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Fri 7th December, 2012

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Longaway commented on Rumour: LEGO The Hobbit Planned for 2014 Release:

Hope they go a different direction from what they did with Lego Lord of the Rings. Level design was a bit confusing, but, more importantly, using the vocals from the films really put a damper on the "fun" aspect of the game. Hard to get into silly visuals when the character is speaking in grave tones about grave happening.



Longaway commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:

They should do a campaign riffing on the Wii's "We would like to play" campaign.

Door opens, two Japanese men are standing there with Wii remotes in hand.

"We would like to play.."

Slight waggle to the Wii remotes.

"...with you!"

They hand the door opener a Gamepad.

Spotlight some asynchronus multi-player, Nintendoland, Wii Party U, etc.

The Japanese men start to look tired. The door opener asks if they want to play another round.

"We need a break. We would like to watch television. You play now."

Door opener uses the Gamepad to switch the television input to a tv show, then sits down and starts to play. Camera closes in to show Super Mario 3D.

logo screen

The new Wii U - available now.

Also compaitible with Wii games and accesories

logo screen fades to the two Japanese men facing the camera, outside the front door

"We would like to play..."

They hold up Wii remotes

"...with you!"

They hold up the game pad and Wii U console.

Here ya go Reggie. No cash needed, but let's have a sit down about a a game idea. :)



Longaway commented on Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be G...:

I don't agree with pressuring Nintendo on this point, too much. While I understand the desire to have more playable female characters in games, this series has always been about Link. Though, showing Zelda in a stronger light throughout the story would be great. Perhaps acknowledgement that she's been working on, and making headway towards, freeing herself, while you/Link have been trying to save her. Make a game with her as the main character, maybe Zelda's Quest, sure. But pushing to make her playable in a Legend of Zelda game? No.

On the other hand, pressuring Nintendo to make sure that all future Mario games that have selectable characters include either Peach or Daisy, or both, as options? That I can get behind completely. Who says a Princess can't have her best friend rescue her?



Longaway commented on Review: Wipeout 3 (Wii U):

Any chance that Wii U reviews can start incorporating a breakdown of control options, particularly for single player modes? It was great to see that there is a multiplayer mode with one on the Gamepad, the rest on the Wii Remotes, but is that also true for regular head-to-head? Is single player Gamepad only, or can it be played with the Wii Remote, like previous entries?

This was a great review, but with the various controllers on the Wii U, I think this might be an aspect to look at.