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Wed 28th Mar 2012

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Rekiotsu commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

@luke88 And where are the stuff about Bravely Second announcements from european direct. These things weren't in the Nintendo direct summary either. I mean why, I am not completely sure what was in NA direct, but feels like all these summaries and stuff are based solely on NA direct, but like I said, I don't know, but it's just weird that things are completely left out.



Rekiotsu commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

This better not happen with western release. Western people just won't put up with such rediculous milking of money. Similiar things happen in Japan all the time when western usually get's the full final thing (like Monster Hunter series with those better ultimate editions), hopefully this will be the same and Europe and US will get a complete game. I just don't know how japanese people can put up with such money milking, I think Nintendo is misusing the trust and enthusiasm of their native country men and women.



Rekiotsu commented on Wii U Owners Finally Get The Nuketown 2025 Map...:

I just got my Wii U not too long ago and Black Ops II alongside with it and the single player was actually really good, lot better than in the first Black Ops. Also I have been playing the multiplayer and have been really enjoying it, also lot better than in the first Black Ops. The game works really well on Wii U and looks good. For me this news is just kind of surprising positive news since I never knew it was missing in the first place.



Rekiotsu commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

I don't understand what all big developers have against Wii U, it's like they are just abandoning the system and thinking all hope is lost for Wii U, even Wii U is clearly alive and getting just better. Just come on Capcom, you know this is wrong.



Rekiotsu commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Me too will choose Wii U over Ps4 first. When I just build up enough money, Wii U is in the top of my list. (Xbox one does not even count) Ps4 certainly has better graphics and will get all the multiplatform games, but will not get any Nintendo games (many of them must have games). Also Nintendo hardware alone is more unique than on the Sony or Microsoft side.



Rekiotsu commented on Nintendo Feels That Working On Smartphones And...:

I agree completely, I hate when companies like Square Enix are porting their franchises and old games to smartphones and tablets. It brings shame for those old classics and makes them feel cheap even they once were incredible high quality games and still are in their original platforms or on virtual console.



Rekiotsu commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

For once he is right, but that's how it always have been with Nintendo. If I just had money I would buy another console or consoles regardless, because Sony just has so many extremely good exclusive games, so this isn't anything new really.



Rekiotsu commented on UK Gamers Rate Wii As "Best Ever" Console:

I have to agree. Wii is my personal favorite console currently. Mostly for it's awesome games, but also Wii was the first console ever which I bought myself, so there is some special emotional value included.



Rekiotsu commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

On PC I get everything digitally in Steam, but on consoles... nope. I prefer good old boxed retail games on consoles, because it gives you the real feeling of ownership and collecting.
On PC I just feel somehow different. The box doesn't just feel to have a same kind of value than in consoles. I not going to go into more detail about this, but some may know what I mean.



Rekiotsu commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

He has a point about two control sticks and more powerfull handheld hardware, but about everything else he is wrong. Two screens is not just a gimmick, it really helps to have two screens in many games. I also think that beside better games, the dual screen is the thing what makes 3DS better console in my opinion.



Rekiotsu commented on Masahiro Sakurai: Stories in Video Games Can b...:

Frankly, I don't understand him and I think he is wrong. Stories are the main reason why I play video games and without them I wouldn't be playing video games nearly as much. For me the compination of good story and "good enough" gameplay is the thing why I like games more than movies and books.
But I know that people like different things and this is just how I like it.



Rekiotsu commented on Rayman Legends Boss and Dev Team Protest Wii U...:

I think they should really bring back the original release date and fast. I had faith in ubisoft before but with this ubisoft really disappointed me and caused some doupt against them. Come on Ubisoft, even the developer team is angry.



Rekiotsu commented on Hacker Claims To Have Deciphered Wii U CPU and...:

Did you guys know for example, AMD FX-4170 is 4,2 Ghz four core processor but Intel core i5-3450 3,1 Ghz (four cores) for example is lot more powerful and faster than AMD FX-4170. It is all about the architecture. (but still the CPU speed is super low if 1,2 Ghz is true)



Rekiotsu commented on Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3...:

Sucks to be from Finland. Finland is in Europe and belongs to EU, but no! Finland is not included in Club Nintendo.

Nintendo please! We want Finland to be part of the international European Club Nintendo. (our own club Nintendo sucks)



Rekiotsu commented on Wii U Won't Include Trophies Or Achievements:

I don't care for achievements, I don't play games for achievements. I play games for enjoyble experience and achievements are not a part of that experience. Altough achievements could be nice litle extra but trying to get achievements intentionally is waste of time in my opinion.



Rekiotsu commented on Nintendo Executive Describes Rise of Tablet Ga...:

Iwata is right, we shoukd think tablets and smart phones as allies not as enemies because gaming on those platforms will never really match gaming on real gaming console and they can be used to get information about Nintendo like computers, but in lot easier way.



Rekiotsu commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Top 20 Wii Games:

Mario Galaxy games shouldn't be in that list, how in world they are in the second and first places. I hate Mario games, but that's just me. I am probably only one in the world who dislike Mario and I don't understand why.



Rekiotsu commented on MCV: Wii U Is A Stopgap System, Real Successor...:

That MCV is talking nonsense. Wii U is next gen no matter how you look at it. I trust Nintendo I know it well(nintendolife has helped me with that) and because of that I don't believe that nintendo would do anything stupid like that.