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I was introduced to Nintendo at the age of 4 with the Nintendo 64, Since then I have never looked back! Check out my youtube channels! Main Channel is: My other channel where I play games with friends:

Sun 27th Sep 2009

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Jaco commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

I don't think Link is a blank slate per say, I think he is just a nameless protagonist. He and Zelda are established characters in the series. Personally I wouldn't want just an option for a female Link that's simply just a character model swap. I'd rather have a game buit around the idea that this hero in this era is female.

Another idea would be to have a second quest unlocked after beating the game that allowed the player to play the game as Zelda through her point of view. The story would have to work in that both Zelda and "Link" would have their own adventures and meet up at certain points. If done right, I think it could work.



Jaco commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why The Legend of Zelda I...:

@Peach64 I agree, Wind Waker was the last GREAT Zelda game. The ones since have been great GAMES but not great ZELDA games. For me, there's a difference.

With Wind Waker there was truly a full explorable world, with optional side quests and items that were not needed to finish the game, but were fun to get none the less. I was truly disappointed by the size of the world in twilight princess and the lack of things to do (compared to Wind Waker) Twilight Princess could have been so much more but I believe that when the idea of porting it to Wii came along, that last bit of development was all for the new system, instead of making it a zelda game to remember for years to come



Jaco commented on Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Re...:

I definitely play the most on Nintendo Systems, but I also have some fun with the Playstation. I Don't like XBOX though... something about them running rareware to the ground, charging for online, and the attitude of the people who own them (not everyone, just the people I know that own only the xbox) Also I haven't been a fan of Microsoft lately



Jaco commented on Just Cause Dev Thinks Wii U Is "Cool" But Has ...:

I'm really hoping for a strong e3, I bought a WiiU shortly after launch and other than the few games I bought with the system, I've only gotten one game, Scriblenauts, since. I haven't been that annoyed so far with the lack of games, but the semester ends in a couple weeks and there aren't any games that I truly 'want' to play till Wind Waker (actually Pikmin 3 but I still have to wait till summer is pretty much over) I think E3 will reveal Nintendo's plans for the system and until then, I'm just going to wait.



Jaco commented on Wii U Owners Shunned Again As Warner Refuses T...:

Dlc shouldnt come this close to launch in the first place, finish the product by release, dlc comes 6 months down the road to lengthen the enjoyment of the game after your done with it. Thats why I think super Luigi u could be really interesting



Jaco commented on Feature: Celebrating Ten Years of The Wind Waker:

Ive played through the game probably 6 times through (3 of each "quest" basically the same though ( every time I'd decide to try and 100% the game and collect everything, my gamecube memory card would corrupt. Its happened 3 times now the last time was a couple years ago, and I haven't really played the game since so ill be happy to play this amazing game again this year!



Jaco commented on Nintendo Outlines Developer Support, and a Goa...:

@Rief what kind of game are you working on?

My brother has done some work with unity and is currently developing a game for the uya system. I keep talking to him about the eshop and hope he will develop a game for It in the future



Jaco commented on Miiverse to Arrive on 3DS "Within This Year":

Hopefully the 3ds version is like the wiiu where you dont have to leave the game to post. Also does this mean 3ds will use Nintendo network id? I hope it cn be used to message friends quickly in game



Jaco commented on Wii U Virtual Console Launch Lineup Is Revealed:

@Gavin_Rozee Wow it really does put things in perspective, WiiU should have a lot more available for the system, its not like these games haven't been available before. If anything, most if not all the games from the Wii virtual console should be available by this time. If it was back when the system launched I'd be a little more forgiving



Jaco commented on Nintendo’s Bill Trinen: 2013 Is The Year Whe...:

@NintendoPro64 You basically said everything I've been trying to say to my friends for the last couple months about WiiU. A lot of people seem to just want to predict doom when things are going slow but it's premature. Just look at 3DS or PS3.

I finally got some of my friends to get a 3DS and they are not disappointed. And I know of a good number of people waiting for the the Pokemon games to get one so I know the 3DS is sure going to fly!



Jaco commented on Rumour: Majora's Mask 3D Listed for November R...:

Though this isn't as believable as I'd like it to be, it is the 13 year anniversary for the game this year and for a game about an impending apocalypse It would be fitting to release it this year. But next to another Zelda remake? I don't know, looks like we will find out soon.



Jaco commented on Pachter: Price Cut Unlikely To Help Wii U With...:

Well at least something reasonable. But still I'm tired of these articles because they always bring up what we already know and what most WiiU owners are waiting for: games. Oftnce Pikmin 3 comes out there probably be a spike of console sales. E3 will come along showing why people should get a wiiu this holiday season and by holiday season there will be sure a lot of Nintendo support, Mario Kart will definitely sell consoles and if the new 3d mario comes out by then, im sure that would only sell even more. The thing is we know this so please stop posting stories on this.

Also industry analysis people like pachter I feel are unneeded as the market is unpredictable (how many times has this guy gotten a prediction wrong?) Consumers buy what they want if it captures their attention



Jaco commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: People Need To Be Patient Wi...:

So I was just thinking, maybe nintendo should offer club Nintendo rewards to those with a wiiu who convince others to get the system so prople are actively trying to get more people on the system. And then make them ambassadors or something idk



Jaco commented on GameStop: Wii U Marketing Strategy Has "Not Br...:

I have to admit when I heard the name wiiu I was completely confused and disapointed. Every nintendo home console has had a unique name that showed that it was new (okay super nes but the wordsuper easily showed that it was more powerfull and therefore new) Wii u just screamed more of the same to me even though I knew it was a new and powerful console. and a lot of people don't realize itsnew. Just a couple days ago at gamestop people were confused of why wiiu games wouldnt work on their wii. I could even argue that 3ds wasn't enough of a name change as my cousin bought a dsi because he thought the 3ds was just a ds that offered 3d. But as the 3ds has taken off I believe that people will start to get it as time goes on for wiiu. Just could have been faster I think if it was a different name



Jaco commented on Dead Island: Riptide Developer Says The Engine...:

@rjejr no... no...

The turnaround for the galaxy games were quick because the game was using the same engine and they are probably making huge improvements to the engine so it'll look amazing on wiiu for the next mario.

While it would be nice to have mario kart and smash bros now, these games are usually never rushed (or many other Nintendo games at that) and I would rather wait a little while for an amazing game than a pretty good game today. I think Nintendo was hoping for third party during this time (like Raymond legends) while they finish games like pikmin for early summer.. but as we know, things aren't going perfectly for nintendo probably not how they planned it.



Jaco commented on Talking Point: The Problem With 'Old' Wii U Ports:

I like what was said above, that ports should be a collection of games, not just the same game but ob WiiU "with added gamepad support!"

That said, WiiU is now going to need the same day release with all upcoming 3rd party games like watchdogs. And if the publisher doesnt want to makea wiiu version, Nintendo needs to go to them and convince them why their system is worth their time and even give some ideas for the gamepad that would work for their games, get them interested in the system



Jaco commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Drawing to the West, For Fr...:

Can't wait, I fooled around with the dsi for a whole summer making tons of cool flipnotes... idk if I like the idea of paying for the service, but it will givee the incentive to make good flipnotes



Jaco commented on Pachter: Wii U Will Sell Between 30 to 50 Mill...:

Im sure someone said this already as there are tons of comments above me, but why would you stop making consoles if yours sold 85-90 million consoles being that its more than your last generation? Seriously this guy makes no sense. Now on to wiiu, what system , other than wii, has not have a slump after initial launch? Remember when the ps3 launched and there were no sales and there were tons of giveaways because no one was buying?



Jaco commented on Miyamoto: Harnessing NFC On Wii U Is Our Prior...:

@Realgamer4life If what you said is true about the 3ds cartridge being able to connect to the wiiu is true, I would love to see a way to play certain supported games on the WiiU. Heck maybe thats what they are doing with the new Smash Bros.

Also, as others have pointed out above me, NFC does not mean figurines. Skylanders just popularized that. But what I think would be cool would be Pokemon cards with the capability to connect to the wiiu in a whole new game. Cards are cheaper to make than figurines and it also brings back the card collecting that was so popular way back when it was popular at a time when i was a kid and loved that stuff



Jaco commented on Ubisoft Devoted Significant Resources to Watch...:

This game has a lot of potential with the wii u gamepad. I hope they use the gamepad to the fullest and not just "oh heres a map and oh ya you can play the whole game on the gamepad" although admittingly playing the game only on the gamepad is pretty cool