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Thu 19th Jul 2012

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Devil_Surivior commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

@Bankai I'm sorry Bankai, but the "this person did this thing, so their opinion is automatically more valid than others", argument is really worn out, and it really never held much water other than to try to shield certain people from criticism. Everyone's opinion should be on an equal footing, otherwise a person say totally nonsense like Phil did, and get questioned. It be like if Myiamoto came out on Twitter, and said fez was totally trash, should we just take his opinion at face value because he has done more in the games industry? No, of course not, we should read what people say, and then decide, no matter who is saying it.



Devil_Surivior commented on Vita Knocks 3DS Down to Second in the Japanese...:

@Bankai What is even less good to see your continuing double standard against Nintendo fans, when you very well Sony fans troll over sales over bit as much as Nintendo fans do. Remember, all the 3DS is doomed talk when the 3DS was down in these first few months? Oh right you forgot because it wouldn't support your position.



Devil_Surivior commented on Pachter: Wii U Will Sell Between 30 to 50 Mill...:

Ok, Let's assume that the scenario he lays out is correct; why the love would Nintendo not making another console after a making profit off the Wii U? See this is why Patcher is a mega jerk, he says something halfway plausible and they ruins it by saying something right after that is utterly devoid of fact and history.



Devil_Surivior commented on Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Coming To 3DS...:

What made the Digimon anime so superior to the Pokemon anime was the well developed characters, well crafted story with its different arcs that flowed together well, and the fact didnt treat kids like little idiots that couldnt handle a serious story. I prefer the Pokemon games, and in games a minimalist story is forgivable because its a game and gameplay can save it.



Devil_Surivior commented on Amazon Lists The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker H...:

A couple of a points:
1. A lot of the other franchises being mentioned here who got HD remakes don't have the luster and the history of the Legend of Zelda.
2. People have already shown that they are willing to pay full price for HD remakes on Nintendo consoles with the OOT on 3DS in 2011, which was the best selling on the system at one point.



Devil_Surivior commented on Wii Mini Is Official And Has No Online Connect...:

I'm from Canada, and my theory on why its only being released in Canada at moment is because its a test market to see if it will sell good in a medium size market like Canada(35 million people). If it sells well then NOA will put it into the US market.



Devil_Surivior commented on THQ Adds Clarity To The Wii U "Horrible, Slow ...:

@PS_Trooper Oh look its a Sonydrone fanboy come to troll a Nintendo site, isn't he cute lol? First, we don't even know the specs are on the CPU of the Wii U and just because a low rent developer who was probably stressed out and shot his mouth off without thinking doesn't make it a bad CPU. You can plug just about an external hard drive into the Wii u,so space is never a problem. I new PS3 is a cheaply made money grab for Sony because they are so incompetent when it comes to running their business. Oh and the Gamepad can plug into the console as well so you can keep playing.
You left out one reason for you not getting the Wii U: "I'm a Sony fanboy".