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Wed 11th Jun 2014

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Shiny_Sentret commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I predict a Video game console crash within the next ten to fifteen years. I also predict that Nintendo will save the industry again.
I think using a phone for anything other than to communicate with others one form or the other is dumb. It is like using a brick to talk to your friends.
A 2DS makes SOOOO much more sense then a tablet. Which would your kid waste more time on- a one game, or a few hundred app?
Another thing- for 500$/Euro/Pound/Other Currency, you could buy an iphone, and few dozen free apps that are covered and ads and are tiny. With the same amount of money, you can buy a 3DS XL, six full retail games (ad free), a few awesome eShop games, and a few VC games.
People are just scared to be different and use something else for entertainment.
If I were to go to a doctor's office, and play angry birds trilogy on my 3DS, people would probably sit up and move somewhere else or give weird stares. If I were to be playing the same games on an iPhone, no one would care.
Sorry for wasting your time.



Shiny_Sentret commented on Mario Kart 8 Claims Top Spot in Japanese Chart...:

Anyone who is not a PC/Sony/Microsoft fanboy can agree that the Wii U will win this gen. But it will still lose to Apple robots. For 500$, you can get an iPad and a handful of ad covered games, or you can get a Wii U with MK8, a Wii Remote, one of the four games, two more games, and still have fifty dollars...



Shiny_Sentret commented on Talking Point: Mii, Myself and I - The Argumen...:

I think that it is smart that Mii's aren't allowed to play online.
First of all, people could, of course, make offensive Mii's like Hitler or etc.
Secondly, don't deny it, it would literally be all anyone (just doing a quick casual match) would use- most likely. In Mario Kart 7, I have found myself playing Mii vs Seven other Miis. Despite all of this, I still think that I will use the crap out of them. Customize to 100% spam and troll moves.