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twistedbee commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

I'm looking forward to it, my only concern is that there will be a forced motion control aspect. I just don't want to HAVE to fly using motion controls. That control scheme was nearly a deal breaker for Skyward Sword and I just don't want a repeat of that.



twistedbee commented on Wii U Owner Proves That Rejecting The End-User...:

The only time I would become upset over this is if, like Sony, Nintendo started to remove features that were implemented into the system os (example being Playstation removing other os support). Some people buy systems for its features and when you remove them then Force people to agree to it then you get problems. Nintendo is constantly adding more and more to wiiu so as long as it gets better and better then why does it matter. Just wait till the end of the consoles life cycle to mod it if you just have to...



twistedbee commented on More Minecraft Mania Looks Set for Wii U With ...:

I hope that these "inspired" games catch the attention of Microsoft. They were pretty adamant about getting minecraft on as many platforms as possible and maybe seeing all these third party versions coming to WiiU will give them the push to put it on the system. At the very least look into putting it on New 3ds, they can't argue that there is no user base there.



twistedbee commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

If they had released it when all the other versions had come out I probably would've picked it up. I was really excited for it and was happy that WiiU was getting a good third party game since they're so few and far between. But with all the big exclusive titles all coming out from now through the end of the year they're are way too many good games to spend my money on that Watch Dogs doesn't even make the top 10 anymore. But sometimes I feel like they plan it that way so third partys complain about how bad their games sell on WiiU.



twistedbee commented on Call Of Duty: Ghosts Patch Breaks The Cover Of...:

@JudgeMethos I work at target. Target has decided not to carry it, or Batman AO, or Assassin's Creed IV in store. I don't really know why, since they are available on but I know how you feel. I had to search all over to find Ghosts on WiiU. Toys R Us seems to be the only place really carrying WiiU games.



twistedbee commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Performance Reporte...:

Whatever happened to just buying a game and enjoying it? Why does every little thing need to be scrutinized... So what if a frame rate drops every now and then... Does it really matter if a reflection isn't just right? As long as its not completely unplayable shouldn't we just enjoy the 60 dollar investment instead of breaking it down to some meaningless details?



twistedbee commented on Coloured 3DS XL Charging Cradles Coming to Clu...:

i checked and checked and checked and it never updated for me to get one, then when it finally does its all sold out? what kinda of BS is that?! I hope that the selfish people who bought ones they dont need feel proud of themselves. I hope you make lots of money off them.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



twistedbee commented on Wii U Players Won't Be Able To Join A Clan In ...:

For someone that does not like the Call of Duty Series, I played the crap out of Back Ops 2. It was sad that Activision never really supported it, but with it being a launch title and they were unsure of sales for I will at least give them the benefit of a doubt. But with the lack of acknowledgment they have expressed for Ghosts on WiiU it just shows they really don't care or just don't want to really try and support that group of gamers. With Battlefield and EA being absent on WiiU Activision could have captured that entire market if they would have at least shown a little love. But then again, maybe that's why they're not trying too hard. Without a competitor on WiiU they don't have to try hard. If people want a FPS on it they will buy COD or nothing at all.



twistedbee commented on Peter Molyneux Reveals His Favourite Zelda Tit...:

I don't think it's the best one, but definitely a personal favorite of mine. It may be cliche but I still feel Ocarina of Time is the greatest Zelda title. Not only for the series but it redefined the genre and set a new standard for what an adventure game should be.
Also, I disagree with Nintendo putting it's franchises on any other platform. They don't need to and they will certainly never do it while they are still making consoles.



twistedbee commented on Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle...:

@SkywardCrowbar dude, get over it. This is not the same as the 3ds, so stop complaining. You think just because they did it once you're entitled to something for free every time they lower the price? They didn't have to do the ambassador program to start with so just be grateful they were considerate enough to do it in the first place.



twistedbee commented on Crytek Announces New CRYENGINE and Doesn't Exc...:

It's good news, that means companies have realized that it's not this underpowered waste of time the media let it on to be so early on.
That being said, the only game I know of for sure running CryEngine was the Crysis series. What other games do the have? I'm curious, so does anyone else know?



twistedbee commented on More Evidence Emerges of a Wind Waker HD Wii U...:

@JaxonH thank you! Clearly you are a person who has actually played the console and have witnessed just how good it is. It's had a strong, not large but strong, line up this far and 2014 is going to be a fantastic year for the console... And people like you, I and others who have ACTUALLY PLAYED WiiU will be able to enjoy it because we know first hand the quality of the WiiU experience



twistedbee commented on More Evidence Emerges of a Wind Waker HD Wii U...:

People are seriously complaining about a $349 price tag?
If 349$ is too much for you then you probably shouldn't look at PS4 and XB1... You might have a heart attack.
It's a great system and worth the money, stop being ignorant. If you don't want it then don't buy it. Don't complain just because you can, that makes you look stupid.



twistedbee commented on Iwata: No Chance Of Nintendo's "Precious Resou...:

I don't understand why people keep insisting that Nintendo put their titles on other platforms. You never hear about people insisting that Microsoft put Master Chief on Playstation... Or Sackboy on Xbox. They are exclusive IPs. That's why you spend the money to buy the system... Smartphone & tablet gaming is just a mind numbing time waster you do while waiting for a haircut. And even still, if you're gonna have to sit around and wait, wouldn't you rather have quality games instead of 99 cent shovelware?

Oh, and in case nobody pays attention, WiiU's launch was better than Xbox 360 & PS3's launches in worldwide sales. And it did it with shotty 3rd party support and just a handful of exclusives.



twistedbee commented on Investment Expert Feels Nintendo Earnings Miss...:

This song is getting old. When Xbox One starts to sell less than they expect it to, will you see Halo on PS4? Hell No! What are the chances of seeing a game like Uncharted on Xbox One should the PS4 sales slip a little? None. So why expect Nintendo to do the same with one of their franchises... Have some common sense people. The only mobile app I want to see from Nintendo is Miiverse.



twistedbee commented on Link's Awakening Turns 20 Years Old:

It was my very first Game Boy game. It came bundled with the original game boy that I got for Christmas when I was 7 yes old and after all these years it's still my most memorable Game Boy game. It will always have a special place in my heart!



twistedbee commented on Ian Livingstone: Nintendo Should Have Their IP...:

The day Nintendo becomes a third party publisher is the day I hang my controller up for good. I would rather live with the memories of my favorite games than to pervert them by catering to someone else's consoles. Someone else's ideas. I wouldn't expect playstation or xbox exclusive games on Nintendo, so why would Nintendo do that for them. For Nintendo, it's not about just money... Its about good quality games.