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Thu 28th January, 2010

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BooJoh commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America):

Is it that hard to not complain about an eShop update? This week we're getting what looks to be a great indie puzzler in the vein of Picross and on this very page people are saying this is a crap update and indie devs need to get their games up. HELLO??? THERE'S ONE RIGHT THERE! Every update is crap if you refuse to even look into games you've never heard of.

Sure, I'd love to see a higher profile VC game or something, but I've come to expect "filler" eShop updates on weeks that NOA releases a retail game. And just because you've never heard of an eShop game (ie - Tappingo) doesn't mean it's shovelware.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo's Battles With Clones and Copycat Sma...:

"Misappropriation of intellectual property is hard to prevent in China. [Nintendo] should be exploiting their IP on their own instead of letting others do so."

This is just terrible logic. Nintendo has absolutely no obligation to make smartphone apps or games and if they don't choose to do so, that simply does not excuse IP theft.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo Planning to Offer "Flexible Price Poi...:

@smikey666 NNIDs are already linked between the two, tied to a single Wii U and a single 3DS, and yet they still continue to release VC games separately. Since the NNID link we saw Castlevania 2 release on 3DS and Wii U on the same day but getting both still requires paying full price twice.



BooJoh commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

@Jese_1 This is also true. It seems like Nintendo loves announcing things for the future of the system and then hoping the system will sell on potential. It takes so long for most of their stuff to reach the end user that these announcements rarely have a positive effect on those of us who already own the system, so how will they bring new buyers to their door?



BooJoh commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

@Noonch Agreed. All this shows is that they can't come up with any new ideas for second-screen, so they're just going to recycle the old ones. And let's be honest, most DS games just threw a map or something on the second screen, and many others require both screens to be equally visible, making Wii U an awkward setup compared to a handheld.

They should be focusing on NEW Wii U titles and stop just pasting the TV feed onto the Gamepad in their first party AAA Nintendo titles. Did they honestly run out of ideas between NintendoLand and Game & Wario? Why not put out something like a Pokémon Snap U that really shows off the second screen?



BooJoh commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

@lckulczak With the current pricing ($5 NES games, $8 SNES, $10 N64, $6 GBC) I'd be surprised if DS games are less than $10 on VC. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they're more than that.

Sure, it's not the $30 we paid back in the day, but it's still going to be exponentially higher than, say, Steam sales.



BooJoh commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

I have no desire for this at all. I might buy one or two games I missed... if they release any of those in their ever-slow trickle of one VC game per week.

I did not buy an HD Nintendo console to play 192p games that are ONE generation old and can already be played on my current-gen 3DS by just sticking the cart in the socket.

I'm not regretting my Wii U purchase, but I'm starting to lose faith in Nintendo to save the system with announcements like this that just reek of desperation. I really hope they aren't sacrificing dev-time for actual console games on this.



BooJoh commented on Mathematical Adventure Time DLC Heads to Wii U:

Is this just for Europe? The DLC hit NA December 19th.

Personally I don't find the game to be nearly as bad as other people say it is. It's a little simple, but continues to change up the enemies as you get farther, adding to the challenge. The bosses are all unique and the fully voiced characters are a treat. If it starts to get repetitive, I just take a break and come back to it later.

In case anyone actually does care though, the new characters do have their own unique playstyles. I've only purchased Gunter, but he moves at a decent base speed, and has no basic attack but can equip two sub-weapons and has infinite ammo with them.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo Download: 16th January (North America):

After getting Unepic on the cheap in a Steam sale and finding out my controller is rather inadequate for it, I'll be double dipping on that.

On the other hand, I'm finding it almost insulting that Nintendo has moved over to releasing VC games simultaneously on 3DS and Wii U but still makes us pay full price separately for both versions. C'mon Nintendo, Sony has been letting us play their classics cross-system for years. >:



BooJoh commented on Unepic Confirmed for 16th January on the North...:

@unrandomsam I'm currently using the Mayflash Wii CC to PC USB adapter but my CC doesn't show up as a 360 controller, so some games don't want to cooperate with it. Usually Joy2Key is a good enough workaround for those games, but in the case of Unepic it uses some special trigger/bumper shortcuts that aren't available unless using the game's native controller support.



BooJoh commented on Unepic Confirmed for 16th January on the North...:

Ugh, I just bought this on Steam during the holiday sale for a few bucks after reading that the Wii U version had a projected release date of March. Now I'm rather torn because the game is good, but it'd play much better on a console since I don't have a decent PC controller.

To those saying it doesn't look good... wat? I've played a little bit on PC and while the humor is a bit dry and the game references are rather heavy-handed, the game itself is a pretty cool Metroidvania with heavy RPG elements.



BooJoh commented on Review: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Be...:

I've been enjoying the game, and while I stopped about halfway through, it was more because of Super Mario 3D World than anything else. I'll be getting back into it soon I hope. I find that the enemies getting harder the farther you go changes things up and keeps it somewhat fresh. I really think this game needs a demo so people can judge for themselves, because I don't think it necessarily deserves the absolutely terrible reviews it's been getting from most sites.



BooJoh commented on Developer Session: We Chat to Nifflas About Hi...:

I thoroughly enjoyed this on PS3 and I'll probably double-dip to get the extra content that was previously only on PC. Sure, the harsh language wasn't necessary and the dialog borders on juvenile at times, but the overall experience is great.

I'm personally still holding onto a tiny shred of hope for an eventual port of Knytt + Knytt Stories for 3DS.



BooJoh commented on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate ...:

I enjoyed the 3DS version (though I'd love to see IGA get the series back now,) and it's a shame that they aren't supporting Wii U with the HD port. I can see why they would want to put it on the systems that have the other LoS games though, to fill in the gaps (and create gaping plotholes? I can't help but wonder how the ending of MoF works with LoS2.)

I wish Konami would support Wii U though. I'd love to see more ReBirth titles and the return of some Hudson franchises.



BooJoh commented on Legendary Adventure Title Myst Receives Perman...:

For those interested in experiencing the game, realMyst is available on Steam for $6, and has pretty low system requirements. I played around with the original when it first came out, but realMyst is how I finally played through and beat it and I really enjoyed the experience.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo Download: 11th July (North America):

@billychaos I agree. I bought this game a mere two months ago on Wii U, I shouldn't have to buy it again if I want it for 3DS. At the very least we should get the same kind of discount we get for Wii U VC titles we own on Wii. It makes me question every VC purchase I make, because I have to debate whether I want it on the big screen or portable, and very few games would convince me to pay double to have both.



BooJoh commented on Toki Tori Creator Tells of Missed Angry Birds ...:

He made his decision based on his own "strong" feelings that it didn't fit his game. I think he should be commended for that, and try not to have regrets over passing up on what would've been good for business. If I ever got into game development I'd certainly want my vision and integrity to weigh more heavily than the business aspects of it all.



BooJoh commented on UK Store GAME Pulls Mention Of SNES Emulator F...:

I'm surprised they've managed to hold onto any third party support, especially from companies like Square-Enix who are directly affected by emulation. Considering many of their NES and SNES games are available to buy legitimately for current generation hardware, why would they want to support a system that supports piracy?

And posting your system playing Super Mario Bros on an emulator is supporting piracy, not emulation, no matter how hard you try to legitimize it with technicalities.



BooJoh commented on Fan Project Mega Man Unlimited Finished and Bl...:

And this is the point where the C&Ds will probably start. Standard operating procedure for game publishers to wait until the fan game is done or shows promise of being as good/better than what the publisher themselves do with their IP.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo 3DS Image Share Now Available To Use ...:

I just post my screenshots to Facebook via the 3DS browser. There's also a (Japanese, but easy enough to use) site out there called tw3ds that works with all images from your 3DS and posts to Twitter via twitpic.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo Setting Up Thousands Of StreetPass Re...:

If it really saves the data and then gives it to the next person, that becomes a new type of asynchronous StreetPass where one person gets data from the other, but not vice versa, which loses a little bit of the fun of a StreetPass where you know the other person has met your Mii as well. Perhaps a better way would be if the relay stations could somehow communicate to a matchmaking server that allows say, a person in a rural area near a participating hotspot in one state to StreetPass someone near a completely different hotspot in another state, that way they still both get each other's data. But nobody really knows until Nintendo explains it.



BooJoh commented on Platinum's Hideki Kamiya Gives Smash Bros. Fan...:

Being a celebrity, even in the gaming scene, comes with attention. If you're popular enough to have 27,000 followers, then you're obviously going to get a lot of repeat questions. There are a lot of celebrities on Twitter who are as popular or even more, and most of them manage to just ignore it or address it without being offensive to their fans. I know when I direct a tweet at a celebrity I typically don't expect a response, so it's not like ignoring people is going to be worse than telling them off.



BooJoh commented on GungHo's CEO Wants To Surpass Nintendo's Sales...:

Puzzle & Dragons is decent. I'd be slightly tempted to get it on 3DS just to play it without all the horrible nickel-and-diming and play-time cooldowns that plague the smartphone version (par for the course on mobile games,) but I'd probably pass because it's, as I said, merely "decent," nothing to write home about IMHO. And I'm not sure how well it'll sell on 3DS since many people will only see a game priced leagues higher than it is on mobile, and not think about the microtransactions in the mobile version.



BooJoh commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live:

This also appears to have fixed a bug which appeared in the 3.0.0 update where the Miis associated with your "Been Playing:" game would scatter across the home screen instead of standing under their proper game panel. I don't know if the bug affected everyone or just some users.



BooJoh commented on EA Developing Frostbite Engine For Mobile, But...:

I don't regret my Wii U purchase one bit, but I think the third parties jumping ship does fall on Nintendo. The 3DS launch mess should have taught them that they can't sell hardware on potential these days, and they should have had some major must-have Nintendo titles at Wii U launch to push more people to become early adopters. Then maybe third parties would see Wii U as a more valuable platform. If Nintendo can have a successful holiday then things might turn around a bit, but I'm not counting on it.

I'm certainly not expecting the Wii U to "die," but I'm fully ready for yet another generation where people buy a Nintendo console to play Nintendo games and an Xbox or PS4 to play third party games.



BooJoh commented on Fresh Pokémon X And Y Details Emerge: New Pok...:

@warnerdan If X will be your first Pokémon game and then you go back to R/B/Y, you'll be sorely disappointed. They have huge nostalgia value, but they're horribly slow and cumbersome and lack MANY quality-of-life features that have since been added. Even the FireRed/LeafGreen versions would feel dated, but they would be a far better way to enjoy the Kanto journey because they're quite simply much more playable games.



BooJoh commented on Smartphones And Tablets To Be "Primary Screen ...:

I got my first iOS device a few months ago in the form of the iPod 5th gen, and while there are some good games on there, I haven't played a single game that wouldn't be better on a dedicated handheld or console. In fact, of all the games I've played on iOS that I've also played on traditional gaming platforms, the iOS version always feels inferior. Mutant Mudds, Theatrhythm, and don't even get me started on the FPS ports. This even extends to the championing iOS title, Angry Birds, which feels far more intuitive and playable on PC IMO.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo's Legal Team Forces Mobile Dev To Mak...:

Still looks like a Yoshi, considering how many official variations there are. I don't understand why some indie devs can't create original content instead of feeling the need to leech off of the popularity of major IPs.



BooJoh commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pricing Emerges On N...:

@2Sang Animal Crossing City Folk did allow you to carry over your character's face and hair, along with part of their Nook catalog from Wild World. I don't know if this version will do anything similar.

Personally I think it kind of takes away from the core gameplay to start with most everything unlocked so even given the option I opted to start fresh on ACCF.



BooJoh commented on Talking Point: The Terrible Timing of Monster ...:

I don't believe this has anything to do with pushing downloads on consumers, as this same shortage also affected the Pikachu 3DS XL HARDWARE. Wal-Mart stores here in the US got both Lego City Undercover and the Pikachu XL while stores like Target and had no stock on launch day. I didn't notice or check with MH3U because I intended to buy both versions digitally anyway.

I don't know what's up with the shipping delays, but I don't think Nintendo is creating false shortages to promote digital games, and certainly not with a game that requires an external HDD even for premium system owners (Lego City Undercover.)



BooJoh commented on Amazon Promoting Rival Consoles On Nintendo Pr...:

Anyone writing this off with sarcastic comments like "omg Amazon sold out of Nintendo systems" and "oh no, advertising similar products on a product page!" clearly isn't paying attention.

Shortly after 3DS came out, Amazon put the product "under review" and stopped selling 3DS systems. Since then they have not carried ANY Nintendo systems and ONLY on the Nintendo systems pages does it say "Try Vita instead" or "Try PS3/4 or Xbox instead."

There's clearly something going on behind the scenes that has Amazon actively trying to steer shoppers away from Nintendo systems and to the others, while they are not stocking the Nintendo hardware. has not ever stocked the 3DS XL or Wii U themselves.

There's obviously something more to this than low stock or "normal retail behavior."



BooJoh commented on Retro City Rampage Has Only Sold a Quarter of ...:

Props to him for pushing it through to release, but considering the WiiWare version was already likely to have the worst sales numbers, and then also releasing the game on other more popular services a while before it got to WiiWare pretty much guaranteed failure to reach the threshold.