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Thu 14th Jun 2012

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Stratostar commented on Hex Heroes Lead Wants "To Develop a New Experi...:

If you want this game to be made, you have to back it. Simply saying "I hope it makes it to Wii U" will accomplish nothing. You can contribute as little as $1.00, and you won't even be charged unless it reaches its goal. Things might not be looking so great right now, but I implore you to take action and have a say in Hex Heroes' fate.



Stratostar commented on Guide: Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS:

Combining eShop balances is going to be very convenient. I just earned my first $5 eShop credit through the Wii U's Deluxe Digital Program, and now I don't have to worry about deciding whether to use it on my 3DS or Wii U!