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Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype on 8th April

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Here we go...

In recent weeks we've been wondering when the next Nintendo Direct would hit, with predictions and theories of the next broadcast denied by silence from the big N. That silence has been lifted today, and those excited by Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS should most definitely pay attention — a Super Smash Bros. Direct is coming.

This isn't the first time a game (or two) have had a broadcast to themselves, but this may be the most anticipated yet. There's still much to learn about the new series' entries, including their final name and release dates. Some answers will surely come in this broadcast, with Nintendo confirming that this global broadcast will arrive on 8th April at 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 11pm UK / midnight (9th April) in mainland Europe and 8am AEST (9th April) in Australia.

It's safe to say there's going to be huge excitement about this broadcast, a fact of which Nintendo is clearly aware by giving more advance notice than normal. As always we'll be providing live streams, commentary and substantial post-Direct coverage here on Nintendo Life — we can't wait. What do you hope will be revealed?

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ThomasBW84 said:

I've updated the times for all regions now

Pizza and caffeine in the office next Monday, it seems!



Nintenjoe64 said:

What? Does this mean Nintendo about to deliver the steady flow of games they said they would?



Hunter-D said:

That's why we didn't get a pic of the day (woops, looks like I spoke too soon )

Expecting quite a bit of news, and I'm expecting to see at least one more character getting confirmed. Release date would be great.

The mother of all Nintendo Directs. It's going to be a great day!



Grumblevolcano said:

As long as the stream doesn't crash like last time and release date is before Q4, I'll be extremely excited about what is announced.



SecondServing said:

Please talk about online play, please talk about online play, please talk about online play, please, please, please!!!!!! It's what should and must happen!



Goginho said:

Just Smash?? Aw, I wanted a normal Direct. Or one that featured Kart, at least :/



the_truth said:

No doubt the stream is going to crash, as always. I'll watch it the next day, or just read the digest.



NintyMan said:

I don't know what they would announce, other than another newcomer. It would be great if they could announce a release window. Regardless, I think it might be like the Smash Bros. developer direct from E3 2013 in which there was all kinds of information.



Webby-sama said:

As long as it's not some recap of what everyone knows plus one new detail then I'll be happy to watch.



AdanVC said:

Wohoo! lot's of Nintendo goodness this week. GBA games, MK8 previews with epic trailers and now Smash Bros dedicated Direct! We can expect a newcomer, info about different game modes, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and a damn release date! It's gonna be a loooooong weekend, guys.



smikey said:

I'm not much of a smash bros guy (always sucked too much to care)
But I will be buying the limited edition release day box set (which will obviously happen)
And I will play the game now and then though probably not online (because I suck)

This will no doubt be a big direct for Nintendo and they'd have to give a release date otherwise it will get hammered.
I'm expecting November 2014 myself in fact if I were them I'd drop it with a limited edition wii u console on black Friday.

As for new characters i'd sill like to see pac man
and I've given up trying to watch the live streams they never ever work I usually try an hour later so even though I live in the uk it will be about midnight before I watch it too



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I can see why Smash is getting an entire dedicated Direct, but still. The only things about it that matter now are the release date and possibly another newcomer, so this will most likely be a pretty boring Direct.

Also, I'd prefer more information on yet to be announced titles and X.



NintyMan said:

I don't think it would be out of the realm of possibility that there could be more than one character announced, especially considering March went by without a single character reveal. Still, as a Smash fan, I'm pumped!



RedYoshi999 said:

All aboard the N64 Rainbow Road hype train! I'll be watching the youtube replay however since the new Nintendo Direct times absolutely suck. No, I'm not willingly getting up at 5am.



SecondServing said:

I'm personally glad that there is a direct focused on Smash, because I would really like them to explain whats in the game, how the online may work, and who knows? Maybe they will unveil a character and give a release date!



0utburst said:

I'm excitedly looking forward to it. I'm just curious, what are the other games before that had it's own direct?



Peach64 said:

I'm guessing they'll announce a release date for the Wii U version. Maybe July/August?

They'll probably hold the 3DS one back to holiday although might not give a date for it here.



Fill-N said:

OMG! THAT was earlier then i thought!
i was expecting the next ND to be MK8 special. still think there will be one early may, though.

for this one i surely hope theres a character reveal, but that wouldnt be the main thing about it. they will hopefully start talking about modes and customization. maybe adventure mode or most likely stage builder.



cfgk24 said:

Any 3DS Hardware news? Even a Nice Euro Brushed Aluminium Special Edition ads would be nice



Emblem said:

Must be a summer release then, no point doing a direct now if its going to be released any later than September, guess we will find out on the 8th.

Lol at people complaining.



2Sang said:

Just when I start getting bored, Sakurai pulls me right back in. He's such a tease.



allav866 said:

I don't care if we get a release date, as long as I can save $100 for the eShop credit needed to buy both games simultaneously. Still, it'll be good if Sakurai gives us a vague release window, if only to stop people from begging for a release date.
I don't doubt we'll see a new character announcement, but I'm still intrigued by the promise that both games will influence one another in some way, so I'm hopeful that Sakurai will further explain this.
Finally, while Sakurai has given us a tour of Super Mario 3D Land and Prism Tower on Miiverse, I hope he'll show off some other stages, like the Pilotwings Resort stage or the Custom Stage builder.



Nomad said:

There's got to be at least one new character right? If this direct is focused solely on Smash Bros., it's likely that there will be a fair bit of new information about it. Hopefully we will get a release date and new character reveals. I've got a feeling we will see the Wii U version released first. Just a guess.



Azooooz said:

Good thing I have graduated from the university (now waiting for the job), so I don't have to miss out a rare event like this. I'm very well excited from this one, unlike other directs.



larry_koopa said:

Don't get me wrong - I am super hyped for both Smash Bros and Mario Kart, but Nintendo better have a plan in place for once these two games are released. Otherwise we could be in store for a major draught a la the first year of the Wii U's lifecycle. Just a concern...



ledreppe said:

I'd rather have a normal direct. I need new games I can pre-order after the show!



readyletsgo said:

Just from this announcement I can tell they are gonna be stupid and release smash for the 3ds the same time as the WiiU, sigh, let the WiiU version sell a few WiiUs for a few months then release the 3ds version later on.

But I still have no interest in this series, just too chaotic for me.



xInsomniax said:

I'm very excited to hear about this! I was hoping for the next Direct to have a little bit of MK8 info, but i'll take what I can get. HYPE TRAIN!!

EDIT: Was the Wonderful 101 specific direct in September that last THEMED direct? If so, we may get a release date and the game may not be that far off from launching. Maybe a summer release?



Goginho said:

@cookiex Pretty much lol
But I'm still more a fan of MK than Smash Bros. (so my comment is kinda biased, I'll admit ). And besides, we've been getting weekly info on SB through screenshots since...forever. I kinda feel like Smash Bros. this time 'round will be just an update over the last ones, you know. A natural progression, the way it's supposed to be. Better visuals, new arenas, characters, and maybe bit more refined controls and mechanics, and that's it. Nothing hugely different and deviant. I'm probably wrong, but I feel like Smash is just Smash. It's gonna be great. But MK8 seems to be doing a lot of new things, many of which need some explaining to do

Meh, woulda been better to have a normal Direct, covering many different content, but focusing on Smash Bros. if they must. I mean, I can't imagine half an hour worth of explaining and showing off what's new in Smash Bros. 4. Like, don't spoil it all, and leave some for us to find out, you know We know what Smash Bros. is all about, we know it's great and fun, so no need to worry about getting the word out there themselves. The fans and consumers will do that (and there are plenty of fans already). I guess, in a way, the same goes for Mario Kart. So whatevs



3MonthBeef said:

Last direct in (I think December) was pretty standard fair. I don't expect much in big name announcements. They need to save the big news for E3. Expect a lot of digital download games, GBA on Wii U news, SSB (and that's all for Wii U). Then rest will be 3DS.



Starwolf_UK said:

I really can not get any excitement from this new Nintendo direct time (I'm in bed by then and no I can't just "stay up"). Shame it looks like it is here to stay. Oh well at least I get to skip watching the direct.

But thats the problem with a simultaneous event, the time is going to be unsuitable for some people no matter what happens. I'm just a bit upset this looks more like it is the official time now.



Prof_Clayton said:

So, I'm guessing we will get a look at a lot of smaller features, as well as the few big reveals. We know of trophies, so there will be a trophy case. We will get a look at some final smashes, especially since Luigi's was hinted at. We should get a new character reveal (which everyone will hate until they get the game and love it), and a new course to look at.
And maybe, just maybe, Ganondorf (or hopefully some new Zelda boss).



AJWolfTill said:

Guys prepare for an eShop demo
But seriously, I'm expecting a run down of the game modes, a release date, details of how the online works, interconnectivity between the two versions and of course at least one new reveal.
Unless this is going to be 10 minutes long and not focus on any other games there is no way they won't be unloading the details.



AyeHaley said:

@DestinyMan Don't jinx it! That would be evil and unlikely to happen...I hope.

I wish we got more than just Smash info....I was hoping we would get Bayonetta 2 this summer.



element187 said:

@Peach64 that's what I'm guessing, they usually dedicate an entire direct to a to a title that will release in the next few months. Hence why this is surprising. I was expecting a MK8 focused direct.



WebHead said:

Hopefully a release date is announced. I see 2 characters being revealed, Yoshi and a newcomer.



Octane said:

Whilst I'm not a big fan of the Smash series, this only means there's more time to talk about other games at E3, with most of the Smash news cleared out.



AJWolfTill said:

By the way, everything we have seen so far has been for standard multiplayer right?
I know the majority of Smash playtime is as a multiplayer game but there was a lot of content for single player in the last two games.



WebHead said:

Also just because we're getting a SSB ND tuesday doesn't mean we won't get a regular one this month. Remember August?



whodatninja said:

I want a release date! (and a non-lag stream)
Although i was hoping for more info on Monolift Soft's "X" too... maybe next month.



TruenoGT said:

Either this is coming out sooner than expected or things are looking really dry for releases if they're hyping a game potentially 6 or more months out.



AugustusOxy said:

Gosh, I hope this game isn't coming out all that soon. The earlier the release date, the less content the game is going to have.

Its already looking bleak. They better announce a crapload of characters or something in this direct.



Janfeae said:

E3 is pretty close (almost exactly 2 months away) It wouldn't make much sense for them to have a normal direct and reveal some new games, only for there to be 5 or 6 new ones for E3. If they save it for now, they will have a lot to show for the biggest gaming event of the year.

I think Nintendo is simply being strategic when it comes to information right now. We don't have any real gameplay videos when it comes to Smash Bros, and we know even less about how the game will play (Story Mode--No interconnecting story lines this time/ other game modes). So in the interest of time management, when E3 comes, they can focus on other things.



NintyMan said:

The safe guess for the newcomer is Palutena. Chrom would be a bit early because it's too early for the Fire Emblem: Awakening anniversary, but you never know. Almost anything can happen, but for now Palutena is all I'm expecting.



0utburst said:

Any chance Alucard or a Belmont will be added to the roster? Or Ryu/Ken/Guile/ChunLi from street fighter? I'd like to see a Dragonball char too.



AlexSora89 said:

This is gonna make up for the WiiU GBA VC.
I never thought I'd say this about something that isn't a GBA VC for the 3DS, but a Nintendo Direct being entirely about Super Smash Bros.? Oh my. Oh my. OH MY!!!
[faints again]



rjejr said:

Please have a date.
please have a date.
please have a date.

More like a slideshow than a stream.



TreesenHauser said:

They should reveal an official title for the games and/or at least a release date. Can't wait to see this.



Lance168 said:

@FineLerv Yoshis New Island is still not out in japan, it will come there in the summer, so it's much more possible he'll be announced when that happens.



Yellowkoopa said:

This is cool news, but I get the feeling they might delay the game until early 2015... Still we might get one newcomer and one returning fighter. I hope they also talk about other wii u games and features. I'll definitely try to watch this direct.



King47 said:

Could you guys use the YouTube broadcast instead of ustream? Or at least both?

This is good. They better have concrete info in it before kart comes out, that way people have more confidence in the system.



ThomasBW84 said:

@King47 Now that we have decent advance warning - for pretty much the first time ever! - we'll do our best to find and use the best option. Last time around the NA broadcast was OK, from what I understand, but the EU one was a nightmare. It wasn't just us with the EU one though, but also Nintendo's main stream, plus there was no live YouTube alternative in the region (unlike NA). Hopefully NoE will do a better job with it this time



MeddlingIdiot said:

Apparently Nintendo of Japan have dropped uStream this time around, so hopefully they'll do the same for other regions.



ikki5 said:

wow... a Nintendo direct announcement that gives more than one day advanced.



AlexSora89 said:

This also mean we might finally get to see the 3DS entry in action... complete with... the... interface...
[faints for the third time]



CrissCross87 said:

When was the last time they a Nintendo Direct for a sole game? Pikmin 3? what was the time gap between the Nintendo Direct and game rrelease date? This has caused me to hope for a Summer release date as being possible!



Emblem said:

@Yellowtails A dedicated direct in early April for a game releasing in 2015? That's stupid and not really inline with Nintendo's past practice. Even the most loyal of fans would get pissed at that. Still you never know....



ikki5 said:

@CrissCross87 Actually, the last nintendo directed they did for one sole game was for the Wonderful 101 and it was released September 15th for me (NA) and23rd and 24th or so in for everyone else. The Nintendo direct for it was Qugust 9th (don't ask how I remember that... I just love this game so that might be why ) so you are right, we could see a release for it this summer but.... don't get your hopes up. My guess is going to be October, or Holiday. If it is any sooner, than it will be August but I am not counting on it that early.



bizcuthammer said:

"There's still much to learn about the games, including the final name..."

The final name has already been given. Super Smash Bros for WiiU and Super Smash Bros for 3DS. I would bet my entire next month of salary that those names stay put. This reminds me of when Mario Kart 7 was announced and people were like "No way that's the final name. It's too stupid."



ShadJV said:

So they'll probably start with the name, show a big new character, announce a single player mode and how customization will come into play, and end by saying adding so much content means they have to delay it to 2015.



bizcuthammer said:

There seems to be a lot of hope that just because we're getting a direct about one game that that means it's coming out soon. Be realistic guys. This game isn't coming out in Q2, and i'd be surprised if we saw it by the end of Q3. I think Ninty's gonna save it for November to be their big holiday game.

That said, what i want to see from this direct is a release time frame, and how online multiplayer is going to work. Will there be ranking? Leaderboards? Tournaments? Or will it just be bare bones like Brawl was, and disappoint everyone again?

Also hope they go ahead and confirm all the characters everyone knows will be in the game but they haven't been announced yet like Captain Falcon, Yoshi and Ness. Oh and maybe a new character or two.



Gerbwmu said:

Hoping this is great news for the Smash Bros fans. Also hoping this is great news for an E3 loaded with goodies.



BassLostie said:


I've been thinking that maybe Sakurai and his team have already finished the game. It's just that this is Smash Bros. and needs to be perfect. In February's Direct they announced Smash Bros. for "2014". We'll probably getting the release month (I'm betting for November 2014)



AlternateButtons said:

I predict:

-the official title will be revealed (C'mon it CAN'T be "for Wii U/for 3DS" that's just LAME)
-at least 3-4 new characters (it IS a Direct after all)
-details of adventure mode
-some information about online play
-release dates for both versions
-A surprise announcement that will catch us all off guard (it IS Sakurai after all)



ricklongo said:

I'm very excited for SSB. That said, it's kind of a bummer that they will focus an entire direct on a single game (okay, two games). With the third parties jumping ship, I think Nintendo really needs to give us a steady stream of big releases, rather than focusing on the games we know are coming.

Oh well, I'll try not to be too much of a Debbie Downer. It's definitely gonna be great to know the official name and release date. Maybe this means the games will come earlier than we were anticipating?



NightmareXIV said:

Guys quit being disapointed in the Direct, and expecting too much just hop aboard the HYYYYYPE TRAAAAIN!!!



SetupDisk said:

Yes, it would be terrible if they released on the same day. Mario Kart and Smash might sell a few systems but it won't help if people can still play on Smash on the 3DS right away.

I got a crazy feeling that the Wii U version of Smash is going to be a lot better though.



dkxcalibur said:

An entire show dedicated to Smash? WOW! That's a lot of content. I'm guessing we'll finally have a date. We'll see the latest trailer. We'll see at least 2 new or newly confirmed characters. We'll hear about the different modes. My guess on a release date will be the end of July, for both games; and it will be for the same day. The big surprise will be that they will have a special combo for purchase that will include both games and a Pro Controller. Speculating is soooooo much fun and no on does it better then us Nintendo fans.



TeeJay said:

Wait. Is the 8th a Tuesday?! Oh my gawd, that's my day off! The timing couldn't have been more perfect! I can watch a live Nintendo Direct for once! And for Smash Bros too! This is fantastic!

I'm hoping for some news on new modes, and I really reall hope to see a level editor in the 3DS version, complete wih QR codes. And a proper title would be great too! So hyped!!



Cyberbotv2 said:

A release date would be very cool. I usually don't give a damn about these Smash games, but they actually have me pumped for this. I'm hoping for online play. And my biggest hope is Leon from Resident Evil 4 being introduced with the entire magnum reloading sequence.



Doma said:

What i expect:

  • Some actual info on the game modes, unique features etc.
  • a couple new character announcements.

What i don't expect:

  • A release date (they'll just say something vague i.e. 'Autumn/Winter')
  • Any details regarding online.

Anyhow, i'll be waiting for the aftermath unless it isn't hosted by that dullard, Iwata.

Good thing it's just Smash related, btw. Screw Mario Kart!



K-Gamer said:

Hopefully a realease date. I think we should be seeing more realeases of Wii U games once May kicks off.



Wanderhope said:

I just want this game. Give it to me naow.

Nintendo Direct: "We are pleased to announce that Smash Bros. is in your mailbox!"




DarkKirby said:

Get ready for lots of veterans nobody was expecting to be cut and 1 or 2 characters people were already expecting!



Ronoh said:

How much more is there to say about this game? We just need a release date at this point.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Wowza....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm expecting a couple oldcomers a few newcomers as well, so video footage of both games and lastly a rough release time frame (don't want to get too excited and believe that they will really relieve the final date)



Geno92 said:

Yes, I've been waiting for Nintendo to break the silence. We had no Nintendo direct for the month of march, but this makes up for it. Can't wait till next week.



unrandomsam said:

I am only interested when it is reasonably close to release like two weeks or so away. I already know pretty much what to expect.



thesilverbrick said:

I can guarantee the direct will be amazing, have some awesome stuff in it, and then at the end will drop the bombshell that the game is being delayed to 2015. Mark my words.



The-Chosen-one said:

Wow!!!! nice anouncement!!!
Cant wait..
I hope to see some new characters anounced and smash attacks, stages and if there is a storymode, i know that there wont be somethinge like subspace but that doesnt say anything about a storymode.
I cant wait for this, smash bros is my nr 1 game.
I want to see pokemon trainer return he was awesome and unique



rdxgeno said:

Oh my God!!!!!! I can't believe we're getting an entire direct devoted to Smash Bros!!! Yes!! I couldn't ask for anything more.(besides having the game in my hands) Sakurai must have something very special planned to show us, and I can't wait to see what that is. Whatever it is I'm sure it will make the wait for Smash Bros. even harder for many of us. I'm really hoping for a release date.



King47 said:

I wasn't trying to be rude or anything, but last direct was so bad and choppy that it's was difficult to watch. Even the na stream was bad. I switched to the YouTube stream near the end when summertime told me about it online, I found it more fluid but a second or two behind.
Of course, I understand if it can't be done, and thanks.



GalacticMario28 said:

And again I'll have to leave for class in the middle of it; great. Regardless, I'll be happy with pretty much any new information. It's kind of hard to ask for an unexpected new character when people have been suggesting so many.



kensredemption said:

Aside from Bayonetta 2, X and Watch_Dogs, SSB is the only other title I'm looking forward to this year. Bring it on, Nintendo.



DerpSandwich said:

Is it weird that I'm pretty much only disappointed that we're not getting a full ND? I guess I'm hard to please, huh?

It's just that we didn't get one last month, we're not getting one this month, and they're not going to give us any good info the month before E3, so what, we get three a year now? We need announcements more than ever.



SamirMalik said:

Watch it! Famous cyborg Jack the Ripper is gonna replace Snake! At least thats what his VA screwed up on and probably accidentally revealed.



Action51 said:

Hmm, a Nintendo direct, the perfect opportunity to create a demand for a specific expectation that is nowhere hinted at, and then act incredibly disappointed and trash Nintendo when that specific expectation that was never hinted at isn't addressed.

I'm kinda new at this, so here goes:

I expect to hear Zelda U and Metroid U announced at this direct, and if they aren't then I'm going to sell my Wii U!!!

How was that? Did I do it right?



UnseatingKDawg said:




Action51 said:

@thesilverbrick I know lol!

I was just spoofing what I see on all over message boards here and elsewhere before and after every Nintendo direct is announced.

It's a thing I find kinda funny and a little annoying...but not annoying enough that I can't poke a little fun at it.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@Action51 Not enough I expect
Mewtwo,Roy & Palutena maybeeeee Sackboy
Mario Galaxy 3
call of duty Year of Luigi dlc
Kid Icarus Uprising HD
Smash Bros 4 is getting delayed and to hold
The smash community over we are getting a HD remaster of melee+brawl



MetalMario said:


Pizza, caffeine, and Smash Bros.? Sounds like a lot of fun!

My 5:00-6:30PM class on Tuesday is going to be a longer one than usual, it seems.



WaveGhoul said:

By the time this game releases there will be zero surprises.

at 0:13



themac2001 said:

@ThomasBW84 MY GOD THATS LATE! Thank god i'm on holiday and can afford to stay up . Can't say i won't be able to concentrate on the actual video though.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I wonder what they could possibly talk about for an entire direct? Hopefully the release date, but what else?

Still, am interested. I hope there's some sort of a limited edition that includes both versions of the game.



ChuJelly said:

Woo!!! This is definitely something to get excited about! Hopefully, they'll have tons of new details and newcomers to announce, since it's a fully dedicated direct this time. I bet Sakurai must have some huge gameplay surprise reveal to give us
Since everyone else is posting their foolishly specific expectations, I'm hoping they'll take this chance to announce either a DK, Fire Emblem, or Pokémon newcomer, myself. Not going to get any of my hopes up, though. That's never a good thing with these directs



MixMasterMudkip said:

Has anyone found info on how long the direct will be? My only fear is that it's going to be short. Like the Pokemon one that announced X and Y that was only like 10 minutes. But, what I'm hoping for is at least one newcomer, some footage of what was shown of in the daily pics, actual demo footage, some new and returning stages announced, at least 2 returning characters, some of the Final Smashes, and what the menus look like. If we get that I'll be happy.



Supergeoff said:

Delays, delays , holiday, holidays, stop saying that and stay postive we might get the Wii U version first and the 3ds one in the holidays so chill.



mostro328 said:

I don't think there will be a drought I'm hoping for x bayonetta 2 yoshi yarn smb and zelda u plus sonic boom all this year with mk8 for me that is note then enough



element187 said:

@Starwolf_UK watch the direct in the eshop the next day like I'm doing..the quality on Wii U's eshop is usually top notch.... if not, Nintendo also posts it to their YouTube account.



jrob23 said:

I've never played a Smash Brothers game. Do they start you off with a few characters and unlock new ones as you gain XP? Or can you choose any of them from the start. Seems like the latter would be better as you'd have more incentive to master different characters.



element187 said:

@GN004Nadleeh But you forget that the shareholders get to vote whether to keep Iwata around in a few months. Iwata could throw Smash and MK8 out fairly close to each other to pad sales of Wii U just before the vote to try and hang on to his position.... lets be honest here. Mario Kart and Smash have been finished for quite some time, and only getting polished right now. They could be released as is at any time.



element187 said:

@thesilverbrick I will take that bet... Nintendo can't afford to miss the 2014 window on a game this big.... and Iwata himself can't especially afford it.

With the advent of patches, Nintendo wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of it when they find themselves int he position that they are.... a bad game is forever a bad game motto from Shiggy only applied back in the offline days of video games.



BakaKnight said:

I'm hyped! A whole direct about smash is like a dream come true

Whatever they'll show I'll be happy ^o^ (Unless it's gonna be a minute long slideshow direct, but...that's impossible right? XD)



Epicnessofme99 said:

Is it bad that I wanted a normal direct rather than this? Not to say i'm not excited for Smash but I figured the next Nintendo Direct announcement would be for one that's just general about 3DS and Wii U titles.



Henmii said:

Maybe we finally get a proper trailer because, lets face it, we haven't seen much footage so far!

And we might even get a release-date (or a vague "November 2014")! Why else would they do a direct?! Only to reveal 1 new character?! I think there could be more to it! But we'll see!



Yellowkoopa said:

@Emblem For some reason, I have that strange feeling that they might announce a delay for one of the versions of the games or both, but since they need more games on the Wii U, it definitely is unlikely, but we'll just have to wait and see if it happens.



Megumi said:

@Brickbuild101 Yeah but Toon Link also drive the train in the Spirit Tracks stage, until Toon Link is in the battle.
Like I said chances are it ain't happening, but still. xD



JaxonH said:


Don't think so. Too many other games confirmed for 2014. At least enough for one per month the entire rest of the year after Mario Kart. And considering nothing releases in June (it's month of E3- rarely does any game release that month), we'll really only have 6 months of the year left with plenty of other games to release, not to mention unannounced titles. I'm expecting around 1-2 major releases per month starting in July/Aug through December... mathematically, there's just no way around it.



JaxonH said:

I had a feeling Smash was gonna be the next game released after Mario Kart. I seriously doubt Nintendo is staging a separate direct for Super Smash Bros 4 (and before E3 at that) just for giggles. Last time they did a Direct for only one game was the Wonderful 101 Direct shortly before it released. I'm thinking both versions will NOT release simultaneously. I remember a statement saying they could release up to 6 months apart or something like that. So either we get Smash 3D in summer and Smash U in the fall, or visa versa.



FilmerNgameR said:




TwilightAngel said:

there going to show a huge trailer that has every veteran character that has not been announced yet and show a new character i really hope that is midna. Im not playing i would freak out if they showed midna as a new character make it happen sakurai.



ChessboardMan said:

"The game will be available for download in the eShop immediately after this Direct is finished."

Just kidding, but some actual predictions:
-A Demo, maybe two (one for each platform), or some companion software, available for download immediately after the direct finishes.
-The reveal of AR cards.
-One or Two Final Smashes revealed.
-Character reveals/confirmations.
-Some trophy reveals (from really recent or third-party games), or some new feature of trophies.
-A stage reveal.
-Single player modes explained.
-Some previously unrevealed feature connected with MiiVerse, or a demonstration of possibilities (Maybe unloading short clips/replays from matches, or showing how well photos in the middle of matches work)
-Some new feature not directly connected to gameplay (Replay recording, or some special audience/commentator mode).
-a feature, mode or stage that makes special use of the WiiU Gamepad (and possibly the 3DS touchscreen).
-A Boss Battle mode (Which may include a player vs mode utilising some Game Pad asymmetrical gaming)
***- A release date.***



sleepinglion said:

I'd love to see either the N64 or Gamecube series entries be announced for VC. They keep putting off N64 and GC releases... this would be pretty stellar.



IceClimbers said:

All aboard the hype train!

I expect a new character announcement or two, some final smashes, a stage or two, and some of the extra modes. Oh and possibly a release date.

Anyone thinking they might show off a new application similar to Mario Kart TV that will allow you to post screenshots and videos of matches online and allow you to comment on them via Miiverse integration? That'd be really cool.



Funny_Moblin said:

@GalacticMario28 You don't have to leave class in the middle, you know. You can just watch it after school when you come home. You're a growing boy, you need to learn in school.



SphericalCrusher said:

I expect a launch date, new character(s) — Chrom!?!?!?!? and whatever else. I love Nintendo Directs. Hoping for a non game-specific one soon.



Mikes said:

Gee whiz, that's awesome! And it's just a day before my birthday.
Dang, I have school during that time. Well, I guess it's time to come up with an excuse to stay home.



FineLerv said:

@jrob23 They give you a roster and then you unlock characters by meeting certain conditions (beat the game, finish the level with a 2 as the last digit etc). Brawl was a game where you would constantly be unlocking things. It was very rewarding.



Senate_Guard said:

I feel like the whole Direct will just be showing us minor gameplay additions, changes, etc. "Now X item does this, unlike previous entries in the series!" "You will now be able to do X and Y with this move, unlike previous entries." I hope I'm wrong though.

Probably the best things that'll come out of it are a newcomer, more returning veterans revealed, and hopefully a release date.



allav866 said:

Looking at past game-specific Directs (W101, PokéMon, and Wii Fit U), they're all roughly 20 minutes long, so I expect that the Smash Bros. Direct will be 20 minutes long as well.



Bizzyb said:

@ShadJV I'm expecting a 2014 release. They've already stated as much. Nintendo needs a big holiday title and Smash is that AAA holiday must have exclusive. I wouldn't be surprised if the 3ds game comes out AFTER the Wii U game though. Nintendo really needs to put the major focus on Wii U



hylianhalcyon said:

I wish they would save a lot of the material they throw into directs for E3. Where the whole gaming population will be watching and will thus have a chance of generating hype with more people than these directs reach.

Concerning the game, I hope they show off some new gameplay additions or tweaks that actually get me hyped. Because right now all I've seen is Brawl 2.0, which while that's probably enough for a lot of Nintendo fans, it ain't for me. Them bringing in Namco and the fact that it appears they've straight up lifted the Brawl engine, including character models, makes it seem like they just really want to get this game out quickly to their struggling console.



The_Ninja said:

Wii U smash has a lot of potiential, but now it's just Brawl HD. And we get less
info bout 3DS smash. I think this direct is going to show more 3DS footage, but not more than Wii U smash.



themac2001 said:

@jrob23 You unlock characters by playing through the different game modes, there is no xp, and some you have to do missions to unlock.



AyeHaley said:

Summer release would be awesome...I don't mind waiting on the 3DS version, I want to play the game on my TV first anyway. And since both versions have exclusive content I won't have time for both at the same time.



Ralizah said:

I won't be able to watch it live this time. Hopefully we get some solid info from it, though.

I'm a bit disappointed, though. I won't rest easy until America has its Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney release date.



Funny_Moblin said:

@GalacticMario28 Oh, sorry about that, haha. That's a different story then. It just kind of annoys me when kids complain they have to go to school. I just feel like saying "DO YOU EVEN COLLEGE?? THEN YOU'LL COMPLAIN." Cuz I'm in college too, and stuff is tense right now. I don't even know if tomorrow I will watch the direct live since I have a ton of work to do.

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