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Thu 30th May 2013

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ichigo62 commented on Video: Inazuma Eleven 3 Trailer Shoots For Cra...:

yeah, KEEP UP WITH YOUR BULLpoopiedoodledoggiedoo REGION LOCK NINTENDO ... Sony can do it, Xbox can do it ...why u cant ??? pfff, all my favorites games are not gonna be released in NA.

PS: dont try to flame me here, i ve been buying so many imported japanese 3ds games, eventho i dont freakin understand the language like at all, so you see how much my love for nintendo ??



ichigo62 commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

^^ above me, well lucky for you man if the NA games satisfy you just enough. Take an example from my case. I have a strong gaming Community/Lan Party in this little sad country (bad internet connection). So 3 friends of mine, they DON'T like the 3ds' library right now, me on the other hand just love 3ds even though its getting blurry a bit over time.

But they have locked their eyes on 5-7 titles JP's library, thats including Fantasy Life (a new game i believe) but once they knew that they needed to buy jp 3ds handheld in order to play JP games. This was their reaction to me : "Haha, tell you what bro its a joke, getting imported game that is twice of the price is one thing but getting another freakin imported handheld which is also twice the price is not even funny"

So we stick with the ragnarok odyseyy for a time being. Believe me there are thousands cases as mine out there.



ichigo62 commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

if this is A NON ISSUE, then why do you have it in the first place ??, i don't play almost every NA releases, because they are suck, maybe 1 or 2.

You want to KEEP the region-lock crap, FINE, then release all the 3ds games from japanese to NA and EU. ANd stop flaming me "dude its not the nintendo, its the dev the bla bla bla", i don't care, i have money to give you so provide me goods.

The truth is = MONEY, you want people to buy another 3ds handheld just for a particular title. Ughh thank god there are many best free mmorpgs out there.



ichigo62 commented on Level-5 Has No Plans To Bring Any Titles To Ne...:

Fantasy Life please ...... please ...... trust me it will be profit to bring it out, here in South East Asia, there are many major forums are talking about it, some of them even hit 190s pages about Fantasy Life !!!

My 3 super hardcore-sony-fanboy friends EVEN told me WILL buy 3DS if Fantasy life comes out at least for NA. And trust me when i say super-hardcore, they gather for LAN Party almost everyday for 6 hours with their VITA toy.