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Fri 21st March, 2014

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eleccross commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven (3DS eShop):

@zipmon Yeah, every time I see a game I want to play I ask about the shoulder buttons on Miiverse but people just give it a yeah and don't respond 85% of the time so it's pretty hard. I'm hoping SSB on the 3DS will have a special edition 3DS and I'll get that.



eleccross commented on Nintendo Spain Secures Win Over R4 Card Retailer:

@Sionyn A) whether you read them or not, pressing accept/signing your name/owning the product still means you have to obey the contract.
B) They get more sales, but lose money. That's like saying owning a console should give you ownership of every game on it.



eleccross commented on Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo Promotion Offers a ...:

I want both Monster Hunter and Wonderful 101!!! Why is this deal so unfair for America. We could at least have a few more games but why only 4?! I love nintendo and have never really disagreed with them but the difference in games is kind of stupid.



eleccross commented on Mega Man Battle Network 3 Headed to the Wii U ...:

@Superiorspider I tried playing 3 but my cartridge was broken and kept deleting my save game whenever i didn't play for too long (too long being over night) so I'd like to play it. 6 is my favorite but actually only one of the two I've played (the other is 5). I've been told 6 is the best by a friend who's played them all.