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My musical project Comet Tail made a couple of recordings.

Thu 26th Dec 2013

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Oragami commented on RCMADIAX Announces Three New Titles For The Wi...:

Okay, I realize that RCMADIAX made SPIKEY WALLS, and yes it is a bad game, but how come that is always the first thing mentioned when people talk about the company? They've made plenty of good other games, like BLOK DROP U.

Anyways, I'm excited for these, especially Super Robo Mouse.



Oragami commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):

To truly appreciate this comment, read the comment directed at me from @Quorthon

@Quorthon Ha! What an absurd comment. What the hell does it matter what you think about RCMADIAX? By that logic, everyone must have the same opinions as you. I'm not sure how you define the word "great," you clearly have higher standards than I do, as I would say this indie developer is making very good games.

Personally, I would also not go with reviews just on Metacritic as there are only 4 or 7 reviews for each game, and also those scores aren't super bad. For instance, I and many others on this site really like these games (although you don't, I do. I certainly didn't think they were bad).

Here yah go:

By all means, good for Rcmadiax, he's released a whole bunch of games that are really fun. At least he isn't kidding himself in that regard.



Oragami commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):

@Quorthon I'm sorry, how many games have you made that got a 5 or higher on this site? Because RCMADIAX has five of them. Better yet, they have three games that got a 6 or higher. RCMADIAX is a great developer.