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Fri 21st June, 2013

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Diogozaca commented on Guide: The Biggest Wii U and 3DS Retail Games ...:

Well I've seen a lot of people talking about what is coming for the WII U can't stand against what is comming to the other plataforms and, because of that, the WII U will not have the growth in sales that is expected. Well I see a lot of good games going on the others 2 new-gen consoles, but none of them, for more incredible that them can be, where to be a system seller, and here is why. Most of the games that are already released on XBO and PS4 were also released on the preview gen, and 80% of what is about to come will be released on the previous gen to. Knowing that the most part of people that acquires a PS4 and a XBO also have of their previous gen, it's a great spent of money for nothing that they couldn't already have. Still PS4 is the best selling console... I really wish to know why, because its not for the software that is coming out. Nintendo's WII U is the only console that is really full of exclusive contend and the better, great contend. The Hype of better quality hardware with better graphics games is selling the consoles. To me as a gamer, it's a shame. Nintendo really should learn to make more mature and with better visuals games- I mean reality visuals, because their games are stunning the way they are -, but in terms of concept, fun, and gameplay they are just the best. Sony and MS should learn with them about creativity and innovation. In my stance, I'm waiting for the games that are just for the ps4 come out, like DEEP DOWN, them I'll look into it, because here in Brasil, this console had released being about U$1700, and now I can buy it for U$600. So those consoles that don't have software are the ones to get a price cut in order to sell to me for just better graphics.



Diogozaca commented on Review: EarthBound (Wii U eShop):

Ended the game many times and still it's interesting to play it again, really like the atmospherein the game, the characters and the total, crazy story, It's a really amazing game, and one of the most incredibles RPGs I have played to the date, and I'm a RPG fan so played a whole lot to compare.