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Wed 29th Sep 2010

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MarkMcColtney commented on Here's A Special Edition 3DS XL And First Trai...:

Ok, it looks better as an entirely black model than your average 3DS XL. Why don't Ninny just release a plain black one as an alternative to not really gorgeous blue/red/silver...? It's my major complaint about XL, since I'm still yet to buy a 3DS - its lookings.



MarkMcColtney commented on Mario Sports Mix Gets a Little Square Enix Boost:

Hahah, before I read this I'd watched some japanese trailer of the game and noticed there was the SQUARE-ENIX logo with copyright symbol next to it and have been wondering what could that mean. XD (omg im so exited btw cause I just hit Wii Connection Master #444 DDD)



MarkMcColtney commented on Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii):

@Mickeymac Oh please, whoever needs another colour of their console? Would you sell yours and get a brand new same Wii but in red plastic? They should have made the casing customisable. ;3 (Not to mention Poland isn't going to see the versions you mention anyway...)