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Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is More Suited To Vita

Posted by Andy Green

He isn't a massive fan of the 3DS...

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is out right now on Wii U and 3DS and many gamers out there are having a great time tracking down monsters.

One person who doesn't appear to be enjoying himself however is Phil Fish, founder of Polytron Corporation and creator of Fez. After picking up the 3DS version, Fish took to Twitter to give his thoughts on it and he didn't hold back.

Here's what he had to say:

Started playing my first Monster Hunter game last night. On 3DS. It's not exactly playable without that Circle Pad Pro atrocity... I don't understand. Why would you even release a game like that on a platform like that? Why is it not out on let's say... Vita? You know, the one where you could control the camera. It's too bad because MH looks like it's basically Phantasy Star Online but not in space. And I love me some PSO. The whole entire thing was a mistake if you ask me.

Also, I'm so sick of this dual-screen clamshell bulls***. A 2nd screen adds NOTHING. it's a gimmick. 3D is a gimmick. it's too bad the Vita isn't a bigger hit because hardware wise it's PERFECT. it has ONE AWESOME SCREEN, and TWO JOYSTICKS. there's never been a single DS or 3DS that didn't make me go "I wish this was on a single screen". and i've never played any game ever anywhere where i was like "I wish this had a 2nd screen". and absolutely f****** NOBODY ever went "I wish this had 2nd screen that is smaller and a different aspect ration and touch but not 3D"

The Game Boy Micro was the best handheld ever. I wish Nintendo would just make a slightly bigger more powerful GBAM-type thing.

It's funny because with just the one joystick, it REALLY makes it feel like I'm playing PSO on a Dreamcast. 12 years ago. Did they release a huge bulky wired keyboard from the 3DS too?

I want to like this but the way this game is tutorialized is super inelegant. Also the text is all tiny and warped.

On the plus side, he likes the opening village.

Clearly Fish isn't a fan of the 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - he believes it's better suited to the PlayStation Vita. We think it's a pretty good game, as we explained in our review.

What do you all think? Does the 3DS lend itself to the Monster Hunter style of gameplay, or do you think Fish has a point? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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cammy said:

Reading between the lines of his statement, it feels like the guy doesn't like Nintendo and so is dissing on everything Nintendo does differently. I wouldn't pay a moments attention to his opinion on which console is better.



Grubdog said:

Yep, he's a wanker. He said Japanese games suck in a panel with a Japanese developer calmly listening to his drivel, just plain rude. Indie developers have a big ego problem lately.



MAB said:

Yeah I couldn't really see myself playing it on 3DS because a game like MH needs a bigger screen... My addiction has taken hold on the WiiU though. Can't. Stop. Playin' but I don't care because it's the shiznit.



Undead_terror said:

Hey, just because you are not gonna release a game on the 3ds don't mean everyone else can't, and we all get use to the controls of all games after a while.



Xilef said:

The way he writes makes him sound like a Sony fanboy. Of course he is allowed to think what he thinks, but he could be alteast write more properly. Makes it hard to take him seriously.



Aviator said:

The 3DS control wise is even worse when it's compared to the PSP.

The fact that they had to add lock on as a way of fixing the camera controls for the 3DS version only supports this.



chanchandesu said:

It's funny how he says that it's not playable without the Circle Pad Pro considering I've spent almost 40 hrs playing it without one. As a fan of the series, it's still a matter of adapting to the system. It took me under an hour to get used to the controls, so what's his excuse? Seeing as he doesn't have means to make MH3U available to the Vita, then clearly he's just hating.



RichieJohn said:

If you've not played any of the PSP games I can imagine the camera seeming like dogpoop on the 3DS version.
I'm playing Freedom Unite at the moment and I'm finding it hard to play after trying the demo of 3 Ultimate on the 3DS. That L camera flip is a game changer. I could see me using that more than the right stick even if there was one.



Tsuchinoko said:

We in Japan have been playing MH3G for a looong time before it came out in the west. It was a huge hit here and everyone loves this game. Nintendo and Capcom did a lot of smart things with it and we're all looking forward very much to MH4.

And you know what, the I've never once played this game with the circle pad, and I love it. Once you get used to it its actually really fun. The camera tracking they used for the L button makes the need for a separate camera circle pad not as high. I love this game, and he should just maybe not try to troll Nintendo every 5 minutes.



LordessMeep said:

Fish makes a good point about MH3U being iffy to control without the CPP. Sure, it might take some learning, but it can get a bit uncomfortable for a few.

After that, all I can discern is that he certainly dislikes the 3DS. What's wrong with two screens again? Several games have used the touchscreen to display a map... or does he like to keep pausing to see where he's going?



Geonjaha said:

True - Monster Hunter isn't a game best suited for the 3DS. But saying all of Nintendo's new features have just been gimmicks? That's...a tad ridiculous, and to be completely honest if everyone else thought so the sales of the 3DS wouldn't be butchering those of the Vita.



Icefreak45 said:

Of course the Vita would be a better fit control wise, but from a business standpoint it would make absolutely no sense to release it for the Vita seeing as it's instal base, though now it is gaining some momentum, pales in comparison to the 3DS. So he has a point with the controls not being the best fit but all the other chiz just sounds like he's mad XP.



Savino said:


Well I always ask for a second screen in the majority of my vita games!! F***** press start to see the map!!!



Starwolf_UK said:

He has actually gone and bought a circle pad pro (good thing he didn't have a 3DS XL then...I'm pretty sure Canada lacks the Circle Pad Pro XL).

I can understand his sentiment but MH was popularised on the PSP which also didn't have 2 sticks.

As for the rest of the rant. I find it odd he does that then whines about all the coverage and general shtick he gets for it.



taffy said:

Each to their own I guess. It's not like he's going to change my opinion on the 3DS cause I loves it do!



MetalKingShield said:

He's absolutely right about dual analogue, and his other points aren't bad either. I love the 3DS, but I can't say I disagree with any of those criticisms.



47drift said:

The only worse thing you could do than report on Michael Pachter quotes is report on Phil Fish quotes.



kieryh said:

Why would I be joking? The vita is severely underpowered compared to the 3ds(Look at Mortal Kombat Vita)



Haywired said:

Despite the rant, I agree with him that "the Game Boy Micro was the best handheld ever".



SammyOfMobius said:

Is he hating on the Nintendo 3DS, the best handheld of all-time? Is he hating on the system that brought us masterpieces such as Super Mario 3D Land, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, Fire Emblem Awakening, Pushmo, Crashmo, and Mutant Mudds? I don't think he hates the 3DS... I think he just hates Nintendo. I just think he's a Sony fanboy and is trying to stay loyal to Sony by criticizing Nintendo of everything they get right. I think the dual screen does add to the experience and so does 3D, and is more innovative than those copiers known as Sony. Sure the Vita's stronger and has two joy sticks, but the 3DS reigns because it has the better library of games.



DarkCoolEdge said:

What a jerk.

Come on Phil. Show us where Nintendo touched you, point it in the teddy bear.

As****** like him should leave videogames. We can live without his games and opinions.



darkgamer001 said:

So MH should never have been made for the PSP in the first place, and stuck to consoles? You know, cause of the whole dual analog stick thingy?
Funnily enough, if I recall correctly, Tri was originally meant to be a PS3 game, but was shifted to the Wii due to development costs. So for a developer to not realize the folly of developing for a Vita game (which is expected to almost reach PS3 levels in terms of resources), for a much more limited audience....yeah, I'm starting to suspect he's blinded by fanboyism. He definitely wouldn't be the first



Fingeldor said:

Unfortunately for Phil, the 3DS and DS sales numbers prove dual screen and 3D aren't merely gimmicks. He's entitled to his opinions but as others have pointed out - he just sounds like he's ranting about Nintendo. The guy makes Fez (which was delayed how many times?) and now he's a wise sage about the entire gaming industry. Some of the indie developers need to trade in their angst for a little class and tact. I'd probably consider supporting some of them more and buy their games.



GoombaJMR said:

The guy can suck lemon. There are games like Etrian Odyssey 1-4, Mario Kart 5 and 7, Pokemon BW(2), and Paper Mario SS that use the second screen pretty well, and those are just a small amount of examples that I can think of. Also, I get his point where MH is difficult to control, but dissing the 2nd screen uses is very meh



Olaf-symbiote said:

This Fish can go back and to swim in the sea of Philt where he came from. Next, he's probably like "I don't want to play Mario on a Nintendo console! Bring it to the almighty Vita!"

Seriously, when did having a second screen become a negative thing? It makes games that have maps (DS Castlevanias) much more enjoyable, and there's the occasional title that cleverly uses it. Even when the second screen doesn't serve an "OMG-groundbreaking!" purpose, it's not like it somehow hurts you with its presence. And the clamshell design pwns: no more scratches (well, less scratches than GB/GBC/GBA/PSP/Vita + pocket/bag/air, anyway).

So you can take your Fez and stuff it up your gills, Phil. Meanwhile, I've got bigger Fish to fry and better games to play.



aaronsullivan said:

You know, nobody ASKED for two screens, but Nintendo tried the DS as a sort of experimental third tier and it sold so fast and was so successful that the other "Gameboy" was scrapped. I actually think the 3DS and especially the XL SHOULD have had the second analog, but to dismiss the second screen is short-sighted. For a guy that makes a game filled-to-the-brim with obtuse puzzles he sure has a hard time adjusting to some simple differences in control scheme.

Second screen on the Wii U is even more useful. I can't imagine gaming without it now. ( Sony and Microsoft have a lot to prove to me if they are going to rely on high latency second screens. MAJOR downward step in game play potential.)



Chrono_Cross said:

I find it funny how almost everyone in the comments are either severely offended or upset by Fish's opinion. I guess he should have opened his rant with "IMHO".



Datasun_7 said:

I really like dual screens, maybe not for monster hunter but I think its really useful for rpg's so you can see the map at all times. Im personally not bothered about the lack of second analogue stick.



rayword45 said:

He's entitled to his opinion.

But I say this. If the Vita sold one half of what the 3DS did, Capcom would go there because of the reasons he gave. Without said sales, his wish is completely obscene (to the point where I don't even get why COD was made for the Vita over the 3DS).



Rugaard said:

Yeah having another screen is a horrible gimmick that made the DS the highest selling handheld of all time....Having two screens is awesome and does add to games. Just a typical sony fanboy that thinks because he made an indy game he now is an expert on the industry and how everything works. If all you have to say is negatives about the subject that is not a failure, keep it to yourself.




I hate the way he's $h¡ting on the ds and 3ds, and I completely disagree with everything he has said.

But I have to agree with him in regards to monster hunter, I do also feel that it would be better suited to the vita.

sorry nintendo, you know I love you but we gotta just face facts sometimes.



Sir_Deadly said:

I really dont think a creator of one game should be tweeting out these kind of comments bout a certain system. It just looks bad for him and his company. The way it was even written was very unprofessional of him. It just turns people off and make them not want them to play his games. I was interested in playing fez, but now i am not so much.



Faruko said:

How stupid is this guy ? he says 3D is gimmick, yet his game its based on 3D... so his game its one (awful) gimmick

Anyway this is the same greedy guy that actually gave the finger to all 360 owners when he said he wont be patching the game, since he had to pay a MS fee, while that its true, its also tru that the game sold, and very well... so he should have the money...

So yeah, suck a lemon.



rayword45 said:

@Faruko You're setting yourself up for some unfortunate jokes there :/

If you're an RHCP fan try saying "kiss" as a noun instead.



GuSolarFlare said:

I don't think this guy is a sony fanboy... he seems more like a nintendo hater to me. I mean, won't PS4 have a "second screen"? if he was a sony fanboy he would probably stay away from the "second screen" thing. and who cares what someone else thinks? if wanted to know if MH3U for 3DS was good I'd ask someone I know or read a bunch o reviews. also game developers aren't(normaly) marketing experts, so this guy probably forgot completely the market, and if someone asked him he would almost surely say something like "capcom is full of money they don't need to think about sales".
if anything I wrote here is wrong(even if it's only grammar) give me a pointer so I can change it, and become at least a little less ignorant at the matter.
and to close my statement I must say 3DS' 3D is AWESOME for any game that doesn't require you moving the 3ds(at least for me)!



DarkerEmerald said:

@kieryh now you sound like a bigger fan boy than this guy..

I own both, and honestly speaking the vita is much more powerful. The 3ds is even slow to do simple actions like change settings and return home.. It is much weaker in graphical power, with a lower resolution. You can't point to one game and claim it represents the systems full potential. I could say the 3ds sucks and point to Madden nfl football or asphalt 3d as my reasoning, but that would be unfair because all systems have shody games.

Fire emblem awakening, kingdom Hearts 3d, mariokart, and monster hunter 3 Ultimate are all fantastic. But if you said monster hunter would have looked and played better on the Vita, you wouldn't be lying. The controls of monster hunter freedom unite played on the vita are perfect.

I do like keeping my map on the bottom screen, but mostly because the 3ds screen is so much smaller that it has to take up nearly half to even be remotely usable. And the text IS warped and it annoys the hell out of me, it would be better on the wii u and i played with my friend on his yesterday, but this is the only appealing game on the console for me, but i don't know if my favorite game can make me buy a $350 system on its own.

They are both awesome handhelds but if i had to choose, the Vita is more capable in almost every way, and especially better suited for this game.



FullbringIchigo said:

i do kind of agree that it's not really suited for the 3DS but that's why i tried the demo's and got it on the WiiU where it plays just fine

also he did seem to badmouth Nintendo a bit i get the feeling he doesn't like them that much



rayword45 said:

@DarkerEmerald While he is blatantly wrong, and I do agree that the Vita is much better designed with a sexier OS and more power, the point is sales alone mean it's hard to say anything is more suited through the eyes of profit (besides SCEA games of course)



DarkerEmerald said:

I understand their logic behind the move, and so far Nintendo has been better at support than Sony was, but i just hope in the future when vita sales are up and the ps4 is here, capcom will make an amazing monster hunter game for the pair.

I still really enjoy this game on the 3ds, but its sad how much profit plays into these decisions at capcom..



nintendo87 said:

watch indie games the movie this guy is a cry baby and his game art style is a copy of cave story he is nothing but a turd stain in the indie game world



fzerofan said:

Mh plays great on the 3ds . imported a circle pad pro for my 3ds xl, no problems games like mh is why nintendo made the circle pad pro and I see no issues with it. My only complaint is the mh 3ds version doesn't have online what was capcom thinking?



Kyloctopus said:

@nintendo87 In all fairness, his game risked everything he had. Sometimes he had to pull the plug due to bankruptcy. I'm sure he was feeling a wave of emotions.



C-Olimar said:

OK, firstly, there's this thing called money. Capcom want a lot of it. This is why the game is on 3DS and not Vita. Understood?
Secondly, stop complaining about the second screen. That ship sailed a LONG time ago. You're way to late to catch the bandwagon.
Finally, related to the above point, you neglect to mention the back touch panel of the Vita. What, so every innovation Nintendo brings is a gimmick, but whatever Sony does is "perfect"?

This guy is just jealous because Nintendo can make better games than him. His bitterness is exemplified by his comments on Japanese game developers. Suda51 is way out of your league!



idork99 said:

The controls: I can agree but I also believe that once one adapts to the controls than its a non issue.
The Dual Screen: it doesn't add anything to a game that wasn't made to support it to begin with. A game like Mario Kart, it adds more depth as one can see the road ahead, see other people's items. It adds more strategy.
The Vita: It is a powerful and sexy machine. Depending on sales, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Wii U version of the game ported to the Vita within a year.
The 3DS: Is a portable Wii U with Wii-like graphics; in 3D! It's not the sexiest machine but has such a great library of games!



fzerofan said:

The second screen is a finicky? Umm wow has this guy ever played a 3ds? It's the best thing ever. That is why I only game away from home on my 3ds.i don't have to mess with menus screens or tiny maps like I would on the vita.



hYdeks said:

I think he puts it alil too blunt, yes the game would be awesome on Vita and PS3 too, but it's on Wii U and 3DS mainly because of the second screens they offer. I say to the guy, just buy a freakin circle pad pro lol No need for a stupid rant cause you think the game should be on your favourite platform



VeeFlamesNL said:

Bah. The 3DS is a great GAMES CONSOLE. I heard from a trusted... critic that it's darn good. We don't need any developer.. in fact, a DEVELOPER?! Chee. Since when were developers critics?



Beta said:

Who cares? We don't give a damn about the likes of him (Somehow, he seems like a Pachter acquaintance or someone in his family)



Galenmereth said:

Why are you giving this sad person any screen time? It's obvious he just wants to make headlines, and what he says is just bait to lure the press. Sigh.



moroboshi said:

I agree with Fish on this. The DS and 3DS are gimmicks, but they also happen to have better games than the PSP and the Vita. That said, those games would be better on a Vita.

I wish Nintendo would stop focussing on gimmicks. They sold plenty of hardware because of them with the DS and Wii, but the casuals have moved on, and Nintendo need to as well. Hopefully if anything good can come from the failure of the Wii-U, it will be for Nintendo to drop the gimmicks and get back to focussing exclusively on making games. It also goes without saying that we'd all be better served if they just followed SEGA's lead into being purely a software company. Who wouldn't sooner see the next Zelda on the PS4?



Captain_Toad said:

It's one thing to include the Vita version of the game, but writing off the 3DS version because you had an unfavorable experience on it and because it's as you say a crappy handheld is a whole nother story.



moroboshi said:

@Faruko You are massively out of line with your comments.

Firstly Polytron is comprised of two people, and they pretty much bankrupted themselves making Fez. It didn't sell well, despite it's high metacritic score so of course they couldn't afford the MS fee for putting out a patch. Why is that difficult to understand?

Also Fez is a game which is all about 2D. Have you even played the game? If you have, then you have spectacularly failed to understand it's concept.

And finally, why do you seem to keen to resort to crude, aggressive language? It's bizarre, pathetic, and makes you sound like a petulant teenager. Grow up.



JackdaRipper said:

He is right on the needing of two sticks, but IMO wrong on the 3DS being a crappy handheld. I have both the 3DS and Vita and love them both equally!



WesCash said:

Wow. I have no problem with people criticizing Nintendo. I do it quite a bit myself. But this guy actually comes across as a humongous moron.



yobucky said:

Congratulations you made one game that was successful, albeit based on a genre that nintendo actually created. Now you're an expert on everything video game related? Um... No. Come back when you've made 3 or 4 good games, because when your next overly self-indulgent pet project inevitably tanks we'll probably be here laughing at you, human nature doesn't like the little-big man. The comments he makes really do sound like the sort of thing one would hear on a "My console iz teh bes" forum thread.



BTTFDeacon said:

Wait did he just say that he wishes for a slightly bigger game boy micro? Wasn't that the whole point of the game boy micro that it be very small?



Shworange said:

Why do people worry about what the creator of Fez says. Fez sucks. It's not in the best 10, 20 100 or even 5000 games. It's a stupid little game that conveyed intellectual vacancy. Go back to programming school, zip your lips, and focus your time into delivering an original game with a unique story line. Since you are perhaps in capable of this, you hand out judgments on other's work. Go back to your computer screen and create for once.



DarkCoolEdge said:

@Chrono_Cross I think that we all know that it is just his opinion. What's the matter about saying that said opinion is stupid? I didn't know that it is forbidden to think that someone else's opinion is bullcrap, wrong or whatever you think about it.

Mine? He is a douche and a hater and it's just another indie with a giant ego.



Rekiotsu said:

He has a point about two control sticks and more powerfull handheld hardware, but about everything else he is wrong. Two screens is not just a gimmick, it really helps to have two screens in many games. I also think that beside better games, the dual screen is the thing what makes 3DS better console in my opinion.



Funny_Moblin said:

Though I disagree with what most of this guy is saying, I still believe the 3DS should have been created with two control sticks. At least the Circle Pad Pro could have been made compatible with MH3U for 3DS. I don't understand why both of the things I stated were not implemented, but what puzzles me the most is why Capcom didn't make use of the Circle Pad Pro.



Cotton said:

So this guy is saying that the second screen is a gimmick and yet the vita has two useless touch pads and the second screen to me is possibly the most useful thing on the ds/3ds especially on ocarina of time 3d but I do see his point where the circle pas pro is needed for this game at least based on my experience with the demo



Volmun said:

@Relylp LOL yep HMMM WHATS A BIG Game Boy micro OHHHHH idk... Mabe the original GBA? lol . + i wonder if he has actually USED a Vita for proper Gaming... i cant play vita veriy long as i find the buttons unresponsive and the screen for that + i find it veriy uncomfortable to hold while playing games and he shuld be gratefull Capcom even added analog camra controls... as the PS2 PSP games didnt have it... thay wer perfectly playabel...



Yosher said:

So, why doesn't he just play it on the Wii U then? That has two control sticks. And if he doesn't like the second screen, well, he doesn't have to look at it. I don't see what's there to rant about, seems to me like he's bashing the DS line just for the sake of bashing.



Volmun said:

@Cotton about vita i agree with you with the CPP on MH3U though the 3DS Demo didn't alow it but in the full game it can be used as camra controls (from what i know only got WiiU ver atm)



Jukilum said:

Whoa, Woah, Woah!! He wrote all of that on Twitter? How many tweets did that take?



AVahne said:

This guy again? True the Vita would work well with an MH game, but his comments are screaming "I suck at video games" to me. If he loves the Vita so much, he should get Soul Sacrifice, which is looking amazing. That way, he would be more preoccupied with a good game and have less time to whine like a wee babe.



Haxonberik said:

I cant bash him for not liking the 3DS, but using the media to communicate in a fanboyish, innapropiate way, THAT I can bash him for.



OdnetninAges said:

"The Game Boy Micro was the best handheld ever."


Are you F*****G kidding me?!? HAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, this guy is a troll. Just a troll. Nobody take him seriously anymore, ok?


Actually, I think it is the other way around. If I am wrong, and he is NOT trolling, he called the GB Micro the best handheld ever. Obviously, Micro is a Nintendo product; NOT Sony. So to me, It just seems like he hates the DS and 3DS.

But I'm about 89% sure he is trolling.



Void said:

If he hates the 3DS, why does he own one?
And since he probably has a Vita, he should know he can get Soul Sacrifice. (Or wait a month for it to come out in the United States.)



Kirk said:

I kinda agree with him to be honest, although I'd say the issues he's raised about the second stick in this game are probably more related to Capcom's lack of ability to seemly implement good camera systems in many of their games than it is the lack of a second analog. I mean Zelda 64 only used one analog stick and with some clever game design and a really brilliantly implemented lock-on system it was a crap load better than Monster Hunter's camera and lock-on even with a second analog stick imo.

The 3D viewing angle is terrible on the 3DS though and the use of the second screen is often a bit or a pointless gimmick in most games, although there are actually times where it does prove to be genuinely beneficial; such as being able to move all the annoying HUD/Map/Icon crap from the main game screen onto the other screen freeing up the main view, or being able to able to use the bottom screen for certain touch controls where your finger might get in the way otherwise if you were doing it directly on the same screen as the actual gameplay.



Doma said:

Well that's pretty obvious, no?
Yeah, maybe he should've waited for that Soul Sacrifice game...

I mostly agree with his points. Although, dual screens can be useful sometimes, depends on the type of game really. 3D is a terrible gimmick, i'd wager that a tiny fraction of the userbase even bothers with it.
GBA micro, best handheld? Nope, you'd need the hands of a baby and a telescope to even operate one. I'm more fond of the GBA's library for sure though.

@Funny_Moblin The only ones who decide to outright and moronically ignore the CPP regardless of benefit, are Nintendo's devs. Most third-parties haven’t been that stupid.



TheRealThanos said:

@moroboshi Hmm, you seem to confuse opinion with fact. It's fine to have your own opinion and you're entitled to it and should by all means defend it, so no offense there, but stating things as fact is not very smart.

The DS and 3DS are gimmicks

NO. YOU think they are gimmicks, that does not mean they actually are. Opinion vs fact, see?

That said, those games would be better on a Vita.

NO. As many others already commented, the second screen allows for more fluid gameplay and even though it isn't revolutionary, it still adds to the experience. Making a game look nicer because you have a more powerful console doesn't add much and is also not very revolutionary. It's basically still the same game, it just looks better, but controls on the Vita aren't that much better, just different. If you don't like the DS/DSi/3DS or can't get comfortable with the controls then Nintendo handhelds probably aren't your thing. Maybe you should buy a Vita or a tablet instead...

Hopefully if anything good can come from the failure of the Wii-U

Whaaaaat??? Seriously? When did the Wii U fail, because all I see is a software drought which was to be expected, even though Nintendo said there wouldn't be. There ALWAYS is a drought at some point with a new console or handheld, it was the same with the Vita.

It also goes without saying that we'd all be better served if they just followed SEGA's lead into being purely a software company. Who wouldn't sooner see the next Zelda on the PS4?

NO, just No. That is not gonna happen in a million years, and NO again to Zelda on PS4, no true fan would like to see their game icons on another console. Pulling the Sega card is rather stupid because the situation isn't even remotely similar: Sega was in a different mess altogether with mistakes already being made in the 16 bit era with all the expensive add-ons and the Dreamcast was actually their very last bet in the console market and it failed, hard. Don't get me wrong: I still own a Dreamcast and I love it to death, I even bought a VGA box for it to max out the graphics on my HD TV, but they really did make some CAPITAL mistakes, which is what Nintendo hasn't done up till now. Are they perfect? Hell no, but they certainly will get through this period (because they always do) and all this doom and gloom idiocy needs to stop, period.



Chrono_Cross said:


Ego or not, he has an opinion I agree with. Beyond that, you or anyone else ranting on about how it's "wrong" or "bullcrap" are just wasting time on this fantastic Sunday with a professional that will never read these comments.


Who are you to say he doesn't have room to talk? For all we know, you're the average joe that only plays games and nothing more.



SCAR said:

3D isn't a gimmick. Every 4K TV will have 3D, so you are paying for it no matter what. The clamshell design protects the screen while making it more portable. I think he can't adjust to new technology so he's pissed.
The worst part about comments like this is that he's part of the industry so people are more willing to consider it valid vs. any of us, and only fuels to the fire.



Hetsumani said:

I find this article funny because it's written as if this guy was famous or something, well, I don't know who he is or what Fez is, all I know is that he is a "#%!%. <---(Insert your own thoughts here)



MasterGraveheart said:

In the words of the Game OverThinker... "Nobody cares what PHIL FISH has to say." He's the Michael Pachter of developers. Irrelevant, erroneous opinions that doesn't deserve attention. Obvious fanboys are obvious.



ajcismo said:

I didn't know who this guy was before the article, so his opinion matters to me about as much as mine does to him.
Some friendly advice to Fil Phish, you sound stressed out. Maybe cut down on the coffee and switch to green tea for a while. Perhaps take in some fishing, watch a little That 70s Show to relax.



hamispink said:

The game would absolutely be better on vita, It would control better, look a little bit better, and would likely have online play. As far as I'm concerned he is absolutely right about this. Is the game unplayable on 3DS, no. Does 3D matter, no. Are two screens better, rarely but there are some cool applications for visual styles.. Should the 3DS screens be bigger and higher resolution, Absolutely!



bezerker99 said:

Would be nice to have MH on Vita so those dozen or so people could play a good game for once.



KoiTenchi said:

I feel like he hasn't even touch a Vita...

He's complaining about the 3DS being "too gimmicky" when it's the Vita that has the rear touchpad...

Honestly, both handhelds have their fair share of gimmicks, so to suggest that only one of them does is ridiculous.



Reala said:

nobody is forced to praise nintendo by coming here btw pointing out what you perceive as its mistakes or flaws is not trolling, as for the article I do think the 3DS is kinda gimmicky the 3D is a neat feature but doesn't really add anything imo, dual screen is kinda gimmicky too though I've grown quite fond of that one, OOT3D put it to good use for example, gimmicky doesn't have to = bad



LztheQuack said:

@Chrono_Cross Or the fact that he said "nobody wants this"...and yet the DS sold over 120 million. I wonder who this "nobody" is...perhaps himself!?!



pixelman said:

It's funny because I've been thinking basically the same thing about the 3DS that he's suggesting - I basically want a bigger, more powerful GBAM. I hate the clamshell design and the dual-screens, and I couldn't care less about 3D.

What he's saying about MH is BS though. Tapping L swings the camera towards the monster, and even after spending 200 hours playing with dual-analog controls in Tri, I felt comfortable with the slightly new scheme within seconds — I'd go so far as to say it even makes the game easier. If I had to guess I'd say he's probably never played a MH game before and is just struggling with the controls in general, which are nearly identical with previous versions.



MundaneName said:

This guy sounds like a douche bag. Nintendo have flaws (obviously) but the opinion of some jumped up indie developer who made one 'hit' isn't really worth paying attention to.



Zodiak13 said:

Personal attacks vs. other users are not kosher as per our Community Rules. If you don't like what someone here has to say, please ignore them. Thanks! — TBD



jedisquidward said:

Goodness, lately I've been trying so hard to keep liking Phil and Team Meat, BUT DAMN THEY'RE MAKING IT SO DIFFICULT.



Funny_Moblin said:

@JackdaRipper then why did it say it wasn't compatible before starting the, it's just the demo that doesn't allow you to play with it? I'm relieved. But still, Capcom's gotta do a better job at explaining. people like me would think that it didn't have Circle Pad Pro at all. I was still gonna buy both versions, but other people might skip the 3DS version because of that misunderstanding. The message before starting the demo should include "for this demo". Geez. Thanks for advising me.



Falk_Sturmfels said:

I´m getting absolutely tired of all these idiots. I love my 3DS XL. Of course I would also love my Vita, if I had one. Man, they steppin on my nervs...



Chrono_Cross said:


Maybe I'm reading too fast but you should point out where Phil said "nobody wants a DS" because all I read was "I wish this had 2nd screen that is smaller and a different aspect ration and touch but not 3D". Which Phil was implying no one has ever said.



retro_player_22 said:

As much as I respect the guys opinion, I have to disagree. Each and everyone I know that bought and play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U and 3DS loved it, the dual screen thing is a bonus instead of a gimmick, they don't give a damn about this circle pad pro bullpoopiedoodledingdongs considering the PSP Monster Hunter games didn't support dual analog play anyways and they feel Monster Hunter is best play on 3DS. About the Vita though, I feel it's a compelling handheld, it's just not a handheld that I would scream innovation at not to mention the games available for it except say for Soul Sacrifice and Persona 4 Golden were either ports or remakes of games already on other platforms.



TreonsRealm said:

Is it just me or did the developers featured on Indie Game: The Movie get REALLY full of themselves? They praise (old school) Nintendo for inspiring them to develop games and then jump on the bandwagon of whining about or trashing on (current) Nintendo because it's trendy and it will get them easy press. All of Phil Fish's complaints about the game are addressed in the Wii U version of the game but it sounds like he's playing it on 3DS just to complain for the attention. It's really kind of sad and says a lot about these people. Think about it, if Nintendo is doing well (3DS, Wii, etc) people just want to complain and come down on them for not doing things the way that others do. If Nintendo is having trouble (Wii U) people just want to complain about how they are doomed and should go 3rd party. It's a loose loose situation and frankly, I'm kind of welcoming the day when Nintendo says "screw it" to the industry and just stops worrying about getting the worthless "big" 3rd party support. They are at a point where their 1st and 2nd party games can support their system and if smaller (and better) developers like Wayforward, Renegade Kid, Platinum Games, etc. want to come along, Nintendo would be happy to have them. Their systems may not sell as much as the Wii or DS in this scenario but they would still be profitable and could focus on game development instead of having to answer to companies that just whine about them (EA jumps to mind). Just a thought.



IAmNotWill said:

I am sorry, but Phil Fish is incredibly stupid. Of course criticism of Nintendo is okay (a lot of users do it here), and everyone is entitled to an opinion, but this is just pure ignorance. Does he not realize that rehashing an older model will do nothing to generate interest for a system? New ideas are the driving force of the entire industry.

And why are '"Gimmicks" looked down on? Pretty sure Fez had a "gimmick" with the rotating world mechanic thing. Console makers and game developers add "gimmicks" to separate their stuff from the rest. Would people honestly care about Fez without it's interesting gameplay mechanic? Hell no. The game would not have received the amount of praise it did if it was just like any other 2D platformer that came before it. So hypocritical.

I don't mind criticism of Nintendo at all. What I do mind are fanboy rants like this one without any actual thought put into their arguments and reasoning. The guy is a total ass. I am beginning to think he spews out this garbage just to create interest for his game.



theblackdragon said:

Hey guys, do me a favor and drop the social commentary, the profanity, and the personal insults, please. I'm tired of babysitting this article comment thread. :/



3Daniel said:

Monster hunter 3ds is garbage to control. Why nintendo refuses to release a 3dsday with dual circlepads is beyond me. I dont agree with his assertion that the dual screen is a gimmick though. On wii u it comes incredibly handy for map and item usage.



TheLilK98 said:

Oh, so two screens is a gimmick but that touchpad on the back of the Vita isn't? give me a break.



Ralizah said:


Well, anyway, even though he is prone to making stupid comments, I agree the game plays horribly on the 3DS. But then again, it played horribly on psp as well. It's a game that really needs dual analogue control. Same with MGS, which is why I'll only be getting MGS3 on the Vita.



Osc-Sync said:

"It's not exactly playable without that Circle Pad Pro atrocity..."

Yeah, cos they'd spend almost an entire year, translating a hugely popular game, knowing full well that you have to cough up an extra £40 just to be a me to play it(!)This isn't Skylanders!

"Also, I'm so sick of this dual-screen clamshell bulls***. A 2nd screen adds NOTHING. it's a gimmick."

I can't believe people still go on about this. It's been 9 years since the DS released and look how popular it was. People seriously need to stop going on about how Nintendo take risks and ruin the gaming world. Who brought in analog sticks? Nintendo. How many consoles use analog sticks? All of them. And let's not forget: 4 controllers on one console, rumble, handheld connectivity, wireless controllers, motion control, off TV play...and don't get me started on how their games are revolutionary!

"The Game Boy Micro was the best handheld ever."

This guy clearly doesn't get out much.

On a different note, who the hell is this guy? What sort of forums does he spend his days in? How often does he look at pictures of Kazuo Hirai on lonely nights?



thatoneguy4419 said:

A picky gamer like Fish shouldn't even be allowed to play this game. He should just be happy that a great game like that even came out. The controls are great. Sure the camera control isn't the best but, it doesn't take much to get used to it. Take Kid Icarus: Uprising for example. It was difficult to control the camera as well, but once you got used to it, it was a great experience. And what's wrong with the clamshell design? In case this guy hasn't noticed, the screen and the 3DS itself would be more prone to breaking. If it weren't for it, my 3DS probably would've broke the other day when I dropped it. Plus, the touch screen and the 3D are not gimmicks. Although the touch screen is not always used to its fullest potential, there are games that do like Kid Icarus: Uprising, or Colors! 3D. Furthermore, it adds more versatility, like controls for rythm games. Same thing goes for the 3D. Its supposed to give the player more depth into the game. If this guy can't see any of this, he doesn't even deserve to look at a 3DS let alone own one.



Spleetal said:

The game isn't unplayable without the circle pad pro it has the monster lock on so that solves that issue my friend plays it without the CPP and I haven't heard him complain once
Seriously at least the second screen adds useful things like inventory management freeing up the top screen from cluttered maps and whatnot



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

FEZ creator can go eat a great jaggie lemon as far as im consirned MH sells great on nintendo systems hence why capcom put it on 3ds n wii u and wii so fez love off!



Sun said:

I like my 3DS XL and prefer it to the 3DS but the density of pixels per inch is ridiculous. I am stopping buying some games because of it, not all of course as Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is a must-buy.

Yes games look better on Vita so unless you are playing Mario or Luigi there are better portable systems to use.

I tried the MH3 Ultimate demo and the controls are a mess without a Circle Pad Pro (which is not supported by the demo).



Jaz007 said:

The man has a simple opinion which is fine, but I think it would have been better if had calmed down and dropped the profanity before he said it. I think it would have looked much better if he had.



wing0black said:

I made a post here earlier that was intended to be a joke, I realized that it might be interpreted as an insult and came back to edit it, but it seems to have been been deleted. So I'm here to apologize to anyone who might have been offended by my comment. Just needed to get that off my chest.



AtomicToaster said:

The old psp controls were terrible, you had to use your index finger in a claw like position to make the camera work. But i bought an XL because games like this metal gear, and resident evil need that extra real estate.

He does have a point that the Vita is better suited simply because of the extra stick. But 3ds is selling better so we got the game. The lack of an extra stick isn't a deal breaker for me, especially since it now has a lock on like zelda. He should at least be playing on an XL if he's angry about screen size!

Get the Wiiu version! Online and off tv play (off tv coming in an update)!



AtomicToaster said:

3ds has a better analogue stick than vita, even though it only has one, haha! Most games that designed for 3ds with that one stick in mind are pretty awesome!



Sun said:

@AtomicToaster Vita analogue sticks are very uncomfortable but don't you feel pain in you index finger after a time playing with 3DS/XL? I think it's because the circle pad is too low.



CanisWolfred said:

/Sees Article
/Assumes no one in their right mind would care about it
/Sees article has 150+ comments
/Losses faith in humanity



gsnap said:

idk, I played the demo and had no trouble with the controls. You just... lock on to the monster. Voilà, no camera issues. At least it didn't bother me. But then again, I'm adaptable, and can get used to a different control scheme pretty quickly. You know, since I'm a gamer...

Also, having a second screen rocks. Handheld screens are small, and I don't want that space taken up by too much junk. Besides, at worst it's neutral. It's never a detriment unless the developers specifically try something crazy and it doesn't work out (which nobody has really done since the early days of the DS).



Schlongy-D said:

Phil Phish is an egocentric nerd (He goes crazy when people bash his game, read his tweets who thinks he's hot and important because he made an unoriginal indie platformer. Don't even worry about what this loser thinks, he's probably just upset because Nintendo didn't let him port Fez to the 3DS.

It's also funny that he says the touch screen is a gimmick when his entire indie game is based off a stupid gimmick.



Knux said:

@kieryh If that was an attempt at making yourself look smart and cool, then you fail on every level. The Vita is way more powerful than the 3DS, and saying crap like that shows how much you know about the Vita.

And Phil Fish is a hypocrite, so I can't take anything he says seriously.



Zodiak13 said:

@Sun I know whats your talking about on the 3ds analog stick, but not only are the Vita ones not comfy,but I've had to use my warranty twice since they've snapped and broke. I don't even have huge hands or nothing, so it must be my herculian strength...



SCAR said:

I like the 3D and dual screens. The 3DS XL has only a slightly smaller screen on top than PS Vita, plus there's 2. I can actually drop my 3DS and not worry that it will shatter like glass on impact. There are more 3D HDTVs in the market then there are OLED displays, because pushing 3D is more priority than OLED. The back touch panel is useless as of now. Memory cards are expensive. The joysticks don't even funtion as buttons. 3G costs money. Hardly any good games. Really, 3DS is so much more functional than PS Vita IMO.

2 can play at the bickering game.




So a touch pad on the back and overpriced proprietary memory cards aren't an issue for him?



LztheQuack said:

I find it funny how he recently announced that his game will be on Sony platforms and then he praises the platforms. Could be just a coincidence though



DePapier said:

But yeah... Now that I've compared the 3DS version to the Wii U version, I swear to God the 3DS (without Circle Pad Pro) is just tailored for this game and now that's a format on which I can enjoy it.



Americasteam said:

@kieryh Thats the stupidest comment. You must not have seen the Vita. The Vita has hardware that the 3ds can't even dream of touching. The vita graphics are ps3 good dude! Do your research before saying something like that. Also Im a die hard 3ds fan so yah.



BooJoh said:

I've been playing MH3U on both 3DS and Wii U, and there's barely any difference. Even on Wii U I end up using the Monster Target feature to adjust my camera more often than the right analog, so other than underwater the controls feel fine on 3DS.

The more personal opinions I hear from Phil Fish the less respect I have for him, both as a developer and as a gamer in general. He comes across as immature and fanboyish.



Gamesake said:

If Phil Fish is suggesting that Monster Hunter is completely overrated, then yes, I totally agree that it would compliment the PS Vita perfectly.



KAHN said:

the idea of a second screen is not to add anything to the game. we all know that. it is for convenience. simple as that. calm down, phil. but i do agree that 3D is a gimmick.



doctor_doak said:

Sometimes, people are simply born into 'greatness'. Phil Fish is one such example of this fact.



Melkaticox said:

GOD!! F*** this guy. I'm tired of his stupid opinions.
In all seriousness, who cares? He doesn't even make games for the 3DS/Wii U...



Hunter-D said:

His criticisms are understandable, but the delivery is childish. Besides, why would Nintendo make a 3DS XL with a 2nd stick built in? that would unfairly destroy the user-base. Also the Dual screens of the DS/3DS have brought some great game design and ideas over the years.

If Nintendo just stuck with the single screen handheld these same people would complain yet again. When they innovate and bring them countless quality gaming memories they complain.

Also I like the clamshell design, it's very portable and helps to keep the screen clean.



Arcamenel said:

True the controls aren't perfect, but you do get used to them after awhile if you are willing to work with it. I just think some people don't like learning curves when it comes to these things.



Bankai said:

I don't like Phil Fish. The guy trashed the entire Japanese games industry.

But you people need to stop throwing a tantrum every time a game developer comes out and says something less-than-complementary about a Nintendo product. The dude's allowed to have an opinion on this.

If you don't like it, put your money where your mouth is, go out and be a game developer and then praise Nintendo to high heaven.



MeWario said:

What a D-Bag. I agree that the controls are iffy and the 3DS's biggest flaw is the lack of a second stick, but my favourite thing about the 3DS and DS is the second screen. He is completely wrong on this. It is super handy for displaying things like maps and inventory permanently and most importantly it clears the top screen of clutter so you can enjoy full immersion in a game.



Gorlokk said:

He sounds like a sack of biased scum if you ask me. Has this guy spoken positively about Nintendo at all, aside from admitting his love for the Micro, which no one else seems to really like?



Weavius said:

Watch Indie Game on Netflix and you will realize this guy is a moron. He had a demo at a convention that crashed over and over and over and over...



fishwilson said:

shallowed minded guy this. And he has obviously never even tried The World Ends With You on the DS.



Einherjar said:

Its funny if you consider that Monster Hunter became popular on a system without a second analog stick and without the monster cam feature...
And Monster Hunter isnt really the best game to showcase, that a secon (touch)screen can benefit a game big time.
I killed a Lagiacrus with a friend a few minutes ago, i played on the WiiU and he on his 3DS, the entire battle took place under water and he didnt use the CPP. And guess what ? He did a better job than me, even without a second stick to navigate under water.
A second stick is a very nice addition, but by no means a necessity. Like i already said, MH was a huge hit on the PSP and it also had no second stick for the camera, and people played the s**t out of it.
Its not the games fault that you are not abe to play it.
And im kinda baffled that i seem to be the only person that really likes the CPP, even the XL version. I really like the added weight and grip.
And sure, even this guy can have his opinion, but saying that its the systems fault that monster hunter stayed the same (control wise) as it was for years (on the PSP) is just stupid. People who played MH mainly on the PSP can play it on the 3DS without a big learning curve and those who prefered the Wii version can play the WiiU version, simple as that.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

At first, I thought Fez would be an awesome possibility for the Wii U, but thanks to this dumba**, I don't want his trash on the eShops. Sorry, I just HAD to be a fanboy on this one!



sweetiepiejonus said:


So are you saying that people shouldn't be able to respond about his opinion? If that's not what you are saying then why is it funny?

I would advise against Schlongy-D's advice to read his twitter if you value your intelligence. I felt dumber the first time I read an interview with this kid. He has shown his ignorance long before this.

And something to prove his ignorance, not that it is difficult, I sure wouldn't mind a second screen while playing Ninja Gaiden. Having to hit Select every few seconds to make sure I'm on the right track isn't my favorite thing in the world. Also I cannot stand how awkward the analog sticks feel. I've had it for months now and still am not used to it.

It's apparent that he's not familiar with the series if he thinks Monster Hunter has ever had less than stellar controls. Yes there are fanboys who get upset by his comments but that is exactly what he is. He's got a great title that he is going to milk as example of how great he is. He's going to run out of ammo soon. Like the supporters of whatever president that continue to use the previous president as a scapegoat even long after he is out of office.



Bigmac1910 said:

I traded my Vita for a 3DS XL a month ago and absolutely love it. I can with confidence say that I've played more hours on the 3DS during this month than the last 8 months on my Vita. Oh well, it's up to him if he wants to support Nintendo or not.

PS. 3D is awesome, not a gimmick at all, as long as its done well it really ads to the immersion. DS,



sweetiepiejonus said:

If the initial person is just as/more immature than I question your reasoning for defending him or her. Which is just as well your right as is one's opinion. Just curious of why you thought any of it is funny. I find fanboyism sad. Even moreso from a developer whose voice is heard by more than fansites.

I've tolerated him til now. Even enjoyed Fez but the sooner he and any other dip 's' like him is gone from the industry, the better.



Bankai said:

@sweetiepiejonus Fish has contributed a game that has been critiacally lauded by just about everyone. He works in the games industry and while his opinions are controversial he has earned the right to have an opinion.

And on top of that, whether you agree with him or not he has earned the right to have his opinion taken seriously. He's proven he backs up what he says.

The sooner the games industry becomes a meritocracy, where successful developers and publishers are given the respect they're due while random people who haven't contributed anything to the industry are told to put up or shut up, the better.



adrenochrome said:

why not fix all the bugs reported (at least the major ones for beginning) in Fez instead of spitting on the 3ds ?



sweetiepiejonus said:

As I said before, he has the right to sound like a donkey, so do the people who call him a donkey, and so do the people who defend him. That's not my point. So...what is yours? The people/companies he is constantly criticizing often have many more accolades than one indie title that has won some awards.

The put-up or shut-up argument doesn't work that well. When Cliff Bleszinski more or less tells Capcom that Resident Evil is garbage and he can "fix it" he has the right to say it. Phil Fish is not even close. He is still riding the coattails of Fez and can't tell anyone to shutup other than the people who attack him on Twitter. Which he actually does as well. My son's middle school friends are more mature than him.



DaveC said:

3D a gimmick? Well I see things in the real world in 3D, so like that adds realism to the graphics. I don't walk around with one eye closed so I am used to 3D. To me adding another dimension is better than some more pixels. The Vita is still flat. Boring. It is basically a PSP with a higher resolution and more polygons. That is ok I guess but not all that exciting. If you want to talk gimmicks I think the Vita with every surface being a touch pad is a bit stupid and that really doesn't add much, a huge gimmick. Most of the time it is just an annoying afterthought in a game.

As far as the MH gameplay I do agree with just that part. I played the demo and it was just cumbersome to control. I think they could have just designed the controls better. There were plenty of games made on systems with one or no analog sticks that play fine. MH is a bad design in the controls part.



Bankai said:

@sweetiepiejonus - my point was that random people on internet forums whose only contribution to the games industry is throwing money at retailers and commenting on forums are not in any position to criticise people who have won awards for game design and produced even one massively popular game.

As I said - meritocracy. In an ideal world the only people that would be out there calling people donkeys would be the people who have the proof that they know more about stuff than the people they're calling a donkey.

I'm not even a fan of Fish, for the record.



theblackdragon said:


my point was that random people on internet forums whose only contribution to the games industry is throwing money at retailers and commenting on forums are not in any position to criticise people who have won awards for game design and produced even one massively popular game.

We at Nintendo Life have specifically asked for our users' feedback, whether agreeing with the man or disagreeing with him. If you have a problem with us asking for our users' opinions in the full knowledge that the vast majority of our userbase are not industry professionals, please take it up with Damo directly.



Hunter-D said:

People should understand his opinions, it's just the way he said it that has brought a lot of attention to something insignificant and made it into what it is now....

Ugh, reminds me of Patcher.



Zombie_Barioth said:

What I don't get is if he has such a problem with dual-screens, 3D, or the lack of a second control stick why did he even bother buying a 3DS in the first place, much less get a game notorious for having awkward controls (MH is pretty much synonymous with "the claw")? Obviously its not as big a deal to him as hes making it out to be otherwise he wouldn't, sounds like he went on twitter to vent but let his frustration get the best of him.

MH3U controls fine on the 3DS its just that obviously virtual controls lack tactile feedback. Its funny though since besides the the actual combat Phantasy Star is a lot like Monster Hunter, right down to the controls.



sweetiepiejonus said:

I get what you are saying but we're just going in circles. He throws around insults not just at us lowly non-award winning losers but at companies who have titles older than he is. That's what I mean when he has no right.

He can insult my lack of one indie award winning game all he wants because that is a fact. Don't tell me that I don't want a dual-screen device. I'd be offended even if it was suggested by someone with intelligence.

One thing he could do is at least attempt a professionalism facade. Like Dana White did when he finally got facetime on an actual television station that didn't share it's programming block with 1000 Ways to Die.
That's actually an insult to Fish. I can't believe Pachter is actually paid by someone.

Edit: I apologize for the previous profanity. I was using it in a general context. Not directly calling him that.



SuperMinusWorld said:

I tried to start liking Phil "Dirty Water Salesman" Fish after his deplorable comments on Japanese games, but the guy is a grade A, genuine, cynical ass**le. He releases one game and now he gives his opinion when no one else gives a crap. Thanks Fish, for being your usual, stupid jerk self.



DaemonSword said:

According to some on here, if you disagree with him, you're angry or a fanboy lose for having an opinion, on a page catering to a certain product. Only fellow hipsters will come out and defend another douche hipster one hit wonder (Fish) with such brain dead thinking. Dexy's Midnight Runner's had a big hit too, were they to be classified as 'professionals' in the music industry? Fez<Come On Eileen



Lan said:

So some pretentious hipster hates a 3DS game, why is it news?



Devil_Surivior said:

@Bankai I'm sorry Bankai, but the "this person did this thing, so their opinion is automatically more valid than others", argument is really worn out, and it really never held much water other than to try to shield certain people from criticism. Everyone's opinion should be on an equal footing, otherwise a person say totally nonsense like Phil did, and get questioned. It be like if Myiamoto came out on Twitter, and said fez was totally trash, should we just take his opinion at face value because he has done more in the games industry? No, of course not, we should read what people say, and then decide, no matter who is saying it.



gundam00 said:

I agree with him on some points. I agree the 3DS needs a second Circle Pad, not a clunky add-on. I agree the two screens should be the same size.

He didn't say this, but I might as well throw it in - the aliasing on the 3DS graphics is becoming more and more noticeable, and programming the graphics to a higher dpi would be an easy fix.

I disagree that 3D is a gimmick. I actually prefer 3D gaming since getting a 3DS. When done right, as in 3DLand, Mario Kart 7, and Castlevania, the 3D is an entirely new breath-taking experience, that I hope Nintendo will continue on future handheld devices.

I also disagree on the the second screen being a gimmick. Here's a quick test: play "Zelda: Link's Awakening" on the 3DS Virtual Console, and tell me you aren't pulling your hair out over having to constantly pause the game to change weapons. Then go play "Zelda: Ocarina of Time" and enjoy having a second screen.



nerdstick said:

@Geonjaha They are gimmicks. 3D adds nothing to gameplay. For a company that people usually herald for being 'innovative', the 3DS does absolutely nothing new.



Bankai said:

@Devil_Surivior You're right. While we're at it, I reckon Stephen Hawking is a complete blithering idiot. Never mind that I know almost nothing about physics. I just don't like the guy.

I am of course being sarcastic, but in this instance it was the best way to demonstrate a point. You are not an expert in game development just because you play games, and if your only response to Fish is you hate him because he said mean things about Nintendo, then frankly you're validating his opinion more than your own.

@TBD - I have little patience for people being being abusive and rude towards proven industry experts, whether they agree with them or not. That is my opinion and I've every right to point out that Fish knows what he's talking about despite the abusive commentary from the fanboys in this thread, for the same reason that you've let a swarm of them in to question his credibility.

If people were civil in disagreeing with him, or went out and tried to disprove his claims (and in this instance that wouldn't take much work at all), then that would be another matter. That would be constructive debate then, and that's healthy.

I don't even like Fish on a personal level - I like Japanese games. I didn't even enjoy Fez, but the dude has proven enough that he's entitled to be taken seriously as an opinion within the games industry. Rather than call him names, let's try and figure out why he said what he said, and then argue with it from there in a respectful manner.



Jaz007 said:

@Bankai You're right about people needing to debate against his points respectfully. He may have needed to calm down a little before he said this, but that's no excuse to be rude or disrespectful in return. A bunch of yelling wont do any good at all.



gundam00 said:

@nerdstick Well it is the first glasses-free screen on the market, which required a lot of innovation because it hasn't been done before. The 3D-effect on the 3DS cannot function as an update to the existing DS line because the 3D-effect requires additional hardware. Also the 3DS is still considered part of the DS line, just as the DSi and XLs are, making it an evolution in the DS line — not a competing line as the Gameboy Advance and DS were.

@theblackdragon Andy Green better buy you a drink for posting this article



Windy said:

Wow I felt sorry for the guy in the INDIE GAME MOVIE on netflix when he was talking about people sending him hate mail. I guess the drama of that whole part of the movie might have just been plotted to make him look good. cause this sure doesn't. why take this stance? All gaming is, is entertainment no matter which system it is. Pretty crazy saying the 3d on 3DS is a gimmick when most people who play it like it and its just the #1 selling system in the world right now. hmmm.....maybe the guy is a really smart idiot.



TeeJay said:

...Who is this guy supposed to be again? The creator of some game I never heard of? Oh okay.

Second question: Why should I care about what said person-I-never-heard-of has to say?

That's what I thought.



ToxieDogg said:

To some up what I've read about this guy...

Fez Creator - 'My simplistic looking platformer with perspective shifts wouldn't work at all on 3DS, despite it seeming to be a perfect hardware match for the game, However, I am considering a Vita version.

Fez Creator - 'Monster Hunter 3 U is more suited to Vita, and that's despite the fact that the 3DS version can connect to the Wii U version, and the game started life as a Wii game anyway.'

I've said this before, but Phil Fish really is a bit of a moron.



Einherjar said:

Why do i have to have programming / game making knowledge to say, that the controlls of a game are indeed working and not completely broken ? I can say that even as a mere customer.
And sure, Monster Hunters controlls are clunky like they ever were. Remember the first PS2 entry ? It hat 2 analog sticks. What was the second used for ? Yes, NOT for the camera, but for attacking. The camera was still mapped to the DPad like it was till MH Tri. I dont need to be a game dev to say, that the huge MH fanbase cant be wrong and the games WITH their clunky controlls work just fine.
And i dont need to be a developer to say that if you cant controll it, you lack the necessary skills for it, because many others can just fine.
And i wont say anything about the rant against a second screen or the "3D gimmick" topic. I think it stands for itself just fine.
"I love my second PC monitor. I game on one and display maps on the other one, so i dont have to switch between them all the time. But the DS ? Bah, Humbug"



Gustoff said:

Just put up a list of the games developed by this indie company so that their games are left on store shelfs collecting dust. I'll keep an eye out so that i don't buy any games from the "FEZ Creators". My money goes elsewhere...



Araknie said:

Another brat, really how long does it take to do a research and discover that the Third Generation of MH is a Nintendo Exclusive since 2009?



Windy said:

Just to put this out there. Monster Hunter is alot of fun. I haven't played with the Addon controller and liked it as many others have also played without it and liked it. The guy seems to not like the game oh well. For the rest of the Monster Hunter loving world.....we love it



cheetahman91 said:

I don't care too much for Mr. Fish. The comments about Nintendo don't bother me at all, but I agree with Bankai about not liking him for this statement. It's not like the West is in any better shape. I also hate how he has to swear in most of his comments. Doesn't make it look serious and I find it mighty hard to take anyone seriously who swears in statements like the one that this article's about.



sweetiepiejonus said:

It's not even about that. I'm saying you shouldn't waste your breath defending the clown. He's exactly the same as the rude fanboys you are getting upset about.

If he respectfully and tastefully made his arguments I'd be defending him myself. Just because he has one award winning title doesn't give him the right to disrespect others.

He could make valid complaints about Nintendo all he wants without being a jerk but he seems to be incapable or too immature to do that.

You should find someone that isn't a jerk to latch onto and shout your love from the mountain tops.



DaveC said:

@nerdstick "They are gimmicks. 3D adds nothing to gameplay. For a company that people usually herald for being 'innovative', the 3DS does absolutely nothing new."

You can say that about anything. I could say higher resolution and more polygons are a gimmick. Those things add nothing to gameplay, so in that case the Vita is one big gimmick, the incresed resolution adds nothing to gameplay over a PSP.

3D is a graphical enhancement like anything else. If that is a gimmick because it adds another dimension like you get in real life, then higher resolution can also be a gimmick.



kevkeepsplaying said:

What has Phil Fish contributed to the gaming community? Besides his over inflated ego? Oh yeah. ONE GAME. A really boring, unoriginal one at that.

Who cares what he has to say? I sure don't.



Jellitoe said:

This is why he makes lo budget games, and not high budget games, cause he makes no sense. Portable 3D Gaming, with no additional peripherals required is innovation indeed.



GreenGaming said:

This guy clearly thinks the world of himself, but his argument doesn't hold water. What's so bad about the "clamshell" design of the DS? What's wrong with having two screens, you're never really asked to look at both at the same time, so what's the big deal? His love of the vita gets in the way of being fair, but realistically having one screen or two control sticks doesn't make your console better - or worse for that matter - it just makes it different. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but his is so one sided that it can hardly be taken seriously. Sony fan-boy in other words



SkywardLink98 said:

It could be suited to Vita, but let's not forget the 3DS has it's advantages too, and you can purchase an additional analog stick.



RandomNerds said:

My guess is we'll be seeing a Phil Fish game on the PlayStation sometime soon. What a douche bag, this guy is so annoying.



WiiUisBest said:

Phil fish is a moron and he can keep the failed vita it is still being beat by 3ds 10 to 1...So mr fish no mh3 for vita...sorry for 3ds and wii u only



Gregor said:

"The GBA micro was the best system Nintendo made"

  • Slow clapping * Oh good, that is still functional. The only reason he thinks its the best is because it bears a striking resemblance to the PSP. Also, that system was terrible, never make a micro of anything again Nintendo.


Harrison_Peter said:

I completely agree that the Vita is a better system than the 3DS. As a piece of hardware, it's literally better in every possible way it could be. Actually, it's one of the nicest gaming devices of all time. It's a thing of beauty. But give me the 3DS over it any day! Props to Sony for a wonderful device, but I'll choose the one with decent games on it! 3DS is proof that it's the games that sell consoles.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Cough I detect a Sony fanboy who's too upset that the 3DS is smashing the Vita.

Seriously? The 3DS is MUCH better than the Vita. How would he know the 3D is a gimmick, I doubt he's ever even touched the damn thing!

Yeah, Sony fanboyism and Nintendo trolling is obvious.

What's he said about Wii U, given it's a two-screen console? Probably going to say the PS4 is better when it's really just a spruced up PS3.



siryami220 said:

Lol, done BAWWWWing yet? MH3U is out on the 3DS. Shut up, live with it, and go find you something to play, ya troll.



Korgoth said:

@Aviator The lock on option is a simple means of keeping the gameplay the same for vets to the series, while lowering the entry level for new players. I tried to get a quite a few of my friends into Monster Hunter over the years, and the camera controls were always the top of their lists of why not. My friend John's complaint was that there was no lock on. This was when Tri launched!

Even playing on my Wii U, (sorry, I'm still dragging my feet on a 3DS) this is a useful feature that I find myself using surprisingly often.



Alphawolvesgame said:

After reading this, I've read litterally, 3 lines of text mentioning Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate... Those were that, he picked up the game, he played the game, and he liked the opening village of the game... All of this is fanboy hate because he didn't get a game he liked on the system he fangasms for.
Everything else was Nintendo and 3DS Hate. MH3U was made Post-Circle Pad and was designed for it, in fact I doubt there would have been a Circle Pad without this game.
Don't like the "Small Screen" and the "Fuzzy Words"? Buy the 3DS XL and import the XL Circle Pad Pro like I did... And turn OFF the 3D If you don't like the 3D, ever try that?
And the comment on how the second screen, touch screen I might add, is nothing more than a Gimmick obviously doesn't care to find a way to implement a second screen. Use it for a Map if you have nothing else to do, as a game developer, you should know how much people would appreciate not having to press the start button every time they wanna look at the map.
Stop being a fanboy and complaining about something you don't know anything about... otherwise you'll look like a fanboy jackass.

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