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Tue 5th Jan 2010

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47drift commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for July:

I really like how I looked at this list and said to myself, "Wow, not a single bad game this month!" And sure enough the first comment down is complaining about bad selection.



47drift commented on Nintendo Teases Majora's Mask Remake Again, Again:

If anything, I want this to be made so everyone will shut up about it instead of embracing sequels. It blows my mind that people complained that A Link Between Worlds looks like "another Link to the Past" and then turn around and demand a Majora's Mask remake (not even a sequel)! Sometimes fans are the worst, man.



47drift commented on Retro Studios: "After Donkey Kong Country Retu...:

This is sure to be a ton of fun even though it's announcement wasn't received as well as anything not-Donkey Kong would have been.

That said, if they were working on another Nintendo franchise, I'd really it rather not be a Metroid one. They had a good run of three very solid Prime games, and it's time for them to reinvent another franchise in my opinion. Mach Rider, Takamaru, or perhaps even Star Fox since they're great with scifi.



47drift commented on Circle Pad Pro XL Available Through Nintendo's...:

I've had one since February. Imported it just for MH3U. No regrets. It's absolutely great, and feels very comfortable to hold. Makes playing Monster Hunter between the Wii U and 3DS feel like the same experience.



47drift commented on Nintendo Spells Out Why You Should Pick Wii U ...:

The other day an opportunity arose where my family wanted to look at pictures from a recent trip on the TV. That's when it hit me that only the Wii has the ability to do a photo slideshow on the TV through an SD card, as they've removed any sort of photo channel from the Wii U without going to the Wii menu. That's the only thing it has going for it left, though. Other than backwards compatibility to the GameCube (which I used in my recent revisit of Luigi's Mansion).



47drift commented on Liberation Maiden Takes Flight to iOS:

How exactly would this play without a thumbstick and L button? And wouldn't your finger get in the way of the action? Especially if you have to have a thumb on a digital joystick, claw your left index finger up to reach a digital L button, and aim and charge shots with your right index finger. Just sounds like a manual nightmare.

This is one of my absolute favorite eShop games and I play it time and time again whenever I have a few minutes to spare, but even with that kind of accessibility, it simply isn't built to control well on something without buttons.



47drift commented on Review: BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Leg...:

I would love to know if I need to have played the first one to get maximum enjoyment out of this. I didn't manage to play any of the Bit.Trip games, so this would be my first. Would hate if I miss some inside jokes or references or what have you because of that.



47drift commented on Ninterview: Cosplayer Regina "RikkuGrape" Marie:

That Twilight Princess costume is not only spot-on, but looks pretty natural in its transition to the real world-- something that very few costumes can ever pull off. I imagine she'd fit the part should a film ever be made (which, while it shouldn't, could be done right with attention to detail like this).



47drift commented on Epic Mickey Future In Doubt After Sequel Falls...:

I'm currently replaying the first Epic Mickey after a lovely trip to Disneyland made me crave more Oswald. I've yet to pick up the second game, but many tell me it's significantly worse than the first, which is a shame because I thoroughly enjoy Epic Mickey. If they fixed up everything for a third installment, I'd be all over it.



47drift commented on Disney Infinity Heading to Wii U, Wii and 3DS ...:

I think this could easily knock Skylanders out of the park. As a Disney fan and collector myself, I was getting really excited watching the trailer and thinking about the possibilities of what characters could be in it. I'd just pick up a handful of my favorites and be good to go. Looks great.



47drift commented on Miyamoto: Pikmin 3 To Be More Like Series Orig...:

Pikmin 1 was absolutely wonderful. I didn't care as much for Pikmin 2, though I did love all the real world objects in it so I hope that returns. The fact that 90% of Pikmin 2 was in dark, dimly lit caves was a huge turn off after the lush colorful maps of Pikmin 1. I warmly welcome back stress and time pressure. The sun being your biggest enemy in the first Pikmin was intense.



47drift commented on Hardware Classics: Tezuka Osamu World Shop Gam...:

What a nifty little article! Those close-ups you have of this Game Boy Light's buttons are phenomenal. Always wanted it, being a huge fan of Tezuka myself. I certainly hope you cover the Cardcaptor Sakura Game Boy Color!