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Fri 21st March, 2014

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eleccross commented on Pixel Paint:

Does this game have a tutorial or is it just a pixel art tool?



eleccross commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

I'm kind of irked at this considering he's ruined most if not all of the surprises that would help hype the game.If stuff like this keeps happening game developers are going to stop trusting the ESRB. I'm pretty sure they have rules about this.



eleccross commented on Feature: Hyrule Warriors - Everything We Know ...:

@Vrael @WaveBoy No game ever will be "just press X to win" developers know that's stupid, they know there needs to be a challenge. Most of the footage has been from the first levels and I'll assume on easy difficulty so of course the enemies will be sword sponges. Easy mode is there for A) beginners B) those who just want to kick the shit out of things for fun. If you don't like it great you don't like beat'em ups. But don't try to form some uber negative opinion of "Zeda fan are mindless zombies who'll buy anything with zelda on it." Because that's not true. CDi Zelda?



eleccross commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven (3DS eShop):

@zipmon Yeah, every time I see a game I want to play I ask about the shoulder buttons on Miiverse but people just give it a yeah and don't respond 85% of the time so it's pretty hard. I'm hoping SSB on the 3DS will have a special edition 3DS and I'll get that.



eleccross commented on Nintendo Spain Secures Win Over R4 Card Retailer:

@Sionyn A) whether you read them or not, pressing accept/signing your name/owning the product still means you have to obey the contract.
B) They get more sales, but lose money. That's like saying owning a console should give you ownership of every game on it.