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DaveC commented on Satoru Iwata Aims for "Critical Mass" of Wii U...:

@moomoo " If it's other things, like HD graphics and Miiverse... seriously? Those don't exactly make the Wii U that unique."

Even there they came up short. Wii U is barely HD as all of the games only run in 720P. The 360 and PS3 did that for years, hardly "next gen". I think Nintendo kind of blew it with the hardware, they should have made it more powerful, as it is the graphics will pale in comparison to the PS4 and X1.



DaveC commented on Talking Point: Pikmin 3 Shows the First Shoots...:

@CAM290 "The Wii U situation is like watching a spaceship evacuating a doomed earth with your loved ones on board finally take off."

To me it seems that the Wii U is a ship that they said was unsinkable but has hit an iceburg. They tried to steer away from it but there wasn't enough time. It doesn't go down immediately but continues to float for a long enough time that people on board don't even think there is a problem and refuse to get into the lifeboats (like most people here). But alas it does go down, and lifeboats only half full. I will get into that lifeboat called PS4. That is kind of good anyway because I also happen to like dudebro shooters and action RPGs like The Witcher, Infamous, Skyrim, Fallout etc.

Where Nintendo blew it was not having great first party "wow" launch titles, and being too conservative by making the hardware too weak. When I got mine it was a dissapointment. The ports were worse than the 360 version and the game Zombi U was a buggy mess rife with game ending bugs. What was Nintendo doing all of those years while the U was in development? Why weren't they working on more games further ahead of time? It seemed like they got surprised by their own system. It is like "Hey where did this Wii U thing come from? I didn't know we launched that, we better start making games for it".

My 3DS will give me enough of the Nintendo style games to keep me happy there.



DaveC commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

@SCAR392 "BTW, I'm not suggesting discs should disappear, but if you have internet, I think it's wiser to download from there. I say leave the discs for people who don't have internet."

I have the internet but I still go physical. I like to control my own software and not be at the mercy of Nintendo as to on what console I can play what game. Their DRM is terrible. You need to rely on them to move your games if a console braks etc. In the case of 3DS it is nice to be able to move carts to a different unit at will. Also what happens later when the games/console are no longer supported? If you want to move the games for what ever reason (controller/hardware wear on 3DS etc) you will be SOL.



DaveC commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

Yes download games are a rip. For one you really don't own them, you can't lend, sell used, or use on another console without going online and asking permission to initiate a long tedious transfer process. Too much restrictive DRM. As long as Nintendo insists on their asinine policy of locking games to a single piece of hardware, count me out for download games.



DaveC commented on Boxed Copies of Mutant Mudds May Be Possible:

I would get it. I played the demo but passed on the e-shop due to Nintendo's abysmal DRM system of locking games to a single piece of hardware. It should have more levels added to it though for a "DX" boxed version.



DaveC commented on Miyamoto: Consumers Should Have Access To Thei...:

@ToxieDogg "Damien What are you on about? Miyamoto's comments don't fly in the face of anything. If you lose or break an old toy, you can't play with it anymore. If you lose or break one of your old game carts, you can't play it anymore. If you lose or break the system you downloaded a Nintendo game on, you can't play it anymore. Either way, as long as you still look after them all, you can play with them (potentially) forever without the need for internet verification"

Yes but if you lose a 3DS full of hundreds of dollars/pounds etc of games you lose them ALL. If you break or lose a cartridge, you lose ONE. Big difference.

Also you can't transfer or move any 3DS digital titles without an internet connection. So you DO need an internet connection to move a game. So in the future if your 3DS develops an issue like the controls going bad etc you DO still need an internet verification as permission to move the stuff to a new unit. With a physical cart, you just take it out of the bad unit, and put it into the new one.

The whole problem with any of this online required DRM is that you need to rely on a third party to get your stuff back. You are at someone elses mercy. What if the unthinkable happens and the WiiU bombs so bad that Nintendo goes under? How then will you log on and transfer games from one 3DS to another?



DaveC commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 Will...:


The display is 800 x 240. In 3D mode you get 400 x 240 for each eye with a different perspective making 3D. There is hardware in the unit for this so it minimizes overhead.

When you go into 2D mode you don't get a true 800 x 240 image, but instead just displays the same 400 x 240 image by making 2 horizontal pixels next to each other the same. The "scan-line" looking image you see in 3D mode is the parallax barrier which are fine vertical black lines that separate each eye. This barrier is shut off when you go to 2D.



DaveC commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 Will...:

@AcesHigh "I'm also surprised that no one mentions the resolution with 3D kicked in. When 3D is turned on, the resolution is cut in half. The graphics just look much smoother and detailed in 2D. Which is why I play my games probably 80% in 2D"

No that is not right. It doesn't double the resolution it just displays 2 side by side pixels as one (pixel doubling). If it really did increase the resolution all bitmapped graphics would be vertically squashed. The reason it appears "smoother" is because you don't have the fine vertical black lines from the parallax barrier displayed.



DaveC commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 3DS:

@Yoshi3DS "am i the only one that prefers getting a game with its case rather than from the eshop?"

No I always buy physical copies too. I want to actually own the games. Because of Nintendo's DRM, downloaded games can be lost in the future when they are no longer supported and I need to replace my 3DS (presumably from an ebay one etc). Also if my unit breaks I would lose all digital copies on that unit as there is no way to transfer from a broken unit. I can see myself going back to the 3DS in the distant future to replay some favorites. Sure the GFX won't be as good as the newest but it may be the only system with 3D.

I am one of the few that plays with the 3D on full at all times. Games just look so bland to me in 2D now. If I play the vita (which is not often, haven't touched it in months) that is the first thing I miss. Yeah it is like wow the colors and resolution are so nice, but it is so ....flat.



DaveC commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

@ueI "DaveC's post wasn't addressing the 3DS. You can keep digital games on your 3DS forever once you've downloaded them because they don't require an online connection to play."

You will not be able to MOVE any 3DS digital games without the internet though. If your unit breaks or is lost, oops! You can't transfer from a broken unit because you can't connect with it! When Nintendo no longer supports the games, oops! If your unit is damaged/worn and you just want a new one you need the internet to transfer the games. You can do this as long as Nintendo supports the games on their servers (and are still in business).

In the future when the 3DS is no longer supported and you try to get a replacement all your digital content is lost. If you want to roll the bones and go digital go ahead, but remember you are leaving your entire collection of games to the whims of a third party! No thanks, for me physical all of the way, even if slightly less convenient, that way I truly own them. Restrictive DRM is bad any way you look at it, because it is well, RESTRICTIVE!

With a cart, you just pop it into the replacement unit without having to ask permission, done.



DaveC commented on Shin'en Multimedia Defends The Wii U Hardware:

Stupid reasoning. The whole "better graphics don't mean better games" arguement. While in theory it is true, this doesn't mean that you need to have crappy graphics to have a good game either.

To me I would much rather have a great game with great graphics than a great game with mediocre graphics. Like DUH! With the WiiU you are limited to mediocre graphics, while with the PS4 you can go higher if you want, more potential is always better than less!



DaveC commented on eBay Germany Takes a Swipe At Xbox One, Sugges...:


No, BC is not a given. Both PS4 and X1 don't have BC bcause they completely changed the architecture to a MUCH BETTER X86 core SoC solution from AMD. It will be vastly more powerful than X360 because of this change. To have BC you would have had to keep the PowerPC architecture and these new systems would suffer for it in power and development ease. They also didn't want to keep the 3.2 GHz power PC because it is a heat monster. If they slowed it down for heat, then no BC anyway. The Wii U has BC because it does keep the PowerPC architecture and is basically a buffed up GameCube/Wii. It suffers power wise because of this and ends up the weakest of the 3 systems.

I would MUCH rather have better graphics than a gimped system just so that it can play old stuff. If you want that old stuff so bad keep your X360/PS3 too. No one says it all has to run on the same box you know.



DaveC commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

You need to remember THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT USED games! This effects NEW ones too! Even if you never buy used or trade in you will be adversely effected. You will NOT be able to play your new games if you don't first go to the internet to ask permission to play. You can't lend, demo , or keep the games indefinetly. Eventually support for these will expire and your ENTIRE game collection will be rendered null and void, new or used (even applies to any digital format, such as e-shop). potentially thousands of dollars will be lost when they decide to "flip the switch". It will be THEIR decision, not yours as to when "your" games stop working.

This is why "the industry" loves Digital DL and online DRM. This is why they are pushing hard for this in all media industries such as movies too. You are basically renting for full price and own nothing. They keep your money forever, but you don't have the games forever. Raw deal and supremely anti-consumer fascism.



DaveC commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

@G3ry "Can someone tell me why ps4>x one in terms of games.
I SO please tell me why ps4>x one"

Sony always has more exclusives. Plus with PS4 internet connection is not mandatory and used games aren't blocked like they are on the Xbox 1. Another advantage is that the PS4 is a bit more powerful than X1.



DaveC commented on Silicon Studio Near "Maximum Performance" With...:

@ollietaro :"How is Nintendo going to release games without 3D? I thought it was mandatory for every title to include it. How is it possible to release non-3D games for the 3DS?"

All games can be without 3D, and the good news is you can be the one who makes it that way, that is what that little slider on the right side of the screen is for

Some games already give a slight performance boost in framerate in 2D when the slider is off since it shuts off the 3D rendering. That is about all the performance upgrade you will get in 2D since the 3D is assisted in hardware.

I never play in 2D though, there is no point for me. If I want a flat 2D system I would just play a Vita.



DaveC commented on Kokuga Looks Set To Be Released In PAL Regions:

@Kifa "eShop release almost guarantees a lower price, which is good for us all I guess..."

Except for the draconian DRM of the e-shop where a game is locked to a single piece of hardware. That is ridiculous and MUST be changed!



DaveC commented on DICE Tested Its Frostbite Engine On Wii U, Was...:

That is what you get when you release weak hardware two years too late. Nintendo finally bested the PS3, just in time for the PS4 to trump it! Great timing man. This made sales bad and that is why they don't want to support it.

They put out a system with a tri corePowerPC, which no one uses anymore, and it only runs at 1.2 GHz! For anyone waiting for the magic in the GPU , you will be waiting along time. They looked at it (litterally) and found nothing special. In fact they said that the memory speed etc will make it barely able to do 1080P (which is why everything to date is only 720P or less).

They released a wimpy system and tried to rely on the tablet craze to sell it. It fell flat.



DaveC commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

@IrishCatholic "Is CNN still on the air? I thought Fox News put them out of business along time ago. I prefer fair and balanced over the state sponsored media any day."

"fair and balanced". That is a joke. I suppose they need to keep saying that otherwise people will just realize that they are the mouthpiece for the corporate billionaire elite who whant to buy the government so it completely does only their bidding. I suppose you will love the Tribune when the Kochs buy that up to propagate their pro fossil fuel adgenda (where they make their billions). Wake up man, there is no "state sponsored media", only corporate oligarch sponsored fascist media (and that is most all media including the Corporate News Network).



DaveC commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D's Beastly Block...:

@HeatBombastic " If the data is stored on a disc or cart instead of your system, that doesn't make it any more "real". It's still just data. "

Yeah but with one important difference, the "data" on a cart is not locked to a single piece of console hardware like a downloaded game is. It can be moved at will, be sold or bought used, outlast the support from Nintendo etc.



DaveC commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D's Beastly Block...:

@Fusion14 "Forever_Zero say good buy to all your(physical) games in 20 years. digital download lasts forever. You can just keep on making backups."

Huh? it is like the OPPOSITE dude! Carts will always work in ANY 3DS (you can still get old Atari 2600 carts that play in any 2600 unit!) , while your DRM filled downloads will only work as long as the 3DS that they are locked to is working. When Nintendo moves on and "EOL (end of lines)" the 3DS all of your download stuff will be gone!

Making backups? You know those backups have DRM and are totally USELESS other than on the unit they are locked to right? When Nintendo moves on to another system and your 3DS breaks, say goodbye to all of "your" games! Those "backups" will be useless on your replacement 3DS.



DaveC commented on Wii U and 3DS Online Connection Rates Exceed 80%:

Yeah but "connected" probably does not necessarily mean always on the net and downloading all games digitally.

I connect to update firmware and download a demo or preview video but that is it. I don't buy e-shop crap due to their terrible DRM system where games are locked to a single piece of hardware. That is stupid, and you are foolish if you go for that nonsense.



DaveC commented on Talking Point: The Arrival of eShop Download C...:

@Azikira "I tend to get portable games digital, but like to have hard copies of Console games."

That sounds like the opposite of what makes sense. A portable is easily lost or damaged from dropping etc. In that case you lose all of your digital stuff. Since you don't drag a console around there is less chance of losing everything!



DaveC commented on Nintendo Of America Rep Insists That Lost Digi...:

@eleven59 "seriously. only 1 thumbstick on the 3ds and no ID account system???... im sorry big N this is not being a "cool" rebel, its being poor at customer service.. stuck in the 80's are we??"

The solution is simple for the no account thing, buy physical copies! "problem" solved.



DaveC commented on Nintendo Of America Rep Insists That Lost Digi...:


Of course that won't work. If that did you could just copy all of the games to a bunch of blank SC cards and pass them out to everyone! All digital games are LOCKED to a single console and only work on that one. If it broken or lost, you lose!

Just don't be so lazy, avoid digital , that is the only way they will fix it. Changing a cart after you beat a game is no major workout!



DaveC commented on Nintendo Of America Rep Insists That Lost Digi...:

That is the main reason I won' touch a digital game if a cart is available, and I very rarely buy any e-shop game. Then there is the fact that transferring is a hassle, and with this restrictive DRM you really don't own the game, you rent it for as long as your console works. There is no lending, no resale. If in 10 years I want to go back and play a game (like many do with SNES etc) I won't be able to when these games/3DS are no longer supported by nintendo and I have a different unit.

DRM is too restrictive, and too many ways to lose your stuff. If I lose my 3DS with a cart in it I lose the system and one game. If I lose a 3DS filled with all of my digital games I lose them all. No thanks.



DaveC commented on Interview: Marc Franklin - Nintendo of America:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd "The one thing that really bugs me about Nintendo right now is their approach to digital. If I lose my 3DS I lose all my digital games as well, huh? Not cool."

The solution is simple, don't buy that DRM laden digital crap. If people vote with their wallets they will change it. If they grumble and buy digital anyway they won't change because it is to THEIR advantage to keep it the way it is. They benefit by people buying games twice if their console is lost or breaks and by the fact that you will eventually lose the license to play the game.



DaveC commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo 3DS Direct Summary:

@DaemonSword "Good for us 3DS owners, but bad for the WiiU owners. .., time to get those companies/teams off the 3DS for a little bit, and onto quality WiiU titles.

No way, keep focusing on the 3DS. The WiiU is crap and will be outdated as soon as the PS4 comes out.



DaveC commented on Nintendo of America Announces Impressive Downl...:

Still prefer physical because I can move it to any console at will, not need the internet to move it, and isn't locked to a single piece of hardware. Eventually at the end of the 3DS production, moving digital games may not be possible and you would lose everything when your console breaks etc. With download you don't buy the game, you buy a temporary license to borrow it for as long as Nintendo says you can.

Nintendo's DRM sucks, period. It is way too restrictive and I am surprised it does so well. I guess laziness trumps freedom. Hopefully physical copies that you can actually own will still be available in the future.



DaveC commented on New Legend Of Zelda Title Confirmed For Ninten...:

I am not big on the whole "Link Sticker star" look with link sticking to walls. That seems kind of dumb and ridiculous. I know it is not real but there is a limit. Turning into a chalk drawing is silly.



DaveC commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

MP:"Ultimately, that is going to hurt them more than competitive graphics will help them."

Competitive graphics? The WiiU doesn't even have that. Just about every game on the WiiU is only 720P, the console has 3 super slow 1.2 GHz power PC cores (pretty much an abandoned CPU architecture) and only 1 GB of RAM. It has been said by tech gurus that the Wii U is only 1.5x the power of a 7 year old Xbox 360. That would have been OK had it been released 4 years ago, but the 360 is not the one to beat anymore, it is on its way out being replaced by much more powerful Xbox hardware as well as the PS4. The PS4 on the other hand has 8 CPU cores that are 400 MHz faster each, has 8 GB of super fast GDDR5 RAM, and a newer more capable GPU. To add icing on the cake, it also plays Blu-Ray disc. It isn't even close in the graphics department, I am suprised he doesn't even know that, if he did the assessment would be even poorer.



DaveC commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

If they really wanted to do it right (too late now) these systems would have a system key such as a SIM type device that would look like a small game cartridge and have a unique code on it. It would plug into the console and games would lock to it, NOT the console. If the console breaks move the SIMand external HDD with the games on it to the new one and all your stuff will instantly work. Same with 3DS, could have had a unique removeable SIM card. Just move that and your SD card to any unit at any time and it would "just work" and all of this without lengthy transfer processes, internet connections, or a note from your mom.



DaveC commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

"But do these people still buy CDs or simply get their music on iTunes[?]"

That is a dumb argument and totally different. You can move a music file to ANY MP3 player and even have multiple copies on different players, it isn't locked to hardware. I can have the same downloaded album on 10 different devices if I want. I can move the music at will and not have to ask Apple's permission to do it, I just copy the files.

With download games I can only have it on ONE console at a time and have to ask daddy Ninty to move it! Like DUH!



DaveC commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

@GiftedGimp-" HDD failures are uncommon, or a lot less common than media drive failures.
The chances of both your HDD and WiiU failing a the same time is extremely unlikley and by using a HDD your reducing wear on the WiiU, prolonging its life and if the HDD fails you can buy a new HDD, redownload your games and not have to worry about the drm being linked to the console."

Media drives may fail but if you have physical copies you can still use them on your replacement console with no hassle. With the digital ones you need to re-download ALL games , if you can (you have to count on them having them still on their servers which may be an issue in a few years). If you have 20 games at 30 GB per game do you know how long that is going to take to get your stuff back?! Hopefully you have unlimited data and a FAST connection!



DaveC commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

No way would I buy a download retail game on the 3DS. I don't even buy games that are download only, I do without.

This is especially true on the 3DS. This console is probably an anomaly. I doubt there will be another stereoscopic 3D capable one released again. It is too "nichy" and it isn't a big sales draw. It is likely that any future handheld, if there is one, will just have a 2D screen like the Vita. In this case I want to truly own every game that I want and I want to have it "forever". To think of losing all of my games once the console breaks, and Nintendo no longer supports it is a dealbreaker. In 10 years I may want to go back and play some of my favorites. While my current system my be broken I will always be able to find a working one on ebay and pop in my old games and go. That will be impossible with these DRM filled downloaded full priced rental copies we get now.

You have to realize with download games you really DON"T OWN IT!



DaveC commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

@Nhoj1983 "Convenience and not having to worry about if my local shop has the game in stock or worse it went out of print and I have to buy it for more than it was worth new. (atlus games are infamous for this) "

You do realize when digital games "go out of print" they are lost forever since they are cleared from the companies servers. At least with the physical ones you can at least get them on eBay etc. If you still have some of these out of print digital games on your console, you better hope the console never breaks.



DaveC commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

@nerdstick "They are gimmicks. 3D adds nothing to gameplay. For a company that people usually herald for being 'innovative', the 3DS does absolutely nothing new."

You can say that about anything. I could say higher resolution and more polygons are a gimmick. Those things add nothing to gameplay, so in that case the Vita is one big gimmick, the incresed resolution adds nothing to gameplay over a PSP.

3D is a graphical enhancement like anything else. If that is a gimmick because it adds another dimension like you get in real life, then higher resolution can also be a gimmick.



DaveC commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

3D a gimmick? Well I see things in the real world in 3D, so like that adds realism to the graphics. I don't walk around with one eye closed so I am used to 3D. To me adding another dimension is better than some more pixels. The Vita is still flat. Boring. It is basically a PSP with a higher resolution and more polygons. That is ok I guess but not all that exciting. If you want to talk gimmicks I think the Vita with every surface being a touch pad is a bit stupid and that really doesn't add much, a huge gimmick. Most of the time it is just an annoying afterthought in a game.

As far as the MH gameplay I do agree with just that part. I played the demo and it was just cumbersome to control. I think they could have just designed the controls better. There were plenty of games made on systems with one or no analog sticks that play fine. MH is a bad design in the controls part.



DaveC commented on Renegade Kid Confirms Upcoming FPS Will Suppor...:


Yes locked, until you ask big brother Nintendo to let you transfer the game, which is a big hassle. This assumes that you have both units connected to the internet so ninty can watch ya', that you still have the original unit that has the game and hasn't been lost or broken. Then it is assuming that Ninty still supports the game and transfer, someday they won't and you will lose everything.

Locking games to a single piece of hardware sucks, people should boycott this until they do it right. It is WAY too restrictive, and just plain irritating. You should be able to transfer the game without the internet easily just like a cart.



DaveC commented on 3DS is Back on Top of the Japanese Charts:

@Five-seveN "I don't really know why it matters to fans that the 3DS sells better than the Vita over in Japan. Just play your games, have fun, and ignore sales figures."

Simple. More sales=more developer interest= more games made.



DaveC commented on Renegade Kid Confirms Upcoming FPS Will Suppor...:

Too bad it is e-shop only, that will keep me from it. Locking a game to a single piece of hardware is ridiculous (not to mention EVIL).

As far as NEEDING a second pad for an FPS that is nonsense. Remember the DS, the GBA, the PSP, the N64, the PSX, none had 2 analogs (some had NONE) and all had MANY good FPS games. The "no FPS because no 2 analogs on 3DS" excuse is LAME!



DaveC commented on Dead Island: Riptide Is Skipping Wii U:


It is called "sour grapes". It is always the reaction of fanboys to just say " well ____ game was crap anyway". If the announcement was made that said that the game would be comming out for the Wii U then they would get all excited and go on about how more games are better to have and how they might get it etc.

They are just in denial that the system is in trouble. Honestly the logic of comming out with a system like the Wii U with it's underpowered 1.2 GHz CPU and 1 GB of RAM this late is questionable. Again Nintendo will be bringing up the rear in power this generation as compared to the vastly more powerful PS4. They got away with having weak hardware before because motion controls were enough to open up a new niche with soccer moms and casual gamers. I don't think the whole tablet in a controller gimmick is going to make up for their weak hardware this time around.