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jrob23 commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Third...:

WWHD is arguably the very best console Zelda. Not quite sure how it's so low. Being a remake shouldn't matter. Super Mario Maker shouldn't even be top 10. Bayonetta 2 is severely overrated by fanboys who use it's exclusivity in defense mode against other consoles. It's really not top 10. I'd put Rayman Legends in there instead. Top two are spot on but DK should be 3.



jrob23 commented on Feature: Reflecting On Three Years With The Wi...:

It's crazy but I have bought and sold many Wii Us in these three years:

Launch 32 GB
ZombiU bundle
WWHD bundle
White Skylanders 8 GB bundle
Refurbished from Nintendo $200
SM3DW off craigslist $250
Finally I am now set with the Mario Kart 8 w/both DLC bundle.

Each and every time I bought one I would play a game or two to completion and sell to get my money back. I've beaten most of the 1st party games I was interested in. I'm now going to keep my current one because I got it for a great price $245 after tax and plan on keeping through its lifetime as Zelda U, Zelda TP, Star Fox and whatever hasn't been announced should provide me with plenty to play until NX arrives. It's an amazing console with some of the very best iterations of 1st party games they've ever made. If they deliver with the TP remake like I think they will, make Star Fox stellar and Zelda U is as good as it looks....well, I'll be ready to declare the Wii U the very best console Nintendo has ever made. SNES currently has that title but how do you argue against the Wii U that has the best Kart, Smash, DK, Pikmin, amazing Yoshi, great Captain Toad, awesome 2d Mario and 3D Marios, plus exclusives like Bayonetta 2, TW101, Lego City, Fast Racing Neo, and X, plus new IP in Splatoon. Seriously, it also has IMO the best Zelda ever WWHD and likely another gem in TP and of course what is shaping up to be potentially even better than WW in Zelda U. The only thing it doesn't have is F-Zero, Metroid (I have a sneaking suspicion this will be a launch/showcase title for NX) and Punchout (there's still time).



jrob23 commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

lots of blind idiots incapable of discerning obvious differences between HD and not. Sad. I would say I can't wait to say I told you so but we all know they will react just as dumb on the next 1 minute reveal of a future game only to be they'll never learn.



jrob23 commented on Talking Point: As Rumours Come and Go the Desp...:

Why would they do a Direct? They've already addressed everything that is coming out for the Wii U. Maybe they'll have a Star Fox one but that will probably be early next year. The ONLY way I see them having a Direct before Christmas is if there is an announcement of the new Club Nintendo/subscription service, Twilight Princess (but not if no other games as well, or a price drop. They tend to only have these when they are breaking news or showcasing games about to come out...not for appeasing the rumor mill



jrob23 commented on Aonuma Talks the Legend of Zelda's 30th Annive...:

the fact that he said "the new Zelda" instead of Zelda U seems like another nail in the Wii U's coffin. Since they aren't showing until next year it's obvious to me that the concept has changed a lot and it's moving to NX. I sold my Wii U today so I will have funds for when that happens. If it should ONLY come to Wii U next year I'll get another.



jrob23 commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

They can't lower the price unless they want to take a substantial loss on each sold. Why? Because unlike the 3ds which had economies of scale (cost of manufacturing gets lower over time) the Wii U still hasn't even sold through its initial allotment manufactured. So they aren't making new consoles. There are no savings to be had because sales have been so bad. A $50 price drop was okay in 2013 because they were desperate and thought it'd be okay because they'd make that up on the software side. Well, that price drop did nothing for sales. So why bother now? I'm sure they know it's dead. The NX will be announced next year and they'll just be glad to potentially sell the remaining Wii Us they have siting at retailers and in warehouses. They aren't making any more. Thankfully Amiibo have done so well to help mitigate the disaster the Wii U has been. They either hit it out of the park with the NX or I think they'll stop making consoles altogether and maybe go 3rd party on the console side for software while still making handhelds



jrob23 commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

there are a lot of sites that just hate Nintendo. I've read most of the reviews and universally the controls are brought up as a negative. I'm thinking these hipsters need to get better at playing games. Almost every single person who bought the game and is playing it likes it from what I've read. I also think the reviewers got an early build of the game because the people that bought it don't report there being that many bugs or issues. Sound an awful like the stupid review for ZombiU which was a great game. Watch some videos of gameplay preferably someone who doesn't suck at games. It actually looks pretty damn fun! Judge for yourselves



jrob23 commented on Video: Metroid in Unreal Engine 4 is Shiny and...:

Love these. It's what Nintendo games COULD look like if they didn't worry so much about gimmicks and tried to make the most beautiful game possible using legit engines. Nintendo is so out of touch. If the NX came out with a new Metroid or Zelda that looked this good graphically hordes of people would buy it. As is, they will be putting out a cartoony style to hide their inability to develop for HD and cheapness in using proper hardware.



jrob23 commented on Talking Point: Considering the Future of Ninte...:

It's no surprise that the Directs decreased alongside the prospects for the Wii U. I think due to lack of games and the obvious move to NX they haven't had the necessary announcements. I would think that Mario Maker deserves its own Direct. If not, then I wouldn't expect one until the NX is announced. Probably March or so of next year. Then they'll have a full blown E3 conference introducing it and we might never see another Direct



jrob23 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

terrible article. you sound like an apologist for jerk behavior. He openly mocked fans with a stupid nasaly voiced impression. He gave away trade secrets/inside goings on. You don't do that. He sounds emotionally unstable as well going by his ill written FB page. Most if not all companies would do the same as nintendo. C'mon man!



jrob23 commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

the dude sounded very unprofessional. People blaming Nintendo might try actually reading what he said. He was pretty rude and belittling towards fans and was a very poor representation for the company. good riddance



jrob23 commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

As good as Nintendo has proven to be developing for less powerful older tech. Part of my thinks they do the gimmick route and weaker tech hardware because they'd be exposed trying to develop on something as powerful as the PS4. They've always had the luxury of fans saying how good they do with limited resources. If you actually gave them resources they'd have to produce something on par with the better studios. Maybe, just maybe they aren't up to the task. They've made several great games on the Wii U but not a single one has been visually impressive. Sure, considering the hardware it is. But that's what I mean. Built in excuse. There's no excuse for Star Fox looking like a PS360 game.



jrob23 commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:

unless they come out with a Mario Galaxy 3 type system seller this will not do well. People already own some type of 3ds and aren't going to shell out $250 for the small differences found. An amazing game like X is too obscure to be a system seller. They will need a Mario exclusive to the system or else this will not have the sales they expect. There has to be a game(s) that appeal to the masses that cannot be played on regular 3ds. It has to prove it too. Like it has to push the New 3ds processing power so it's obvious why you would feel it's necessary to purchase one.

Personally, I sold my 3DSXL as soon as this was revealed because I am one of those that wants and enjoys the newest gaming device from Nintendo but I and others like me won't be enough. They need the casuals en masse to make the jump or to entice brand new 3ds owners to come in. I wish they'd announce they will come out for xmas in US but if not that's another lost opportunity. Being a Nintendo shareholder myself they aren't being run very well right now.



jrob23 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

All the games that defined the systems they were on i.e. Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, 64, Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and SM3DW are all amazing because these are the defining games on those systems. Each game reminds you of a time in your life when you played them. For me, middle school NES, high school SNES, (I never played N64, GC), young father (wii), older father (Wii U). It's really hard to pick a best one because they all have made a big impact in your gaming life.

That said, I think Super Mario World is the best 2D platformer of all time so it's tough to not choose that. But Super Mario Galaxy is close to perfection so I can see that being the top too.



jrob23 commented on Talking Point: Deconstructing Nintendo's Retai...:

I don't have a problem with their strategy. By releasing early on the eShop they are making the game available before its physical version is ready. Never a bad thing. I think that is exactly what happened with NSLU. They were always going to have a physical copy. It was the Year of Luigi after all. I think the NES remix is more about putting games on shelves with the apparent loss of 3rd party support than anything



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@Fel09ktl hey, great reading comprehension. Where did I say give up? It's been out since 2012. We know they are supporting it through 2015 with some heavy hitters coming. My contention is that based on how poorly sales have been and how Mario Kart barely moved the needle and its their biggest system seller..they just won't get the sales needed to justify supporting it past 2016. So I believe they are already aware of this and working on their next console and will probably announce it E3 2016 with a 2017 release. How exactly do you interpret that as me saying give up? I only want to give the next console the best chance possible and making great games and releasing them on a failed console instead of having them ready for the next is a failed strategy that they have proven with the 3DS and Wii U. So keep the games coming we already know about but I'd rather have Metroid launching on the next console at launch because it will help sales and also be on a more powerful machine.

Hopefully more fanboys will keep popping off about how their precious Iwata is doing such a great job.



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@MoonKnight7 I said they needed a 1 million month not one million a month. Try to keep up. Let me dumb it down for you. With Mario Kart dropping as a game and also as a bundle, they needed all the people who had been sitting on the sideline waiting for the right go out and finally buy a Wii U after 18 months. The amount of publicity and ads definitely got the word out. The fact is only 140k or so people purchased a Wii U. When that bump is over the numbers will revert back to where they were before (60K). For the Wii U to be a success and to keep getting support they need it to sell WAY better than it has. They need it to reach into the 20 million sold territory. System sellers are supposed to sell systems. Let me tell you...when Halo 5 drops (and maybe even that Halo special edition dropping this year) the Xbone will sell in the million(s) Not a measly 140k. When Uncharted 4 drops you can expect a major bump in PS4 sales. In fact I expect a pretty substantial bump if there is a Last of Us bundle.

There are a lot of fanboys who keep believing Nintendo are doing better because there sales look good in comparison to last year...well duh! Last year sales for the Wii U was about as bad a year for a first year gaming console there has ever been.



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@NavySpheal they had no system sellers. They had yet another 2d Mario and NintendoLand. Then they didn't hit us with a new 1st party till Pikmin 3 which isn't exactly a top seller and then several months until 3D Mario World..then several months until DKTF....and then several months until their very first system seller Kart..and then several months until Smash. See the pattern.



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@NavySpheal okay, so his successes back in 06-08 give him cart blanche for life? People act as if the man single handedly invented and produced the DS and Wii when actually many people were responsible for their successes especially the Wii which was began before he became CEO. Even with the Wii's success he made the decision to leave off blu ray, let shovelware take over, stopped supporting it, late with price drops, kept it on shelves too long (hurt the Wii U launch as people thought Wii U was a peripheral to the Wii) and being stingy with VC and not including the component cables in the box. He pretty much rode that fad with very little effort put into it post 2010.

The DS is his shinning moment and you can't find much fault with it. That said, a fad and one well done execution does not make him immune or excuse three years of losses.



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@shigulicious well, because all systems have dips after big titles bump up sales and then they revert back to the mainline. Which for the Wii U has been 60K for months. It'd be great if sales remained elevated and maybe they will. But history shows that these bumps are short lived.



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@Hy8ogen care to elaborate. He made the mistake of not having enough launch titles for the 3DS. He swore to not have that happen again. Literally a year later the exact thing happened with the Wii U. It's three years of losses. It's saying no to Skylanders. It's being late or early with the Wii U depending on how you look at it. It's his own words saying he'd resign if losses continued. It's the loss of 3rd party. But I guess with fanboys like you who lap up mediocrity why should he leave? You will continue to support him right?



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@Twiglingen there isn't a specific number or need to sell more than their competitors. They aren't keeping up with them by the way. The Wii U has been out a year longer, has been cheaper, has way more games...and yet it still is behind. I know it seems like they hanging in there but really, as soon as the launch software drought is over for the other systems their sales will destroy the Wii Us. Again, I personally don't care as I find it to be awesome. But this is a business and Nintendo has been losing money for 3 years running. Kart was it, it was their big gun. It misfired. Saying it sold well means nothing if it didn't help move a lot of consoles which it didn't.

Why would Nintendo keep supporting a console that isn't selling? To be nice? It's already provided value for me. Each new game is just gravy. But I'd rather for Nintendo's sake they hold off on Metroid, Star Fox, Mario Galaxy, Animal Crossing for their next concole/handheld combo so they won't have the same problem with no games at launch like 3DS and Wii U. Seriously, they have to have learned their lesson right? Either way, Iwata does not survive past next year's shareholders meeting imo



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@Twiglingen but they only have so many system sellers and they need those to actually sell systems. This was a minor blip on the radar. They needed a 1 million month with it reverting down to 300K between major releases. Instead, they get 140k and it will revert back to 60K. I think they are probably knee deep with there next console anyway and Zelda will be the last major release for the Wii U so they have some games ready to roll with the new system. They simply can't keep supporting this failed console. I love it, but regarding sales it's undeniably a failure and even Ninteno's biggest system seller can't really help.



jrob23 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

I'm not sure why people are excited about 140K sold the first full month post Kart. This is abysmal. Nintendo needed massive Wii U hardware sales with Kart. 140K? Wow. Let's say that sales revert back to it's usual 60-75K until Smash and the Holidays get a similar bump up like Kart. We are talking at best 1.5 million sold through the holidays. Again, how is this good news? Increases month over month and year over year are great but if your baseline is so low you need staggering increases and this was just okay. I'm convinced the Wi U needs to be replaced sooner than later. They needed Kart to give a 1-2 million console bump and they get like 300K.

The Wii U is still great, we'll see a good amount of quality titles. But it's done. Kart was really the game that would prove it's viability and it failed.



jrob23 commented on Review: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Wii U):

I got this game on the cheap ($15 Toys R Us) and I finally put it in last night. It's almost unplayable. Every scene is littered with jaggies and framerate drops. It looks like they ported over the PS360 version. So graphically it is better naturally because it's a more powerful machine but it doesn't look like they did any clean up afterwards. I don't see how anyone can overlook how bad it looks and how poorly it runs. I am putting it up for sale on craigslist today. Ubisoft clearly does not care about Nintendo anymore.



jrob23 commented on Ubisoft Runs Another eShop Discount Bonanza in...:

I just bought Rayman Legends for $6 from Targer using their recent $15 off any $39.99 game with purchase of $1 reservation card.

Got AC4 for $15 at Toys R Us two days ago on their clearance sale

Got ZombiU for $9.99 at Best Buy two weeks ago.

If you try hard enough there are way better deals to be had if you are patient. Plus physical is always better



jrob23 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Successfully Wooed Som...:

They clearly won E3. That said, sales only had a minor bump from Kart 8 and unless they lower the price to $249 for the Holidays the Wii U is not going to make it. It'll be a cool little machine with great games and us owners will be happy. But I can't see it being supported past 2015 if the sales are so bad



jrob23 commented on Nintendo Executive Suggests Wii U is at a "Tip...:

how am I clueless douche? if after three Holiday season into this gen the install base is only 10 million how long do you think they keep this going? Don't answer, you suck and offer very little so I don't need your response



jrob23 commented on Nintendo Executive Suggests Wii U is at a "Tip...:

that's just not true. There is a reason why there is a term called "system sellers" and that is because certain games not only spark momentum and conversation but more importantly sell systems. Wii Sports, Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash and Mario are Nintendo console system sellers. What will be the excuse come next Spring after Smash? Will we be saying Metroid and Zelda will finally get people to buy? Kart is the most accessible of all the system sellers. If it was going to happen for the Wii U it'd be happening right now. There has been only a slight bump in console sales. It's over. It doesn't mean we can't enjoy our Wii U and all the great games. But it won't last till 2017 and if Nintendo was smart they would hold off on another Metroid, Mario Galaxy and any other big hitters until the next console less they find themselves in exactly the same predicament they were in with the Wii U. Launching without a system seller and becoming a non factor in gamer's eyes.



jrob23 commented on Nintendo Executive Suggests Wii U is at a "Tip...:

It's not being critical. Just stating facts. The Wii U has struggled since early 2013. All along we have been saying this game or that game will propel sales. THE game that was a system seller is Kart.If that fails to sell consoles in sufficient numbers it means the console won't remain viable. The majority of a game releases impact happen at launch and through its first 10 days. People bought the game...nobody can deny that. But consoles? No. And any bump Kart was going to give has been felt.

For instance...when Halo drops, there will be millions of Xbones sold. Sony doesn't necessarily have a system seller like Halo or Kart but they are in the lead and the sheer number of quality games both 1st and 3rd party get people to buy it. But Nintendo doesn't get the same amount of support so its 1st party massive system seller games need to do their job and sorry, Kart has not resulted in the sales we all hoped it would. Seriously...this bundle needed to be $249 with Kart and then I could see 2 million or more. But the bundle was too much, the economy sucks, people have their Wii U, PS360 already or have moved to PS4 and Xbone or even moved to there just isn't a large market for the Wii U.

I have a Wii U..I love it..but it's not selling. Smash will help and Amiigo may a little as well but I can't see 20 million in sales at this point before they move on from or make a new console.



jrob23 commented on Nintendo Executive Suggests Wii U is at a "Tip...:

Truth is Mario Kart needed to boost sales by 1-2 million and it hasn't. It sure is a great console with lots of great games and more on the way. But people are not buying. Yes they are buying Kart the droves. But not the console. Smash will be another driving force but it isn't as universal as Kart. So after two of Nintendo's biggest system selling franchises the Wii U will be lucky to have sold 10 million. It's done guys. Kart was always going to be the barometer. It was always going to tell us whether the Wii U would sell or not. It isn't. We can't keep pointing to the next game and hoping for sales. Kart was it. Barring a $100 price drop we are probably not going to see Wii U in 2017



jrob23 commented on Guide: The Biggest Wii U and 3DS Retail Games ...:

let's also remember that there are several Nintndo Directs and a couple expos around the world that games could be announced. I fully expect a remake of an older game whether it's Majora's Mask, Metroid. I seriously doubt that list will remain intact with no additions



jrob23 commented on First Impressions: Solving the Puzzle of Capta...:

I don't understand people either pissed that this game was made or that it could be full retail price point. This looks every bit as good as SM3DW but with vastly different mechanics. People are always asking for new IP and new experiences and this gives both. Why should this be an eshop game? If it has 40-50 levels it is worthy of being viewed as any other game. Personally it's games like this and Wooly World that really set Nintendo apart and shows their talent. We all want more games for this year and this is one of them. Be happy and thankful



jrob23 commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

Why are people such apologists for Ubi? They half donkeyed ZombiU...let's be wasn't polished like it could have been. Then they half ass AC3. Then they take away exclusivity for Rayman Legends (the Wii U had a decent launch only slightly worse than Xbone) and delay it. Then they make Child of Light 720p because they are lazy. Then they don't make Valiant Hearts for the Wii U despite it being a perfect game for it. Now we find out that they are holding back an exclusive due to poor sales. Meanwhile, the install base is bigger than Xbone yet they aren't delaying games for them. Love Ubisoft. Keep your games. The one game they put serious effort into (Rayman) is amazing and kudos to them. And it sold the best on Wii U. Guess that isn't enough for them. Thank you for the great game. I might pick up COL...MIGHT...but I think they need to be punished and the only way I can do that is through my wallet. I paid $5 for Rayman Legends due to Target price match and deal so they won't ever get much money from me again.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



jrob23 commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

1. Mario Kart 8
2. SM3DW
4. Pikmin 3
5. Rayman Legends
6. WindWakerHD (only because it was a remake, maybe best as standalone)
7. New Super Mario Bros. U
8. Lego City
9. The Wonderful 101
10. ZombiU

What this list shows is that already, only a little over 18 months in..the Wii U has an incredible lineup that I would stack against any of the previous gens top 10. Of course, we know many more are to come.

It's really a shame more people aren't enjoying this console.



jrob23 commented on Review: Child of Light (Wii U eShop):

For those wondering why it's not 1080p. Think about it. If it was 1080p AND had gamepad use then that would piss Sony off because then it'd be the definitive version and we can't have that. Ubisoft once again playing lip service to Nintendo and people keep defending them and try to convince everyone they are these great supporters. They are giving bare minimum effort where the Wii U is concerned.



jrob23 commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

I've never played a Smash Brothers game. Do they start you off with a few characters and unlock new ones as you gain XP? Or can you choose any of them from the start. Seems like the latter would be better as you'd have more incentive to master different characters.



jrob23 commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

This is a perfect example of why Skyward Sword is just not among the best Zelda's. When you see Mario Galaxy in HD you can see the massive difference the upgrade made. With this, it's pretty minimal. It would appear that it's 'base' was not as polished. There is so little detail in SS to be upgraded sadly. They focused way too much on the motion control aspect where they could have improved graphics by a lot.



jrob23 commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

@Zach actually boycotting DOES work. This game is a perfect example. Many Wii U owners felt disrespected by EA. Supposing they played it on other consoles but wanted to try it on the Wii U, maybe that prevented them from buying/supporting. That then led to this douche quitting his job because his game wasn't purchased. This affected EA because it took away 'talent'. And now we have this story and his words which portray EA and Nintendo in a negative light. actually does affect things sometimes.



jrob23 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

I sold my Wii U a couple of days ago. Since I had so many wii games to catch up on I just bought a backwards compatible wii (gamecube) so I could play Mario Sunshine, etc. The only game I will be missing out on is DKTF but I am playing DKCR first anyway. The way I saw it, I got close to what I paid for it, played some amazing games, but the drought is ridiculous. I will get a Wii U again when it drops sub $199. My Wii backlog includes DKCR, SMG2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Smash Bros. (have never played a Smash game before), NSMB, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, deBlob, Red Steel 2.

As you can see, that is a lot of quality to play through so I will be busy, plus I have a big backlog of 3DS games to get through too. I know I could have played the wii games on Wii U but I just couldn't pass up selling my bundle for $350. I can use that to get a PS4 when it gets better games.

Nintendo really dropped the ball and I can't see them being able to right the ship. This last Direct was their opportunity. With PS4 dropping in Japan and PS4 and Xbone about to come out with a huge amount/variety of games this year, the Wii U will be lost in the shuffle. I expect Nintendo is already working on their next system that will be what they teased...a gamepad type 3ds that you will be able to use with your TV. I think they might be done with stand alone consoles. They got lucky with the wii but haven't been able to really hang since SNES



jrob23 commented on Nintendo Direct: Trailers Round-Up:

The Wii U is doomed. They needed to knock it out of the park no pun intended and wow us with Wii U news but instead we got scraps. X looks great, but how about when it's coming out? Bayonetta 2? Great. We already know! Mario Kart 8, Smash Brothers...ditto.

This Direct has proven beyond a shadow of the doubt that they are much further behind and out of sync when it comes to the Wii U than even our worst fears. They needed to launch with Mario 3D World and this past Christmas Kart should have been out with Smash for this summer. They are 6-12 months behind schedule. They had an opportunity the first half of this year to really bring it when the other two consoles were light on games. They have failed. They are screwed. I have been a huge supporter, even an apologist at times, but no more. The Wii U will not survive through 2016. I seriously don't think you will see a Metroid, Star Fox, or Mario Galaxy. I think they will stop at Zelda U as their big game of 2015 and announce a new console for 2016.

Folks, with so much riding on today's Direct, the fact that they didn't announce any new 1st party games..not even a hint. .shows they just don't have anything remotely close to production. This is a disaster. I am going to hurry and try to beat my library of Wii U games and sell this thingamigaroowhee. I have a 3DS that I could be playing more that continues to get major support. The Wii U is an afterthought. Iwata needs to be fired

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