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BooJoh commented on Nintendo Begins Takedown Proceedings on Super ...:

This is entirely in Nintendo's right, but may have been prompted by all the news sites calling it a "Mario 64 remake." Heck, I even saw it pop up that way in my Facebook trending sidebar.

@Peach64 Half-Life 2: Update is a fan mod that requires owning Half-Life 2 to run. That's a huge difference.



BooJoh commented on Shantae Premium 3DS HOME Themes are Hitting No...:

I like the parchment on the bottom screen for the first one. The top screens seem a bit busy. I'd prefer a landscape view of the lighthouse or something. If the music is cool I'll consider the top one.



BooJoh commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

I'm still not interested in gaming on mobile, even from Nintendo. I'll probably try any f2p stuff they put out on iOS, but I'm more interested in the experiences on their dedicated gaming hardware, and if releasing some stuff like Pokemon Shuffle or Puzzle & Dragons Mario Edition on mobile allows them to stay afloat while not abandoning their dedicated gaming machines, then I suppose it's for the best. It's still a little sad to see Nintendo essentially buckling to the silly demands of what their investors have been asking for years, but I'll try to remain cautiously optimistic about it.



BooJoh commented on Once Bitten, Twice Dead Coming to Wii U:

This looks like H1Z1 with a Minecraft aesthetic. At least from what I've seen of H1Z1 (haven't played it but my brother does.) The inherent problem with these type of games tends to be that players are a bigger threat than zombies so it might as well not be a zombie game at all. I don't have a problem with zombie games in general, the problem is they've reached a saturation point where it's nigh impossible to find the gems among the turds.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo Shows Off Mario Party 10, amiibo and ...:

@GamecubeComplex I've only played 3 Mario vs DK games (not counting DK94 or the older DK games.) The first one on GBA, Minis March Again on DSiWare, and Minis on the Move. And while I can appreciate the love people have for the classic DK formula evolved in the first Mario vs DK (and it seems like they should have split the series to keep both formulas alive,) I really enjoyed the Nintendo-fied Lemmings that was Minis March Again.

Plus I'm game for most things with level editors.



BooJoh commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

I've been rather enjoying the game, and while I don't intend to spend a dime on this free-to-play model (though I'd happily pay $10-$15 for a one-time permanent unlock or infinite hearts,) I can enjoy the game for free already - within limitations - without crossing the line into what is essentially piracy.

This browser exploit is sure making a lot of noise lately though, and while it'll probably just result in - as said above - lots of "stability," I wouldn't be too surprised if Nintendo did something drastic like remove the browser from old 3DS. Not that it would help since most people using exploits like these avoid firmware updates.



BooJoh commented on Rumour: New Nintendo 3DS To Launch In Europe N...:

As pointed out by someone on the NeoGAF Ambassador thread, the promotion also states that people will receive their Ambassador systems by the 23rd of January. Given that the email states you will "get it before the official European launch" that implies the EU launch should be no sooner than the 24th.



BooJoh commented on Rumour: New Nintendo 3DS To Launch In Europe N...:

If your source provided a photo of an Australian New 3DS box as proof then they're apparently not reliable and this entire article is suspect because of it. A small oversight on your behalf but the article needs to be updated to reflect that this is almost certainly false info.



BooJoh commented on Video: Super Mario 64 Is Getting A Fan-Made HD...:

I'll never understand why fans choose to start these projects, get just far enough along to have something that looks nice, and then show it off to the world, garnering tons of attention and inevitable C&Ds. I understand the desire for these things, but you're better off making an homage than a remake.



BooJoh commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

I only have Villager so far, and while I love the overall quality of the figure, it bugs me that the eyes and mouth on the actual figures are positioned higher than they are on the stock photos and prototypes, resulting in his nose being right against his mouth and his face looking just slightly off.



BooJoh commented on The Next Theatrhythm Game Is All About Dragon ...:

I would buy day one. DQ music isn't quite on par with FF, but there are some great tunes, and Theatrhythm is good even on the songs you didn't know already.

Personally I wish they would've opted for a mash-up that covers all sorts of S-E properties though.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo Download: 4th December (North America):

Captain Toad at midnight for me! I wish they would've allowed pre-loading, but I guess they're only doing that for the hugely popular games.

I'd pick up NES Remix if it weren't the same as the Wii U entry but with less content for the same price. I also find it amusing as always that there are stock limitations on the free digital download code for the home theme.



BooJoh commented on Teaser Tweet Suggests Binding of Isaac on the 3DS:

@KodyDawg It's based very loosely on the story of Isaac and Abraham. There are both holy and evil weapons and powers you can use. Playable characters range from Isaac to Eve to Judas. Bosses range from random monsters to personifications of the 7 deadly sins and the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. There is no doubting that the game is vile and disgusting - for better or worse - simply due to the sheer amount of blood, feces, etc you see. If you're really concerned about whether or not it's anti-religion, look up the ending on youtube. If you don't find that or the gameplay elements offensive, it should be fine. I'm Christian and was far less offended than I expected to be.



BooJoh commented on Teaser Tweet Suggests Binding of Isaac on the 3DS:

@snoox Some of it can feel that way, but overall the game takes a somewhat neutral approach to Christianity, treating it simply as a framework of stories and characters to base content off of, which some might see as just as bad. Not to spoil anything, but the first ending (as far as I got in the original) turns the tables on the whole seemingly anti-Christian thing.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo Rolling Out New In-Store Digital Dist...:

The primary reasons for buying prepaid cards for consoles are a) that you don't have a credit/debit card, b) you have a gift card/store credit somewhere, c) you're getting the cards at a discount, or the probably less-common d) you're paranoid about putting your card info into your system.

If the option is there, it's almost always easier to just buy it direct from the console, especially when that means you can pay exact price and sometimes get your game the moment it hits the eShop.

This new system sounds more customizable and convenient for those who do use prepaid cards and vouchers though.



BooJoh commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

This is what Nintendo really has to fear from mobile gaming's popularity. A sudden influx of dirt cheap shovelware that obscures the view of the good indie titles on their platforms.



BooJoh commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

This isn't like putting Coke billboards in a Star Wars game or something. It shouldn't really break immersion as some of the karts in Mario Kart are already leaning on the realistic side and these cars are still miniaturized roofless go-karts. How many of you would change your tune if the Mercedes in question was the model from Jurassic Park complete with the JP paint job?

I wonder how many of these people also have a problem with the Callaway items and tournaments in Mario Golf World Tour as well.

As for the main topic, it was obviously a personal comment accidentally posted on the wrong twitter handle. The employee should be more careful in the future, but absolutely has the right to post such opinions on their own -personal- twitter account. People shouldn't lose their right to free speech just because they have a job.



BooJoh commented on Steel Empire Blasting A Path To The North Amer...:

This game looks awesome. I love the steampunk aesthetic, and I love shmups that don't fall into the bullet hell category. But I just can't see myself wanting to part with more than $15-$20 tops for it. In a day when AAA indie titles go for $15 on average, this just seems overpriced.



BooJoh commented on Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is ...:

@xj220_afiles That's the case with new games, yes. I was specifically referring to PSN classics, the closest thing PSN has to VC, PSOne and PS2 games which are playable on any compatible system once you've bought them. Even if you do want to bring new digital games into this, many brand new games on PSN have cross-buy either with PS3/Vita or PS4/Vita, while some of the very same titles don't on Nintendo (1001 Spikes for example.)



BooJoh commented on Don't Worry, Nintendo Hasn't Forgotten About T...:

@ShadJV Trying to figure out how Nintendo makes these choices is pointless. Just look at the 3D Classics we got compared to the 3D Classics demo reel they showed at E3. People would've bought up stuff like SMB3, SMW, Castlevania, etc like candy, instead we get freaking 3D Classics Urban Champion?



BooJoh commented on Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is ...:

I personally think system-wide achievements is absolutely not a necessity for Nintendo. Most of their first party titles have achievement systems already, but they're custom tailored to each game and it's so much more satisfying that way than just having a system banner pop up over your game saying "achievement unlocked!" If anything I would be in favor of making Miiverse stamps an account-wide thing so you can use them anywhere on Miiverse and mix and match instead of only using them in posts from that game.



BooJoh commented on Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is ...:

Cross-buy for VC. Please.

I really do not want to have to pay another upgrade fee to get my VC games onto whatever comes after Wii U after paying to upgrade from Wii and buying separately on 3DS and then pay another separate upgrade fee to update 3DS versions to the successor of that and... can we see how ridiculous this looks compared to PSN's "buy once, play on any compatible system" classics model yet?



BooJoh commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo F...:

"there will be figures for the different characters in the game" doesn't seem to specify without a doubt that every character in the roster will have a figure. The statement could be interpreted simply as them saying that there will be figures for various characters, or all characters.

EDIT: okay, the IGN interview plainly states that they will all be included. Might want to add that particular quote to this article too.



BooJoh commented on Video: Prepare To Pour One Out For Sega's Fall...:

While they don't quite reach the levels of Sonic or Mario (or literally any other major Nintendo character) I think the likes of Master Chief and Kratos most definitely qualify as mascots. Not to mention Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Sackboy, and probably some more from Sony in particular.

That said, the styles are so strikingly different that you'd be hard-pressed to imagine an image of Mario, Chief, and Kratos invoking the same feelings that an image of Mario and Sonic did back in the day.



BooJoh commented on Animal Crossing and Metroidvania GDC Talks Now...:

@SylveonLover I don't know. As much as I've loved every AC entry (even the often-panned City Folk) and would love to see an HD entry, I feel like the series belongs on handhelds. I'd love if they did a double-release like with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate so we could play on 3DS, Wii U, or transfer back and forth and play it on whichever we feel like at the time.



BooJoh commented on Picross e4 Confirmed For North American 3DS eS...:

Considering these have fewer puzzles than the retail releases of Picross DS and Mario's Picross, but only cost $6 each, I have no problem with there being 4 already, since all four cost less than the retail games did at launch. I haven't done the math but the content seems to be priced just fine and this way you don't have to shell out $20+ up front.



BooJoh commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

Metroid has room for horror but should remain focused on primarily action and exploration. Granted I don't care for 3D Metroid, but it's a shame you didn't take the opportunity to give a shoutout to Renegade Kid's first person horror games as a point of comparison.



BooJoh commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America):

Is it that hard to not complain about an eShop update? This week we're getting what looks to be a great indie puzzler in the vein of Picross and on this very page people are saying this is a crap update and indie devs need to get their games up. HELLO??? THERE'S ONE RIGHT THERE! Every update is crap if you refuse to even look into games you've never heard of.

Sure, I'd love to see a higher profile VC game or something, but I've come to expect "filler" eShop updates on weeks that NOA releases a retail game. And just because you've never heard of an eShop game (ie - Tappingo) doesn't mean it's shovelware.