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yobucky commented on Cliff Bleszinski Likens The Wii To A "Virus":

Yeah he's right about the casuals I guess? I love the Wii and played all the major exclusives to completion, but always felt it lacked the same depth of catalogue as the gamecube. Just about all of my favourite games of all time are from the gamecube, with the exception of the SMGs and Super Smash brawl. There was too much focus on new experiences when a lot of people actually just wanted more really good games and less Wii Music/ Wii Play/ Wii party.



yobucky commented on The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves Gets Austral...:

Denpa men is my second most played game on the 3DS after paper mario. 60 hours in and I am still working my way through the last 2 worlds. (yeah I'm slow I know) It really is loads of fun. My only problem was not enough radio waves around here. So I used a lot of scanned ones. The sequel needs a functionality to refresh a radio signal more often so you can collect more denpa men from fewer locations as not everyone lives in an area with lots of signals.



yobucky commented on Level 5's Fantasy Life Ships 300,000 Copies In...:

Good to hear it's been successful, for a non- first party single-console game that is a respectable total for sure. And it's only in Japan so far. I'm so glad I bought a 3ds right now and by the time I get some birthday money in June I'm honestly not sure what to buy.



yobucky commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

Yeah this pretty much what I've said all along, the other new consoles aren't out yet, there's this assumption that the market is still the same as it was last generation and simply put it isn't, people don't have the money for a gaming console, a PC and an Ipad, so the winner is going to be that which offers the best value for money ultimately. And the Wii U has a lot going for it in the sense that it is something different looking to how the other consoles are shaping up.
If nintendo times some big games and a price cut just before the new consoles launch they could well gain momentum to carry them for a few years.
Sure more third party support would be nice, but the fact is if nintendo offers an experience that other consoles can't give there's no reason why they can't co-exist. It's like everyone wants a console that is going to do everything and be everything and "win" or something.



yobucky commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

Congratulations you made one game that was successful, albeit based on a genre that nintendo actually created. Now you're an expert on everything video game related? Um... No. Come back when you've made 3 or 4 good games, because when your next overly self-indulgent pet project inevitably tanks we'll probably be here laughing at you, human nature doesn't like the little-big man. The comments he makes really do sound like the sort of thing one would hear on a "My console iz teh bes" forum thread.



yobucky commented on This Is How You Recondition A Game Boy Advance:

My first DS lite was a second hand one full of decals and sticky buttons, a bit of love and light chemicals and it came out good as new. But like starwolf said, it's usually kids who don't treat them properly. My nephew's DS is in a terrible state, he eats sweets and plays, leaves it lying everywhere, lost the stylus and the screen is very loose. Breaks my heart everytime I see it.



yobucky commented on FEZ Creator Insists The Game Wouldn't Work On ...:

I love all these developers who make one or two good games and are now experts on all matters of game development. Not referring to this game coming to 3ds or not, just his other loudly-voiced opinions. Make a few more games that are successful and I'll start listening. Ironically the best developers don't usually comment on the industry, so the void is filled by one or two hit wonders with something to prove.



yobucky commented on Pachter: Wii U Will Sell Between 30 to 50 Mill...:

With all the crap predictions he's made how is he even still considered worth listening too? Is it like the same story as with a bad professional coach. He can stuff up a team, get laid off but still find more work easily because he has "experience"? Once he's been proven wrong with these statements he really should just fall on his sword. I mean the "durango" hasn't even been revealed yet, for all we know it could suck. And I mean to expect this generation to not only sell more than the last AND be the last generation, surely that is incompatible?? If the PS4 sells 90 million, no company in their right mind would call it quits and say "No more consoles"?? So yeah there's enough semi-logic to make it seem plausible but then inconsistencies that really make me wonder why he is even given any platform to speak on at all. I am sure the Wii U might well only sell 60 million in this market, but if they are turning a profit on that then so what? The other 2 are going to have to either make a loss or be too expensive, profitability and sales are not going to mix well with a system that costs so much to make in the first place.



yobucky commented on EA Plans For a Future With Micro-Transactions ...:

So much rage. Personally I feel that paid DLC should only be for things that do genuinely extend the game, like extra missions or multiplayer maps, or else visual upgrades with no benefits (hats in TF2 comes to mind) not just paying your way to get all the unlocks. I guess some people clearly have more money than sense though, so if they can milk them to pay for things that are already in the game then power to them for exploiting basic human stupidity, I'll be over here holding onto my money thanks and actually playing games that don't need extra money to be enjoyed fully.



yobucky commented on Cliff Bleszinski Sees A Future Where Nintendo ...:

Well technically nintendo is probably the most at-risk of the big three, simply because they only make games and consoles. The other 2 have a very big company bailing them out in case they get into trouble (as they have done in the past), nintendo has to succeed purely on it's own games.I don't think the doomsday prophecies are going to happen for a while, but unfortunately one big mistake and the company doesn't have a safety net.
I personally hope they carry on forever making hardware, but I do see why they are the biggest target for 'haters'. I think should they ever hit a snag the next best thing would be them being bought out by a bigger company (samsung maybe?) and being allowed to continue making games with that big company backing them up. Yeah not ideal but I want to play nintendo games on a nintendo console dammit!



yobucky commented on Wii U Software Struggled For 2% of UK Market i...:

The UK is really a lame market... When I used to buy second hand games from there, 90% of the games were football games. Yeah sure the real gamers wouldn't be selling their games but still, it's a disproportionate number of lame sports games compared to anything decent.



yobucky commented on Microsoft Almost Purchased Sega In Order To Co...:

I was thinking the same thing, there's no real evidence that them wanting to buy SEGA was ever anything more than a thought. Based on that logic, I almost bought microsoft when I thought about it just now.
Still I get the point of the article... a 'what if' scenario, similar to "what if nintendo had actually let sony finish that optical disc drive", or "what if they actually made a new earthbound game?"



yobucky commented on GPU Images Reveal Wii U Graphical Power:

@NIN10DOXD YES! Exactly what I've said all along... there is no way in hell the other manufacturers are going to make a console that is so powerful that it a) prices itself out of the market and b) puts smaller developers out of business because they can't make the graphics "HD" enough. It's already happened a lot in this generation where companies invest millions into a game primarily for the sake of the graphics only to make a huge loss when the game fails to sell. In many ways nintendo's cautious approach that trades power for innovation is what will win out in the end. I cannot see sony taking another early price hit like they did with the PS3, in this economy they will need the PS4 to be making a profit from the word go and having specs that are too high is really going to be asking for trouble.
But honestly at the end of the day, I buy nintendo consoles simply because it's where all my best gaming memories have been made. I'm sure there's room for the other consoles and the eye candy kids but I've yet to play a truly memorable game on the other consoles, so it's PC and ninty all the way.



yobucky commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star Advert Gets Literal:

@Exile20 Yeah I agree totally, my wife and I have now spent a combined total of 70 hours in the game to finish it (2 seperate games obviously) and get all the stickers. It's not thousand year door but it's still a very enjoyable game to play and a far more worthy barer of the paper Mario name than the Wii version. It's the newest game we own and has already taken over top spot on our chart.



yobucky commented on Super Mario 3D Land Sales Outpacing Super Mari...:

Both are brilliant, I don't often finish games to the very last 100% completion, as for most it gets boring after the main story is finished but SMG 1, 2 and SM3D I have played to full completion and even revisted thereafter. So really it's a moot point... more of one kind of brilliance, or more of another? Who cares, I'll still have fun for sure



yobucky commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Lower Expectations A...:

Well the one advantage being that they do have a longer lead to get it right before the other next gen consoles launch, remember how long it took the PS3 to find it's feet? As long as they keep backing it to come right then it won't be a repeat of the Saturn/ dreamcast disaster, where sega basically lost faith in their own products and as a result fans did too.



yobucky commented on Talking Point: The Blurred Lines of "Collectab...:

Yeah good article! This is exactly right, but activision have tapped into the fact that parents with kids have a lot more money to throw at wasteful items than your average gamer who is trying to eek every bit of game out of his (or her) pennies. And because the cost of a figure is pretty comparable to other collectable figurines it's conned parents into treating that as value rather than seeing it for what it is.
However I'm also glad they have a disney version coming out, my kids love all things pixar and no doubt I'll be suckered into buying them but the kids will love it and I'll get that "good parent" glow and not think too hard about what a rip off it actually is... So back to the first point... kids are a really good market to aim for.



yobucky commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013:

I don't have a wii U yet but what will determine when it goes from "I'd like to own one" to "I MUST HAVE ONE" is determined almost exclusively by when pikmin 3 is being released, but it's possible an announcement of a Mario galaxy sequel could have the same effect.



yobucky commented on Feature: The Making Of Star Fox Adventures:

Yeah I loved this game from the moment I played it. I know it was so different from other starfox games but damn!... gamers can be hard to please like that. Make too many games the same and they complain that the developers are being lazy. Make too much of a change and they hate it for "ruining the style" or something. Same problem with another maligned but much-loved-by-me GC game, Super Mario Sunshine. I don't know why gamers feel they have a right to write off a game like starfox adventures just because it doesn't fit with their idea of what should be canon... Who cares? It was a cool game to play and one of those ones I finished completely and would gladly play again, more than can be said for most games that come out.



yobucky commented on Rumour: Ubisoft Looking To Buy THQ's Assets:

Ubisoft? Yeah they are the least scumbag of the big companies, and make a lot my favourite games so it's good that they are buying THQ. Hopefully they drop some of the bad frachises and keep the good ones, so they're adding more on the quality side and less to the shovelware side, which ubisoft and THQ both have a fair number of.



yobucky commented on Wii U Review Score Average Is Modest, At Best:

But the stats do actually reveal something else that isn't pointed out in the article. The PS 3 had a lot less launch day games (15 less from what I can read, which means Wii U had double the launch day games) and is only marginally above the Wii U in terms of average score. So to put a positive spin it shows that even having more ports and rush job releases the Wii U still managed to stay on track with the fan boy favourite. And it's more likely that the limited PS3 releases would be more on the alleged "high quality" side to show off the new system, whereas wii U already has a few shovelware titles dragging it down (looking at you "ESPN Sports Connection"). And if you look at gamerankings which takes into account the download titles as well, there are already 17 titles above 75% which for the first month of a console is pretty good, not many others I've seen have this many games above that score after only a month.

Pretty much any statistics can be bent to say whatever the hell you want. Who cares? I'll still buy a wii U and by the end of it's life span it is going to have more awesome games then I could actually finish properly anyhow. Gamers are like whiny little kids sometimes. And the thing about stats is they are averages, so you could have 9 games with a score of 85, but that one game with a score of 30 will drop the average to 79. Does that mean everything sucked? Nope, just that one game did.

Sidennote : I am pleased to see the cube tops the list, I've always maintained that this is my favourite console of all time, more games that I finished to 100% and enjoyed completely than any other.



yobucky commented on Feature: We've Unboxed A Wii Mini So You Don't...:

Awesome! I actually can see the logic here. Lots of people don't spend $250 dollars plus on presents for the kids at christmas, so here's a cheap console with a huge back catalogue and a good reputation for family fun. Online functionality? Psshhtt, kids and casual gamers don't care bout that. I just wish they'd send this little hottie to my country, I'd totally buy it as a backup/ kids console.



yobucky commented on Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition Dogged By ...:

My concern with reports like this is that these developers who have done these ports of older games coupled with framerate issues are then going to stop supporting the wii u with newer games, even though they haven't given the wii U a chance to find it's feet and are peddling older games. Worst example is mass effect 3, the other consoles are getting a trilogy pack, wii u gets one version only and when it fails to sell EA is going to say "LOOK! Nintendo consoles are not for hard core gamers! We will stop supporting it with our big ticket games!" I really don't understand the logic...
Personally i will hold off buying ACIII and a few other new games to wait and get them on the Wii U to support the system but also benefit from the new features...



yobucky commented on Wii Mini Is Official And Has No Online Connect...:

Ahh well it's cheap enough... a nice throw away gift for families and kids I guess? I know this is a games forum so people won't get the point of no online, but for a lot of families this will be a nice cheap gift for the little ones. And a gateway drug for nintendo no doubt. If I didn't have a proper wii already I'd totally get it just for the rugrats to play on.



yobucky commented on Reggie: Sony and Microsoft Need To React To Wh...:

Dude must have read my mind. It will all come down to price in this round. I don't believe there's a huge market for 2 powerhouse consoles, let alone 3. So if the others don't think of new ways to draw in the ipad generation they will struggle to sell. Gamers love the awesome graphics and hardcore games but as has been proven quite successfully over the last few years, the biggest market potential is more for the "casual" gamers. Sad but true. So again I'll say, I'm very interested to see just what the next gen brings for the other two, and my money is on a lot of fan bois being disappointed. At the end of the day sony and microsoft are companies, and the bottom line is going to factor heavily into this gen.



yobucky commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Wii U Is "Much More Graphica...:

@McHaggis Agree completely! If the PS4 is too overpowered and overpriced, it will be the last gaming console sony makes. They made a loss for years with the PS3 until the components finally became cheaper, and in this economy they won't be able to carry something like that for too long. And the powerful Vita is really struggling to sell, so another failure would be suicidal. Sony Fanbois are in for a big disappoint come PS4 one way or another.



yobucky commented on The Godfather of Video Games Is Baffled By The...:

I think even if the Wii U didn't meet sales expectations it would still be a long time before this led to the demise of the company. Sega had 2 consoles in a row that flopped badly. The only real risk from these so-called casual games (cell-phones and social-type games) is to the handheld market and the 3DS is managing to hold steady. Besides, the Wii U is innovative and appealing to the mass market, so I think it'll do just fine, maybe not as well as the Wii but plenty good enough to keep nintendo going. I'd say the other 2 consoles are more at risk for their next gen. They are going to have to get a perfect balance between power, mass appeal and price to be successful, I don't think there's still place in the market for two gamer-only consoles. So they are going to have to do something very special beyond just putting the biggest, baddest hardware into the box.



yobucky commented on THQ Adds Clarity To The Wii U "Horrible, Slow ...:

Lol... I honestly think all the fanboys that think the next gen sony and MS consoles are going to be God's gift to gamers are going to be sorely disappointed. If it's everything they want it to be the price will be astronomical and with all the competing technology they are going to struggle to sell. Or else they'll appeal more to a mass market and have the same accusations levelled at them as people do against nintendo. Fact is the other companies will be foolish to make a new console that won't appeal to all mass market plebs, as the wii demonstrated, non-hardcore gamers have a lot of money to spend, while the hardcore PS3 took years to turn a profit. And in this current economy they are not going to be able to sustain something similar with their next gen. So yeah who cares about power, as long as nintendo is able to keep doing what it does for longer then I say let the eye-candy kids have their very expensive toys. I'm still reasonably sure that the next gen for the other 2 is going to see a shift one way or another, price themselves out of the market, or appeal more to mass market.



yobucky commented on Talking Point: Life Without Wii U Achievements:

'... and those that like to brag about completing a particular lap in less that 90 seconds can point to their trinket and say, "hey, look at me".'

Shouldn't that be in less THAN 90 seconds? Sorry... good article otherwise



yobucky commented on Soothsayers, Begone - 3DS Software Sales Rise ...:

I wonder how much of the increase in software sales also has to do with the fact the as yet piracy hasn't become an issue on the 3DS. The DS is bedeviled with lots of cheap flash carts and download sites. So as long as they keep things locked up tight on the 3DS then people will be forced to buy their games legally...



yobucky commented on Want to Know Why Rayman Legends is a Wii U Exc...:

Just what I've said all along with sony and their "You don't need a wii, but both our consoles instead" nonsense. On the wii U, new experiences can be fully integrated because EVERYONE with the console will have these new features.
What would be awesome is if developers like this are well supported to the point that we get more exclusives like this. I won't be getting a Wii U on day one due to financial pressures but once I get it I will be buying this for sure, even as I bought origins for the wii and 3ds, but now even more so if this is a good exclusive.



yobucky commented on Nintendo: Phones And Tablets Aren't Games Devices:

I dream of a land where the two can co-exist... People who are content to play cheap distractions on their idevice can do so without saying more serious gaming devices are dead. Until these devices have more inputs and buttons they are never really going to offer the same gaming experience, it'll always be little touch games and gyro-gimmicks. Sure there's bad games on the nintendo platforms, mostly third party, but even some made by nintendo, but for depth of game you still can't compare the two. Those who want a deeper handheld experience are ok with paying 40 dollars for a premium game. And it's also about desirability, why do you think there are clothing stores that can sell a t-shirt for $200 plus? Certainly not because it's 20 times better quality than a $10 dollar shirt, it's about branding and desirablity. For a lot of people a quality nintendo game is a desirable product, so it's allowed to cost more than some $1 distraction cooked up by some kid at university. And there is also the ever-expanding eshop if you're in need of cheap distractions, which despite been cheap are still strictly quality controlled.
So really it's silly that people even debate the issue, ipads are multi-function devices so of course they're not going to play games, or take photos, or play music, or be a phone or just about anything as well as something that is created for that purpose... stop kidding yourselves into thinking that they can. The selling point is the fact you have all these devices wrapped into one, but serious followers of any of those disciplines are always going to opt for something dedicated to their craft. This debate is like saying that there's no more market for high-end SLR cameras because ipads take photos. Or people shouldn't buy photoshop anymore because instagram does cool effects.



yobucky commented on Talking Point: The Possibilities of New Super ...:

hmm I think it's not a completely bad thing. If it means we don't get a 2d mario title every year which would cheapen the brand, then I say go for it. Those who want to play new levels can pay a bit extra to keep the game alive, those who don't want to don't have to. As long as the base game is a full game with good value for the full price and the DLC is similar to the map packs on a FPS game (offering new levels to those who want them, but the game isn't broken without them) then I say go for it, more money for nintendo means more games for me in the long run.



yobucky commented on Sony: Wii U Offering "Something That Vita and...:

Lawl... sony you so funny... EVERY WII U game will be able to use a second screen, whereas the number of ps3 AND ps vita users is so small that any manufacturer would be insane to make a game only work with both, it'll only ever be a gimmicky tack on to some games, like the gameboy advance connections were for most gamecube games... not vital but just something extra you could do. The gamepad on the wii u is going to be an integral part of most games, to the point where you need it to play the game properly...
And yeah as others are saying... it only costs half of what those two do... sahny... what are you doin? sahny... stahp!! (making me laugh in this case)



yobucky commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Would Love to See GameCube Ga...:

paper mario, paper mario, paper mario, paper mario, paper mario. Yeah I still have mint condition cube and copy of the game but still, it would be sweet to have a new excuse to play it again.

Apart from that I probably wouldn't buy any as I have completed my gamecube collection long ago and have no plans on selling them off. Once the mint condition cube dies I'll still have the wii, so once those avenues have all died out then maybe, but by that time we'll be playing on the Wii U-Them, or whatever comes next.



yobucky commented on Kingdom Hearts 3DS Sold Rather Well, Thanks Ve...:

Aww yeah nice! Just bought my copy today... can't wait to get into it. I'm happy to support any third party titles that are quality like this, not the kind of shovelware they often dump on nintendo consoles...



yobucky commented on Review: Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D (eShop):

I wasn't actually going to give this game a second thought until this review... good job. I think I'll buy it sometime, I thought it would just be like "crazy chickens" with realistic animals, but having trophies, upgrades and targeting only certain animals makes it sound more challenging...



yobucky commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Smashes The One Millio...:

Good that it sold well, even if it's only good, not revolutionary. I don't get what all the whining is about, you can't expect every single mario game to revolutionize, especially not a 2D one, what else could they have done really that still fits in the mario universe. The level designs are still very tight, and the extra features (co-op and coin rush) are gonna keep me playing this for a long time. Mario on a bad day is still better than 90% of games out there, so this "mediocre" mario title still whips most other games. I guess the problem is in the fact people compare mario games to other mario games and it creates this imbalance when in fact they should compare it to other similar games and the only ones serving up such good platform experiences are the small time indie developers, whose games lack the same pixel polished perfection.

But anyhow, more money for nintendo means more money to develop that kick butt 3d mario title we all know is going to blow us away on the Wii U.