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Chubblings commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

$4000 goal already reached by now. I guess technically, the Pokémon Company has rights to their IP, but as many have said, they could have just given the guy a cease and desist. Also, it seems more like the guy wasn't trying to make a massive profit of off the IP, but rather just make sure the expenses for the party were covered. And the event would have only given them extra publicity. Now I'm not one of those who are saying that they are going to outright stop buying Pokémon products just because of this incident (no, I will still buy their games)—after all, these companies do this kind of stuff on a regular basis (doesn't make it right necessarily, but they still do it): the Pokémon Company is no exception. Although they're being pretty stupid, as sure, they're squeezing $4000 from this guy, but all the negative press and loss of faith in the company, leads to them losing sales from multiple people (so they're losing money from this). Their greed ironically makes them lose money, and I'm overall glad that the man was able to reach his $4000 goal.



Chubblings commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Don't get me wrong, I love Xenoblade and some of these games on the list are good (i.e FAST Racing), but this is one of most lackluster holiday line-ups I've seen in years. Star Fox wouldn't have changed anything (as it's not a big title). If Zelda U had been on for this year (along with Star Fox a bit earlier), then perhaps this line-up would have been decent. Otherwise, I'm very disappointed to say the least.



Chubblings commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Tops Japanese C...:

@Artwark You probably saw Dr_Lugae's comment, which pretty much summed up what I had to say. Sure, 500,000 may not be a lot for a game, like Mario Kart per se, but for Fire Emblem, this is the best it's ever been, and considering it was initially a niche series, 500K is fantastic. Nintendo was more than pleased with Awakening's sales, enough that they continued the franchise, and with Fates, they likely anticipated around the same sales target. The fact that Fates is going to easily be the best selling title in the ENTIRE franchise (more than Awakening) is all that matters (the relative quantity is what's important, not the quantity in general). The Advance Wars franchise is great, but they sold poorly—Fire Emblem at this point, is WAY above the Advance Wars sales level (which, even though I loved them, they did sell poorly).

I understand the concern, and to answer your question as to why it's not on the charts this week, it's been on the charts for months since its debut, which is impressive in itself, and FE, like many other games/franchises, isn't exactly known for long-standing legs in sales (only a select few franchises like Mario, fit into that category).



Chubblings commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Tops Japanese C...:

@Artwark I might have missed the sarcasm, but Fire Emblem Fates sold extremely well in Japan (considering the series' history). I believe it not only had the best FE launch to date, but I think Awakening has sold 500K+ (lifetime sales) in Japan, and Fates has already broken 400K+, and is on its way to 500K. Fire Emblem has never been a multi-million copies seller, and they're actually doing well, so I don't see the "DOOMED"



Chubblings commented on Capcom Announces Anime Adaptations Of Monster ...:

@Discipledoctor I thought so, especially when NintendoLife said it was based on AA6, but they casually throw around the old Edgeworth design (whereas he had a new one in DD), and just show Maya like that (when she hasn't even been in an AA game since T&T, if you don't count cameos in the Edgeworth games).

Definitely going to watch the Ace Attorney anime, as it's been something that just perfectly fits (visual novel gameplay translates well to anime).

But that Ace Attorney 6 trailer, a trial with defence attorneys and spirit mediums as prosecutors (though I saw that Payne cameo in the trailer)...that sounds so ridiculous that I can't wait! But geez, with all the "Kurain" and "spirit medium" talk in the game, if that doesn't confirm Maya or Pearls, I don't know what does (though, I hope Gumshoe sneeks in somehow). Also, that T&T/DD Objection theme remix in the trailer...I like it.



Chubblings commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Wii U eSho...:

I've played all the FE games that have come to the West (haven't played the Japan exclusive ones though), and I'm going to ignore the 'waifu simulator' comments (because I have to admit, I actually do like that as a side thing), but although all FE games are great in their own right, Shadow Dragon's always been my least favourite in the series. The predictably boring story, lack of character development (the characters just weren't as interesting as ones in other entries in the series), killing your own units (I HATED that) to unlock bonus chapters, and messed up growth rates make this my least favourite FE game.



Chubblings commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D World - 2013:

@RedDevilAde They do say great minds think alike...but I'm pretty sure the October trailer (if you saw it) was a turning point in the minds of many people in regards to 3D World. And you look at a game like 3D World, where Nintendo proved us wrong, I'm hoping that's the case for the titles they announced at E3 this year (like Star Fox, and Federation Force).

Overall, I think 3D World is to the Wii U as Wind Waker was to the Gamecube: both fantastic games, which were criticised pre-release for appearing to be disappointments to their respective franchises, and then they came out, and proved to us that Nintendo knows what they're doing (for the most part).



Chubblings commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D World - 2013:

3D World is definitely my favourite Mario game, and this is coming from someone who prefers 3D Mario titles to the 2D ones (both 2D and 3D Mario's are superb though). I played through the game mostly without co-op (with co-op, is where it especially shines), and I loved everything about it—level design, visuals/art style, performance (60fps was much needed). Though I got it at launch in 2013 and beat it shortly afterwards, I'm still struggling with 100%ing that last level (especially, with all 5 characters), easily one of the hardest Mario levels I've ever played.

It's really funny though, that at E3, I was incredibly disappointed (even though I did like 3D Land on 3DS, I expected something grander for Wii U), thinking this would be the worst 3D Mario, but I believe, around the time Nintendo released the October trailer for the game, that I realised just how wrong it was, and it's not only one of the, but rather, the best Mario I've ever played. I have no idea how they're going to top 3D World with the next 3D Mario (though I feel like I always say "I don't know how they're going to top insert current Mario title with the next one, and then they always do_.



Chubblings commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 2010:

Galaxy was great (and it had the superior story, music by slightly), but I found Galaxy 2 to just be superior in terms of gameplay. Galaxy was way too easy, and though I did like it, Galaxy 2 just refined everything in the first game + increased difficulty, and was overall a more fun experience for me. Both are superb games though.



Chubblings commented on GAME Promises Quick Refunds After Charging Cus...:

I stopped using Game as soon as Nintendo Store UK came, as I've found that for new and upcoming games for preorder, it simply has better offers, and deals (+ more collectibles). Was luckily able to grab the Super Mario Maker t-shirt, amiibo, everything bundle before it sold out on Nintendo Store. I will say though, Nintendo Store struggles severely with the issue of scalpers.
Though I had to use Game for the Splatoon amiibo bundles (but they disappointed me with that too, with their whole lorry truck being ransacked and all that)
As for general ordering, I've found Amazon and the gamecollection to have better prices and better delivery options than Game.



Chubblings commented on Gallery: Phoenix Wright is Looking Sharp in Th...:

Yes! My hype meter is definitely going higher and higher, as I learn more about this game (I hope it comes out soon), and I've been craving for a new Ace Attorney game for a long time. The original trilogy consists of some of my favourite games of all time (Trials & Tribulations is definitely in my top 5 list for favourite games of all time), and I really liked Edgeworth 2 and Dual Destinies (AJ and Edgeworth 1 were decent though). I can't wait to explore the Ace Attorney world once more, and am excited to see Maya, Gumshoe, Franziska, etc. again, who missed out on Dual Destinies, but simply HAVE to be in AA6.
I'm a bit bummed that this will be the first main series Ace Attorney game without Udgey/Judge Fickle as the judge (hoping the new Judge is good).



Chubblings commented on Weirdness: Bask in the Madness of The Legend o...:

It's definitely...a unique Zelda experience (with the story, and overall theme of the game), but hey, it looks to be a fun game, gameplay-wise, and I'm definitely getting this day one (Treehouse at E3 was convincing enough for me). I do worry about the release of Zelda U (I mean, they could at least show us some footage).



Chubblings commented on Ace Attorney 6 Definitely Heading to the West,...:

It's always awesome to hear Ace Attorney news, and am super glad that this is confirmed for the West. By the way, has no one noticed that the tour guide, Bokuto Tsuani, has a magatama...perhaps this game will re-explore the ideas of spirit mediums and such, which definitely means a Fey family member will be in the game. However, it's odd that the tour guide boy has a magatama, as I'm pretty sure that the games mention that spirit mediums are usually female.



Chubblings commented on Ace Attorney 6 Confirmed to be Headed to 3DS:

Yes! I've been waiting for information on Ace Attorney 6, even if it was just a minor confirmation that it's coming for 3DS (as I thought that the games were on a hiatus, with the Great Ace Attorney and what not). I can't wait to see Maya, Gumshoe, Butz, etc. all in 3D—I mean there are so many characters from the franchise that we haven't seen in a main series game (meaning excluding the Investigations games, which were great, esp. the second one, but I miss seeing them interact with Wright and all) since Trials & Tribulations.
Granted Dual Destinies was fantastic in its development of original characters (as well as fixing old ones, like Apollo), but Ace Attorney 6 has a tall order to fill in that it has to deal with so many characters of Phoenix's past (Franziska, Gumshoe, Maya, etc.) that were completely shunned in Apollo Justice, as well as factoring in that there are now three lawyers at the Agency.



Chubblings commented on Next Euro Splatoon Splatfest Sadly Doesn't Fea...:

Europe generally has pretty lame Splatfests when compared to the ones in the U.S, so I've gotten used to that by now. For the record, though I don't normally do either, I'm going with Team Singing (because I can't dance if it were the end of the world, but my singing's alright).



Chubblings commented on Ubisoft Announces Just Dance: Disney Party 2 I...:

@firechicken98 Because it's a big hit within the casual market, and continues to sell well. Don't get me wrong, it's always been nothing more than shovelware to me, but I guess if it make Ubisoft money, then of course they'll continue to milk it by releasing a new entry ever year (cough*Assassin's Creed*cough, which are still good games, but suffer from over saturation)



Chubblings commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Has Limited Impact in Jap...:

@MightyKrypto Oh it was definitely a fantastic game, I rarely feel the urge to 100% games. It was fantastic, and I loved every second of it. In terms of flaws, yeah Arkham Knight identity was way too predictable, in terms of things with the plot, I'd rather not detail them here so that nobody in this thread gets unintentionally spoiled. The most non-spoiler problem I can say was that the ending left a bit to be desired (not enough closure), as well as the fact that there was not as much direct interaction with the Rogues Gallery as I would have hoped (they're relegated to separate side-missions, which are your typical combat and predator stuff). The Batmobile was cool as a drive-able, but I thought the Bat-Tank (combat) aspect of it was the main real flaw, and with the car just being drivable, the whole game would be even better. Because of it, we never got any real physical boss-fights (imagine a physical boss fight against Arkham Knight, fighting a dangerous team of Two-Face and Penguin working together, Harley Quinn, and in the case of Scarecrow, an Asylum-like sequence, etc.). I know I may sound a little critical, but don't get me wrong, this is still one of my favourite games of the year (9/10, topped Witcher 3 for me, but only because I'm a DC fanboy). Ultimately, I think no matter how great it is, it just had a monster mega hype to live up to, and I think it lived up to that for the most part.



Chubblings commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Has Limited Impact in Jap...:

@MightyKrypto About Arkham Knight though (not sure if you've played it or not), but having 100% it on both Normal and Knightmare (since they had a thing where you had to 100% the game to get the full ending), it's definitely amazing in some ways, but has a few big flaws, while I found Yoshi's Wooly World to be a great experience consistently (though can't really compare the two, as they're completely different games, plus my inner fanboy preferred Arkham Knight). However, you would think Yoshi would do better in Japan considering Arkham Knight is a very Western game.



Chubblings commented on Nintendo Releases Genyo Takeda's Full Eulogy ...:

@JaxonH Same here, it really did shock me. Mr. Iwata's passing impacted me as deeply as if he were my own family member. He was truly a classy individual, and rarely have I seen someone in such an executive position have so much passion for his job, and be so open. By this, I'm referring to his willingness to admit to his own mistakes (at one point, even halving his own salary instead of laying off workers when profits were low), and communicate directly with fans. His presentations in Nintendo Directs gave a light-hearted playful to them, and I would always have a smile on my face (from staring at bananas, looking in awe at Majora Moon, or even recently, his puppet from E3).

What also makes me have so much respect for this man (aside from his other many attributes and contributions) is how his passing went about. He passed away from bile ducts, and he had a surgery last year to remove the tumour, although this surgery must not have been successful, which was what led to this unfortunate passing (as, since the tumour hadn't been removed, his death was something that people close to him were likely aware of). So, despite how ill Mr. Iwata was, he didn't want any of us to worry, and wanted to keep working, to keep touching people's hearts. That is truly what it means to be a classy individual.

Nevertheless, although Mr. Iwata may have passed, his spirit, his passion, all of which have touched countless hearts—that will live on forever.



Chubblings commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

Bile ducts...poor Iwata was in worse health than any of us could ever have imagined, but he never wanted us to worry: a classy human being. Truly a sad day for gaming, as we truly lost one of the greats. I'm really sad, felt like I lost a family member. Rest in peace Iwata, thanks for all the great fun you've given to all of us over the years.



Chubblings commented on Review: Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 (3DS):

I loved the original Chronicles on 3DS as a launch title, but I'll be getting this on the Vita due to better performance. Since this takes elements from Samurai Warriors 4, which I loved as well, this should make for a great portable experience. Stoked for Hyrule Warriors 3DS though (even if I own the Wii U version). It does baffle me why they would release it so close to Hyrule Warriors 3DS, as even though it's a couple of months from now, I imagine most people will likely get their Warriors fix through that, this year.



Chubblings commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

Great comparison at the end between Super Mario 3D World->Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker to Metroid Prime 2->Federation Force. Federation Force in particular has gotten a lot of flack, just because it's not Metroid Prime 4. Fans aren't judging the games we saw at E3 in terms of quality, but rather, whether it fits in line with what they want. There have been so many instances where a game gets hated on before people even play it.
I completely understand why people are upset at these spinoffs, since it seems like an insult to them, but so long as the games are of high quality and fun to play, I don't see how it's a big issue (though I can't justify Animal Crossing WiiU).



Chubblings commented on Interview: Knitting Together the Pattern of Yo...:

Incredible game, I've had a blast playing it today (I'm spreading myself too thin though, playing both this and Arkham Knight simultaneously).

To all the people in NA, if you're still on the fence for this game, it's fantastic. Visually, it's one of the most beautifully designed and visually appealing games of the year. Gameplay-wise, it's so fun, and with the plethora of collectibles, you'll be sinking a lot of tim in the game. Better than Kirby's Epic Yarn (because as you progress, there can also be a challenge, plus the collectibles).



Chubblings commented on Splatoon Holds Its Territory in the UK Charts:

@Peach64 I feel like the NintendoLife community hates way too much on the UK market. Arkham Knight's going to sell well globally (US, UK, Mainland Europe, Japan, etc.), and rightfully so: it's a truly fantastic game (and a fitting end to the trilogy). I'm a big fan of Splatoon myself, but it's blind fanboyism to hate on Arkham Knight (which is a good game) just because it'll sell well and Splatoon may not, next week.



Chubblings commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe):

Does anyone know where to find a physical copy of Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 in the UK (or is it digital only)?

Anyway, I'll be too busy this week anyway with Yoshi's Wooly World and Batman Arkham Knight.



Chubblings commented on Video: Who Needs a New Sonic Game When You Hav...:

@SuperWiiU I want a GOOD new Sonic game. I don't care if it's for Wii U, 3DS, NX, PS4, X1, whatever—Lost World was fine, but I want something in the vein of Generations again (in the Modern Sonic gameplay). What's really weird though, is that Sonic games are usually on a 2 development cycle (maximum). So with Lost World coming out in 2013, I'm surprised there hasn't been an announcement of the next game, since Sonic Team have been working on it.



Chubblings commented on PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3:

@rjejr "Their games are so good, it's a shame more people don't play them."
^This. I couldn't agree with you more, those folks at PG truly make magic with games (except Korra, which doesn't really count, being a low budget title an all). With W101 and Bayo2 on Wii U, and coupled with the fact that PG likes working with Nintendo, I think Nintendo should put some cash in to get them as a second party dev.

@Knuckles I liked Metal Gear Rising Revengeance! The only problem I had with it was that, it as a bit short, but a fantastic game nonetheless. Revengeance 2 would be great, now that you mention it, ugh..... there's so many different projects they could go with (MGR2, Bayo3, W102, etc.), but I have no doubt that whatever it is, will be fantastic.



Chubblings commented on PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3:

@rjejr Although I'd be really happy for them if one of their games sells really well, I believe the reason why they're able to continually do projects is because sales don't matter. Specifically in that, unlike many devs, they're given a certain amount of money to do a project (that's not their own), and their job is simply to make the best game they can with that money, and then they get paid for it. I don't think they get a cut from sales (though correct me if I'm wrong).