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Mon 16th Jun 2014

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thehoppypoppy commented on NX Won't Be The Next Version Of Wii Or Wii U, ...:


I hope so too. I have thought all along that the New 3DS is an extension of tbe 3DS line. I couldn't figure out why Nintendo would have bothered with it if they were planning to replace it with a handheld/console combo shortly thereafter. I still love my 3DS, and I'm glad that the games keep coming!



thehoppypoppy commented on Here's Some of the Changes Atlus Made to the W...:

Tried the demo, don't think I'm getting it. It's pretty over my head. Plus whenever you bring a dead character back to life, your total HP diminishes (meaning you die that much faster). No point wasting my money and my time. I'll hold out for Bravely Second and Fire Emblem next year. I assume they're still being released, yes?



thehoppypoppy commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

Don't get me wrong, I get that what he did was illegal. I also understand TPC's need protecting their IP. I still think a payment plan would have been kind (even if it would have been generous), then he wouldn't have needed to make the gofundme page (he could have righted the wrong on his own). Sounds like he'll be covered anyways. . .



thehoppypoppy commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

AC games have never been about "challenge", per se. Your goals in the game are what you make them. As for the cards being a "cash grab", you don't have to buy them to play the game (last I heard anyway). I think I will enjoy this game as is when I do eventually get this!



thehoppypoppy commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

So many of my favorite pokemon are from gen 1. Jigglypuff, Vulpix, Dratini, Bulbasaur. . .the list goes on and on! After gen 1, I didn't come back to pokemon until gen 6 (mainly because I didn't buy another handheld after the gameboy color until the DS). That's probably why gen 1 holds so many great memories for me.



thehoppypoppy commented on The Legend of Legacy Launch Edition is a Thing...:

Sooooo tempting, but It's 2 days before baby #2 is due. Plus I have minimal funds. :-/

EDIT: Oh heck, I may just pre-order it anyway. A little "mother's day splurge" for myself. Who knows when I'll be awake enough (or have the time) to enjoy it. Haha!



thehoppypoppy commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

I thought the N3DS was the successor of the 3DS (or at least an extension of the 3DS line). This is why I have a hard time believing that the NX will be a hybrid handheld/console.

That being said, I could totally see the 3DS family going for another couple of years, so long as excellent games keep coming out. My backlog is such that I will definitely have enough to play for that long anyway. I'm glad though, because the 3DS is my favorite system yet!