks set to be a week behind the rest of the world. Getting HW earlier is great, but I'd rather have Pokémon (or both) released at the same time.



Longaway said:

Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2/1
Captain Toad
Super Smash Bros Wii U

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright
Art Academy for Wii U

Maybe for the kids:
Pokemon Art Academy
Super Smash Bros 3DS



bobbypaycheque said:

@maceng I'm waiting for the Wii U version of Watchdogs as well, simply for the second screen interface. Wii U gamepad will make controlling that game much easier imho.



Raviel89 said:

Since I have Pokemon Y, I'll pass on Ruby/Sapphire. The only one that catches my eye is Smash Bros. (I have a 3DS not a Wii U). Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is a maybe. So my wallet seems like it will be fine for now.



GARF13LD said:

Shin Megami Tensei IV is thw most anticipated for me been waiting so long for an EU release.

Persona Q will be great as I've always wanted to play that franchise and the game play I've seen so far looks promising.

Fantasy Life has my beaming with excitement can't wait for that, Level 5 rarely let me down.

And finally Smash Bros is gonna be game of the year by the looks of things, the wallet is ready.

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