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Wed 18th Dec 2013

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Fill-N commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

I do expect them to update the official site structure today. That thing is worthless the way it is.
I wish they talked about chracter.customization in this direct, but i guess this will be e3 material. Maybe today we get stage builder and stickers/stamps and online comunities.



Fill-N commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

OMG! THAT was earlier then i thought!
i was expecting the next ND to be MK8 special. still think there will be one early may, though.

for this one i surely hope theres a character reveal, but that wouldnt be the main thing about it. they will hopefully start talking about modes and customization. maybe adventure mode or most likely stage builder.



Fill-N commented on The Wait for Mario Kart 8 Is Filled With Sunsh...:

wasnt the mario kart trailer from december the koopalings one?
this one was before, i guess.

either way, that course seems as awesome as the others shown by now.
i believe we will be seeing some new ones (and new retro ones) on the next direct, hopefully first week of april, along with the launch of gba games on wiiu VC.

and smash, as always.



Fill-N commented on Let's Gaze With Admiration At Five New Courses...:

toad harbour for the looks, mario circuit for the upside down part, twisted mansion for the insanity. this game just screams level design. every course shown from all the traillers (there are about 12 courses so far) is going to be awesome.



Fill-N commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

i thought ps4 would sell ALMOST 5 million until march 31th. didnt count on the power of sony's marketing last year. that is great for them.
i was expecting 4 million xbox1 and 6 million wiiu in the same period. that seems about right so far.



Fill-N commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

My problem with this ND was that i believed there wouldnt be another big gap between great releases, so i expected them to anounce some stuff for march and april to fill the space between DK and kart. Turns up march will be indie only and april will depend on VC GBA until nes remix and child of light come at the end of that month. On top of that, may will be likewise until 30th.

But what they DID show was kinda awesome. Im just sad the whole semester comes down to only MK (in terms of big retail games)



Fill-N commented on The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartpho...:

im not sure what they could do on that territory to get people to buy their hardwares. advertising is something they need EVERYWHERE, not only on smatphones, so that would be an already late step for them (one they better do now than never).

demos wouldnt work, since the controls for both mobile and consoles are totally diferent. maybe a video thing.

what they need besides add, is to fix what they DO offer today. just fill the wiiu with unique games and that will bring people, who will bring third party support, who will bring more people. and link the wiiu and 3ds properly, so A LOT of 3ds owners will como too. they already like nintendo stuff.



Fill-N commented on Sakurai Re-iterates That There'll Be No Subspa...:

im really glad there wont be another subspace emissary. there was nothing smash bros on that thing.

i enjoyed melee story mode. quick, fun, different...
i believe there will be some kind of story mode back in this game, and honestly i think this image has something to do with it. not a proper new stage.

i'd love to see a story mode with 2 player coop, costumizable stages and some bosses.



Fill-N commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

NES games are nothing like what makes money on mobile. they need buttons and would have no appeal at all with touch controls.

what nintendo do that would fit touch controls, and then have a chance to shine alongside today's mobile mega hits are games that already meke them a lot o money ON 3DS, like animal crossing and pokemon. and having this kind of games for 2 dollars on mobile would possibly not give them more money, and no one happy with these games on mobile would want an expensive console that runs expensive games.

nintendo could create some new games for their franchises specifically for touch divices, and they would probably be great and make them some money, but that still wouldnt bring anyone to any home console. mobile and console just have completely different nature.

i agree. nintendo operates on 2 markets and while 1 is going bad, the other one is just fine. they should link both systems deeper and deeper until all 3ds owners look at the wiiu as something that just seem natural to have too.



Fill-N commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata "Has Earned Th...:

i agree. i need nintendo to keep taking risks. failure is something they should already count as a possibile outcome, so iwata being cut wouldnt make sense, specially after DS, 3DS and wii.

i still think theres got to be an answer in the success of the handhelds to these home consoles failures. they rule one side of the market. there are more then 30 million nintendo consumers out there on the portable market. wiiu and 3ds would make an incredible ecosystem. they could help each other to sell.



Fill-N commented on UK Magazine EDGE Names Nintendo Publisher Of T...:

Wow. All of a sudden the internet has got a lot of nice things about nintendo. The end is near.
Well, i hope not THAT near, since i still plan to play smash and fire emblem on wiiu until exhaustion stops me.