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GloriousTenor Saxophone Master Race

Male, 18, United States

The Doors are fun to listen to. Also, Queen and The Beatles are fun. Derp.... I like pokemon, I guess...? Idk, I'm boring

Mon 26th May 2014

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Mr_Mojo_Risin commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Summe...:

As of right now my main priority is pokemon Omega Ruby. After that would probably be smash 3DS. Not sure whether I'll get that or Wii U version first. Then I'll be getting Fantasy Life fo' sho. What sucks is that I believe ALL of these games come out in October. RIP wallet. :/
Everything else I don't need to get ASAP, so I'm not that worried. I still need to play all those Shantae games. : /

Edit: Nvm ORAS comes in November... That probably switches the priority of Fantasy Life and ORAS for me.



Mr_Mojo_Risin commented on Mario Kart Month: Nintendo Life's Team Shares ...:

After having just beaten 50cc, I must say I ADORE the visuals and music.I honestly don't mind the character choice too much, smaller characters seem to fit the game much better than larger guys. As for the battle mode, it is sad to hear about the map choices, hopefully DLC will fix that. The main complaint I have from my experience is that I can't download Pikmin 3 on my Wii U because I have to insert a code on my Gamepad, but the screen is damaged, so I can't type it in. Is there an alternative way to do this, or am I screwed?